Best Steakhouses in Waikiki: Unleash Your Inner Carnivore

Welcome to the supreme stakeout for steak in Waikiki!

I have been tirelessly sampling steaks across the broad culinary landscape of Waikiki, testing sauces, analyzing textures, and even judging the ambiance. The result? A comprehensive guide to finding your perfect steak in paradise! My boyfriend applauded my rigorous methods, though I suspect it had more to do with his love for ribeyes than his respect for scientific endeavor.

Our journey was far from easy – let me tell you about how many side dishes we had to sample with our steak (my waistline sure took one for the team) but it unfolded a world full of delectable meaty goodness. We laughed over medium-rare ribeyes at midnight and toasted over impeccably sliced sirloins, all in pursuit of creating your ultimate guide to steak dining in this beach-side paradise!

Warning: After reading this article, you might find yourself booking flights just for succulent slices of Island-style steak! If you start contemplating how much luggage space seasoning rubs require on return trips… well consider yourself forewarned.

Without further ado, join me as we journey through a gourmand’s paradise by delving into these top-ranking Waikiki Steakhouses. Let’s get back-on-track with those juicy tips already!

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Waikiki – The Best Steakhouse in Waikiki

Are you a steak lover seeking the finest experience on your trip to Hawaii? Look no further than Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Waikiki. With mouthwatering food, friendly prices, and a relaxed ambiance, it promises an unforgettable dining adventure.

Having enjoyed meals at their New York branch, my boyfriend and I couldn’t resist visiting Wolfgang’s here in paradise. Believe me when I say their steaks outshine any others we’ve tasted! Their sides pull apart with precision and burst flavors that delight your taste buds. Each portion size generously caters to two people.

So what makes Wolfgang’s exceptional — let’s dive into the specifics:

  • Numerous Parking Options: Ranging from garage parking to private lots, or even validated parking which is free for the initial 3 hours.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Courteous servers attend quickly and graciously to guests’ needs ensuring top-notch satisfaction.
  • Health & Safety Measures: Prioritizing cleanliness ensured sanitized tables, chairs & menus before greeting new customers while hand-sanitizer machines stood readily available at each table.
  • Al-fresco Dining Experience: Enjoy twilight dining amidst stunning little waterfalls cushioned by verdant grass and rocks whilst safely shielded from direct sunshine
  • Private Dining Option: Craving intimate dining environments in crowded places? Reserve yourself a table within one of their secluded rooms paving way for disturbance-free moments.
  • Food & Drink Variety: Steaks are undeniably delightful especially – porterhouse and ribeye steaks remain crowd favorites! Do not stop there; explore lamb specialities among other curated dishes ranging around $15 – $150. Compliment your meal with something refreshing drinks from their bar.

To enhance your experience further note this helpful information:

Reservations come strongly advised despite walk-in opportunity as spots fill fast owing due its popularity

Remember carrying identification cards as they maintain stringent security checks enhancing guest safety.

Visit Tuesday through Sunday between 11am till midnight or enjoy early hours on Monday starting at 7am onwards until ten at night!

Their address remains conveniently located at — 2301 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States

Tanaka of Tokyo Central – Embarking on a Japanese Steak Journey

If your taste buds are eager for tantalizing Japanese-style steak accompanied by a divine spread of seafood, let me introduce you to Tanaka of Tokyo Central in the heart of Waikiki Shopping Plaza.

When the local hummingbirds recommended this place and my boyfriend and I found ourselves with a nudge for Japanese cuisine, we without hesitation arranged our dinner date. Let’s just say, the ambiance was as tasteful as our dish – not noisy nor were we left starving awaiting our mains. We took pleasure in every bite while sharing intimate laughter through melodies floating around us.

Here is why Tanaka should be next on your culinary adventure:

  • Free Parking: Never worry again about finding parking during peak hours thanks to their complimentary garage.
  • Child-Friendly: Perfectly suitable for large groups or families with youngsters; offering an exclusive kids menu alongside entertainment facilities ensuring both adults and children revel in their experiences
  • Tranquil Setting: This restaurant offers its diners peace allowing uninterrupted conversations over gastronomic delights.
  • Varied Menu: Greeted by appetizers that include shrimp tempura, avant-garde fried rice selection progressing onto main course options — salads followed by succulent steaks varying from salmon to chicken finally concluding meals with delectable dessert options
  • Comprehensive Bar Selection: Explore classic cocktails or settle into sipping wine paired perfectly along numerous non-alcoholic beverages which equally tingle your senses
  • Teppanyaki Cooking: Watch chefs flip skills live showcasing artistry behind each preparation right before your eyes easing any skepticism regarding hygiene maintained when producing plates of goodness!
  • Complimentary Photographs Souvenir: It’s not often you walk away with cherished memories captured in frames gifted compliments at establishments free-of-cost! Further copies available upon request.
  • Inclusive Facilities & Amenities: Gender-neutral restrooms cleaned rigorously after use respecting guests’ privacy besides offering wheelchair accessibility including adjustable seats

Good-to-Know Nuggets Before Visiting:

Priority Service via Reservations – Surrender being phased amidst crowding opting reservations instead thus scoring undivided attention!
Price Ranges — Catering adult meals average between $30-$50 meanwhile children laughed all throughout their meal priced modestly within $18-$24 range!

Before signing off to daydream about these delicacies, note they open every day between 5pm till 9pm located conveniently at —150 Kaʻiulani Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 , United States

Aloha Steakhouse – A Classic Coastal Delight in Hawaii

Seeking a classic steakhouse where you can enjoy lip-smacking meals by the sea, under open skies? Aloha Steakhouse beckons you!

Joining our friends there for dinner was one of my boyfriend and I’s memorable dining experiences in Hawaii. We were head over heels not just for their exceptionally delicious steaks, but also the mesmerizing views we soaked in while eating.

Here are some highlights about Aloha that left an indelible impression on us:

  • Parking Facilities: Free validated parking or ticketed private options readily available with additional bike parking spaces offered courtesy of the restaurant.
  • Al Fresco Dining: The charming outdoor seating area allows you to savor your meal against panoramic ocean views amidst lush green surroundings.
  • Food & Beverage Choices: Delectable variety of steak options including chicken, ribeye, beef and salmon topped off with an array of sauces varying from fiery to sweet catered to all taste buds is available here. For drink lovers, options range from alcoholic pina colada & non-alcoholic virgin mojito apart from popular juice variants await you!
  • Internet Facility: Enjoy high-speed wifi at no extra cost adding convenience during your meal time.
  • Ample Restroom Facility : several well-sanitized gender-neutral washrooms provided giving thought to patrons’ comfort.
    Happy Hour Perks: Dine affordably between 3pm till 6pm daily without compromising food quality nor quantity!

Please be aware:

The estimated budget is somewhere around $5-$60 per person making it reasonable given its location.

Open every day between 5PM to 9:30 PM ensuring late-night cravings are satiated!

Located conveniently at —364 Seaside Ave 1st Floor, Honolulu, HI 96815 , United States

Steak Shack – Quick, Delicious and Pocket-friendly

In the mood for a no-fuss steak meal after a day spent beach-bumming? Steak Shack is your sanctuary! My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this hidden gem on our way back from the beach. A prompt decision to give it a go left us relishing every bite in their rooftop terrace seating area. The affordable price-tag for such mouthwatering options was just the cherry on top!

Here’s what enchanted us about Steak Shack:

  • Welcoming Walk-ins: Just walk right in without worrying about reservations – they’re always ready and eager to serve.
  • Varied Menu: With something for both kids and adults alike, expect deliciously juicy beef or chicken steaks paired with rice or even succulent burgers packed with tender meats that kids will enjoy.
  • Refreshing Drinks: While they do not offer alcoholic beverages; you can select from various refreshing shakes or summer drinks. Each priced affordably between $10-$15.
  • Open-Air Seating: Order at the counter then relax under open skies as you wait for meals prepared freshly making waiting enjoyable!
  • Dog-friendly Atmosphere: Dine worry-free bringing along your canine friends! They love welcoming dogs just as much as humans here!
  • Eco-conscious Packaging: Making small yet significant strides toward conserving nature by using non-plastic packaging truly won them over extra points in our books!
  • Affordable Pricing: Enjoy plates filled goodness staying within budget averaging between $10-40 per dish.

Please note they lack a formal parking facility however street-side ones are available nearby which tend quick fill-up given its popularity among locals therefore opting public transport when possible advised

Drop by anytime between 10:30 AM till 7:30 PM through Monday-Sunday located conveniently at —2161 Kālia Rd, Honolulu,
HI 96815, United States


Despite steakhouses being rare in Waikiki, the places listed above have the best meat with tenderness going in hand and are also recommended by other famous tourists. So, during your trip to Waikiki, treat your taste buds to the juiciest, perfectly cooked, and seasoned steak by visiting these classy and elegant steakhouses.

So why keep the wait, meat lovers? Head over to Waikiki and enjoy your vacation!


Where can you get the best spicy steaks in Waikiki?

Spicy and tender steaks can be found in any restaurant in Waikiki; some of the best restaurants where you will find the spiciest steaks are:

  • Aloha Steakhouse
  • Roys Waikiki
  • Stripsteak Waikiki

Are steakhouses expensive?

No, steakhouses are not expensive, especially if you are in Waikiki. Although it all depends on the steak you choose, the estimated price range for all types of steaks in Waikiki are about $12 to $75, making it very affordable for tourists, and some restaurants also have special happy hour prices.

Are steakhouses open till late at night?

Yes, many steakhouses open till late at night in Waikiki, and some even till the early sunrise, so you can easily enjoy a late-night steak treat without worrying about any time limit. 

Do I need to make a reservation before going to steakhouses?

It is better to make a reservation as you will be served much better without the hassle of wait time, but you can also use the walk-in facility and dine without any reservations.

What can one expect from a steak dinner at Aloha Steak House in Honolulu?

As part of a steak dinner at Aloha Steak House in Honolulu, you can anticipate relishing an array of succulent meats such as tomahawk steaks and rib eye steaks. The robust flavors are complemented exquisitely with servings of fresh vegetables that accompany these epicurean delights. Offering great service within a relaxed atmosphere nestled deep within the heartland marketplaces like International Market Place and Duke’s Lane Market – an evening spent here would definitely leave you with memorable experiences.

How does signature prime steak compare to other dishes at Hy’s Steak House?

The Signature Prime Steak offered at renowned establishments such as Hy’s Steakhouse vigorously upholds its worth alongside classic favorites such as filet mignon or even seafood towers including delicacies like crab cakes! Quality ingredients meticulously crafted by proficient kitchen staff that include personalities like Michael Mina ensures every single menu item promises delectable gastronomic adventures leaving patrons wanting for more!

If I’m looking for a new dining experience involving seafood in Honolulu, where should I consider beyond traditional Steakhouses restaurants?

For those seeking novel dining encounters beyond conventional Steakhouses restaurants focused around surf rather than turf – YaYa’s Chophouse situated conveniently on Ave Honolulu HI 96815 provides discerning gourmands delightful amalgamations of land & sea extending their operational hours late into night occasioning special eventful moments against city lights.

What is it about Stripsteak Waikiki that makes them famous besides being known for their great steak?

Stripsteak Waikiki ascends above merely producing great steaks; they curate exceptional meal-times reflected through thoughtful transformations raw edibles undergo becoming edible artworks under vigilant eyes helmed by Chef Michael Mina himself! Offering curated menus presenting diverse options spanning across savory prime ribs overlooking rich creamed spinach till refreshing food items precisely engineered considering dietary preferences paired perfectly amongst extensive drink choices; this stands out particularly location-based near popular Hyatt Centric Hotel making it ideal hang-out post-a busy day exploring. Whether planning surprise Father’s Day meals or simply desiring to unwind over friendly banter during extended dinner service hours; rest assured your time invested sure returns memories cherished lifelong!

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