Best Food Trucks in North Shore Oahu You MUST Try Now!

Welcome fellow food truck enthusiasts!

I’ve spent the last month indulging in the culinary wonders of Oahu’s North Shore, weaving my way through countless mobile eateries with my trusty boyfriend by my side. We had a blast trying out various cuisines and diving into new flavor experiences! It’s been quite the gastronomical adventure, full of both savory successes and sweet surprises.

You see, I am a self-proclaimed foodie who has been exploring different cultures and cuisines for years. Oahu’s food trucks have captured my heart and taste buds like no other – their unique flavors are just too irresistible to pass up! As someone who deeply appreciates good food, I knew I had to share this experience with you all.

In today’s article, we’ll be focusing on busy professionals like yourself who want to make the most out of your visit to Oahu. With limited time on your hands and an endless sea of options before you, choosing the right food truck can feel overwhelming. But worry not (as my grandma used to say), because I’ve done it for you!

Now hold onto your forks as we dive headfirst into my top picks for must-try food trucks in Oahu – curated especially based on our personal favorites – guaranteed to delight even those visiting Hawaii only briefly or simply cruising around town during lunch hour! Time-tested and tastebud-approved, these culinary gems will surely tickle your fancy without breaking the bank.

So let us embark on this delightful journey together…one scrumptious bite at a time!

The Sunrise Shack – Best Food Truck in Oahu for Nutritious and Scrumptious Smoothie Bowls

Fond of açaí bowls or fruit smoothies? Adhering to a healthy lifestyle, like keto? The Sunrise Shack is your go-to destination.

Positioned near Sunset Beach with its bright yellow exterior, the truck is nearly impossible to miss. The Sunrise Shack serves not only delectable but Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls and bulletproof coffee, among other tasty items on their menu.

Accompanied by warm Aloha with each order, our visit was delightful. We enjoyed Blue Dream Bowl for me and Tropical Bowl for my boyfriend—smoothie bowls heaped with fresh fruit, gluten-free granola, coconut shavings, and more customizable toppings.

What made Sunrise Shack stand out:

  • A wide selection of pick-me-ups after surfing or snorkeling at nearby beaches
  • Refreshing Purps—a carbonated açai-based drink—and the Immunity Shot perfect for sipping en route
  • Generous serving sizes that justify slightly higher prices than typical smoothies

Consider stopping by the Sunrise Shack next time you’re craving an energizing meal or beverage in Oahu!

Aji Limo Truck – Best Food Truck in Oahu for Exceptionally Fresh Ceviche and Poke

When seeking a food truck on Oahu’s North Shore serving the freshest seafood, make your way to Aji Limo Truck.

Aji Limo Truck is celebrated for offering top-notch ceviche and poke bowls unavailable elsewhere in the region. The quaint seating area exudes beachy restaurant vibes, thanks to its proximity to the shore. As darkness falls, twinkling fairy lights create an enchanting atmosphere.

Featured menu items included Hawaiian poke for me and Mexican poke for my boyfriend. Each dish featured perfectly seasoned ahi tuna that left us savoring every bite. We even found ourselves sampling from each other’s plates!

My favorite aspect of this food truck was incorporating fresh veggies with seafood instead of the usual carb-heavy Hawaiian dishes:

  • Generous portions accompanied by excellent prices
  • Quick service that maintained high standards
  • Hidden location behind other trucks makes discovering it feel like uncovering a hidden gem

So next time you’re at the North Shore craving fantastic ceviche or poke, find your way to Aji Limo Truck!

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck – North Shore’s Legendary Food Truck Serving a Delectable Array of Shrimp Dishes

When exploring popular food trucks on the North Shore, you’ll likely come across the renowned Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck in your research. With its graffiti-covered exterior, it’s easy to spot and attracts crowds for its impressive variety of shrimp-based dishes—including shrimp scampi, garlic shrimp, and spicy shrimp.

We sampled both their garlic butter shrimp and hot-and-spicy shrimp. What stood out about the spicy dish was its depth of flavor rather than mere heat. Each plate showcased moist and juicy shrimps cooked to perfection.

Additional highlights:

  • Outdoor shaded picnic tables available for seating
  • Hot dogs also offered but focus on tasty shrimp plates
  • Word of warning: Be prepared for heat when ordering spicy shrimp due to their no-refund policy

Next time you’re visiting Oahu’s North Shore, don’t miss out on Giovanni’s unbeatable range of scrumptious shrimp dishes!

North Shore Crepe Cafe – Premier Food Truck on Oahu for Delectable French-Style Desserts and Savories

Inspired by his upbringing in France, the owner of North Shore Crepe Cafe brings authentic savory and sweet French-style crepes to Oahu through a refurbished VW bus. The unique blend of classic French favorites with Hawaiian flair ensures an unforgettable culinary experience for tourists.

Lucky enough to find this gem, we tasted both sweet and savory crepes: I opted for the Mushroom Melt while my boyfriend delighted in the Waikiki (a Nutella, banana, and strawberry-filled crepe served with vanilla ice cream). Both were mouthwateringly good. We ended our meal with refreshing cold brew iced coffee.

Among other food trucks serving typical Hawaiian fare, North Shore Crepe Cafe was a welcome change.

Key takeaways from our dining experience:

  • Varied selection of both sweet and savory crepes
  • Catering to vegans and those on gluten-free diets
  • Utilizes fresh, local organic ingredients

When visiting Oahu’s North Shore area, don’t miss out on savoring delightful French-style desserts and savories at the North Shore Crepe Cafe!

Surf N Salsa – Top Food Truck in North Shore Offering a Unique Blend of Hawaiian and Mexican Cuisine

Surf N Salsa, a food truck specializing in Mexican-inspired seafood dishes, serves up the most flavorful and authentically delicious Mexican meals you’ll find on Oahu’s North Shore.

We visited for dinner: I relished fish tacos accompanied by salsa, refried beans, and rice. The tacos were crispy, and overall everything was well-prepared and tasty. My boyfriend opted for the chili verde burrito—a nostalgic choice that closely resembled his mother’s homemade recipe.

While waiting in line, we noticed many customers ordering their popular surf ‘n’ turf burrito as well.

The best aspects of Surf N Salsa:

  • A carefully crafted extensive menu
  • Generous servings with affordable pricing
  • Diverse options including beef, pork, and chicken

For an unforgettable fusion of Hawaiian flavors with mouthwatering Mexican cuisine on Oahu’s North Shore area head to Surf N Salsa food truck!

Impossibles Pizza – Unbeatable Food Truck on North Shore Serving Hawaiian-Infused Pizzas

Traveling with kids often means satisfying their pizza cravings, and Impossibles Pizza is the perfect solution. Renowned for delicious classics like BBQ chicken and pepperoni, they also showcase traditional Hawaiian-style toppings—Kalua pig, Maui onions, and pineapple.

The best features of this food truck:

  • Customers are free to create their pizza masterpieces by choosing toppings
  • Signature cracker-thin crust allows for an enhanced topping experience in every bite
  • Don’t miss their amazing homemade ranch sauce
  • Generously-sized pizzas that overflow from the box

One challenge when visiting Impossibles Pizza is catching them when they’re open. However, once you find them operational, seize the opportunity to indulge in some of Oahu’s North Shore’s best pizzas!

No. 7 Japanese Food Truck – Best North Shore Food Truck for Exquisite and Authentic Japanese Cuisine

No. 7 Japanese Food Truck, recommended to us by a local, is a hidden gem serving “restaurant-grade” food made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. This truck specializes in poke and ahi bowls as well as delectable sushi rolls crafted with the freshest tuna, salmon, seaweed, and shiso leaf.

My boyfriend and I each ordered two sushi rolls: one prawn roll for me and a California roll for him. The flavors were divine! Due to their generous size, I could only finish one-and-a-half of my rolls before feeling completely satisfied.

The key highlights of No. 7 Japanese Food Truck:

  • Enormous portion sizes
  • Swift service with helpful staff guiding you through the menu
  • Exceptional quality sushi typically not expected from a food truck

Although many tours emphasize local shrimp and seafood spots on Oahu’s North Shore, don’t overlook this fantastic option if you appreciate authentic Japanese cuisine—No. 7 Japanese Food Truck is not to be missed!

The Elephant Shack – Unrivaled Thai Food Truck on the North Shore

Among the numerous food trucks serving Thai cuisine in Oahu, The Elephant Shack stands out as a premier choice.

Situated near a gas station, they’re famous for their scrumptious vegan Pad Thai. However, you’ll find that their extensive menu offers many other equally delectable dishes.

Upon scanning the menu, I was drawn to their Thai Basil Bowl. It featured all of my favorite ingredients—broccoli, mushrooms, and beans—stir-fried in a tantalizing sauce and served alongside fragrant jasmine rice. The dish met and exceeded my high expectations!

My boyfriend opted for Panang curry with Thai Basil Fried Rice. He appreciated having control over his desired spice level and settled for mild.

Our meals were simply divine! We quickly realized we could have shared one entrée with a side salad due to the generous portion sizes.

The entire experience at The Elephant Shack was delightful—exceptional Thai food from an unassuming food truck was an incredible surprise!

Highlights at The Elephant Shack include:

  • Authentic flavors in every dish
  • Customizable spice levels catered to individual preferences
  • Generous portions ideal for sharing
  • A great value-for-money experience
  • Fantastic customer service from friendly staff

Sugah Daddeh’s – The Quintessential Juice Bar “Food Truck” on the North Shore

Sugah Daddeh’s is a renowned juice bar specializing in invigorating sugar cane juices with various flavor combinations. Options include pineapple, lemon, ginger, and more, offering something for everyone.

After a sun-soaked beach day or an energetic hike, there’s no better way to rejuvenate than stopping by this extraordinary food truck. With freshly squeezed sugar cane juice made from local canes and an array of iced teas to choose from, Sugah Daddeh’s guarantees a revitalizing experience.

I tried the Sugah Daddeh special—a delightful blend of cane juice mixed with pineapple, strawberry, and lemon. My boyfriend opted for the ginger-infused version; both were utterly delicious!

If you’re new to sugar cane juice, I recommend trying one of their concoctions rather than the straight-up version as some people may find it too sweet.

Watch as your drink is freshly prepared before your eyes using actual sugar canes—it’s an impressive sight! Plus, beverages are served in reusable mason jars; bring yours back for a discount on future orders!

What sets Sugah Daddeh’s apart:

  • Refreshing beverage options perfect for hot Hawaiian days
  • Freshly squeezed juices made from locally sourced sugar canes
  • A range of creative mix-ins that cater to different tastes
  • Eco-friendly approach through reusable mason jar servings
  • Attractive discounts for returning customers who reuse their jars


Who knew eating from one of the many food trucks on the North Shore of Oahu could be such a memorable experience?

It is a great way to save money because food trucks are much cheaper than most restaurants, and the quality and variety of food they serve are top-notch. Do give them a try when you plan your trip to Oahu.

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