The Best Thai Restaurants in Honolulu

Welcome fellow Honolulu travelers!
My boyfriend and I have been coming to Honolulu for years, and one thing we always make sure to do is to enjoy the amazing cuisine. One of our favorite cuisines by far is Thai – there’s something about its signature flavors that never get old. And in Honolulu, you can find some of the most authentic and flavorful Thai food around.

We searched far and wide for those hidden gems, venturing off the beaten path at times. We’ve eaten at countless Thai restaurants throughout the city over the years, from roadside cafes to homely eateries to award-winning restaurants — all delivering quality, taste, and authenticity in their recipes. We’ve tried Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Curries, and even some truly delicious fusion dishes – all with careful consideration for those with gluten or Celiac allergies.

We’re now ready to reveal our picks of the very best Thai restaurants in Honolulu based on taste, atmosphere, price, and variety.

Get ready to experience a flavor like no other – trust me: you won’t regret it!

Noi Thai Cuisine – The Best Thai Food in Honolulu

Noi Thai Cuisine

Winner of the Hale Aina Award in 2020, Noi Thai is a gourmet restaurant located in the Royal Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. They have branches all over the US and are famous for the authentic flavors their food delivers.

When you come to Noi Thai, expect a slow meal as the food deserves to be savored with each bite. First, you want to try their Cock-a-Doodle-Doo appetizer, a Tom Yum bisque mousse topped with crispy shrimp and an incredible blend of savory flavors. Follow with their fresh Green Papaya Salad and Crispy Garlic Chicken, a house specialty consisting of lightly battered chicken topped with a rich garlic sauce. 

My boyfriend and I also loved their Bangkok Red Curry, Tom Yum Lobster, and Shrimp Glass Noodles, all seasoned to perfection. In addition, the food delivers spice with a kick, so you can choose your spice level from 1 to 5.

We’re fans of the food at Noi Thai Cuisine, undoubtedly one of the best Thai restaurants in Honolulu. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • Many items on their menu are gluten-free and suitable for Celiacs. 
  • You can get reservations, but they often accept walk-ins despite the rush hours.
  • They have a lovely interior that compliments the food and dining experience. 

Address: 2301 Kalakaua Ave Royal Hawaiian Center Building C, Level 3-C308, Honolulu, Oahu, HI.

Opal Thai

Opal Thai

Get ready to enjoy a unique dining experience at Opal Thai, an authentic Thai restaurant that serves its food with a twist – the chef picks the meal out for you! Owner and Head Chef Opal comes to each table, asks the diners their flavor preferences and allergies, then sends out a stream of mouth-watering dishes to match each palate. 

We’ve been eating at Opal’s for years, and his recommended dishes are nothing less than perfect! 

Our custom order started with a delicious plate of Chicken Satay Sticks with peanut sauce. Then, I got one of my favorites, Khao Soi, in a rich coconut broth, and my boyfriend got Spicy Pork with chili basil and eggplant. Each dish tasted incredible, and you’ll be coming back sooner than you think for more.

Check out Opal’s to see which Thai food best matches your palate (hint: they’re all terrific!) as they’re the best Thai restaurant in Honolulu.

  • Opal will ask you to put away your phones for a while and entertain you with his fun personality and hilarious jokes. 
  • The service here was timely and efficient.
  • You can eat here without reservation, as the servers clear a table quickly. 

Address: 1030 Smith St, Honolulu, Oahu, HI.

Chiang Mai Thai

Chiang Mai Thai

This lovely Thai restaurant is a family-owned business, operating for the past 30+ years and serving delectable Thai food. They have a pleasant decor with Thai influences that get you into the feel of the place and match the food. 

Their menu has an assortment of Thai classics and a large vegetarian selection for those on a plant-based diet. First, we tried their Spring Rolls in crispy rice paper with a vegetable filling, which tasted so fresh. Followed by their incredible Massaman Red Curry with beef and Thai Eggplant with Chicken, packed with Thai spices and rich meaty flavors. 

My boyfriend loves their Cashew Chicken which he gets in the Thai Hot spice level, and they deliver it exactly. Also try their range of seafood specials, especially the Garlic Shrimp, which tastes super fresh.

You’ll love the food at Chiang Mai Thai, and make them your go-to place, as they’re the best Thai restaurant in Honolulu.

  • Service is excellent here, with attentive servers who alter items according to your dietary needs. 
  • Their portion sizes are huge, so order accordingly. 
  • Come during the day to beat the dinner-hour crowds and enjoy a private meal. 

Address: 2239 S King St, Honolulu, Oahu, HI

Siam Square

Siam Square

Located a short walk from International Marketplace, on the floor above an ABC Store, Siam Square is a hidden gem for Thai food in Honolulu. They have terrific service, authentic Thai flavors, and a lack of overcrowding common to restaurants close to Waikiki. 

As always, you want to start with the spring rolls (a staple if you’re eating Thai), which are super crispy and filling. Next, try the Evil Curry, a red curry with beef that gives a solid spicy kick and great meaty flavors. My boyfriend is a fan of the Lemongrass Chicken and Peanut Curry, which have great heat and a slight sweetness to balance it out.

We highly recommend Siam Square as the best Thai restaurant in Honolulu, and here’s why you’ll agree:

  • The service is timely, friendly, and efficient (the holy trinity for me.) 
  • They have a cozy interior and a homely feeling with the decor. 

Address: 408 Lewers St Suite 200, Honolulu, Oahu, HI.

Wrapping Up: The Best Thai Restaurant in Honolulu

Oahu, home to Honolulu HI, boasts a rich tapestry of Thai restaurants. Hawaii, especially the Waikiki area, offers an amazing Thai food experience. Dive into Noi Thai’s menu, a pinnacle of delicious food on Hotel St in Honolulu. Unlike usual dining spots, Opal Thai tailors meals to individual preferences.

Chiang Mai Thai Cuisine and Siam Palace Thai Restaurant welcome patrons with a warm and welcome environment, serving up favorites like pad thai and thai style fried rice.

In the mood for green thai shrimp curry or thai iced tea? Restaurants in Honolulu like Siam Palace Thai Restaurant and Sala Thai stand out. Lunch-goers can indulge in spicy food such as thai spicy yellow curry, tom kha soup, or basil fried rice.

Thai restaurants in Honolulu are culinary gems. Whether resident or traveler, the city’s authentic food, from drunken noodles to sticky rice, awaits. Don’t forget the fried banana dessert for a sweet finish!


What makes lunch in Hawaii unique, especially when it comes to catering and soup options?

Lunch in Hawaii features a diverse range of cuisine options, with an emphasis on catering services that offer authentic dishes. Soup selections often include traditional Thai food like tom yum soup that showcases the island’s love for bold flavors and fresh ingredients.

How does glutinous rice contribute to the dining experience at Noi Thai Cuisine?

Glutinous rice is a staple in many Asian cuisines, including Thai food. At Noi Thai Cuisine, this versatile ingredient adds depth to signature dishes like pineapple fried rice and jasmine rice-based entrees, showcasing true authentic Thai food flavors.

Why is pad thai considered one of the best thai foods available in Hawaii?

Pad thai has become synonymous with delicious and flavorful Thai cuisine due to its delightful combination of sweet, savory, and tangy notes. This dish stands out among other offerings on the Hawaiian islands as a testament to exceptional taste distinctions found within good Thai food.

What sets apart authentic thai style chicken wings from their counterparts at Bangkok Chef?

Authentic thai chicken wings stand out because they are marinated with traditional spices and cooked using methods native to Thailand. Bangkok Chef takes pride in maintaining originality through their recipes while also offering crowd-favorite green curry infused sauces for an added flavor punch.

Can you find a great Thai dining experience, like Noi Thai Cuisine, in Hawaii?

Absolutely! Noi Thai Cuisine is one of the top establishments known for serving authentic Thai food in Hawaii. With a menu highlighting dishes such as pineapple fried rice, green curry, and pad thai, you can expect delicious and satisfying flavors during your visit.

What are some must-try items when experiencing authentic Thai cuisine in Hawaii?

Some must-try dishes when seeking authentic Thai food in Hawaii include pineapple fried rice with jasmine rice, savory pad thai noodles, flavorful Tom Yum soup featuring fragrant spices and herbs, and mouthwatering green curry that makes every meal memorable.

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