Cheapest Time to Visit Hawaii: Unbelievable Deals Await You!

Aloha fellow travelers!

Planning the dream trip to Hawaii can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re on a tight budget. Fear not, as I’m here to share my tried-and-true secrets in finding the most affordable times to visit these magical islands without breaking the bank.

You see, my boyfriend and I have ventured off to Hawaii multiple times within just two years, all thanks to some clever planning and bargain hunting. We’ve mastered the art of experiencing the breathtaking beauty and exhilarating adventures of these islands, all while keeping our wallets happy.

I’ve spent countless hours researching, comparing prices, and learning about various seasons in order for us (and now you) to make the best decision on when to visit each island. To top that off – no luxury was sacrificed!

Warning: If you follow my advice too closely, your friends might start calling you a “Hawaii pro” or even a “tropical travel guru.”

So sit back and relax; I’ll guide you through booking low-cost accommodations using helpful websites, understanding what different seasons bring in terms of experiences and pricing, and choosing which island is perfect for your adventure. Let’s turn your Hawaiian dream into an affordable reality!

Best way to book a cheap hotel in Hawaii

Several good applications can be used to book your hotel. The key to getting the best price is to book early and compare the value of each offer. There are easy filter options to make sure you get the results you are looking for. But most importantly, check and compare frequently and early, because prices change often. There’s a good chance you will find a great deal when the price is the lowest. 

Links to hotel booking sights that offer great deals: , , 

Seasons in Hawaii – Cheapest time to go to Hawaii

In general the temperatures in Hawaii are tropicall and warm all year round. The difference is the rainy season (in Whinter) and dry season in (Summer). The winter season is more popular, so there are larger crowds in these months. Its also a great time to enjoy whale watching and profesional surfing (when some of the worlds biggest competitions are held in Hawaii).

Overall, it is cheaper to go in the fall and spring, when there are no school vacations. Thats when the prices are best, and there are no crowds.

Summer in Hawaii:

From May to August the Summer season of Hawaii is known as the dry season. This means the least rainfall in the year, but luckily the temperatures are still reasonable and go up to the 80-degrees. August and September however are statistically the hottest months of the year where temperatures reach the 90-degree range. 

Believe it or not, this could be the cheapest period to visit Hawaii. Since the weather is nice all over the country in the summer, many use this time to visit other destinations and leave Hawaii for colder days. Make sure to check and refresh deals at your favorite hotels and agencies to find great deals (including discounted airplane tickets). 

Summer is a great time to visit for outdoor activities especially those involving the tropical jungles. Because it’s dryer, there are more trails accessible, waterfalls to visit, and generally explore more outdoor activities and tours. 

Winter in Hawaii:

Winter months in Hawaii are famous for many things. It’s a time of whale migration, and the islands are home to these majestic creatures all of winter. The temperatures are mild, but still very warm (lower range of 80 degrees).

This is a popular time to visit Hawaii because many are looking to get away from the snow and cold weather at home. It’s also a more crowded time on islands like Oahu and Maui. Winter season is famous for professional surfing. So the waves are higher, and there are many professional world-famous competitions to see and attend. 

The Hawaiian winter lasts from about November to April and is rainier that the rest of the year. The month of December tends to be the rainiest month of the year. If visiting in December, focus on some of the great indoor activities the islands offer, as an alternative on the days it rains. But don’t worry, because if you have a car, it’s always sunny somewhere on the island.

Rainy Season in Hawaii:

As a tropical, jungle environment, Hawaii has a rainy season in the Winter. The greatest precipitation on the Islands is between November and March. For example, the monthly precipitation in December is 2.85in. (highest in the year). Still, rainfall doesn’t need to ruin your vacation because there are so many tours and indoor activities that can be done even when it rains. The rain usually does not last long, and the air temperatures remain high. So in general, most will enjoy some summer tropical rain. 

Hawaii Weather: Cheapest time of year 

Great deals can be found in each season. And as mentioned above, Summer months tend to be the cheapest. However, the crowds are the smallest in April and May. Getting great deals in may is easiest because it’s the time between spring break and summer vacations. Less demand and inability to travel for tourists means amazing deals at high-end hotels and flights. Look at package deals and all-inclusive offers at this time, because hotels make promotions – especially for couples and family deals. 

Another great time to catch a deal is in October. Travelers looking for great deals and traveling on a budget will be able to find great deals this month because it’s right before the peak season starts. Hotels and resorts offer additional deals at this time to keep full. It’s also a time when there are fewer tourists which means easier reservations, fewer crowds, and more promotions. There is slightly more rain this month, as the dry season is ending. But the temperatures are still high and the water is warm. 

The Best Time for Swimming and Snorkeling

Swimming and snorkeling are accessible in Hawaii all year round. There are so many diverse places to explore the water, that you can always find that special calm spot, rich in marine life and crystal clear sandy beaches. As far as swimming, most hotels also have great options, pools, and lagoons protected from the open ocean. 

Still, I least prefer to snorkel during the winter season. As I said during this time there are many more ways, which can make snorkeling and swimming dangerous (especially in sports without lifeguards or attentive instructors). Some of my favorite snorkeling spots include Turtle Town, Fringing Reef, Kapalua Bay, Hulopoe Bay, and Kumimi Beach known as Murphy’s Beach. 

For swimming, check out some of my favorite beaches including Waikiki beach, Big Beach, Baldwin Beach, Ko Olina Beach, and Hapuna State Beach. 

Best Time for Hiking

Hawaii is a uniquely beautiful place to hike. With so many diverse trails and scenery the options are endless. In most of Hawaii you can do rainforest trails that are full of lush exotic plants, waterfalls and bamboo forests. On the other hand there are imaculate cliff and costal trails with panoramic views and historic significance. For those not big on hiking, there are short and easy national park loops and beach walks. The popular trails in Hawaii include Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail, Diamondhead Summit Trail, The Kalalau Trail and the Pipiwai Trail. Just to name some of my favorites. There are lots of free trails to do on each island. 

Best Time to Visit for Dolphin and Whale Watching

The dolphin and whale watching seasons in Hawaii are in the winter. Usualy from December to March, you are aganteed to see these majestic creatures even off of some lookout points. Still the best way to enjoy them is through organized tours and guide led activities. Each island has tours that range from private, to small and large group outings. Depending on your finances and wishes many winter opportunities are available on the Big Islang, Maui, Oahu and more.

Another great activity is dolphin watching and even swimming with the dolphins. For those who wish to swim with them, check out dolphin and snorkeling tours led by professionally trained guides. They will take you out to some of the best spots where you will swim with these friendly creatures and explore other beautiful marine life including tropical fish, green turles and even seals. The best place to swimm with the dolphins in Hawaii is the Big Island from February to the end of March.

Cheapest Time to Visit each island

Big Island: 

The Big Island is specific and rich in volcanos. Its an exciting (and largest) island in Hawaii. Some cant miss activities include: visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, taking a helicopter tour over an active volcano, exploring the green and black sand beaches, and (one of my favorites) touring the coffee plantation in Kona. 

Just like the other islands, the Big Island offers plenty of great beaches, snorkeling, kayaking and other opportunities to soak up the sun and play in the water. Its cheapest to visit the Big Island in the spring and fall months. And this is a great time to avoid crowds. For best feels, search March, Maj and Oktober. Those who prefer higher temperatures can find great deals in September. 


Oahu is best known for the beautiful and high content tourism of Honolulu and Waikiki. To properly visit this island you will need at least 7 to 10 days. And another visit. Those looking for an urban vacation with more accommodations, night life, high end restaurants, tropical gardens and even historic sights. The island is rich in history and culture and offers easy aces to almost everything. In other words, this is the hub of Hawaii. 

If Maui has the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii, Oahu is a close second. Check out the stunning sandy beaches with cristal clear water like: Lanikai Beach, Waikiki Beach, Hanauma Bay, Turtle Bay Beach and Waimea Bay. Most of these are also great snorkeling spots, especially Hanauma Bay which is a preserve with over 400 types of tropical fish, coral, and other small and larger marine life. Best of all there are plenty of shallow areas, suitable for bigginers. 

If you with to visit Oahu, generally the cheapest time to visit is between April and June or September and the first part of December. 


Maui has the most beautiful beaches (arguably in the world). In fact they have over 30 miles of stunning beach available for swimmers and surfers. So dont visit the island without planing to spend some time on the sandy paradise shores of Kapalua Beach, Olowalu, Baldwin Beach Park, Big Beach and Little Beach (for those looking to skini dip). 

Asides from the beaches Maui has a rich offer of exciting and diverse spots to visit. For example, the historic road to Hana is one of the most beautiful roads to see (and swim in) waterfalls, lush jungles and lava tubes. Other worthy activities include: snorkeling Molokini Crater, world famous sunrise at Haleakala Volcano, and whale watching during migration season. 

Maui has a good offer for couples as well, including Adults Only Resorts and pools. The best time to visit Maui is in March and May. This is the cheapest time of the year. Also the end of August and the beginning of October there are usually great deals. In general, follow Maui accommodations and rates closely in the Spring and Fall, and you will for sure find a great deal. 

Conclusion on the Cheapest time to visit Hawaii

Visiting Hawaii is something everyone needs to experience. The tropical and exotic beauty of the islands is unparallel. 

However, financing a vacation like this one can be a hard task (especially in today economy). So I am here to tell you that there is a budget smart way to see Hawaii cheaply. The key is to follow deals closely and know what time of the year to travel during.

That’s why my complete guide above will make your trip not only cheap but will offer all the luxury and natural beauty the islands have to offer.

No matter which island you wish to visit, or what activities interest you most, this guide will help you out.

So thank me after your trip and enjoy!

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