Secluded Beaches in Maui 2023

Welcome to the top 4 secluded beaches in Maui awards show!

I’ve spent the last month exploring Maui’s gorgeous shores with my boyfriend in search of the most secluded spots away from the crowds. Famous beaches like Kaanapali and Wailea can get overcrowded with tourists, so we wanted to find somewhere more peaceful and romantic for our anniversary getaway.

We spent the last month driving around the island and were amazed by the stunning sceneries, clear waters, and abundant marine life at these hidden beaches. As we explored these heavenly shores, it felt like we were lost travelers on an abandoned island.

I’ve ranked my top 4 hidden beaches in Maui based on the breathtaking scenery, fun water activities, and secret spots for much-needed alone time with my partner. These beaches have sandy shores stretching for miles and are perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

This is a list you can’t afford to miss! If you’re planning a trip to Maui and want to avoid crowds, these are the best-secluded beaches for you.

Secret Cove – The Best Secluded Beach in Maui

Secret Cove - The Best Secluded Beach in Maui

Before coming to Secret Cove, you should know that it’s one of the hardest beaches to locate on Maui, hence the name. 

Drive out to Big Beach at Makena and after passing its parking lot, look for a stone wall on the right and the cars parked along the road. Since the opening in the lava rock wall is small, it’s easy to miss – which keeps most tourists away, and you’ll have the beach to yourself.

Once you get here, the views take your breath away! Waves crash on lava rocks, and big shady trees cover the shore. The sunset view here is a stunning mix of colors, and you can see the Molokini crater in the distance.

We fell in love with Secret Cove in seconds and spent a few relaxed hours away from the crowded island. We heard the water could get choppy, but it was calm and tranquil on our trip, good for drifting peacefully. 

Another great thing about Secret Cove is its crystal-clear waters, making it perfect for snorkeling. You can see turtles scattered along the small coast, and beautiful fish crowd the water. 

Secret Cove may not be so secret anymore, but its shores always stay empty. We consider it the top secluded beach in Maui. Here’s why it’ll become your favorite getaway:

  • Secret Cove is a famous spot for weddings, come on the weekends and expect to see some ‘I do’ action. 
  • The beach is also a favorite amongst photographers for scenic photoshoots. 
  • The beach is family-friendly; make sure children wear life jackets. 

Honokalani Beach – Maui’s Best Black Sand Beach

Honokalani Beach - Maui's Best Black Sand Beach

Maui’s only black sand beach is a must-see for beach lovers. But don’t come here without making a reservation first at Waianapanapa State Park for this beach. 

Since it’s not so easy to find, Honokalani is a perfect secluded hideaway. First, just before the town of Hana inside Waianapanapa State Park – stop at mile marker 32 on Hana Highway. Then, follow the sign to the state park and park in one of the two parking lots (the one on the left is closer to the beach). 

Honokalani Beach has a very different vibe from Maui’s white sand beaches. Because the sand here is smooth lava rock that looks like pebbles, and the entire beach gets backed by dense, jungle-like foliage and dramatic black lava rock cliffs. 

We had the best time in the water, which was perfect for swimming. You can expect to see local kids taking jumps from the big lava rocks into strong waves. We were curious if it was safe to try out, but the kids were teaching some people, and it looked like a lot of fun!

Honokalani is our favorite beach in Maui for a laid-back beach day with lots of privacy. Some things to consider:

  •  There are railings on the steps leading here, making it easy to walk to and accessible for everyone.
  • The facilities here were good; restrooms and showers.
  • The black sand can get rough, so make sure to wear slippers. 
  • The beach is gorgeous, so bring a waterproof camera and capture the moments!

Chang’s Beach – The Top Hidden Beach on Maui

Chang's Beach - The Top Hidden Beach on Maui

If you’re looking for a secluded beach to visit with family, then Chang’s beach is a great option. The water here is safe for children and beginner swimmers to swim in and get their first sighting of tropical fish. 

In addition, snorkeling is excellent at Chang’s beach. On the South point, you can wade in and immediately find a rock channel filled with fish. Plus, the coral is well-preserved and colorful, even in shallow waters, with plenty of turtles. 

The beach is a tiny, quiet cove perfect for sunbathing. I lounged in the sand while my boyfriend dipped in the water. As it’s a modest stretch of fine golden sand and calm waves, you’ll have a relaxing day here. 

First, search “Chang’s Beach Parking Lot” in Google Maps to get here, which will lead you to the area. Then, get to the beach from the lot by following the paved trail behind the gate at the parking lot’s rear end. 

We consider Chang’s as the top hidden beach in Maui, and you will too after visiting it:

  • Stronger swimmers can swim to the point where tour boats anchor to find deeper waters and colorful fish.
  • Facilities here include a single foot-washing area.

Slaughterhouse Beach – the Best Snorkeling Beach in Maui

Slaughterhouse Beach - the Best Snorkeling Beach in Maui

Slaughterhouse Beach is the best beach in Maui if you’re looking for abundant marine life and the best snorkeling experience. There are tons of turtles and fish near the coral, even eels and octopuses. Plus, the water has excellent visibility in the summer months.

My boyfriend and I tried boogie boarding on the west side of the beach, and it was incredibly fun! We highly recommend trying it out if you’re skilled in the sport. 

Slaughterhouse Beach may sound daunting from its name, but it was just miles of beach with shady trees and coarse sand. We loved exploring this sheltered cove with green water and a handful of scenic sea caves.

Finding this beach is tricky and a part of what makes it so secluded. However, you can reach it easily by driving on the Honoapiilani Highway until you reach a lot of parked cars. 

From there, find a parking spot and descend the steps to discover a beautiful crescent beach protected from strong winds and providing incredible views.

Slaughterhouse Beach is the best-secluded beach in Maui for people in search of some isolation with the view of waves. Here are some lesser-known facts about it:

  •  Come here between 7-8 am for an empty beach and the best snorkeling. 
  • Parking is limited, and there aren’t any washrooms.
  • It’s best here from mid-morning to early afternoon, after which the wind blows a lot of sand. 

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Honorary mentions

Maui is jam-packed with hidden beaches, so I’ve listed a few more that you need to visit!

Kaihalulu Beach: Maui’s only red sand beach, with spectacular views and a glorious sunset. But be cautious, as the trek here is dangerous, and you shouldn’t venture alone. 

Kapalua Beach: Considered the most beautiful beach in America, we couldn’t miss it on our romantic getaway, and neither should any couples looking for some privacy.

Po’olenalena Beach: This is Wailea’s largest beach, and it’s so gorgeous but remains empty as it’s distant from resorts. The beach is lined with tall Kiawe trees and has powdery-soft sand and gentle surf that’s perfect for boogie boarding and beginner surfing.


Maui is every traveler’s dream island – with breathtaking views, miles of white-sand shores, sea turtles on every other beach, and the best swimming beaches. The only thing making it better is its hidden beaches. 

These beaches are open to all, but most people have difficulty finding them, making them perfect for nosy tourists like you and me to discover and relish. 

After visiting their stunning shores, you’ll want to keep these secluded beaches all to yourself!

Are you planning a picture-perfect beach wedding? No better beach than Secret Cove and Honokalani Beaches. 

Want the best snorkeling experience? Head to Slaughterhouse Beach.

Need to experience colored sand? Don’t miss Honokalani beach’s black sand and Kaihalulu beach’s red sand shores.

The top secluded beaches in Maui never disappoint. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is the secret beach in Maui?

Secret Beach in Maui is at Makena State Park. Also called Paako Cove, you can find this beach by driving to Big Beach’s parking lot and walking through the opening of a rock wall. 

Are there any private beaches on Maui?

Maui has no private beaches, as they all have open public access. However, if you’re looking for beaches with some privacy, then visit all the beaches mentioned in this article for guaranteed seclusion.

Can you swim at Secret beach Maui?

It depends on the weather. Summer brings calmer waves and the best swimming experience, but the water could be better for swimming the rest of the year.

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