The 5 Best Sunset Cruises in Honolulu  

Aloha, fellow sunset cruise seekers!

It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood traveler, here to help you find the most jaw-dropping and unforgettable island sunsets in Honolulu. After spending countless evenings with my boyfriend cruising along the picturesque Waikiki shoreline, I’ve made it my mission to share our top sunset cruise picks with all of you.

You see, we’ve been bitten by the travel bug for years now and just can’t get enough of those magical moments when day turns to night. We understand that choosing the right sunset cruise can make or break your entire vacation experience – but don’t worry! I’m here to ease any fears of making a mistake because I know firsthand what it takes to create perfect memories.

Now listen up: Whether you’re a romantic duo like us or an adventure-seeking solo traveler looking for a great way to unwind after a day full of excitement on Oahu’s shores, this article is specially crafted just for you. Together, we’ll dive into those hidden gems where luxury meets relaxation – think gourmet meals beneath the golden sky and friendly professionals catering to your every need.

Warning: Brace yourselves as these cruises might make land activities seem dull in comparison! You may suddenly find yourself longing for another evening at sea!

Alright folks, enough chit-chat – let’s set sail and discover the mesmerizing beauty of Honolulu’s sunsets, one cruise at a time!

Star Casual Sunset and Show Cruise

There’s no better way to enjoy a sunset cruise than with dinner and a show, which is what you’ll get at the Star Casual Sunset and Show Cruise. The cruise is on a beautiful vessel with a 60-foot wraparound deck, perfect for enjoying the sunset views without getting crowded.

The cruise welcomes guests with traditional hula dancers, who later perform an amazing show on board. You’ll enjoy a three-course crab and steak meal prepared by island chefs, followed by Hawaiian entertainment from a live show called ’60 Years of Aloha’.

The cruise sets off on smooth waters while you enjoy the activities, and all guests gather on the expansive deck at sunset for incredible views of the island sun setting on shimmering waters. 

We loved this laid-back cruise with incredible food, and they’re an unmissable sunset cruise in Honolulu. 

  • The staff is friendly and efficient and ensures that guests feel comfortable.
  • The cruise lasts two hours and sails around Oahu’s coastline for 360-degree sunset views.
  • The meal comes with their signature Mai Tai drink for each guest.

Waikiki Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Sunset from Waikiki beach is an island-favorite sight but enjoy the same sunset directly from the coast for the best views. The Waikiki Sunset Cocktail Cruise sets off on a 1.5-hour round trip from the Waikiki coast with complimentary appetizers and a range of drinks. 

Your cruise heads south toward the Diamond Head volcano, a national landmark in Oahu. Guests can enjoy the Hawaiian pupu platter (starters) including a cheese board, meatballs and Kalua pork wontons, alcoholic drinks, and nonalcoholic beverages during the journey.

Once you arrive, the captain will swing the boat for the best sunset views. So you can watch the light’s colors change from orange to red on the crater that forms Diamond Head.

My boyfriend and I loved this sunset cruise, which gives unmatched views of Waikiki’s coast. 

  • Diamond Head makes for a great photo-op, so bring your cameras.
  • You’ll pass by Hawaiian green sea turtles and spinner dolphins in the coastal waters. 
  • The crew is terrific and keeps guests entertained.

Waikiki Glass Bottom Boat Sunset Cruise

The only thing that can make a sunset cruise better are marine animals swimming past your boat as they get attracted to the boat’s lights. You can enjoy this amazing experience with the Waikiki Glass Bottom Boat Sunset Cruise aboard the Haleiwa Queen, a 50-foot catamaran with a terrific crew on board. 

The cruise sets off toward the Diamond Head volcano, with the light beginning to fade in the distance. You can enjoy stories from the crew about Hawaii’s thriving farm productions and royalty that’s frequented the area throughout history.

After the sun sets, head to the glass bottom viewing room and watch marine life swimming close to the ship, like turtles, dolphins, and even humpback whales in winter. 

This is a terrific sunset cruise in Honolulu, which everyone should try and interact safely with the sea life. 

  • They have a BYOB and food policy, which guests can enjoy on the shaded deck.
  • The cruise has a casual vibe, with the crew chatting with guests like old friends.
  • The trip is much cheaper than other cruises in Honolulu.

Waikiki Sunset Cocktail Cruise aboard the Majestic 

Enjoy unmatched sunset views from a spacious yacht on this Waikiki cocktail cruise aboard the gorgeous Majestic. The crew provides a terrific cocktail on arrival, followed by a loaded bar for more drinks. 

Guests will enjoy the cruise from its various settings, including three decks, two air-conditioned levels, a contemporary dining room, and a spacious cocktail lounge. The top level is an open-air deck, allowing you to take in the cool ocean breeze while enjoying changing sunset hues, from oranges to pinks, as the island sun fades behind Diamond Head.  

We loved this secluded trip, and it’s undoubtedly the best sunset cruise in Honolulu. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • The yacht gives panoramic views, so you will be free of just one angle.
  • They have a dance floor where guests can enjoy dancing to amazing music.
  • Their crew is friendly and keeps guests comfortable. 

Sunset and city light tour on a forty foot catamaran

Want to enjoy a secluded cruise with Waikiki’s unmatched sunset views? Then don’t miss this trip aboard the forty-foot-long Kahala Kai catamaran cruise, which only boards 25 passengers on a cruise with double the capacity. 

You’ll enjoy the well-maintained catamaran facilities, the friendly crew, and complimentary snacks while on the cruise. In addition, guests can relax on the comfortable cruise and watch the sunset from the deck as it begins to light up for the evening. 

We really enjoyed the sunset light show from this cruise, and it’s definitely one of the best sunset cruises in Honolulu.

  • The snacks include a tasty cheese board and fruit. 
  • All guests get nonalcoholic beverages, and adults can enjoy the BYOB policy.
  • The captain and crew keep you entertained throughout the trip.

Wrapping Up The Sunset Cruises in Honolulu

The gorgeous Honolulu sunset is an unmissable sight, best enjoyed on a cruise ship with undisturbed views. You can get away from tourist hubs in the city and enjoy a romantic getaway on secluded catamarans with great facilities in Honolulu and Waikiki.

The cruises set off a while before sunset towards the Diamond Head volcano, with marine life tailing by the ships and an incredible view awaiting. Guests can enjoy delicious meals, drinks, live shows, and hula dancing on the cruises.

So elevate your trip with a sunset cruise in Honolulu! 

Last Updated on March 28, 2023 by Brigitte