Romantic Restaurants in Maui

Welcome to the enchanting world of romantic restaurants in Maui!

As someone who’s spent over half a decade exploring Hawaii with my much-loved partner, I’ve been lucky enough to share candlelit meals and intimate conversations at countless cozy dining spots on this island paradise – some luxurious, others budget-friendly.

Here’s a nibble to whet your appetite; after burning both ends of the candle for ten straight days discussing with my boyfriend and repeatedly dining out (boy, did he enjoy that!), we managed to narrow down three top-notch eateries that provide not just food but an exquisite romantic experience like no other.

Want another bite? For two decades now, I’ve dedicated myself as a culinary explorer, making my way through various cuisines from different corners of our planet – all while nestled in the heart of Aloha State. This journey has armed me with insights that have helped me cherry-pick only the best for you based on ambiance, menu variety, and uniqueness, amongst many other qualities!

Buckle up as I guide you through every spectacular detail each restaurant offers: price range, operating hours, location plus personal anecdotes that will give you an insider glimpse into the magic waiting for you.

So without further ado let’s set sail together into Maui’s culinary sea and prepare ourselves for romance served à la carte!

Lahaina Grill – Immerse Yourself in a Fine Dining Experience

Welcome to one of Kauai’s local gems, the Lahaina Grill. Known for its delectable Hawaiian fusion cuisine and romantic atmosphere, this restaurant will give you a dining experience that surmounts expectations. Don’t just take my word for it; come feel its artistic elegance adorned with creative paintings and traditional decor.

During our trip, my boyfriend decided to surprise me with a dinner date here at Lahaina Grill. I was taken aback by not only his fantastic selection but also the authenticity etched in every corner of this place. Trust me when I say: “It turned out to be one unforgettable evening.”

With an intimate table tucked away privately in the corner, we dove into an enchanting culinary journey under Hawaii’s starlit sky. From sauteed local Mahi Mahi to Ahi Poke bowl – each dish radiated its unique flavor profiles – while my boyfriend indulged in Kona coffee roasted lamb. Needless to say, they all perfectly paired with their extensive cocktail menu.

What struck us about Lahaina Grill is:

  • Easy accessibility, including abundant street parking along Lahainaluna Road as well as separate parking for bikes
  • Exceptionally attentive staff who ensure you are treated special right from arrival
  • An expansive food menu catering to different preferences, such as vegetarian dishes or gluten-free options
  • An impressive full-service bar that can boast about being one of Hawaii’s most famous bars
  • Considering the quality and service you receive, prices are reasonable – the average meal per person ranges between $60-$100

Stepping foot into Lahaina Grill transforms any occasion into an extraordinary one filled with gastronomic wonder!

Operating Hours: 5 PM – 9 PM (Daily)
Address: 127 Lahainaluna Rd., Lahaina, HI 96761

Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante – A Slice of Italy under the Maui Sky

How about a starlit Italian dinner in the alluring tropical environment of Hawaii? You could find this exquisite experience at Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante nestled within the Four Seasons Resort at Wailea.

This place holds a special significance for my boyfriend and me as we frequent it to celebrate our birthdays. Whether it’s their signature dishes or the ambient entertainment, everything is crafted to perfection to give you an unforgettable meal.

Be prepared to feast on generous helpings as both quality and quantity are taken seriously here. Often, my sweetheart and I end up sharing one dish owing to its ample portion size! From Mushroom Risotto, Steak Salad, Lemon Sandwiches to their sumptuous four-cheese pizza– every item is tantalizingly delicious! Don’t forget to save some room for dessert; their Black Truffle treat succeeds in stealing your heart away!

Some things will make your visit memorable:

  • Outdoor Seating: Get ready for romantic alfresco dining beneath glistening stars while listening intently to gentle sea waves—each table equipped with umbrella shades that can be lifted at night assures utmost comfort.
  • Entertainment: Between a colossal TV screen streaming popular shows complemented by free Wi-fi access and pleasing background music – you’re assured amusement throughout.
  • Menu Diversity: Whether you’re vegetarian or nonvegetarian, Ferraro caters exceptionally from seafood platters – pasta varieties, pizzas atop burgers complementing steak-lovers’ palate completed by endless salad options. And YES! Their cookie & gelato selection wins brownie points!
  • Drinks Section: To keep spirits high accompany your meal with any sip from their diverse alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage list incorporating wine cocktails progressing till smoothies plus bear amongst other choices.
  • Pricing Details: Given the quality offerings and service they deliver. Enjoying full range meals won’t put a massive hole in your wallet; expect around $50-$60 average expenses per person.

Operating Hours: 11 AM – 9 PM (Daily)
Address: 3900 Wailea Alanui Dr., Kihei, HI 96753

Spago – Luxurious Indoors Under the Hawaiian Stars

Are you and your partner game for a fusion culinary journey? Let me introduce you to Spago, Wolfgang Puck’s signature restaurant offering an elegant marriage of American and Hawaiian cuisines. With majestic views enveloping a cozy setting, there is indeed no better romantic spot in Maui.

Every Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I continue our beloved tradition – dining at Spago. Yes, it’s somewhat extravagant; but believe us when we say that its top-tier food and gracious ambiance are worth every cent!

My personal cravings direct toward their Glazed Butterfish dish and Grilled New York Steak- each boasting remarkable flavors! My sweetheart swears by their Red Curry every single time we’re here.

Take a seat anytime, day or night; you won’t miss out on breathtaking scenery with tall palm trees bending lazily towards crystal clear ocean waves in rhythm with the sun as it sets—it’s nothing short of magical!

From excellent service characterized by staff who will treat you like royalty — every second spent at Spago is unforgettable!

Reasons why you’ll fall in love with Spago include:

  • Convenient Parking: Benefit from secured private valet parking (free for diners here) or decided to park onsite within Four Seasons Resort premises itself.
  • Staff Service: Attentive staff ensures your comfort during your visit– prompt solutions are guaranteed upon any request!
  • Gastronomic Delight: Whether it’s about abundant luxurious meal options or tasteful variety of beverages — they leave no stone unturned to satisfy appetites!

Before booking remember this high-end restaurant justifies its price for unrivaled quality offered rendering approximately $100-$130 per person bill allowing each one satiated to the core.

Operating Hours: 5 PM – 11 PM (Daily)
Address: 3900 Wailea Alanui Dr., Kihei, HI 96753


Romantic restaurants in Maui offer the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening. Mama’s Fish House and Mill House are just a couple of the most romantic restaurants known for their oceanfront dining in Maui. Four Seasons Resort Maui boasts outdoor seating with stunning views, ideal for a romantic dinner spot.

If you’re thinking of a date night, considering restaurants in Maui like the Banyan Tree with their fresh fish dishes such as ahi tuna and coconut curry is a must. For couples looking for romantic sunset meals in Maui, the Hotel Wailea and Plantation House offer an amazing experience.

When it comes to the best dining in Maui for couples, don’t miss out on the Maui lovebird dining experience. So, make your romantic dinner reservations in Maui and ensure an unforgettable Maui honeymoon dining or Maui anniversary dinner spot. Your partner will undoubtedly cherish the experience.


Do you need to make reservations to dine in restaurants in Maui?

Yes, almost every restaurant requires a reservation, especially the most luxurious and famous ones. It is much better to make your reservations as you get served more appropriately, and you won’t waste your time waiting for anything. Even if a restaurant does not require mandatory reservations, booking your reservation for a perfect dine-in is best. 

Is the food in Maui expensive?

No, food in Maui is not that expensive if you compare it with other islands of Hawaii. You will only have to pay about $30 to $50 per person for a full-course meal. If you pick groceries, it won’t cost more than $20 to $40, depending on your purchasing item. 

What are the best dishes in Maui that couples love?

Maui is home to many delicious foods, and couples love to devour tasty food. Some of the main dishes that any couple would love are:

  • Macadamia Apple Pie
  • Hawaiin Shaved Ice
  • Grilled Seafood and Onaga
  • Loco Moco 

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