Romantic Restaurants in Oahu

Welcome to the world of romantic dining in Oahu!

Trying to pick the best spot for a memorable evening with your significant other can sometimes be as perplexing as deciphering cookie fortunes after a Chinese dinner; believe me, my boyfriend knows!

Over the past five years living in Oahu, I’ve sampled nearly every inspiring eatery around town. Yes, my boyfriend and I have braved everything – from ritzy rooftop dinners to cozy beachside picnics lit by tiki torches.

Fact is:

Choosing a restaurant that both matches your tastes and sparks those magical moments is no small task while on this vivacious island. That’s where my experience dances into the spotlight! I visited all the top spots and graded them based on their service quality, taste offerings, price points, and overall ambiance.

This journey will give insights not only about each delightful dish or refreshing cocktail but also about unique trinkets like operating hours, directions to hidden locales etc… Oh boy, are we going to have fun!
Let’s uncover Oahu’s tastiest secrets!

La Mer at Halekulani – Luxury Dining in Oahu with Ocean Views

When you’re searching for the perfect balance between French culinary delicacies and breathtaking ocean views, La Mer at Halekulani is a match made in gastronomic heaven. Renowned as one of Forbes’ 5-star restaurants, this luxury restaurant located conveniently within Honolulu definitely knows how to elevate your dining experience.

During our first anniversary, my boyfriend surprised me with a reservation here. Yes, it’s pretty high-end when it comes to cost but believe me when I say every penny spent was worth it! This wasn’t merely a dine-out; it was more of an unforgettable date night with food etching memories on our tastebuds!

We opted for the private dinner setting which cast a magical spell on the entire evening. The romantic aura complemented by candlelight, created an ambiance that evoked pure bliss. Our gustatory journey began with filet mignon and roasted duck breast for myself while my better half favored red snapper and lobster. Each dish presented an amalgamation of intricate flavors beautifully fused together.

But oh! No fine dining is complete without surrendering one’s sweet cravings to sinfully delightful desserts! Their French cheesecakes hit just right after relishing savory dishes – simply enough to make you crave another visit soon!

If planning your own dinner date at La Mer seems intriguing, here are some highlights:

  • An extensive parking area ensures effortless parking
  • Private dining option contributes towards intimate moments amidst a serene environment
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access
  • Well-curated French menu alongside exceptional cocktails will tantalize your taste buds
  • Price range leans towards opulence, with meals priced approximately between $200-$300 per person

Head over there anytime from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM (Wed-Sat) at their pristine location 2199 Kālia Rd, Honolulu, HI 96815.

53 By The Sea – Opulent Dining with Spectacular Views in Honolulu

One visit to 53 By The Sea and you’ll instantly understand why it’s among my absolute favorite dining destinations. Nestled in Honolulu, this luxury restaurant never ceases to impress with panoramic ocean views and its elegant setting – making it an ideal spot for that picture-perfect first date.

My boyfriend brought me here during our maiden trip to Honolulu, and the entire experience was nothing short of phenomenal. Right from stepping into its grand entrance to savoring divinely decadent dishes – every moment at 53 By The Sea left an indelible mark on us!

Our dinner consisted of a delicious array of seafood delights; I opted for buttery lobster bisque, followed by lobster rolls while he indulged in savory braised pork belly accompanied by Mahi Mahi. Oh, and saving the best for last – we indulged ourselves with a delectable piece of chocolate cake pastry!

But the real charm lay beyond our plates – direct visual access to Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach from our table transcended an ordinary dine-out into an unforgettable romantic escapade.

Couple all this with these exciting perks:

  • Enchanting outdoor seating arrangement takes romance several notches higher amidst stunning vistas.
  • Complimentary internet, along with soothing background music creates a serene ambiance
  • A culinary journey featuring American-style cuisine, including mouthwatering vegetarian options, irresistible seafood delicacies & gluten-free alternatives
  • An extensive bar menu comprising a refreshingly eclectic range of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks
  • With meal costs generally ranging between $90-$130 per person

Make sure not to miss out on this dynamic diner open from 5:00 PM -9:00 PM (Wed-Sun) with brunch being served from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM every Sunday. Find them at their scenic location situated at 53 Ahui St., Honolulu.

Azure – Ultimate Seafood Paradise at Royal Hawaiian Hotel

For those looking to combine their love for seafood with the desire for a tranquil, romantic backdrop, Azure located within Royal Hawaiian Hotel checks off all the right boxes. Celebrated not only for its delectable food but also its exquisite ambiance, this spot has cemented itself as one of our top places to frequent whenever we need a cozy night out.

Azure is like home away from home for my boyfriend and me. What makes every visit special isn’t just the sumptuously curated menu but how each meal serves as comfort food that melts away everyday worries!

Our favorite selection? Their four-course meal boasting crisp salads, succulent scallops and smooth tofu – ending on a sweet note with their irresistible dessert tarts! The fusion of distinct aromas tempting your senses coupled with flavors that truly hit close to heart makes Azure an absolute must-visit in Honolulu.

All these delicacies are served amidst an ambience carefully crafted ensuring you savor your dining experience:

  • Hassle-free Parking: Not wanting parking worries to dampen your dining mood? At Azure there is complimentary valet available or ample space along street-side lots making accessibility smooth.
  • Proactive Staff: Quick service backed by thorough professionalism and warm humor injects spontaneity into commensal interactions.
  • Private Dining Option: Planning on a magnificent date? Make it even more memorable through private seating arrangements allowing uninterrupted romance!
  • Diverse Menu: Delightful spreads ranging from juicy steaks & fresh seafood choices alongside extravagant champagnes; beers or refreshing juices satiate various palates.
  • Fair Pricing : A complete four-course meal amounts up to roughly $130-$160 per person.

Mark your calendars between 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM (Wed-Sat) and get set for dreamy dinner dates at 2259 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu.


Waikiki Beach is home to some of the best romantic restaurants. Oahu has an array of options, from romantic beachfront dining to upscale dining in Honolulu.

Planning a romantic dinner? Consider booking at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s upscale restaurant. Their dinner menu boasts signature prime steak and Alaskan king crab legs.

For a romantic evening, ocean view restaurants in Oahu offer absolutely amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, especially during an amazing sunset. Intimate eateries in Honolulu and sunset dining on Oahu create the perfect ambiance for a date night or oahu anniversary dinner places.

Fine dining options like French cuisine and Italian restaurant choices are abundant. Don’t forget the outdoor balcony seating, where wine pairings elevate your romantic meal.

Whether you’re looking for Oahu couples dining or a honeymoon restaurant in Oahu, you’re guaranteed excellent service and amazing food. Plan your Oahu date night now and ensure an unforgettable experience.


Is there a specific dress code for romantic restaurants in Oahu?

There are no restrictions on wearing any dress except those that are too revealing and inappropriate for restaurant dining. Other than that, you can wear anything you want, including casual or formal. 

Are restaurants in Oahu expensive?

It all depends on the type of restaurant you go to. Casual dining beside the beach and in the open air costs a bit less than the other luxurious dine-ins, about $20 to $50. The elegant fancy restaurants may cost you a meal for about $40 to $100. 

What time do romantic restaurants close in Oahu?

Restaurants in Oahu remain open till late midnight. If you are going for a late dinner, you needn’t worry as most romantic restaurants remain open till 11:00 PM and some even till 1:00 AM.

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