Best Tiki Bars in Maui: Sip Your Way to Tropical Paradise!

Welcome, fellow tiki bar enthusiasts!

Join me as I revisit an incredible Hawaiian trip with my beloved partner, our mission: to discover the top tiki bars in Maui and share our experiences with you, the thirsty travelers. As a seasoned explorer and dedicated drink aficionado, identifying the top-rated Tiki bars in Maui wasn’t just amusing, but extremely satisfying.

During our trip to Hawaii, we explored countless nooks and crannies in search of these tropical oases. We tasted Maui’s best tropical cocktails at beachfront locations, under the mesmerizing sight of bamboo lanterns swaying in the sea breeze, serenaded by distant ukulele tunes.

My thrilling exploits have sharpened my ability to distinguish an authentic Hawaiian Tiki bar experience – an essential skill when navigating the myriad of Best local bars in Maui. If you’re a fellow enthusiast of exotic beverages and adventure, fear not, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best establishments in this vibrant island.

Be warned: once you step into these magical locations filled with ornate masks, bold hues, and Island-themed cocktails in Maui worthy of social media fame (#TikiTime), you may find yourself captivated, igniting a love affair punctuated by hula skirts and best rum cocktails in Maui-infused evenings.

So, put your grass skirt or aloha shirt as we set sail on this vibrant journey through captivating sunsets, filled with enchanting tiki bar music in Maui and complemented by the popular drink menus in Maui Tiki bars, especially the incomparable mai tais! Here’s to Best Tiki Bars in Maui! Cheers!

South Shore Tiki Lounge – Voted “Best Bar in Maui” for Outstanding Drinks and Entertainment

South Shore Tiki Lounge - Voted "Best Bar in Maui" for Outstanding Drinks and Entertainment

Top Tiki lounges in Maui present a vibrant blend of culture and nightlife, with South Shore Tiki Lounge reigning supreme, recognized seven times as the Best Maui Bar by Time Weekly readers. Embodying the spirit of Hawaiian Tiki culture, this celebrated venue offers its guests an intoxicating mix of food, fun, and beverages.

South Shore Tiki Lounge, one of the best local bars in Maui, guarantees an immersive tiki experience through its menu that flaunts a spectrum of tantalizing dishes and traditional, as well as creative drinks, savored best during their happy hour.

The aesthetic appeal of this authentic Hawaiian Tiki bar is hard to miss. Bamboo weavings cradle surfboards hanging from the ceiling, sepia-toned images hark back to another era, and odd taxidermied marine creatures add an intriguing twist to this unforgettable tiki theme ambiance.

While the decor mesmerizes, it is their unparalleled assortment of tiki drinks that cements South Shore Tiki Lounge among the top-rated Tiki bars in Maui. Some standout cocktails include:

  • The Tiki-style Mai Tai – a concoction of tropical fruit juices, blackstrap molasses, and rum.
  • The Velvet Mai Tai – the perfect balance between sweetness and spice.
  • The Painkiller – a smooth melange of juices with a hint of nutmeg.
  • The classic Zombie – an irresistible fusion of Cruzan 151 rum and fruity juices.

This renowned Maui bar gives paramount importance to detail, sourcing ingredients either locally or from their own harvest. This commitment amplifies the freshness and taste of every dish and drink they serve, thereby making them one of the best places to drink in Maui.

Venture into the South Shore Tiki Lounge for their remarkable happy hour drinks and prolong your stay for the live music sessions featuring talented local bands. It’s a standout choice for both Maui’s best tropical cocktails and Maui nightlife, reflecting the island’s vibrant Tiki Bar history.

Tiki Bar at Ka’anapali Beach – The Original Beachfront Tiki Bar with Exceptional Happy Hour Menu

Tiki Bar at Ka'anapali Beach - The Original Beachfront Tiki Bar with Exceptional Happy Hour Menu

Imagine unwinding with an umbrella-garnished tiki drink while nestled on the stunning Ka’anapali Beach. Since the 1980s, the legendary Tiki Bar has been catering to visitors with exceptional views and remarkable drinks, encapsulating an authentic Hawaiian encounter.

A pilgrimage to this iconic tiki bar is obligatory for those yearning for an authentic tiki atmosphere. Relish in their happy hour specials, with discounted craft beers available from 3 pm to 6 pm daily, all set against an enchanting beach panorama.

The atmosphere here is genuinely mesmerizing; visualize lounging under a thatched roof supported by gigantic columns sculpted into tiki god figures. Add to this a live music, live hula performances and an extensive menu of exotic cocktails – you have a memorable experience steeped in the unique tiki culture of Hawaii.

Embrace the spirit of tiki mixology through a selection of dark rum-infused concoctions and exotic libations offered at the Tiki Bar:

  • Lava Flow: A lively crowd favourite renowned for its exquisite fusion of flavors
  • Tiki Tiny: An innovative twist devised by skilled bartenders

Awaken your senses to unparalleled recreation as you relax amidst the gentle ocean waves, warm sand underfoot, and enticing cocktails brimming with creativity. Let the original beachfront tiki bar captivate you during your stay on Maui’s entrancing shores.

The unassuming tiki bar, Kitchen 5315, impresses with a delightful mix of tiki drinks and a casual ambience, making it one of the top-rated tiki bars in Maui. The bar, although not on the main tourist trail, serves as an idyllic haven for a relaxed evening with companions.

Anticipate the pleasure of classic Hawaiian dishes like macadamia-encrusted Mahi Mahi and pork fried rice as you explore their extensive drinks menu. Their unique exotic cocktails such as Chi Chi Kapa—a blend of coconut, pineapple, and hibiscus— is a standout, exclusive to Kitchen 5315.

Boasting a full bar service, Kitchen 5315 offers fine wines, assorted beers, and a plethora of tropical drinks tailored to all palates. A personal highlight was the Aloha Friday: an entrancing fusion of banana and coconut-infused dark rum, adorned with a luscious strawberry swirl and a dark rum finale.

The unique selling points of this spot include:

  • Large serving sizes of dishes
  • Varied drink choices featuring popular concoctions and cocktails
  • Cordial and attentive staff
  • Easy-going ambience

While Kitchen 5315 doesn’t offer oceanfront vistas or majestic sunsets, the nearby palm trees manage to encapsulate some tropical charm.

To sum up: Kitchen 5315 stands out as a prime choice when seeking sumptuous meals in cozy settings, or if you’re just yearning for happy hour with friends, sans pretentiousness. It’s no wonder why this establishment is deemed one of the best bars in Maui, truly embodying the spirit of tiki culture.


While Maui may not give you much to choose from regarding tiki bars, the ones that will make a positive lasting impression on you. 

Choose your preference, and I’m sure you’ll come out grinning like a big old Cheshire Cat.


What is the ultimate Hawaiian tiki bar experience to expect when visiting Maui?

In my personal observation, the ultimate Hawaiian tiki bar experience in Maui is often characterized by a relaxed setting with hula skirts and grass shirts against a backdrop of mesmerizing, swaying Tiki torches. You’d often find yourself sipping on an exotic cocktail such as a Classic Mai Tai or Tropical Itch. The locally loved concoction Mai Tais, crafted with refreshing lime juice served amidst live ukulele music or a Local DJ spinning tunes sets up for an unforgettable night.

How would you describe the atmosphere at La Mariana Sailing Club?

La Mariana Sailing club provides you with a blend of authenticity and excitement that truly captivates what Hawaii’s nightlife spirit consists of. Here are local DJs spinning tunes into the evening while patrons enjoy classic Mai Tais under glowing tiki torches. The club embodies oceanic nuances from its distinguishing decor to cocktails reminiscent of tropical wonders —it’s more than just your average marina sailing club!

Could you tell me about some beachfront bars in Maui like Hula Grill and Barefoot Bar?

Places like Hula Grill and The Barefoot Bar provide not only excellent food but also offer breathtaking views enhanced by Live Hawaiian Music performed through sunsets transitioning into star-lit skies. There’s something incredibly magical about enjoying your favorite cocktail and meal whilst toes sink into warm sands as exquisite melodies fill up seaside evenings.

What kind of ambiance does Four Seasons Resort in Maui offer along with their Lobby Lounge gastropub?

The Four Seasons Resort Maui exudes pure luxury extending to their Lobby Lounge which operates as an industrial-chic gastropub making it unique amongst other top-class establishments across this vibrant island! Expect enchanting Live Ukulele Music resonating around angular interiors softened through dimly lit edgy designs–experience sophistication elevated during evenings spent languidly lounging immersed within melodious echoes accompanied by immaculately presented refreshments.

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