Epic Live Music in Maui: The Ultimate Island Jams Unleashed!

Aloha, my fellow music enthusiasts!

My boyfriend and I recently returned from yet another unforgettable Maui vacation, where we immersed ourselves in the island’s vibrant live music scene. Are you planning a trip to this tropical paradise? Then trust me, you’ll want to hear all about our top 5 favorite spots for live music on the island. Your Maui experience will be incomplete without some soothing tunes or heart-pumping beats serenading you as you sip your Mai Tai.

Now let me tell you, my friends, discovering these gems was no easy feat. We’ve put countless hours into dancing away our nights and lounging by the beachside stages so that we could bring this handpicked list right to your screens. So if it’s finger food and dance-worthy tunes or peaceful sunsets with harmonious melodies that make your heart soar – we’ve got just the spot for every vibe!

Throughout our journey across Maui’s lively nightlife scene, I found myself remembering how important it is not to judge a book by its cover. For instance, there were times when unsuspecting venues would blow us away with their musical offerings – talk about an unexpected surprise!

Warning: After experiencing some of these incredible venues first-hand, don’t be surprised if your dream vacay suddenly transforms into a melodic marathon of sorts.

So grab those flip-flops as we embark on this melodious adventure together through Maui’s finest live music spots! Let the rhythm move you – and trust me; it will!

#1 Maui Arts & Cultural Center – The best music experience in Hawaii

Address: 1 Cameron Way, Kahului, HI 96732

The cultural center is a large performing arts facility with indoor and outdoor stages, plus an art gallery and even a dance studio. The venue attracts world-famous musicians and local stars. It is the gathering spot for the best quality music on the island and a celebrated place for Polynesian culture.

Follow their schedule online to book some amazing concerts at the Castle Theater. Otherwise, stop by the Community Events Lawn. The MACC’s Community Events Lawn is over 25,500 sq. ft. in size and seats over 4.000 people. They often host free live music shows for the community. They even have free family music shows suitable for children.

No matter what you choose, the MACC has a gorgeous well maintained, and authentic venue. They encourage and support local artists from Hawaii and offer diverse events. Each visit will be different from the previous one.

If you are attending an event at the Yokouchi Founders Court or in McCoy Courtyard they have a limited dining menu and full bar! For concerts in the A & B Amphitheater, they have a wide range of snacks and meals from various vendors and food trucks! Service is overall friendly and efficient, so no matter what your concern feel free to ask and check with the staff.

Maui Arts & Cultural Center is my number one pick for live music in Maui because:

  • They have world-famous concerts and events, as well as local Hawaiian and Maui artists performing at their venues.
  • It’s a place where you can enjoy free events inspired by locals and the Polynesian culture.
  • They have food, drinks, and some food trucks available to go with your music.
  • They also host child-friendly concerts and events.

#2 Haleakava – Kava, kratom, and live music

Address: 1794 S Kihei Rd Suite 20, Kihei, HI 96753

This is Maui’s top destination for authentic kava & kratom teas. They have two locations, one in Kihei, and the other one in Lahaina. Asides from creative drinks that naturally relax and soothe you, they are hosts to awesome live music.

This is a small space and an intimate venue. So you will get to know the staff, locals and other guests. This hidden gem has live music every week Wednesday through Sunday. They even have karaoke and open mike. It’s a great place to sit down and talk, dance, or try some singing yourself. (The kava will also give you amazing sleep!)

This spot is a great alternative to an alcohol-serving bar. The staff is also very helpful and is more than willing to share information with you. Learn about their product, how to prepare it, and enjoy it. There are juice options for those that don’t like the taste.

This is a great live music spot because:

  • They have live music five days a week.
  • They also have karaoke and open mike night at both locations.
  • Unlike traditional bars, they serve kava and kratom.
  • The staff is very friendly, the atmosphere is intimate and it’s a great spot to sit around and relax.

#3 Wai Bar – The best nightlife bar with live music and a dance floor

Address: 45 N Market St Unit B, Wailuku, HI 96793

If you want to party until 2:00 am, this is your spot. Wai Bar has the best nightlife and live music performances on the island. It’s a small bar with a small dance floor and a great patio out in the back. They have many themed nights including DJs, trivia nights, comedy nights,s and many great musicians performing live.

The bar also has a happy hour that serves masterful, well-crafted, and strong cocktails. Try the Wailuku Sling with gin, mint, and blueberries.  They also have quality wine by the glass. Overall the bar is well-stocked and the bartender knows his stuff!

The staff here is super friendly and they are looking out for you even when it’s busy. Service is quick, and they keep the drinks coming. Even though it’s a nightclub, it’s clean and simple. They have all kinds of musicians here, so it’s easy to find a night you will love. We visit at least one on every trip.

Wai Bar is a good live music spot because:

  • They have entertainment into the night and work until 2:00 am.
  • They have themed nights and asides from live music feature DJs comedians and more.
  • The drinks here are high quality, the cocktails are strong and the wine is good.
  • Service is quick and professional.

#4 da Playground Maui – All-inclusive bar with a diverse program and music

Address: 300 Maalaea Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793

This spot is packed with live entertainment almost every night. They are open Thursday through Sunday until 1:30 am and have finger food along with a fully stocked bar (think churros and tacos on Tuesdays).

In addition to their regular shows and awesome concerts (buy tickets online). They have a monthly drag show on the last Sunday of every month. And an LGBT Dance Party every second Thursday. Other events include DJ nights and local musicians.

Also, make sure to check out their happy hour for great discounts.

If you are looking for another fun activity (mid-day) they even have free arcade games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. They have parking available, and the staff is awesome. Overall this place is splendid no matter when you visit.

Make sure to check out the music here because:

  • –       You can easily follow their program online and buy tickets to some great musicians.
  • They feature well-known artists and local artists looking for a venue.
  • They host a drag show once a month and have LGBT Dance Party every second Thursday.
  • You can munch on some good food with your drinks.
  • They have free video games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat (my childhood favorites!)

#5 What Ales You – The best bees and snacks

Address: 1913 S Kihei Rd M, Kihei, HI 96753

This is for beer and music lovers. The venue is clean and easygoing. It’s tavern style and they have covered patio seating. You can enjoy some food with your drinks like burgers and brats. But best of all they have top-notch live music.

The food and drinks are cheap here, and the staff is super friendly. It’s a lot like your favorite bar back home. You can enjoy some wings, poppers, and chilly or coconut shrimp with your beer or cocktail.

They have live music at least 3 times a week. Regular musicians are playing modern music, some rock, and even local vibes. I love this place because it is easygoing and relaxed. They have at least twenty types of beer available and lots of wine too. The place is locally owned and run.

What Ales You is one of the best spots for live music because:

  • The bar attracts high-quality musicians of different styles.
  • They have live music often in a calm and laid-back atmosphere.
  • They also serve good bar goods and snacks.
  • There is a large choice of beers on tap and they make a strong cocktail.
  • Service is top-notch, friendly, and helpful.


Maui has a great night scene and a long tradition of singing and dancing. That’s why there are so many great choices to enjoy live music while on vacation.

If you are looking for world-famous musicians or a free lawn concert of local music, you must check out the Maui Arts & Cultural Center.

For a great nightlife scene with live music go to the Wai Bar or da Playground Maui.

The perfect non-alcohol spot serving kava is Haleakava with two locations.

And the best beer garden with live music is What Ales You.

No matter what your choice is, you will have a great time.

Let us know what choice you enjoyed the most! 

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