5 Places to Experience The Best Stargazing in Maui

Hey there stargazers!

Are you looking for a travel destination that offers more than just sunny beaches and marine life? Look no further than Maui, where the night sky is as breathtaking as its daytime scenery. With guided tours taking you to the best spots for stargazing, Maui’s volcanoes and mountains in East Maui offer unmatched views of the Milky Way, constellations, and stars.

But here’s the thing:

As someone who loves stargazing with my boyfriend on our travels, I know how important it is to find the right location. That’s why I’ve done all the research for you and compiled a list of Maui’s best stargazing locations in this article. Plus, did you know that ancient Hawaiians used stargazing for wayfinding? It’s an important part of Hawaiian culture today.

So if you’re ready to fall in love with the Maui sky at night like we have, keep reading! But be warned: after experiencing these stunning views, going back home might feel like a letdown.

Get ready to fall in love with the Maui sky at night!

Haleakala Summit

The stargazing from Haleakala Summit is unmatched by anyplace else in the world. From an elevation of 10,000 ft., you can see the entire sky over Maui, map out constellations, and watch shooting stars, all as part of stargazing tours.

The Haleakala Sunset tour is the perfect way to experience a breathtaking sunset with views of the whole island, followed by a Maui Stargazing tour. This is also Maui’s only astrophotography tour, where you get a guided telescope tour from the largest portable telescope on Haleakala. 

In addition, you can see visible planets, deep-sky objects of the Milky Way, including nebulae, star clusters, and far-off galaxies through a 12-inch aperture Dobsonian telescope.

My boyfriend and I have taken this tour a few times, as the view from the elevation is stunning. We highly recommend this tour to everyone as it’s the best stargazing in Maui.

  • You need to get reservations in advance for the sunset and stargazing tours. 
  • The tours have around 150 people spread out over a wide area.
  • There’s a $30 entrance fee for entering Haleakala National Park, which lets you explore the area for three days.

Kalahaku Overlook

Stargazing from the Kalahaku Overlook is a close second to the Haleakala Summit, as the view from a 9,300 ft. elevation is equally beautiful. You’ll find this spot past the Leleiwi Overlook on Haleakala from the upper slopes of this volcano. The Milky Way stretches across the vast Maui sky and gives a stunning view of shooting stars as you’ve never seen them before.

In addition, the Kalahaku Overlook offers privacy in its stargazing areas, where you can enjoy a late-night picnic under the moonlight as it illuminates the crater floor.

However, you’re bound to get chilly at the elevation regardless of the weather in Maui. So, pack a sweater or a blanket to keep warm at the top, plus gloves that keep your fingers from freezing. 

Don’t miss out on stargazing from the Kalahaku Overlook, which undoubtedly offers the best stargazing in Maui. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • The Kalahaku Overlook is on the Road to Hana, so you can drive back easily without getting stranded in the dark.
  • As the Overlook is on the back of Haleakala, it’s not well-known and often secluded.
  • The elevation is above the clouds, so you’ll get clear night sky views whenever you visit.

Lipoa Point

The Lipoa Point on West Maui offers breathtaking views of the sunset from Moloka’i, followed by a sparkling show of stars that blankets the sky in a matter of hours. You’ll find this spot past the hustle and bustle of Lahaina’s streets, where the stars light up Honolua Bay and its surrounding wilderness. 

However, this volcanic overlook was once entirely covered by the pineapple fields of Hawaii, and it is still protected only with local conservation efforts. So appreciate this slice of heaven and drive to Lipoa Point for a lovely night under the stars. 

We once visited Lipoa Point on our hotel manager’s recommendation, and it’s become our favorite spot. You’ll thank me after seeing it since it’s the best stargazing spot in Maui.

  • Bring binoculars or a portable telescope to get the best views up close.
  • The spot is often secluded, so you can enjoy the scenery privately. 

Honomanu Bay

You’ll find Honomanu Bay on the Road to Hana; a gorgeous black sand beach tucked away from the tourist crowds. The Bay offers views of the surf and shore by day and a sky full of stars by night. 

We love stargazing at Honomanu Bay since it’s an easy drive to the shore, followed by a beautiful sunset and many stars slowly coming to light. In addition, as it’s close to the Ke’anae village, the only people on the shore with you will be locals or the occasional fisher. 

Although most people prefer the summits in Maui for closer views of the sky, Honomanu Bay offers incredible stargazing from its modest location. Here’s why it’s the best stargazing in Maui:

  • A few sea turtles come to the shore at night and watch the stars with you!
  • Beachgoers crowd the beach during the day, but you’ll have secluded shores all to yourself at night.

Star Lookout

Stargazing in Maui often focuses on East Maui for its impressive heights. However, those who don’t want to drive up volcanoes at night won’t miss out, as the Star Lookout in Central Maui has stunning night sky views at an elevation of 2,900 ft.

The Lookout is a cabin with a wraparound deck, where you’ll be met with cloudless views of the stars, owing to the lack of light pollution in rural Keokea. 

We always stop by the Star Lookout when visiting Central Maui, as it’s a perfect way to end a day of sun and sand with a cup of hot chocolate under the stars. 

  • There aren’t people around for miles, so you can enjoy some privacy in the cabin.
  • Unlike the mountains, there’s complete quiet at Star Lookout, which makes the night serene and calm. 
  • You can enjoy a picnic while stargazing in the cabin. 

Concluding the Best Stargazing in Maui

Maui’s sky is like a double-edged sword; sunny during the day and teeming with stars at night. You won’t find more beautiful stargazing anywhere else in Hawaii, as Maui’s lack of light pollution makes the sky clear and the Milky Way visible. 

If you’re in East Maui, don’t miss the Haleakala Summit and Kalahaku Overlook, which are stargazing hotspots.

Head to Honomanu Bay for a night under the stars on calm beach shores. 

Drive to Lipoa Point in West Maui and watch as the night sky lights up Honolua Bay.

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