The 11 Best Souvenirs From Oahu

Aloha, fellow Oahu enthusiasts!

I’ve got a little story to share with you. Not too long ago, my boyfriend and I embarked on an unforgettable vacation to the beautiful island of Oahu. And let me tell you – leaving was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. But hey, who says we can’t bring a piece of paradise back home with us, right?

You see, as someone who’s been bitten by the travel bug more times than I can count, I know that finding the perfect souvenir is key to keeping those precious memories alive. Nothing stings more than realizing your last-minute airport purchase is just another overpriced trinket.

So here’s what we did: together with my boyfriend (who also happens to be my partner in crime), we scoured farmers markets, local grocery stores, retailers, and even flea markets all over Honolulu and the North Shore in search of only the finest souvenirs from Oahu.

Consider me your personal tour guide as I take you through some tourist-favorite finds including delicious snacks, fruity jams, intricate Koa wood products, unique clothing items, and cozy quilts – all carefully handpicked based on availability, price points, and overall value.

Warning: Get ready for friends and family begging for their own Hawaiian vacation after seeing these amazing souvenirs!

Now let’s dive right into this treasure trove of Oahu goodness already!

Shortbread Cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company

The Honolulu Cookie Company is the largest producer of cookies in Hawaii, as their shortbread cookies are a favourite treat among locals and tourists visiting the islands. 

These buttery and sweet shortbread cookies are irresistible, and you’ll want to try all the different flavours after taking the first bite. Our favourite ones are the original, chocolate-coated, pineapple, and macadamia nut flavours. And since each flavour is packed with all-natural ingredients, they make for a great gift to take home for your loved ones. 

Although you can find tins and boxes of their cookies in ABC stores and Costco’s on every island, you can find their flagship store in Honolulu in Oahu. 

So make sure to buy enough to last your time away from Hawaii, as you’ll be running back as soon as these pineapple-shaped bites finish!

Dole Plantation’s Pineapple Goodies

The Dole Plantation is Oahu’s largest pineapple plantation, producing the island’s best quality golden pineapples. A tour of their gift shop reveals displays of pineapple-flavoured products, such as candies, and cookies, which make for great souvenirs and gifts. 

Our favourite is the pineapple candies, which are also their best-selling sweets, and are packed with the same tangy and sweet flavours as their fresh pineapples. 

We love getting pineapple-themed items from the Dole Plantation as well, such as plushies, stuffed pineapples and stationery. These products are available in the cutest designs from their gift shops and make a great present for kids. 

In addition, you can tour the Dole Plantation and receive complimentary airport-ready pineapples for taking home afterwards. The fresh pineapples will last well for shorter flights, and you can enjoy their taste for days after leaving Hawaiian soil. 

North Shore Goodies Snacks

Want some tasty munchies packed with the best flavours of Hawaii? Head to North Shore Goodies, a family-owned business with their flagship store in Haleiwa town, which makes the most delicious snacks. 

You can get Kona coffee flavoured peanut butter, jams and jellies made from tropical fruit like lilikoi (passion fruit) and pineapple, organic Hawaiian honey, local spices, teas and seasonings from their stores. 

If you can’t make it to the North shore, their products are easily available in all local grocery stores. You can buy them in bulk for great prices, as they make for the best gifts for friends and family. 

Macadamia Nuts from the Tropical Farms

You can’t come to Oahu and not try macadamia nuts, as Hawaii produces the world’s largest supply of mac-nuts from farms around the islands. These crunchy and rich treats come packaged in most grocery stores and are available in many delicious flavours. 

A local favourite is the chocolate-coated macadamia nuts, and some other great flavours are honey roasted, salted, Maui onion and garlic, and plain ones. 

You can grab a six-pack of your favourite mac-nuts made by the Mauna Loa company from any ABC store, as they’re a delicious and inexpensive gift. 

However, the Tropical Farms in Oahu also let you tour their grounds to see the production process and sample macadamia nuts straight from the trees. 

Aloha Shirts and Dresses from Hilo Hattie

If there’s one thing you need to bring back from Hawaii, it’s a sense of island fashion, and wearing Aloha attire is the best way to do it. The bright-colored Aloha shirts are a favourite clothing choice among tourists and locals alike in Hawaii, as wearing their breezy material is a great way to beat the tropical heat.

You can find great Aloha shirts, dresses, shorts and two-piece ensembles from any local store on the island, with chain stores like Hilo Hattie having a wide variety of colours, sizes and patterns to choose from. 

My boyfriend and I usually buy a few Aloha-themed clothing items each time we visit Oahu, as our friends and family back home love the quality and style. 

Tropical Fruit Jams

Hawaiian fruit is some of the juiciest and most delicious you’ll ever try, but since it’s not possible to take the fresh fruit back home, you can get tropical jams instead. 

Hawaiian jams and jellies pack the flavours of local fruit like lilikoi (passion fruit), mango, lychee and pineapple perfectly, and they make a great gift for loved ones as you can share the flavours of Hawaii with them.

You can buy these jams prepared by locals from farmers markets and flea markets like at the Aloha Swap and Meet in downtown Honolulu. 

However, local supermarkets also sell great jams from companies like North Shore Goodies, Aunty Lilikoi and Hawaiian Sun, which are our favourite souvenirs from Oahu. 

Coconut and Macadamia Nut Oils

Hawaiian coconut oil is the purest in the world, as it’s made from natural processes and has many health benefits. So you can buy this pure oil by the bottle and use it for your skin, hair, and in cooking for the best results. 

The coconut oil made in Hawaii has an incredible smell, and one whiff is bound to get you addicted to its scent. I also get coconut-infused products like moisturizers and body lotions every time I’m in Oahu, as they make great gifts. 

Another new oil that’s hit the shelves of local stores is macadamia nut oil, extracted from nuts grown on the island and carrying great benefits. You can use it for pretty much the same things as coconut oil, and the light-coloured oil is a terrific souvenir to remind you of Hawaii.

The best place to get them is from Long’s Drug Store in Oahu, which is where the locals shop, and you can buy both oils for low prices and good quality. 

Kona Coffee

A Hawaiian staple that you have to take back home is Kona coffee, which is produced locally from coffee farms on the Big Island in Hawaii and is some of the richest you’ll ever try. 

The coffee comes prepackaged in bags of different flavoured blends, which are available in every grocery store and supermarket in Oahu. 

Kona coffee is cherished worldwide for its rich flavour and is an expensive variety, so you’ll have to spend a few extra bucks to get it, but the flavour is well-worth it. 

We always buy a bag or two from local stores in Oahu and make them in small batches back home, which lasts us a long while. 

Pro tip: If you want to try coffee grown locally in Oahu, buy bags of the Waialua Estate coffee beans, which are available at the Dole Plantation, and taste incredibly rich.

Hawaiian Quilts

If you’re looking for a durable and high-quality souvenir to take back home from Oahu, invest in Hawaiian quilts. These are usually handmade by local artisans who use the finest materials, so the quilts get passed down through generations. 

The most common quilted product you can find are blankets which have pineapple, hibiscus and plumeria flower designs on them. And although Hawaiian quilts are expensive, you’ll be getting a valuable piece of artistry which will last you forever. 

We usually buy smaller quilted products as they cost less and make for great home decor items, like table runners, pillowcases, wall hangings, and rugs.

Your best choice for getting Hawaiian quilts at lower prices is from flea markets like the Aloha Swap and Meet in downtown Honolulu. However, the finest ones are available brand new from Manoa Quilts in Waikiki and Hawaiian Quilt Wholesale in Honolulu. 

Koa Wood Products

You can find an excellent quality of wood in Hawaii known as Koa wood, which only grows in this part of the world. Koa wood is used to make a variety of products like furniture, carvings, frames and utensils, which are of durable quality and great value. 

The most common Koa wood products are bowls crafted by local artisans and displaying a beautiful pattern from the wood’s natural texture. 

We’ve bought many Koa wood products over the years for friends and family, and their quality and usage make them the best souvenirs from Oahu. 

You can get original Koa wood items in Oahu from the North Shore Koa Designs and even have some products customized according to your liking.  


There’s no music like Hawaiian music, and you can recreate its melodious tunes even after leaving Oahu from ukuleles. The small-sized instrument is easily available from any ABC store in Oahu, but the common kind is usually more for decoration than playing. 

Ukuleles are a great souvenir to bring from Oahu as they make a unique gift, and you can use them for some tropical decor to liven up any living space. 

However, you can also buy high-quality ukuleles from music stores such as Lanikai Ukulele, which are manufactured locally and are of great quality. 

Pro Tip: You can take ukulele lessons from your hotels in Oahu, which are taught by locals and will have you playing the instrument by the end of the trip. 


What is the most popular souvenir in Hawaii?

Hawaiian souvenirs are loved worldwide, and some popular products include Aloha shirts, leis, the hula girl, and even fresh pineapples. These souvenirs are available from any ABC store on the islands and also at the airport, so you can even buy them last minute. 

What are things you can only get in Hawaii?

Hawaii has some of the rarest and most unique products, which you can find nowhere else in the world, such as handmade quilts, Koa wood items, organic Hawaiian honey, and tropical fruit jams and jellies. Most of these items are manufactured locally in Hawaii, and you can buy them from supermarkets on any island. 

What souvenir is Oahu best known for?

Oahu is best known for its golden pineapples grown at the Dole Plantation, coffee from the Waialua Estate, snacks from North Shore Goodies, and Hawaiian clothing made by local brands. So make sure to buy these items on your trip to Oahu, as they’re easily available anywhere on the island. 

What can you bring back from Hawaii?

You can bring any souvenir back from Hawaii aside from perishables like fresh fruit. Just be careful that you pack delicate items properly, like fresh flower leis, or buy them prepackaged and airport-ready from stores before your departure.

Winding Up The Best Souvenirs from Oahu

Oahu produces some of the highest quality products in the world, such as clothing items, fruits, macadamia nuts, coffee, quilts and spirits. You can easily find these from local stores like Costco, Target and ABC stores in Oahu, which serve as terrific souvenirs to bring home as keepsakes and gifts to your loved ones. 

Since my boyfriend and I have been coming to Oahu for many years, we know the best places to get souvenirs in Oahu at low prices and in good quality, which I’ve detailed in this article.

Looking for the best low-priced souvenirs from Oahu? Buy tropical jams, macadamia nuts, coconut oil, and Aloha-themed clothes. 

Need the best food souvenirs from Oahu? Get macadamia nuts, Kona coffee, snacks from the North Shore Goodies and cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company. 

Want long-lasting souvenirs from Oahu? Invest in Hawaiian quilts, Koa wood products and ukuleles.

So don’t miss out on the best souvenirs from Oahu!

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