Best Steakhouses in Maui: Unleash Your Inner Carnivore!

Welcome to the carnivorous club of steak enthusiasts!

I’ve taken up a delightful expedition over the past few weeks, exploring all that Maui’s restaurant scene has to offer. I’ve been hopping between steakhouses as though they were islands of delight in themselves – considering their uniqueness and individual charm. I’ve spent countless hours savoring some drool-worthy steaks, sipping on exquisite wines, and soaking in breath-taking ambiance — yes, dear reader; you might say my life’s tough.

Here’s the tasty bit: In-between steak bites and wine sips with my boyfriend (who happens to be an equally dedicated foodie), I’ve meticulously listed down everything from indoor decor details to complex flavor profiles.

I must confess:

My boyfriend and yours truly love a good steakhouse. We have this tradition—steak dates! They say couples who eat together stay together; we just incline more towards eateries serving juicy T-bones or rib eye marinated in exotic spices!

Over time and many pleasant dining experiences later (with date nights turning into semi-connoisseur cataloging events), we now possess ample expertise about Maui’s culinary kingdom of Wagyu delights—the best out there, according to us!

Warning: Reading this article might induce sudden cravings for a succulent prime cut complimented by a fine glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Let’s embark on our journey through dreamy dining spots where vegetarianism takes a break—all lined up based on their ambiance, value-for-money quotient & of course—a symphony of flavours!

Son’z Steakhouse – The Best Steakhouse in Lahaina, Maui

Son'z Steakhouse - The Best Steakhouse in Lahaina, Maui

Are you on the hunt for a lavish dining spot for an unforgettable evening with your special someone? Son’z Steakhouse serves as the ideal romantic haven, offering superior culinary delights and beverages to pair. Plus, the striking view is sure to heighten your sensory experience!

One of our standout moments was when my boyfriend orchestrated a surprise dinner date at Son’s steakhouse. The tranquility enveloping us made it remarkably intimate. No disturbances or untoward noise hampered our conversation—all while enjoying succulent steak that simply melted in our mouths! Their garlic sauce boosted every bite’s flavor profile, leaving us yearning for more despite feeling wonderfully full.

Here are key highlights about Son’z Steakhouse:

  • Complimentary parking: they validate parking free of charge and provide dedicated bike space!
  • Spectacular seating arrangement: enjoy unrivaled scenic views both inside and outside—in addition to a laid-back atmosphere created by cool breezes.
  • Exquisite menu choices: their diverse selection ranges from appetizers such as dumplings and soup, extending up-to delectable cuts of meat including lobster, shrimp, chicken and beef steak adorned with their specialty sauces.
  • Free Wi-Fi access ensures high-speed connectivity throughout your stay.
  • Wheelchair Accessible entryways ensure seamless mobility.
  • Clean gender-neutral washrooms promote absolute convenience.

Bear these insights in mind before heading down:

Bookings are highly recommended given its popularity—unless you prefer waiting longer than desired during peak timings!
Costs hover between an estimated $9-$130 range—with steaks extravagantly priced from $40-$120 due to superlative quality.

OPERATING HOURS: 5 PM – 9 PM (Open daily)
ADDRESS: 200 Nohea Kai Dr., Lahaina, HI 96761

Blazin Steaks Maui – A Casual Respite Amid Bustle

Blazin Steaks Maui - A Casual Respite Amid Bustle

Seeking a laid-back eatery after an exciting day of shopping and sightseeing? Located in the heart of Wailuku Town Center, Blazin Steaks is your go-to place. Offering affordability without compromising on taste, it’s a haven for families and couples like us.

Our visit to this steakhouse came spontaneously during our town center tour. Although our appetites weren’t rumbling initially, we found ourselves unable to resist the tantalizing aromas wafting from within. So we indulged – devouring two bowls of rice complemented by medium-cooked beef steak – incredibly tender and juicy that left us raving!

Here are some aspects about Blazin Steaks that make it exceptional:

  • Abundant parking: With ample space in front of the Wailuku Town Center as well as designated bike parking areas nearby.
  • Liberty for walk-ins: No need for pre-bookings! You’ll be served promptly.
  • Stellar customer service: The female boss and her team execute their duties with courtesy while keeping guests’ comfort paramount.
  • Kid-friendly venue: Families will find peace knowing that all meals are home-cooked using fresh meat and veggies—physically satisfying yet healthy!
  • Food Menu: Boasts deliciously affordable steaks accompanied by rice & vegetables plus seafood sides—an absolute must-have being their Korean BBQ chicken!
  • Assortment of Drinks: Plenty to choose from including soft drinks, energy beverages, even flavored tea!

Keep these into consideration prior visiting here

-Alcohol Rules: This locale doesn’t serve nor allow carrying in any type of alcohol.
-Affordable Price Range: The rates lies anywhere between $2-$30 marks making dining immensely pocket-friendly!

Timings: 9.30 AM – 8 PM (open every day)
Address location :790 Eha St., Wailuku, HI 96793

Outback Steakhouse – The Best Steakhouse in Kihei, Maui

Outback Steakhouse - The Best Steakhouse in Kihei, Maui

Yearning for a steakhouse where you can relish mouthwatering dishes without burning a hole in your pocket? Look no further than Outback Steakhouse! Nestled within an arm’s reach of Kai Town Center, this steakhouse offers not only sumptuous food but also heaps of amenities.

Our visit there was more than just dining. Joining us were our pals, transforming the evening into an unforgettable experience. Our munch fest kicked off with soup and chicken followed by fries and the pièce de résistance—steak garnished alongside appetite-enhancing sides. Even with satiated appetites, we couldn’t resist trying their special dessert cake hot from the oven—it felt like heaven on earth!

Here are some prime attractions at Outback Steakhouse:

  • Convenient parking: A private area ensures plenty of space even during rush hours; additional bike parking is available.
  • Tranquil environment: Find your own secluded spot amidst the crowds to enjoy an undisturbed meal.
  • Outdoor seating options: Dine under shaded seats while soaking in views of the vast ocean expanse.
  • Diverse menu range cooking up culinary magic including flavorful pork steaks, beef cuts to ribeye steaks—not forgetting french onion soup and irresistible coconut shrimp!
  • Vivacious bar deals non-stop excitement serving water, sodas plus a wide selection of alcohol/cocktails/juices too!
  • High-speed internet connectivity until closure.
  • Live entertainment featuring numerous televisions screening sports events or news channels.

To make sure your visit goes smoothly remember:

-Prior reservation is advised due to its popularity ensuring you evade long waiting lines!
-‘Happy Hours’ begin 4 PM onwards & lasts till 6 PM daily so plan accordingly!
-Affordable pricing policy commands food & drink rates between $11-$20/bumming out budget woes!

11 AM – 9 PM (Saturday – Thursday)
11 AM -10PM (Friday)
ADDRESS LOCATION :281 Pi’ikea Ave., Kihei, HI 96753

DUO Steak and Seafood – The Best Steakhouse in Wailea, Maui

DUO Steak and Seafood - The Best Steakhouse in Wailea, Maui

Keen to explore a casual yet uber-stylish dining experience? At Four Season’s DUO Steak & Seafood restaurant, expect more than just culinary excellence. Their tempting seafood and steak offerings await your palate!

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this hidden gem during our stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. Encouraged by effusive praises from the staff, we decided to give it a shot—only for their offerings to surpass our expectations! With an array of soups and delectable dishes driving value-for-money spends, you’re in for a memorable treat.

Here are some primary reasons why DUO has carved its niche:

  • Parking facilities: Both valet parking as well as specified guest parking spots available.
  • Stellar customer service: A professional team of dedicated servers prioritizes impeccable guest care.
  • Diverse menu selections: Tantalizing breakfast, lunch, dinner options rule the roost here with favorites including grilled octopus, American wagyu steak or natural rib eye!
  • Customized Children’s Menu: Tailored specially considering young food preferences featuring hot dogs, nuggets along with macaroni; even includes exclusive smoothie concoctions for them!
  • The packed-bar facility offers beer/alcoholic drinks plus refreshing juices/sodas ensuring something for everyone!
  • Free WLAN access enhances stay-in comforts while being technologically connected too.
  • Wheelchair accessible premises assure free mobility within its space.

Please note prior reservation is imperative (walk-ins are not entertained). You’ll manage securing seats easily due to reduced crowd congestion.

Operating Timings:
6 AM – 11 AM / 5.30 PM -9 PM daily
Location Details:
3900 Wailea Alanui Dr., Kihei HI 96753

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Satisfy your meat cravings during your vacation to Maui by visiting their posh and fancy topless steakhouses, highly recommended by locals and visitors. Your taste buds will definitely relish their all-time famous tender, smoky, salty steak with caramelized steak on the exterior, claiming it to be your “ideal” steak. So, don’t wait any longer and go enjoy a delicious feast!

Top Maui Steakhouses

SteakhouseDescriptionKey HighlightsNoteOperating HoursAddress
Son’z SteakhouseBest Steakhouse in Lahaina, Maui. Ideal for romantic evenings.– Complimentary parking with bike space
– Spectacular seating
– Exquisite menu choices
– Free Wi-Fi
– Wheelchair accessible
– Clean gender-neutral washrooms
Bookings recommended. Costs: $9-$130 (Steaks: $40-$120).5 PM – 9 PM (Daily)200 Nohea Kai Dr., Lahaina, HI 96761
Blazin Steaks MauiCasual spot in Wailuku Town Center. Ideal for families.– Ample parking
– No need for pre-bookings
– Stellar customer service
– Kid-friendly venue
– Affordable food menu and drink options
No alcohol. Price: $2-$30.9.30 AM – 8 PM (Daily)790 Eha St., Wailuku, HI 96793
Outback SteakhouseBest Steakhouse in Kihei, Maui. Offers great amenities.– Convenient parking
– Tranquil environment
– Outdoor seating
– Diverse menu range
– Bar with a wide drink selection
– High-speed internet
– Live entertainment
Reservations advised. ‘Happy Hours’ from 4-6 PM. Price: $11-$20.11 AM – 9 PM (Sat-Thu)11 AM -10 PM (Fri)281 Pi’ikea Ave., Kihei, HI 96753
DUO Steak and SeafoodBest Steakhouse in Wailea, Maui at Four Season’s.Prior reservation is required.Prior reservation required.6 AM – 11 AM / 5.30 PM -9 PM (Daily)3900 Wailea Alanui Dr., Kihei HI 96753


Is there any specific dress code when going to steakhouses in Maui?

There isn’t a specific dress code you should follow when going to steakhouses in Maui, but it is better if you wear full casual attire. You should avoid wearing bath suits, shorts, and party wear depending on the type of steakhouse you are entering.

Are steakhouses open till late at night in Maui?

Yes, there are many steakhouses in Maui that remain open till late at night some of them are:

  • Fleetwood on Front Sd.
  • Outback
  • Ruth Chris Steakhouse

Are steakhouses in Maui expensive?

No, steaks are not expensive, especially in the Maui steakhouses. Maui is one of the many Hawaiian islands where everything is budget-friendly. The Maui steakhouse’s expenses range from $5 to $70 depending on which steakhouse you select. The best part is the happy hour timings which are available in most of the steakhouses where the prices are less than the original ones.

Do I have to make reservations before going to steakhouses in Maui?

Many steakhouses do not accept entry other than reservations, but some do accept walk-ins. You should try to make reservations regardless of the walk-in options, especially if you want the best customer service.

What can food lovers expect at a Makawao steak house in Maui?

In the heart of Maui, a Makawao steak house offers an unforgettable dining experience for all food lovers. You’ll savor their delicious steaks seasoned with olive oil and locally sourced freshest ingredients as well as the famous Korean fried chicken that’s beautifully crusted and flavorsome. No doubt it’s among the top restaurants on this beautiful island.

Is there live music entertainment available at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Maui?

Absolutely! Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Maui provides not just great food like shrimp scampi but also features live music to provide its guests with a completely exceptional dining experience, embodying the Aloha spirit to talk story about over dinner. It’s no wonder it is often referred amongst the best restaurants on this idyllic island, offering great service too!

What differentiates Lahaina Grill from other Maui Restaurants?

The legendary Lahaina Grill is one of those uniquely distinctive eateries or more deservingly titled ‘best restaurant’ set apart by its executive chef who could compete against any Iron Chef! With offerings like mouthwatering steamed clams flavored with olive oil and seasonings sourced fresh locally, it goes without saying why people rave about their Italian cuisine aided significantly by an extensive wine list spanning several vintages.

Can you relish Italian Cuisine at Four Seasons Resort Maui?

Four Seasons Resort Maui fully embraces various world cuisines including exquisite symphonies of Italian dishes conjured brilliantly under an executive chef keenly versed appreciating global cooking arts. Visit any one of its two locations especially during dinner-time marred subtly hinting toward brilliance manifested across generously portioned seafood preparations i.e., king prawns tossed into white wine-garlic infused sauce paired wonderfully alongside hearty salad bar.

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