The Best Time to go to Oahu

Aloha, fellow Oahu dreamers!

I get it – you crave that picture-perfect island getaway filled with white sandy beaches, warm ocean waves, and vibrant nightlife. But the idea of battling those pesky tourist crowds? No thank you! Trust me, I’ve been there too.

My boyfriend and I have made it our mission to figure out the sweet spot for visiting Oahu without breaking the bank or fighting for beach space. Over the years, we’ve traveled during different months and paid close attention to things like airfare prices, accommodations, festivals happening at each time. And guess what? We discovered the ideal times to enjoy all that this beautiful island has to offer!

You see, as a seasoned Oahu traveler who’s experienced both peak and off-peak seasons firsthand, I know how overwhelming planning an unforgettable trip can be. So let me guide you through our findings so your vacation dreams can come true without any hassles or regrets.

Warning: Once you’ve experienced Oahu with minimal tourists around and money saved in your pockets, you may find yourself itching for more Hawaiian adventures!

So buckle up my fellow wanderlusters; let’s dive into finding that perfect time of year for your ultimate Oahu experience!

But Why Should You Visit Oahu?

Hear me out, every island in Hawaii deserves a visit, but Oahu has everything on its shores that you’ll want to see in the tropics. From the vibrant street life in Waikiki, lively markets in the Aloha Marketplace, and the many attractions of Kalakaua Avenue, Oahu’s South shore is a terrific place for people wanting to experience Hawaiian culture, music, and food. 

However, if Waikiki gets too crowded for you, especially in peak seasons, make your way to the quaint and peaceful North shore. Here, visit some of the world’s best surfing beaches, try all sorts of water sports at the Waimea Bay and Banzai Pipeline, sunbathe on the near-empty Makapu’u beach, and snorkel with Oahu’s native marine life at Laniakea beach. 

In addition, you can experience historical landmarks in downtown Honolulu like Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona Memorial, and the Iolani Palace, which was once home to Hawaiian royalty. Plus, the Kualoa Ranch in East Oahu is a terrific place for horseback riding, ziplining, and touring sites of famous Hollywood movies like Jurassic World and Jumanji, from its lush 4000-acre grounds. 

Now that you’ve glimpsed into what Oahu has to offer let’s head into the best time to visit this slice of paradise. 

Best Time of Year to Visit Oahu

Tourists and locals alike can experience something new in Oahu at different times of the year, like festivals, holiday celebrations, discounted travel deals, marine life migrating to the island’s shores, and much more.

So I’ve included a breakdown of what every few months bring to the island, which will help you decide what time of year is best for you to visit Oahu. 

December to early March

These months bring winter to Oahu and throngs of tourists when the rest of the world comes to Hawaii to escape the cold. Temperatures drop to around 60 F, so you’ll need to wear a light jacket at night, but for the most part, there are sunny days and light winds. 

Aside from humans, animals also escape the cold to Oahu’s warm waters, and you can find humpback whales on the island. So December to March is the ideal time to take snorkeling tours to see whales, spinner dolphins, and turtles from Oahu’s shores. 

In addition, surfing enthusiasts will love watching surfing competitions from the North shore in these months, when the waves rise to sixty feet, and daring surfers ride them. 

However, consider that prices also hike in these months for airlines and hotel bookings, making the trip to Oahu more expensive than in off-seasons. 

So my boyfriend and I like to book our tickets and tours early in the year, as it’s a great way to avoid the price hike.

Here’s why December to March is the best time to go to Oahu:

  • The island lights up for the holiday season with tons of celebrations, events, and parties. 
  • Those who can’t handle tropical summers will love this time of year as the weather remains cool and stable.
  • Winter swells are the best for experienced surfers to test their skills, and they can even take part in local surfing competitions.

Mid March to early June

March to early June is ideal for people wanting to explore Oahu without the crowds. This is known as ‘shoulder season’ as the peak season crowds have departed, and the island is much more peaceful. 

In addition, the spring season brings ideal weather conditions, as the winter rains run dry in March, and the temperatures stay pleasant, between 70 F and 80 F. 

From March to April, you can still take great snorkeling tours to spot humpback whales, as well as Hawaii’s native marine life, before they return to their host waters. 

The lack of crowds in these months makes the island a more fun place to explore, but if you want some festivities, there are also great events. For example, April brings ‘Golden Week’ when four Japanese holidays come back-to-back, and locals gather to celebrate through cultural displays and parties. 

My boyfriend and I love coming to Oahu in spring as we can get great discounts on flights and enjoy the island’s uncrowded charms. 

Here’s why mid-March to June is the best time to go to Oahu:

  • There is very little to no rain in spring, so you can enjoy sunny days without the scorching heat of tropical summers. 
  • There is a fun event called Waikiki Spam Jam in April, where the island gathers to celebrate its love for spam. 
  • The waves have calmed down in spring, so this is the best time to try out surfing, paddle boarding, and kayaking on the shores.

Mid June to early September

Prepare for another round of peak season from mid-June to September, when most families with children have summer holidays and frequent the island. The summer months in Oahu also bring higher temperatures, so you’ll want to pack light and schedule some cool indoor activities along with your beach plans. 

Although the island welcomes crowds of tourists in these months, the warm weather makes it ideal for spending time on beaches, as the waves become much calmer than in winter. 

In addition, the lack of rain in summer means you can enjoy uninterrupted hours in the sun, beach hopping, having outdoor BBQs, and hiking on the island’s lush trails. 

Here’s why mid-June to early September is the best time to go to Oahu:

  • Families will find a lot of kid-centric activities in these months and can avail discounts to most public places with younger children. 
  • Beginners can learn water sports from the island’s best surfing schools and academies as the waters remain still.
  • The daytime is always sunny, and nights have a nice coastal breeze to cool the island down, so you won’t be too hot.

Mid September to early December 

Around September, crowds start to disperse again, and the island clears out from visitors for a few months. Fall cools down the summer heat somewhat and brings rain showers starting in October, which lasts till November. However, the beauty of Oahu is that the rain never lasts long, and a drive around the island will reveal a patch of dry land. 

The lack of tourists makes these months ideal for visiting Oahu, as you can enjoy famous spots like Waikiki beach, Diamond Head volcano, and the North shore beaches without huge crowds. 

In addition, those seeking a chance to familiarize themselves with Hawaiian culture will love visiting in the Fall months, as the island hosts events centered around food, fashion, film, and Hawaiian heritage.

Here’s why September to early December is the best time to go to Oahu:

  • These are the cheapest months to visit Oahu in terms of traveling, accommodations, and touring the island. 
  • Oahu has lots of fun festivals and events in these months, which you can enjoy without the crowds of tourists. 
  • You can find good discounts on accommodations and travel, even on last-minute bookings.

Cheapest Time to Visit Oahu 

You might consider a Hawaii vacation expensive, but the time of year you visit can massively impact the amount of money you spend. Peak seasons are money-making months for airlines and resorts, so you’ll get pricey deals from them, especially on last-minute bookings.

So visit the island in the shoulder season, from March to early June, and from late September to early December, when the island is free from tourists. From these off-season months, mid-September to early December is even cheaper as the weather is unpredictable owing to rain showers and potential hurricanes. 

Tourism takes a backseat, and the island offers discounted air tickets and room prices to entice people into visiting. 

The price difference between visiting in peak seasons and off seasons is sometimes half, so be a smart traveler and schedule your vacation to fall in the cheapest months. 

What’s The Worst Time to go to Oahu?

You should avoid going to Oahu during hurricane season, which lasts from early June to late November. That’s because this season brings unexpected downpours and the threat of hurricanes, which can dampen your vacation and prove dangerous if not avoided.

Aside from hurricane season, the December to January months should be avoided if possible because the island gets crowded with families visiting for the holidays, and there is an insane price hike for most amenities. 

Best Time of Year to Visit Oahu for Festivals 

Oahu is a melting pot of cultures, and since each has its own festivals, you can expect celebrations here year-round. So the best time to visit Oahu for lively events is in the winter, when the New Year, Christmas, and Chinese New Year celebrations light up the island. 

In March, you can experience the Honolulu Festival, a premier cultural event that promotes relations between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim region.

During May, enjoy Lei Day celebrations, and Lantern Floating Hawaii, a beautiful ceremony where lanterns are left to float on the Ala Moana Beach Park waters.

From August to September, the Aloha Festival is a month-long event where you can get to know Hawaiian culture through free displays of music, dance, and historical showcases.

A favorite of my boyfriend and mine is the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival in October, where chefs from around the world gather and serve their finest food and wine for three weeks. 

Aside from festivals, the island has smaller, more immersive events all year long. For example, a Friday night fireworks display seen from Waikiki, free weekly hula shows at Kuhio beach, and Eat the Street on the last Friday of every month, where Kaka’ako offers terrific food, music, and dance.


What is the rainy season in Oahu?

Oahu’s wettest months are the winter ones when there are unexpected rain showers at any time of day. The rainy season in Oahu starts around mid-November, with the rains dispersing by March end. 

What is the cheapest month to go to Oahu?

Shoulder seasons are the cheapest times of year to go to Oahu, which last from mid-March to early June, and again from mid-September to early December. These months promise lower prices on tickets, hotel accommodations, and even activities and tours around the island.

What is the busy season in Oahu?

The peak seasons are generally the busiest in Oahu when crowds of tourists frequent the island. These are the summer months from mid-June to September when most families with children have summer break, and the holiday season from December to early March. 

Wrapping Up The Best Time to go to Oahu

Oahu promises sunny shores, calm waters, and lush landscapes year-round, and you’re bound to have an epic time no matter when you visit. However, if you plan your trip ahead and consider the different weather conditions and tourist seasons, your trip will become much more enjoyable. 

Looking for the best season to go to Oahu? Visit in the pleasant spring months from March to May. 

Need the best time to see humpback whales in Oahu? Go from December to March. 

Want to experience crowd-free Oahu and get cheap tickets? Try visiting in the Fall months from late September to early December. 

So plan ahead and enjoy a great time in Oahu!

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