The 6 Best Ziplines in Big Island

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The Big Island of Hawaii has always been a dream destination for my boyfriend and me. With its vast, untouched landscapes, dense forests, and cascading waterfalls, we knew it was the perfect playground for ziplining enthusiasts like us. We’ve spent countless hours soaring through the skies on various zipline adventures across the island, and I’m excited to share with you our top picks for an unforgettable experience.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “How can I find the best zipline that’s right for me?” Fear not! After years of exploring different ziplines, I’ve put together a list of the best ziplines in Big Island that cater to all preferences – whether you’re a beginner or an adrenaline junkie. So strap in as we take you along the gorgeous Kohala coast through Kona’s awe-inspiring sceneries and past the breathtaking Umauma Falls in Hilo.

Warning: After your first zip through paradise, don’t be surprised if you develop an uncontrollable urge to make friends with every tree, waterfall, and gust of wind on the Big Island.

So get ready to let your spirit soar as we dive into the ultimate zipline adventure in Hawaii. Remember, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy this exhilarating experience – with the help of qualified instructors and my personal recommendations, anyone can embrace their inner Tarzan or Jane!

Let’s go zip through paradise together!

9-Line Zipline Experience on the Big Island

If you’re in Hilo on the Big Island, head to this terrific 9-line zipline course which gives terrific views of the secluded Umauma Falls. They have multiple viewing platforms, four dual lines, and one final line, each with unmatched views of the Pacific Ocean. 

The tour lasts 2.5 hours, starting at the course’s Visitor Center, where guests can gear up and receive safety instructions from the guides. Next, you’ll head out to the different viewing platforms and begin zipping through the treetops, with views of the river and fourteen waterfalls nearby. 

We loved this zipline adventure for its unmatched views, as it’s the best zipline on Big Island. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • The instructors conduct multiple briefings and safety checks. 
  • The tour includes all gear and equipment, so you won’t have to bring anything.
  • You can enjoy fresh fruit from trees along the lines. 

Big Island Kohala Canopy Zipline Adventure

The Kohala Coast on Big Island has stunning scenery and ocean views, which you can enjoy from this zipline course. They’re built in a towering forest on a private nature reserve, with whisper-quiet zip lines so you can enjoy the serene sounds of the forest while ziplining. 

Guests on the course will love the series of tall suspension bridges and platforms providing views of the Kohala countryside. In addition, these zip lines are ideal for experts and beginners, as trained instructors are always present to guide riders, control speed and stopping points, and ensure safety.

If you’re not up for ziplining, enjoy trekking through treetops on the forest canopy via suspension bridges, with the same excellent views as the lines. 

This nature reserve has one of the best zip lines on Big Island, and here’s why you’ll agree:

  • Their experienced guides share insights about the area’s culture and history.
  • The course is ideal for families with young children.
  • The guides are super friendly and efficient. 

Big Island Zipline Over KoleKole Falls

Your next zipline adventure will take you back to Hilo, close to the Akaka Falls State Park featuring a stunning aerial view of Kolekole Falls. The course includes a series of 7 ziplines, each increasing with speed and height, as you whizz past the Hamakua Coast, its beautiful botanical gardens, and an abundance of thundering waterfalls.

These zip lines are famous in Hawaii, as the 7th zipline is the longest in the US and flows directly over a 250-foot waterfall. However, you don’t have to do all seven lines, as the first few ziplines are shorter and easier, ideal for beginners.

My boyfriend and I loved the ziplining in this course, as the walk between viewing platforms reveals gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean between trees. 

So visit this course the next time you’re in Hilo, as they have some of the best zip lines in the Big Island. 

  • You can eat fresh fruit from the forest trees while moving between lines.
  • The guides give great information about Hawaiian agricultural practices and culture.
  • Thrill-seekers will love the last two lines, which pick up incredible speed.

Big Island 2 1/2 hours Zipline Adventure

Adventure lovers won’t want to miss this zipline course inside Botanical World, which has stunning views of botanical gardens, a maze, and a raging waterfall. The course includes eight ziplines, with the last two side-by-side, and a suspension bridge that offers terrific views of the 250-ft tall Kamaee Falls.

The zipline here is the longest on Big Island, with the course taking two and a half hours to complete, including a tour of the gorgeous property. In addition, the lines here are great for beginners and experts both, as you can enjoy the first few easy ones and even race on the last two longer zip lines. 

We loved this thrilling zipline course and the gorgeous scenery of the botanical gardens, as it’s one of the best zip lines on the Big Island. 

  • The guides are friendly and really helpful with children. 
  • The tallest lines give stunning views of the rainforest. 
  • The area’s tour is perfect for families for its gorgeous trails and sights.

9-Line Zip-N-Dip Experience

Come to Hilo for this 9-line zipline course which combines a range of island activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming in the Umauma Falls. You’ll spend four hours in the company of experienced guides as they lead you from an early morning zipline to an afternoon swim. 

The ziplining at this course is one of the Big Island’s most adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, with its 200-ft suspension bridge to move between the lines. After ziplining, you can head to the Umauma River extending from the falls for kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and swimming in the fall’s private pond. 

We loved the range of activities at this zipline course, and the guides made every experience safe and fun for the guest. After your water sports, enjoy a delicious complimentary lunch included in your trip. 

Don’t miss this incredible experience on your next trip, as it’s undoubtedly the best zipline on Big Island.

  • The guides provide all the equipment and gear for the trip.
  • You can also explore the private scenery of the Umauma Falls area.
  • The trip is good for families with younger children.

Big Island Kohala Zip and Dip Tour from Kona

Head to the Kohala Coast on Big Island’s northern edge for this terrific canopy tour and ziplining. The course includes 8 thrilling ziplines, 6 suspension bridges, and soaring tree platforms at varying heights. You can enjoy the aerial adventure, then hike to a nearby waterfall for fun-filled activities.

Guests can combine zip lining with a tour of the property, which is the best way to see the area. You can ride the thrilling zip lines, take an aerial trek over the forest canopy, then head out with your guide on a gorgeous nature hike. You’ll pass by a private mountain stream, several stunning waterfalls, and an ancient Hawaiian agricultural site.

End your trip at a waterfall where guests can swim in the calm waters and enjoy a private lunch hosted by the tour. 

We tried this course on our last trip and immensely enjoyed the adventure. Try them when you’re in Kona, as they have some of the best ziplines on the Big Island.

  • The course has whisper lines, so you can ride with only forest sounds.
  • On your hike, the guides tell great stories about the old Hawaiian agricultural plantations.
  • Your lunch will be in a private picnic area overlooking lush valleys and 1,000 ft. sea cliffs.


Which zipline is the best on the Big Island?

There are terrific ziplines on the Big Island, passing through its rugged landscape and giving views of the Pacific Ocean. You can find courses near the Umauma Falls, the Kohala Coast and countryside, and Kona with the best ziplines on the Big Island.

What is the best zipline in Hawaii?

Hawaii has amazing ziplining adventures on its islands, with eight to nine lines running through the longest courses. However, we consider the Umauma Falls 9-line adventure in Hilo and the North Shore Zipline Co’s 7-lines in Maui the best zip lines in Hawaii for their unmatched views and zip lines. 

How many ziplines does the Big Island have?

The Big Island has multiple zipline adventures going through its rainforests and mountainscapes. In this article, you can find six terrific ziplines on the Big Island from Kohala, Kona, and Hilo. 

Winding Up The Best Ziplines in Big Island

If you’re visiting the Big Island, add a zipline adventure to your itinerary, as it’s the best way to take in the island’s expansive views. Several zip lines run through Big Island’s coasts with undisturbed views of the countryside, and secluded waterfalls like Umauma and Kolekole falls.

My boyfriend and I love the zipline activities on the Big Island, as it’s a great way to spend a few hours with nature and away from tourist crowds. 

Head to Hilo for the best 9-line zipline adventure and swim in nearby private falls. 

Try ziplining in Kona for unmatched views of the Kohala Coast.

Don’t miss a visit to Botanical World for an 8-line zipline over a raging waterfall.

The best ziplines in Big Island are unmissable!

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