What to do in Maui When it Rains: The Only Guide You Need

Coming to Maui during any time of year can be an unforgettable experience. Between the sun, lush valleys, and beautiful waterfalls – there is no shortage of things to do. However, rain spells can happen in winter from December through March, and summer thunderstorms are not unheard of either. Don’t let this put a damper on your plans though; my boyfriend and I have been to Maui several times, so we know all about having fun indoors too!

From submarine tours and live shows to art galleries and shopping stops – we’ve tried it all. We’ve also taken the personal responsibility of testing each indoor activity for you (just to make sure it was worth mentioning!) This is why I put together this list of the best indoor activities that Maui has to offer – rain or shine!

So don’t let those rain clouds bring your mood down if they pass by while you’re on vacation in Maui. Instead, take it as an opportunity to explore all the amazing things that won’t ruin in the rain!

Let’s go have some epic fun in Maui’s rains!

Visit Maui Ocean Center

One of the largest aquariums in the US and amongst the best in the world, Maui Ocean Center is a terrific place to experience Hawaii’s marine life. The aquarium specifically houses indigenous sea creatures, so you’ll see tropical fish, sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, octopuses, sea jellies, and more. 

Maui Ocean Center is a great spot for families, as the exhibits appeal to all ages. For example, check out the Whale Exhibit, where you sit in a domed theater with reclining seats, and look up at swimming humpback whales through 3D glasses. The experience was so realistic it felt like we could reach our hands out and touch them!

Another terrific exhibit is the Open Ocean, where you walk through a plexiglass tunnel where sharks, stingrays, and other sea life swim over and around you. 

Whether it rains in Maui on your trip or not, this aquarium is a must-visit for everyone. 

  • The admission fee is $45 per person to explore every exhibit. 
  • There’s a cute gift shop with sealife souvenirs for all ages.
  • Maui Ocean Center has one of the world’s largest live Pacific coral displays. 

Relax With a Spa Day

Hawaii boasts some of the best spas in the world, and the island specializes in its massage treatments. You can visit some terrific spas on Maui’s resorts and in independent setups, delivering world-class facilities and a relaxing massage.

Visit the Spa Grand at the Grand Wailea, where every treatment begins with an hour of a hydrotherapy circuit and ends with complimentary full-body honey and mango exfoliation. I love their deep macadamia nut massage, performed by an experienced masseuse, and couples will love their excellent massage packages. 

Head to Maui’s Best Massage in Wailea, where a team of experienced professionals delivers the most relaxing deep tissue treatment. They also have skilled aestheticians who provide great waxing and facials. 

No matter which hotel you’re staying in, try their spas and enjoy a day of being pampered while the sound of rain outside lulls you to sleep. 

  • At the Spa Grand, a 50-minute massage costs around $160.
  • There’s a comfortable waiting area and locker rooms at the Grand Wailea. 
  • Spas get packed on rainy days, so reserve a seat before you go.

Catch a Live Show

There are plenty of live shows in Maui where you can watch drama performances, comedy shows, and history retellings through dance and music. Most shows last a few hours and are followed by a delicious dinner and drinks.

The Maui Theater in Lahaina hosts live performance art shows. You can watch a musical rendition of Elvis and the Beatles’ music on the Burn n’ Love and Fourever Fab shows once a week. They also have an exciting show, Ulalena, on the history of Maui, performed by more than 100 dancers, which includes odes to local culture and music.

If you’re in the mood for something lighter, head to Warren & Annabelles for a magical comedy show that’s so well-performed that the crow never stops roaring. The show provides a Royal Flush Package, which serves appetizers, dinner, drinks, and dessert before the show.

Keep a lookout for shows in Maui, as lots are happening weekly and on weekends, perfect for spending a rainy day indoors.

  • The Warren & Annabelles show lasts two hours; you can attend it without the dinner package. 
  • The Maui Theater performs three regular shows every week. 
  • The theaters host adult-centered performances and have a strict no-kids policy.

Take a Submarine Tour

Want to experience marine life up close without getting wet? Go on a submarine tour from Maui Atlantis Submarine that takes you to a sunken whaling ship which serves as a coral reef, surrounded by colorful marine life. 

The trip begins in Lahaina Harbor, where an open-air cruise brings you aboard a state-of-the-art submarine with a captain and guides. There’s also the option to take an audio guide about the ship’s history and the nearby marine life. 

We spotted a shark, sting rays, and lots of colorful fish during our visit, and the sunken ship, Carthaginian, made a beautiful coral reef for the sea creatures. In addition, if you go during the winter months, you can spot humpback whales. 

This was a unique experience since it’s not every day you get to travel in a submarine, and it’s highly recommended for everyone. 

  • The tour is great for children and families as it’s safe and interactive.
  • The submarine includes 46 passengers on one trip and takes morning and afternoon tours.
  • The tour costs $160 per person.

Explore Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center

The Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center is an upcountry estate open to the public that’s dedicated to creating stunning art pieces from local artists through glass work, silversmithing, and printmaking, among others. The Center is open to the public, who can watch artists at work, view art pieces throughout the estate and tour the gorgeous grounds.

Since it’s in a quaint location, between Paia and Makawao towns, there aren’t many people around. So you can tour the majestic grounds privately, which have aged trees and around 70 varieties of plants. 

You can participate in a range of classes and workshops held by local artists, promoting artistic skills amongst the community. Families will enjoy the Arts Center as there are interactive classes for kids and an arts summer camp. 

We loved viewing pieces from Maui’s best and upcoming artists at the Center and taking a pottery class on the estate on a rainy day. 

  • The Arts Center is a non-profit organization, so entry is free for the public. 
  • A great gift shop sells hand-crafted pottery, jewelry, sculptures, and paintings.
  • The estate is a mansion built in the 20th century, and preserved till the present day.

Try Your Hand at Glass Blowing

On rainy days try glass blowing in Kahului’s only furnace glass blowing studio and art gallery. Moana Glass features the artwork of world-renowned glass artist Ryan Staub and offers interactive classes on the stunning art of glass blowing. 

The studio offers private lessons with an instructor, where you pick glass pieces from a display, choose an assortment of colors, and get hands-on guidance. The entire activity lasts one to two hours, and in the end, you can place your piece on a stand of island-crafted wood. 

My boyfriend made a fish from the pieces that the instructor liked (guess he’s a natural), and we got to keep our creations. Plus, the staff is really friendly and checks up on you during the process. 

Glass blowing was an incredible experience and the best way to spend time indoors in Maui when it rained. 

  • The class and the piece cost between $150 and $ 200 per person. 
  • The piece takes 24 hours to cool before you can pick it up (so don’t do this on your last day!)
  • The glass blowing is for all ages, so you’ll see some families here. 

Shop in Maui’s Best Malls

Maui has tons of terrific places where you can engage in retail therapy. Such as large-scale shopping malls and small towns with expansive markets where you can shop local and branded goods, followed by some delicious street food. 

If you’re in Paia town, stop by its shopping areas with chic boutiques selling the best island fashion and locally-crafted goods. We found some authentic shell pieces at Heart of Paia, made by local artists at great prices. Also, stop by Mana Foods for delicious and healthy organic meals and fresh produce.

Kaanapali visitors will know and love Whalers Village, where you can shop till you drop and eat some delicious food from the fine-dining restaurant MonkeyPod Kitchen and the local favorite Hula Grill. Whalers Village is the only shopping area in Maui where luxury retailers like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany’s have stores. There’s also a large ABC Store for all your grocery needs.    

You’ll find malls and stores in every town on Maui, with great shops to explore and buy souvenirs from, perfect for spending a rainy day.

  • Whalers Village has island favorites like Island Vintage Coffee, and Leilani’s that you need to check out for a tasty meal. 
  • Some shopping centers you can visit are Kalama Shopping Market, Kihei, Kahana Gateway Shopping Center, Lahaina, and Maui Mall, Kahului.

Escape the Rain in an Escape Room 

Probably not how you imagined spending a rainy day in Maui, but Escape Rooms are fun activities to pass the time and test your creative ability. Maui has two escape rooms, in Wailuku and Ka’anapali inside Whalers Village, which are family-friendly. 

Maui Escape Rooms in Lahaina has different themed rooms, like Tesla’s Secret and Prison Break, which are really well-planned. You can choose a level of difficulty like easy or hard, and solve the rooms solo, in pairs, or as a group.

My boyfriend and I love escape rooms and often try different ones around Hawaii. We loved the ones in Maui and highly recommend everyone looking for a break from rain or sun to try them.

  • The instructors are helpful and provide limited hints on-call in the rooms. 
  • They have fair prices, around $28 for kids and $60 for adults.
  • There are markets and malls around the escape rooms, so you can grab a bite after your adventure.


What is the rainiest month in Maui?

Maui has the most consistent rains during the winter season, from December to March, with March being the wettest month. 

Can you snorkel in the rain in Maui?

Snorkeling or swimming out on the beach during a rain shower is not recommended, as they can get intense depending on your location.

Does it rain daily in Maui?

Parts of Maui get rain nearly every day. The Hana side is the wettest and gets rains often. Maui consists of hundreds of micro-climates, and if it’s raining in one area, you can find sunshine on another part of the island.

What to wear in Maui when it rains?

There probably won’t be an outpouring of rain so keep a light rain jacket, walkable shoes, a hat or visor, and you’ll be good to go. 

What to do in Maui when windy?

Winds can give way to rain or not, but it’s safe to stay indoors either way. Enjoy spotting rainbows from your hotel’s outdoor lanai, shop in one of Maui’s many shopping malls, grab a bite from street stalls, and duck into a local store if it starts pouring. 

Winding Up: What to do in Maui When it Rains

When it rains it pours, but not everywhere, cause that’s how large Maui island is, having diverse weather conditions in different areas. I’d say drive around, and you’re bound to find a dry, sunny area somewhere to hang out, but in case there isn’t, there are lots of fun activities to enjoy on the island. 

Looking for a family-friendly activity when it rains? Solve an escape room or take art classes at Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center.

Want to enjoy a show and dinner? Catch live shows at Maui Theater, and Warren & Annabelles. 

Want to see marine life without swimming or snorkeling too deep? Visit Maui Ocean Center or take a submarine tour. 

What to do in Maui when it rains isn’t a question; it’s an opportunity!

Last Updated on February 12, 2023 by Brigitte