The 5 Best Ziplines in Oahu

Aloha, fellow adventurers!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this thrilling experience with you. You see when most people visit Oahu, they tend to stick to the bustling city life of Waikiki beach or explore the sights in Honolulu. But trust me on this one – there’s so much more exhilaration awaiting you on this beautiful island!

You know that feeling when your heart races and your adrenaline rushes? Well, my boyfriend and I just can’t get enough of it! So every time we’re in Oahu, we make sure to leave those crowded streets behind and embark on an adventure into the North shore. And what better way than zipping through deep valleys surrounded by lush landscapes while overlooking the stunning Pacific Ocean?

For years, we’ve been soaring through treetops and whizzing above rainforests while trying out every zip line tour Oahu has to offer. With top-notch locations like Kualoa Ranch offering well-maintained courses featuring up to eight ziplines, it’s quite a challenge to pick a favorite.

Warning: Once you try out these amazing zip lines in Oahu for yourself, be prepared for friends back home to get tired of hearing about your fantastic Hawaiian escapades!

So buckle up and hold tight as I guide you through our personally tested selection of the best ziplining experiences that guarantee an unforgettable adventure only Hawaii can provide! Let’s go catch some air!

Jurassic Valley Zipline at Kualoa Ranch

Ziplining doesn’t get better than at the Kualoa Ranch, home to the Ka’a’awa Valley, which has been the filming site for 200+ movies like Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor, and Jumanji, owing to its lush landscape. The ranch offers a tour of the Jurassic Valley with great ziplining and hiking opportunities over the 4000-acre grounds. 

Guests will get equipped for the adventure by trained guides and receive safety instructions before starting the tour. You’ll be whizzing on 14 tandem ziplines, each longer than the last from 200 ft to ¼ mile in length, cross two suspension bridges over rushing streams, and take short hikes through the valley. Along the way, your guides share insights on the grounds and point out ancient medicinal plants used in the past in Hawaii.

The course is ideal for people of all skill levels and requires no previous experience from the rider. In addition, the ziplines have an automatic brake system, so the ride is completely safe.

My boyfriend and I loved this thrilling activity and its terrific views, and the Kualoa Ranch undoubtedly has the best zipline in Oahu. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • This tour is great for families with children and first-time zipliners.
  • The guides on-site are terrific and keep riders safe at all times.
  • You can spot and learn about the native animal and plant life of the Ka’a’awa Valley on the hike. 

CLIMB Works Keana Farms Zipline on the North Shore

Head to the North shore to ride Oahu’s longest zipline at Keana Farms. The location offers stunning views of the Ko’olau Mountain Range from their zipline tours and provides an ATV ride to reach the peak you’ll zipline from. 

Passengers will start the 3-hour tour by boarding ATVs for a 10-minute drive past farms, jungles, and inland sceneries of the Hawaiian mountainscape. Once at the top, the instructors will strap you into gear for the 8 side-by-side ziplines awaiting. You’ll zoom past the North shore’s famous beaches with views of the Pacific Ocean on whisper-quiet lines, which increase in length from 500 to 2400 feet. 

In addition, the zipline course includes other great quirks like rappels, sky bridges, and scenic boardwalks with views of the land below. The guides tell you about the farm’s history on the ride and let you sample fresh fruit from their trees.

We were amazed by the quality of activities the Keana Farms course provided, as they’re one of the best zip lines in Oahu. Here’s why you’ll love them:

  • You’ll be 400 feet above sea level, even on the lowest zipline.
  • The ziplines are ideal for families with children aged 7 and above.
  • You can combine ziplining with a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center for a full-day activity.

Coral Crater Adventure Park Full Zipline

Set on a 10-acre crater, the Coral Crater Adventure Park offers a thrilling combination of activities, including ziplines, freefall towers, rock climbing, and much more. The zipline course offers 6-lines ranging from 300 to 900 feet in length, going over trees in the lush greenery of Oahu.

You’ll enjoy the ziplines here with tandem lines, an automatic braking system, and a 20-foot platform with an auto-belay system, which riders can use in place of stairs. In addition, the guides are well-trained and ensure each rider’s safety, even riding alongside children on the zipline course. 

Riders can combine their zipline tours with their Adventure Tower Package, including a 2-level 60-ft jungle gym course featuring freefalls, ropes, bridges, and a pendulum swing. You can also go up from their challenging climbing wall, a must-try for thrill-seekers. 

The range of excellent activities at this adventure park and its amazing course makes them the best zipline in Oahu. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • Professional guides accompany you at all times on the tours. 
  • The course is great for families and even inexperienced riders. 
  • You can also take an ATV ride around the quarry on the park’s grounds.

Bay View Mini Putt and Zipline Course

You won’t have to travel to the North shore for the best zip lines, as there’s a terrific one in Kaneohe, close to Waikiki. The Bay View Mini Putt and Zipline is a family-friendly location, offering mini golf courses and a new zipline course ideal for beginners and people with children in tow. 

The ziplines aren’t as advanced or fast as other courses in Oahu, but they offer the same thrill and fun, with lines stretching 400 feet in length. Visitors can book the mini golf and zipline package, with an option to play the 18-hole or 36-hole golf course, followed by one to three rides on the ziplines. 

In addition, this zipline tour costs much less than other adventure lines, so first-timers can get comfortable with ziplining here before hitting the big guns.

My boyfriend and I visited this course with family and loved the fun activities inclusive for all ages. You should check them out as well for the best ziplines in Oahu for families.

  • The guides in the course are great and help children with the activities.
  • The course offers ice cream and other snacks for purchase.
  • The mini golfing is challenging and has great themed holes. 

Sunset Zipline, S’mores, & Freefall Adventure at Coral Crater

While most zipline adventures on the island adjourn by the afternoon, the Coral Crater Adventure Park keeps running for a sunset zipline adventure, complete with s’mores by campfire and freefall from their Adventure Tower. This tour is the best way to enjoy views of the sun setting on the Pacific Ocean as you zoom on unique twilight zip lines. 

Although this is a half tour covering only three ziplines at a time, you can upgrade to a full zipline tour complete with jumping off the high King Swing. So passengers will gear up and head to the first zipline, zoom past the Hawaiian sky darkening at night with incredible sunset views, toward well-lit platforms. After ziplining, you’ll enjoy sitting around a campfire prepared by guides and roasting s’mores on it with your group.

Finally, head back to the zipline course to race in the final three zip lines and end your adrenaline-pumping adventure with a jump from the 50-foot freefall tower.

We loved this incredible night trip filled with thrilling activities, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best zip lines in Oahu. 

  • The course is very well-lit in the later hours, so you’ll have no trouble seeing the way.
  • You’ll hear legends of Hawaii and the area’s history from guides around the campfire.
  • The guides ensure your safety throughout the trip.


Which Hawaiian island is best for zip lining?

Hawaii has terrific zipline courses running over its rainforests, waterfalls, and lush countryside. You can find the best ziplining in Hawaii on Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island, as they have well-developed courses with thrilling zip lines.

What is the highest zipline in Hawaii?

The highest zipline in Hawaii is on Maui, known as the Flyin Hawaiian Zipline, with the longest line being 2800 feet. In addition, you can find the longest line in Oahu on the North shore, at 2400 ft in Keana Farms.

Are there ziplines in Oahu?

There are terrific ziplines in Oahu on the North shore, running over forests and valleys. You can find them at the Kualoa Ranch, Coral Crater Adventure Park, and Keana Farms. Check out the top five zipline tours in Oahu from this article.

How much does it cost to zipline in Oahu?

Ziplining in Oahu costs between $40-180, depending on the course you choose, the duration of ziplining, and the activities included. You can find the cheapest zipline in Oahu at Bay View Mini Putt and Zipline at $40 per person. 

Winding Up The Best Zipline in Oahu

Make sure to try ziplining on your next trip to Oahu, as it’s the most fun-filled and thrilling activity on the island. You’ll find the best zipline courses on Oahu’s quaint North shore, with incredibly long lines passing over forests and valleys with terrific views of the coast. 

My boyfriend and I have tried zipline courses all over Hawaii, and Oahu’s well-maintained adventure parks and ranches offer some of the best ones.

Looking for an extreme zipline adventure with high lines? Head to the Coral Crater Adventure Park and the Keana Farms.

Want a family-friendly zipline course suitable for kids? Don’t miss the Bay View Mini Putt and ZIpline in Kaneohe. 

Want to zipline over famous filming sites? Then, head to Kaneohe Ranch for their Jurassic Valley zipline.

The best zipline in Oahu is an unmissable activity for everyone!

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