Best Steakhouse in Honolulu: Savor Juicy Steaks Now!

Welcome to the steak paradise, Honolulu!

I hear your tummy rumbling for a hearty steak meal. With an overload of information online and endless choices on a turf as expansive as Honolulu, it’s nowhere near easy to handpick the most lip-smacking steakhouses. But with me by your side you don’t need to worry anymore!

You see, over time my boyfriend and I have become quite “steak-wise” owing to our frequent Hawaiian vacations. Savoring different varieties of steak in diverse ambiances became somewhat of an enriching ritual until we were able subtract the chaff from the grain. Now having gorged on just about every carnivorous delight this land has served us, we’re all set to share our exhaustive list of recommendations with you.

In this steering guide lies a collection carefully curated after being lovingly imagined over sizzling grills – The best 4 Steakhouses in Honolulu in unrivaled glory! Expect not just names but also scrupulous details on amenities, menus, drink options and timings – everything about these gems is detailed enough for you to taste them virtually!

Ah yes! Before that though allow me to drop a tiny “warning”. Post stuffing yourself with all those delicious steaks at top-notch joint’s thanks to yours truly (you’re welcome!), wearing your favorite skinny jeans might be off-limits for a while.

Now let’s help you find that tenderloin calling out your name… chop chop!

Stripsteak Waikiki – The Best Steakhouse in Honolulu

Are those steak cravings knocking at your taste buds? Look no further than Stripsteak Waikiki; a chic dining gem that promises to satiate your hunger with delectable meals and tempting cocktails!

During our day exploring the International Market, my boyfriend and I resolved to dine at Stripsteak. As fatigue set in after hours of sightseeing, our energy was instantly revived upon entering this stylish steakhouse. The ambiance alone had us smitten! We indulged in scrumptious tacos, sushi, and a juicy pork steak; every bite giving an explosion of flavors that almost made me speak aloud in delighted surprise! After dining here once, these diverse delicacies will keep you coming back for more.

What impressed us most about Stripsteak Waikiki:

  • Convenient onsite Parking: They offer garage parking and also have a separate lot where bicyclists can park.
  • Outdoor Seating: Enjoy meals under its glass roof-covered patio – it’s magical on breezy nights!
  • Diverse Menu: With numerous choices from their titular steaks to seafood dishes and tantalizing desserts.
  • Full Bar Service: An ample selection of beverages – alcoholic drinks, cocktails, beers as well as coffee and teas for non-alcoholics.
  • Complementary WiFi Access: Stay connected throughout with high-speed internet service provided free-of-cost till the end of your visit.
  • Soothing Music Setting: Makes the dining experience even better because who doesn’t love dining alongside some relaxing music?

Miscellaneous tips before heading there:

When Planning Your Visit:
Making reservations beforehand is ideal. If not possible, please note they do take walk-in customers but reserved seating gets priority attentiveness.

Happy Hours are best enjoyed between 4 PM to 6 PM from Tuesday until Saturday.

Meal costs range around approximately “$10 – $80.”

Store Timings are:
Tues-Thurs & Sun | 4PM to 9PM
Friday-Saturday | 4PM to 10PM

Find them at “2330 Kalākaua Ave #330”, right inside Honolulu’s heart!

To add one last touch as we were leaving; they took extra care making sure wheelchaired guests got comfortable too which sealed this establishment within our hearts completely!

Morton’s The Steakhouse – Exceptional Steaks in Honolulu

Craving the ultimate steak indulgence while vacationing in Hawaii? Morton’s The Steakhouse is your answer. Their seasoned history, honorable mention among top steakhouses and an array of awards make this culinary gem a fail-safe choice for steak connoisseurs.

My boyfriend and I frequently patronize Morton’s The Steakhouse for different occasions, particularly business meetings. We’ve enjoyed their impeccable service and mouth-wateringly delicious food time after time. Yes—prices are on the higher end but trust us—the steaks here are unparalleled in both flavor profile and premium quality!

Let me share some standout features that have made dining at Morton’s such an enchanting experience:

  • Parking: Street parking right outside offers convenience though it might be limited.
  • Stellar Customer Service: Expect nothing less than warm hospitality from their wonderful team who assist with helpful suggestions about food choices.
  • Delectable Food Options: While known predominantly for its steaks, especially luscious fillets and ribeye cuts, we recommend trying their onion soup too! They offer yummy seafood starters as well as enticing salads.
  • Drinks Galore: A sizable bar featuring cocktails,
    sodas, fresh juices to fine wines providing beverages to cater all moods!
  • Private Dining Opportunities: For those seeking serene meals without interruptions, private dining rooms provide solace.
  • Live Sports Broadcasts: Big screen TVs showcasing live sports add excitement to meal times for fans!

They ensure multiple conveniences like wheelchair accessibility reassuring everyone can enjoy what they offer with comfort.

As far as pricing goes, general estimate runs between “$5 – $35” while their prized steaks range from “$20-$30”.

Good-to-know info:

Reservations aren’t necessary although you could always reserve your table avoiding long waiting queues during peak hours.

Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thursday | 4 PM – 9 PM
Friday & Saturday | 4 PM – 10 PM

Morton’s is conveniently located at “1450 Ala Moana Blvd” nestled within Honolulu cityscape making it hard to skip!

Hy’s Steakhouse – Indulge in Opulence in Honolulu

Desire a taste of luxury for your steak cravings? Hy’s Steakhouse promises not just fast and efficient service but an immersive dining experience that might well feel heavenly!

I recall one memorable visit to this distinguished establishment with my boyfriend, marking our friend’s birthday celebration where Hy’s hospitality outshone. Delightful servers catered to us making every request seem like their pleasure. Their menu successfully wooed us all; starting from refreshing wedge salads, creamy pasta, succulent Hawaiian steaks right till the sweet finish with apple cake.

Reasons why we couldn’t get enough of Hy’s Steakhouse:

  • Parking: They provide free parking validation along with street parking options catering also to bike riders.
  • Kid-Friendly Atmosphere: Never overcrowded prevents unnecessary disturbances creating a peaceful environment beneficial specially when dining with children.
  • Superior Customer Service: We were immensely pleased as wait times never exceeded 20 minutes!
  • Eclectic Food Selections: Be ready for a tough time deciding what NOT to try – steaks galore completed by seafood varieties (think scrumptious lobsters or shrimps) and soul-comforting soups. Be sure not to miss their desserts especially if you’re into cheesecakes or are a die-hard chocolate fanatic!
  • Full Bar Facilities: Welcoming bar area lets you choose from enticing alcohol selections inclusive of wines & cocktails while providing non-alcoholic drinks too.

Couple other features include complimentary WiFi access offering good connection speeds and eco-conscious choices that limit plastic usage even for takeout meals.

The average cost per person does lie between “$60-$80″–a little steep but believe me once tasted it will make sense how worthwhile spending this would be!

A couple things worth noting:

Outdoor seating isn’t available at this location alongside absence of designated Happy Hour timings.

Operating hours daily stand at “5 PM – 9 PM”.

Finally find them conveniently located at “2440 Kūhiō Ave” within downtown Honolulu.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – The Best Sizzling Steaks

Who isn’t aware of the renowned Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse chain sprinkling its magic all across America! If your Hawaiian vacation records you present in Honolulu, skipping this eatery would be a culinary crime.

Finding out there was a Ruth’s branch ready to welcome us; my boyfriend and I quickly decided to treat ourselves with their top-rated steaks. The peaceful ambiance coupled with the burst of flavors from our meal selection—particularly the garlic-seasoned beef steak, secured this place forever within our favorite dining options!

Reasons why you too will fall for Ruth’s:

  • Convenient Parking: They validate parking free-of-cost while offering self-parking at $6/hour.
  • Serene Ambiance: Quiet interiors mean uninterrupted soulful conversations over delicious meals!
  • Alfresco Dining Option: Limited tables afford outdoor dining experiences under picturesque umbrella covers.
  • Culinary Diversity: Hot sizzling steaks are star performers obviously but accompanying acts we enjoyed were salads, assorted seafood starters or simple bread & butter combination and tantalizing desserts concluded meals perfectly.

Other enticing features included:

A well-stocked bar catering both alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages. Complimentary internet access making sure you’re never disconnected! A large screen TV broadcasting live sports events.

Onsite arrangements facilitate comfortable navigation for wheelchair users assuring everyone can enjoy what they offer effortlessly. Multiple clean unisex restrooms ensure visitor comfort throughout.

Keep a few points in mind when planning your visit here:

As expected from such a widely-acclaimed brand they see heavy footfall; it is best reserve table avoid disappointment or long waits.

Happy Hour:
Enjoy special pricing between 5 PM – 7 PM daily which makes tasteful delights lighter on pocket!

Pricing Range: Food choices hover around “$8-$60”.

Their timings stand scheduling as:
Mon-Thurs | 4PM -10 PM
Friday-Saturday | 4PM -10:30 PM
Sunday | 4PM –9 PM

Located ideally at “Waterfront Plaza,500 Ala Moana Blvd” meaning enjoying mouthwatering steaks becomes part exploring city itself!

The Signature Prime Steak & Seafood – Sky-High Dining in Honolulu

How about a fine dining experience with breath-taking views? Positioned atop the 36th floor of Ala Moana Tower, The Signature Prime Steak & Seafood lets you relish top-notch foods while soaking in panoramic cityscapes!

A special dinner date had us book a private room at this joint; an evening spent savoring appetizing dishes left us beaming. Those distinct crab cakes and succulent prime rib eyes completely stole our show – a must-try we say!

With one visit, here’s why yours should follow suit:

  • Parking: Opt between complimentary parking via valid ticket or valet services priced modestly at $6 only. Cyclists get their dedicated spots right outside the mall.
  • Visual Delights: Situated so high above undoubtedly provides mesmerizing vistas perfect for those candid clicks!
  • Versatile Menu Options: The standout items that won our hearts (and stomachs) include variety of steaks, soups plus seafood delicacies.

Other enticing features encompass:

An all-inclusive bar ready to quench any beverage desire you might have from cocktails to juices and more potent drinks too.

Serene background tunes played live by skilled musicians elevate each meal into an exceptional event.

Happy Hour deals run daily between “4:30 PM – 6:30 PM”.

Pricing sheet ranges around “$50-$80” per person which considering sky-high location amidst premium settings seems well justified!

And although they do accept reservations otherwise long waits aren’t reported often making it feasible even plan impromptu visits.

You’ll find them welcoming guests every day from “4:30 PM till 10:00 PM”.

This classy eatery conveniently stands within “410 Atkinson Dr Hotel” situated on its majestic 36th floor marking its unmistakable presence!


Being well known for its excellent meat, Honolulu has the best variety of steakhouses ranging from formal to casual, with a heavenly combination of their side dishes screaming perfection.

 Choosing your most preferred steakhouse in Honolulu from the list above, make sure to satisfy your appetite by having a juicy, tender, flavorful, and perfectly cooked steak. 

Hurry, meat lovers: treat yourself to the best-selling steak during your next visit to Honolulu!


How expensive are Honolulu steakhouses?

Honolulu steakhouses are not expensive at all. Famously known as the best budget-friendly place for tourists, Honolulu offers affordable prices when it comes to accommodation, food, and drinks. The steakhouse prices range from $10 to $80. Apart from these low rates, the menu of several steakhouses becomes even more affordable during happy hours.

What time is dinner in Hawaii?

Most restaurants open for dinner at 5:00 PM in Hawaii when it is time for sunset, as most people, specifically tourists, love dining while watching the beautiful sunset view.

Do you have to make reservations before going to restaurants in Hawaii?

It is better if you make reservations before going to restaurants as you will receive much better customer service than walk-in service. But if you haven’t made a reservation, you can still enter, as there isn’t a specific rule for only accepting reservations in most restaurants.

How much does meat cost in Honolulu?

Meat is not expensive in Honolulu and will only cost you around $3 – $12 if it’s raw meat. Cooked meat ready for eating is about $15- $30, depending on where you purchase it from.

Where can one find delicious steaks and prime corn-fed beef in Honolulu, HI?

In Honolulu, you can indulge in deliciously cooked steaks at various places but the most beloved ones include Morton’s The Steakhouse and Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Both of these establishments are renowned for not only their perfectly opulent steak dinners consisting of prime corn-fed beef but also cater to a wide spectrum of dining preferences with their diverse menu options.

How is the fresh seafood alongside the great steaks at Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort?

Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort offers an excellent selection of dinner entrees where you get to enjoy delicious freshly-caught local sushi along with grilled fish apart from their hearty steak selections. Their innovative combination of traditional steakhouse fares with sample terrific fresh seafood creates an exquisite culinary journey certainly worth exploring.

What experiences does Hy’s Steak House offer for those looking for traditional and unique steak dishes?

Hy’s Steak House is known for its omnibus offering encompassing hefty steaks including mega-sized tomahawk steaks, York steak or traditionally inspired choices like Omaha Prime Ribeye as well as more experimental takes such as Calamari Steaks and Grilled Fish. Additionally, vivacious chefs’ chops on display lend theatrical overtones transforming meals into engaging experiences amidst mellow ambiance guaranteeing utmost satisfaction to fans questing for that perfect carnivore delight

Can I find a blend between classics like Caesar Salad alongside staple offerings at celebrated Steakhouses within Honolulu?

Definitely! Many establishments including names synonymous with quality dining such as Outback Steakhouse provide patrons with fantastic meal combinations blending classic favorites such as Caesar Salad against great food comprising juicy burgers veal chops etc apart from varied meats whether it be Prime rib or perfectly-cooked filet mignon prime rib among others often paired up by creative choices involving Caribbean Lobster tail enticing gourmands toward delectable adventures.

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