Best Waterfront Restaurants Honolulu: Dine with Ocean View!

Aloha, fellow oceanview dining enthusiasts!

Let me share with you the magic of savoring a delectable meal while gazing at the enchanting Hawaiian shoreline. I know firsthand how unforgettable these experiences can be, especially when shared with someone special. My boyfriend and I have explored countless waterfront eateries in Honolulu, transforming us into experts on where to wine and dine beside the sea.

You see, my mission is simple: guide you through an array of scrumptious options – from family-friendly spots to romantic hideaways – so that you can focus on creating lasting memories. Don’t worry about missing out or choosing the wrong place; let my expertise put your mind at ease. After all, we’ve tried them all for you!

As we journey together through this mouthwatering list featuring steak, seafood, fusion meals, French cuisine (and more!), remember that each selection was carefully ranked based on the waterfront view, food quality, service, venue, and overall experience. Soon enough, those picture-perfect sunsets paired with irresistible dishes will become a reality.

Warning: Your love for beachside dining may reach new heights after reading this article – proceed with caution and an appetite for adventure!

Now come along and join me as we embark on this culinary voyage by the sea!

53 By The Sea – The best fine-dining experience in Honolulu

53 By The Sea – The best fine-dining experience in Honolulu

Address: 53 Ahui St, Honolulu, HI 96813

If you are looking for the most gorgeous venue with excellent food, this is it. The restaurant has a breathtaking view of the ocean, which is beautiful at all times of the day, but amazing at sunset. The food is refined, incredibly delicious, and modern.

This is the perfect venue to dress up for a fancy dinner. The gorgeous Granit stairs are like something out of a princess movie. The seating is spacious and well-spaced out, and the tables are covered with white tablecloths. Large s windows showcase the ocean view. The outside seating is even more gorgeous with a glass panel fence and a terrace hovering above the ocean. There is a great view of the water, sunset, and city view.

The food is a creative mix of seafood and meat. My favorite starter here is the lobster bisque because it is rich, creamy, and perfectly seasoned. Also the local fish, scallops, prawns, vegetable stir fry, and aji Amarillo sauce. Each dish is full of flavor, fresh, and a great new adventure. Dessert lovers like me will love the honey lavender cake (it is one of a kind!)

Service here is impeccable and on point. The staff is quick, friendly and they know their food very well. They also have complimentary valet parking provided. Also, if you go on a Friday night, expect to see Hilton Hawaiian Village’s Fireworks from the terrace right after sunset.

This is the best waterfront restaurant in Honolulu because:

  • The restaurant is impeccably decorated inside and out, the view is gorgeous and everything is high quality.
  • The menu offers a great variety of seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes prepared fresh and served beautifully.
  • Service is very professional, quick, and knowledgeable about their menu.
  • They have an incredible wine card and drink selection, including expertly crafted cocktails.

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Michel’s at the Colony Surf – A classic French restaurant with a stunning beach view

Michel's at the Colony Surf - A classic French restaurant with a stunning beach view

Address: 2895 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

Michel’s at the Colony Surf offers an incredible tasting menu with wine paring options. Asides from delicious food they pride themselves on their immaculate cocktail masters and multiple Master Sommeliers. That means if you choose, you can have some of the best wine pairings with your dinner on the island.

For the tasting menu, expect an impeccable slow-cooked (48-hour) lobster bisque, fresh salad, and top-grade beef (steak tartar) with well-seasoned and fresh sides.  For dessert lovers, they serve a perfectly done chocolate soufflé filled with a light and delicate cream.

The view from the outside seating is impossible to beat. You get to sit on the sandy beach, listening to the ocean waves. In the evening there is a breathtaking sunset and a perfectly lit covered terrace to enjoy a romantic evening. The tables are large, comfortable and there is plenty of privacy. Everything is open-air style and quite comfortable. No matter where you sit, you will know you are at the beach.

Service is top-notch from the valet to your server you can expect the best. At least that’s been our experience. Everyone is professional, well organized, and prompt with service. It’s a truly upscale dining experience.

Visit Michel’s at the Colony Surf for a top waterfront dining experience because:

  • The view here is impeccable and the open-air restaurant is right on the sand-covered beach.
  • Service is upscale and professional including valet parking, professional Sommeliers, and master cocktail bartenders.
  • The food is well paired, perfectly fresh, and nicely seasoned and the portions are nice and filling.
  • This is a perfect place for a special occasion or a romantic date.

Plumeria Beach House – The Best Casual restaurant with an amazing ocean view

Plumeria Beach House – The Best Casual restaurant with an amazing ocean view

Address: 5000 Kahala Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

Plumeria Beach House is Kahala Hotel and Resort’s casual restaurant with a breathtaking beachside view. It’s a beautiful open-air eatery right next to the sand, and they serve food all day (including buffets on certain days). The outside seating is covered and right on a well-manicured lawn.

The seating offers an open view of the ocean, palm trees, and in the evening, the perfect sunset. They have a great atmosphere all day long. It’s casual and peaceful, whenever you choose to eat.

I love this place for both breakfast and lunch. The morning menu has the most delicious French toast, Banana pancakes with warm Haupia and toasted Macadamia nuts, and the savory butter-poached lobster Benedict with Spinach.

My favorite lunch meal is the Chefs Onion Soup, Crispy Wok Fried Prawns, and broiled Misoyaki butterfish. They even have great sandwiches and burgers. All the portions are nice and filling.

Service is great, and guaranteed to put you in a good mood. They even have free parking for guests.

Make sure to eat at the Plumeria Beach House because:

  • The food is well-portioned, fresh, and delicious.
  • The menu is varied with seafood, fish, meat, vegetarian options, and more.
  • They have something for everyone, including buffets for breakfast and lunch, and even burgers and sandwiches.
  • The view is breathtaking and the seating is open-air facing the ocean.

Conclusion on the best waterfront restaurants in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii, has an impeccable dining scene with something for everyone. Regardless of your taste, you can’t miss their one-of-a-kind dining experience, especially all the magnificent beachfront dining restaurants on the water.

The waterfront views are breathtaking. And the great food is to match.

No matter if you are looking for a fine dining room experience or a casual beachside restaurant in Waikiki, check out my choices and you won’t be disappointed.

One popular spot is the Surfrider Beach Bar located at the Moana Hotel. They offer a delectable brunch menu with fresh shrimp and salmon as the main ingredients in some of their notable entrées. The outdoor seating is a prime location for viewing the Hawaiian sunset.

Another notable restaurant is La Mer, renowned for its exquisite French cuisine. Nestled in the heart of Waikiki, Hawaii, this seafood restaurant provides an unforgettable outdoor dining experience. With its well-crafted dinner menu, you get to taste delicacies like New Zealand King Salmon and roast duck amidst the romantic setting.

If you fancy a leisurely Sunday brunch, the Azure Restaurant at the Westin Resort offers a refined menu with both international and local dishes. Here, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the lush greenery of the lush jungle valleys and the blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

For those looking for a more relaxed, informal setting, the Cafe at Surf Rider offers a fantastic breakfast menu in an ideal North Shore location. Don’t forget to try their coconut cake, a local favorite!

If you’re after a grand four-course meal, the degustation menu at the rooftop bar, Sky Waikiki, is a must-try. With panoramic views of the iconic Diamond Head, the experience is second to none.

So, make sure to visit them all, and Bon appetite.


Where can I find a fine dining restaurant with outdoor seating and amazing food near Waikiki Beach?

One great option for a fine dining experience with outdoor seating and amazing food is Michel’s at the Colony Surf Hotel located near Waikiki Beach. It offers stunning views of Diamond Head, delicious seafood dishes, and top-notch service.

Which seafood dinner buffet should I try in Honolulu for fresh fish options?

Plumeria Beach House is an excellent choice for a seafood dinner buffet offering an array of fresh fish options. Located within Kahala Hotel & Resort, this casual open-air eatery has incredible ocean views.

What makes 53 By The Sea one of the best restaurants in Honolulu?

53 By The Sea stands out as one of the best restaurants in Honolulu due to its breathtaking floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing panoramic ocean views, exceptional service, innovative seafood dishes, and expertly crafted cocktails.

Can you recommend a place to enjoy live Hawaiian music during family dinner time in Honolulu?

For family dinners accompanied by live Hawaiian music, Hula Grill Waikiki at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel is an ideal choice. They offer tasty dishes like grilled fish tacos and coconut milk-based desserts along with their signature ambiance.

Where can I enjoy breakfast with beautiful water views near Turtle Bay Resort?

You can visit Plumeria Beach House for their fantastic breakfast buffet featuring delectable items such as vanilla ice cream-topped French toast or fried rice while enjoying striking water panoramas close to Turtle Bay Resort.

I’m looking for a restaurant that serves prime rib and lobster cream sauce near Hilton Hawaiian Village – any suggestions?

A nearby option would be 53 By The Sea which not only presents prime rib cooked to perfection but also offers exquisite lobster cream sauce within their menu selections – all just a short distance from Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Are there seafood restaurants with live music and great service by Diamond Head?

Michel’s at the Colony Surf offers a combination of refined seafood dishes, live music, and outstanding service in an elegant setting with views of Diamond Head.

Which restaurant has both fresh seafood options and vanilla ice cream for dessert near Waikiki Beach?

At Hula Grill Waikiki, you can indulge in a variety of fresh seafood options like grilled fish or lobster dishes followed by delicious vanilla ice cream for dessert – all while enjoying the lively atmosphere near Waikiki Beach.

What are some popular beachfront restaurants in Waikiki that offer both local and international cuisine?

Barefoot Beach Cafe, Duke’s Waikiki, Orchids, and La Mer are all excellent choices for beachfront dining in Waikiki. Each offers a unique gastronomic experience featuring both local Hawaiian flavors and international cuisines, perfect for enjoying alongside picturesque ocean views.

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