The Best Zipline in Maui

Aloha fellow thrill-seekers!

As a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, I have spent countless hours seeking out the most exciting adventures that Mother Nature has to offer. And let me tell you, nothing quite compares to ziplining in Maui! I mean, picture soaring through the sky like a bird, with breathtaking views of lush rainforests, sparkling waterfalls and distant mountains as your backdrop. Sounds amazing, right? Trust me, it is.

Ever since my boyfriend and I fell head over heels for this exhilarating activity during our first trip to Maui years ago (where we experienced America’s very first zipline – talk about history!), we’ve been on a mission to conquer every thrilling zipline across this enchanting island. We laughed nervously as we soared above dense jungles and held hands while hurtling over quaint little towns – all in pursuit of finding the absolute best zip lines Maui has to offer.

Now, armed with extensive knowledge and passion for all things zip-lining-related (my friends call me the “Zipline Queen”), my aim is to help guide you through this journey. After much research (and many exhilarating outings), I’ve compiled a list of the most heart-pounding, unforgettable zipline experiences that Maui has to offer for adventurers like you and me.

So, whether you’re a seasoned thrill-seeker or just dipping your toes into the world of high-flying escapades for the first time, this article is tailor-made for you. Together, we’ll explore each thrilling zipline course that Maui has to offer – ensuring that you won’t miss out on any of these bucket-list-worthy experiences during your next visit to paradise.

Warning: Side effects of reading this article may include an uncontrollable urge for adventure and planning an impromptu trip to Maui!

Alright, my fellow adrenaline enthusiasts, it’s time to grab your harness as we embark on this airborne adventure through Maui’s awe-inspiring landscape. Let the fun begin!

7-line Maui Zipline Tour on the North Shore

The North Shore Zipline Co. in Haiku is terrific for ziplining, as they have seven lines running through a historic World War II base known as ‘Camp Maui.’ The zip lines are at different heights, going up to 70 ft and extending 900 ft through a rainforest on the North Shore. 

You need to book a tour with the company and choose your skill level. Then on arriving, they provide you with the necessary gear, and trained guides give a brief safety overview, plus some encouragement for the adventure ahead.

In addition, the lines give way to terrific views of the forest’s tall rainbow eucalyptus trees as you whizz by them, with glimpses of waterfalls and the distant North shore landscape. You also pass across many aerial transfer points, including a suspension bridge that floats between two trees. 

My boyfriend and I rode their tallest zipline and enjoyed views of the Pacific Ocean and North Maui’s beautiful landscape. So make sure to try it on your next trip, as it’s the best zipline in Maui.

  • The zip lines travel up to 40 miles per hour, so riders can feel the thrill.
  • The guides tell great stories about the men and women who served in Camp Maui.
  • The zipline is also great for younger children (five years and up.)

Ka’anapali 8-Line Zipline Adventure

The ziplining in Maui’s West shore is impeccable, with this 8-line course by Skyline Eco-Adventures going through Ka’anapali. The zipline provides stunning views from its multiple lines of the lush West Maui mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and distant offshore islands. 

You’ll have to make a short hike to reach the viewing platform, and the instructors will prepare you for the ride. From the platform, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Maui’s deep valleys and the remote coastal landscape of Ka’anapali before starting your adventure. 

The ride is incredibly fun, with trees zooming past you as the zipline crossings get longer and more exciting. You’ll be pumped when you reach the final line and yell for another go (I know I did!)

Don’t miss this zipline adventure if you’re in Ka’anapali, as it’s one of the best zip lines in Maui. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • The instructors share great information about the island’s history.
  • A percentage of your ticket fee goes toward environmental charities.
  • You can rent a GoPro on-site to record your adventure footage for a low price. 

8-Line Jungle Zipline Eco-Tour on Maui

If you’re taking a trip to the Hana Highway in East Maui, don’t miss a chance at ziplining in Haiku’s 8-line course that runs through a gorgeous rainforest. Jungle Zipline Maui offers this amazing zipline adventure with options of a free-fall ride and an 85-foot-long tree-to-tree suspension bridge. 

Each platform has a few wooden steps leading to it, from which riders can take the zipline on their own or have guides control the stopping points, which is ideal for beginners. We tried riding the zipline ourselves, which was a lot more fun, especially from their swinging suspension bridges.

You’ll whizz by the North shore on your zipline, with terrific views of the Haiku rainforest and its tropical plants and trees. 

We loved riding these lines on our last trip to the North shore, and they’re undoubtedly one of the best zip lines in Maui.

  • The instructors are terrific and make you feel safe the whole time. 
  • The course is good for beginners as guides can control the stops.
  • Visit after a rainy spell and see rainbows through the forest.

6 Dual-Zipline Mountain Adventure Maui 

Ziplining doesn’t only have to be about being in the air, as this tour goes through Kapalua in West Maui, with ATV rides on the lush landscape, hiking through gorgeous trails, and ziplining side-by-side. The Kapalua Zipline operates this course with an 8500-ft dual cable that runs for six long lines. 

This zipline is great for experienced riders who will enjoy zip lining from Maui’s longest suspension bridge in this course. In addition, the company provides tours for smaller groups to keep the activity intimate for a half-day-long excursion. 

You’ll love riding these lines, which have become a favorite for locals and tourists for their stunning view of Kapalua and West Maui as the lines go over its deep valleys. 

Check out the Kapalua Zipline the next time you’re on the West shore, as theirs is the best zipline in Maui. 

  • During the tour, guides will give great educational information on the land.
  • The ATV ride passes through a lush rainforest with stunning views. 
  • The course is also good for beginners and younger children.

Winding Up The Best Ziplines in Maui

Ziplining is a must in Maui, as the island has incredibly beautiful valleys and rainforests with zip lines. You can find the best ziplines on Maui’s shores, with multiple lines running from bridges and platforms at great heights. 

If you want to experience zip lining from a rainforest with rainbow eucalyptus trees, try North Shore Zipline Co’s 7-line course and Jungle Zipline’s 8-line eco-tour. 

And those looking for a terrific view of the West Maui mountains shouldn’t miss the Ka’anapali 8-lines and the Kapalua 6 dual-lines.

Ziplining in Maui is an unmissable experience!

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