The 17 Best Souvenirs From Hawaii

Aloha, fellow Hawaii enthusiasts! You know, there’s just something magical about the Hawaiian Islands that captures your heart and makes you never want to leave. But alas, all good things must come to an end, and eventually, we must say “a hui hou” (until we meet again) to paradise. That’s where souvenirs step in – bringing a slice of Hawaii back home with us.

You see, my boyfriend and I have been bitten by the island bug time and time again. And like any savvy travelers, we’ve become experts at sniffing out the best Hawaiian souvenirs that remind us of our unforgettable experiences while staying affordable and easy to transport.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you our top 17 picks for Hawaiian souvenirs based on quality, value for money, durability, and overall charm. So whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned island-hopper like us, these treasures will keep those precious memories alive long after the sun has set on your vacation.

Warning: After reading this guide to Hawaiian souvenirs, your suitcase might start begging for extra room – but hey, who can blame it? It’s all in the name of aloha!

So let’s dive right into this tropical treasure trove together – are you ready for some serious souvenir shopping inspiration?

Edible Souvenirs 

There’s no better way to remember Hawaii than from the authentic flavors of its cuisine, which alone give enough reason to bring you back to the islands.

So you can always bring a piece of Hawaii back home with you in the form of fresh fruit, locally-made snacks, organic nuts, and Hawaiian spices. 

Below I’ve mentioned some of the best Hawaiian food souvenirs you can easily take back home with you, such as pineapples, macadamia nuts, Hawaiian honey and spices, and the best places to buy them from around the islands.

Hawaiian Pineapples 

If there’s one thing you need to bring back from Hawaii, it’s the pineapples, grown locally and exported all over the world for their incredibly sweet and tangy flavors. 

We buy fresh pineapples in Hawaii from farmers markets on every island since they make for a great snack, and you can taste the unique flavors each plantation has in its pineapples. 

As for taking pineapples back home, you can easily get a box of pre-packed pineapples from the airport (which will be pricey) or get them from Costco on any island for much cheaper and pack them in your suitcase for shorter flights. 

Tip: If you tour the Dole Plantation in Oahu, they give a complimentary fresh pineapple airport-ready for your flight. 

Hawaiian Honey 

Keeping up with the Hawaiian way of all-natural products, you can find the best honey here, which is considered the finest in the world. Although you can get organic Hawaiian honey from any island, the Big Island produces the most delicious honey in the world from its Kiawe trees. 

The Rare Hawaiian Honey Company produces this rare honey naturally from bees in their Kiawe forests, and the taste is truly unmatched. 

Plus, you won’t have to worry about this honey spilling into your suitcases and getting everything sticky, as it crystallizes naturally and stays in storage for a few months. 

Spread it on warm toast or a fresh biscuit, or taste some on its own, and you’ll want to keep the whole jar for yourself!

Fruit Jams and Jellies

Since fresh fruit is sure to spoil on the journey home, preserve the taste of Hawaii’s sweet produce through jams and jellies, which maintain the fruit flavors perfectly. 

Some incredible jam flavors in Hawaii you won’t find anywhere else are lilikoi (passion fruit), guava, lychee, mango, and pineapple. 

We love giving Hawaiian jams to people at home as they get to taste what the island flavors are like, and it’s a unique gift everyone loves. 

The places to get jams in Hawaii are usually grocery stores and farmers markets, especially from the brands like North Shore Goodies, Maui Upcountry Jams and Jellies, Aunty Lilikoi, and Hawaiian Sun.

Tip: Get the lilikoi-flavored jam, and simple jam flavors will never be good enough!

Macadamia Nuts

Since Hawaii is the world’s largest producer of macadamia nuts, it’s no surprise that these rich and crunchy treats are a favorite gift to bring from Hawaii. They come in tons of delicious flavors, but the local-favorite ones are chocolate-coated macadamia nuts. 

Some other great flavors you will love are; honey roasted, Maui onion and garlic, Hawaiian sea salt, or plain ones. 

My boyfriend and I love the mac-nuts as an energy booster during our hikes around Hawaii, as they’re super buttery and calorific. 

You can get packaged macadamia nuts in any ABC store or Costco in Hawaii, and the best brands are Mauna Loa and Hawaiian Host. 

Tip: Visit the Tropical Macadamia Nut Farms in Oahu to try these treats straight from the trees, and get fresh ones packed for your trip back. 

Kona Coffee

Surprise all your coffee-loving friends with the rich blends of Kona coffee, a Hawaiian staple, and some of the best coffee in the world. The Kona Coffee Company is on the Big Island, which you can visit to tour their farms, see how the organic beans are grown and learn the best way to brew this coffee from baristas. 

My boyfriend and I bought bags of coffee blends from the Kona Coffee Company’s souvenir shop for our friends and taught them the unique brewing methods too. 

However, you can easily find the same bags anywhere else in Hawaii from local supermarkets. So make sure to grab a few, as they make for the best souvenirs from Hawaii. 

Hawaiian Sea Salt and Spices

After eating the delicious local food in Hawaii, the food back home starts to taste pretty bland. So my boyfriend and I always get packs of Hawaiian spices as they’re very aromatic and pack rich flavors in the simplest of foods. 

Another small but delicious taste-booster is Hawaiian sea salt which comes in many versions like chili pepper, garlic, herb, Maui onion, spicy seaweed, and Hawaiian pink salt. 

Our favorite seasonings to get from Hawaii are roasted Kukui nuts, seaweed, and coffee rubs, which you can find from the brand Aloha Spice Company in Hawaii. 

As for salt, the Sea Salts of Hawaii company is the best one, and you can find it easily from any store in Hawaii. 

So get Hawaiian salt, spices, and seasonings for your chef friends at home, as it’s one of the best souvenirs from Hawaii.

Hawaiian Cookies

Not enough people pay attention to the confectionery in Hawaii – which is a big mistake! That’s because the shortbread cookies found in Hawaii are incredibly delicious, buttery, and a gift to be cherished for their unique flavors. 

The most famous ones are prepared by the Honolulu Cookie Company, whose pop-ups and stores are peppered all over the islands, and you can also find boxes of them in every ABC Store and Costco. 

The pineapple shape of these cookies is a staple in every home, and you can take the prepackaged boxes on flights, which stay fresh for long and make for some family-favorite presents. 

Wearable Souvenirs 

The fashion in Hawaii is a thing to remember, and you can find a unique style on each island. 

From Aloha shirts on every tourist to cute sarongs, fresh flower leis, and locally-made jewelry, the Hawaiian style is a great thing to bring back home with you and flaunt among family and friends. 

So below, I’ve mentioned some inexpensive and easily available clothing and style items you can purchase from Hawaii, which are bound to last long and become a cherished keepsakes. 

Aloha Shirts

Nothing screams Hawaii more than an Aloha shirt, and their widespread use has also made them a common clothing choice outside of the tropics. The loose fittings, bright colors, and beautiful patterns make these a favorite for tourists and locals alike, and you can find them everywhere – from chic boutiques to Target. 

My boyfriend will wear his Aloha shirts long after we’ve returned from Hawaii, which goes to show how memorable a souvenir they make. 

You can get cheap and breezy Aloha shirts in Hawaii from local flea markets and chain stores like Hilo Hattie, with all the range in sizes and patterns. 

So we usually buy them in different colors and sizes for the whole family, as they’re some of the best souvenirs from Hawaii. 


To get into the Hawaiian spirit while visiting its islands, make sure to grab a sarong from a local market, as these beautifully printed pieces of cloth have great wearable use. Traditionally, they were worn by Hawaiian men and women but are nowadays a common style statement among tourists.

The sarongs make for a cute beach cover-up, makeshift dress, skirt, or shawl, and their light fabric serves as a great way to beat the heat in Hawaii. You can get sarongs in a range of bright colors and tropical patterns that match Hawaii’s vibe.

I bought a few sarongs from a flea market at great prices in Oahu, and my friends liked them so much I got a handful for them on my next trip. 

So get this unique clothing item for your wardrobe, and you’ll never run out of ways to style it!


Wherever you go in Hawaii, get ready to be greeted with leis, as they’re a common sign of welcome on the islands. So naturally, they’re a great souvenir to take back home, and remember the terrific Aloha and Ohana (Hawaiian for family) you experienced on the islands. 

Leis come in wide varieties, with the most common being fresh flower leis made from bright and fragrant tropical flowers that leave you scented for hours. However, other common versions are silk leis, kukui nut leis, and shell leis, which are more durable and will last till your next trip. 

You can find leis anywhere in Hawaii (literally), but it’s best to get fresh flower leis prepackaged from the airport, which is the safest way to take them home without the flowers wilting.

Hawaiian Jewellery 

The jewelry in Hawaii is some of the most beautiful and unique in the world, and investing in locally-made pieces is a great souvenir for yourself or a loved one. The intricate Hawaiian jewelry features a range of styles and symbols, like pineapples, turtles, fish hooks, and tropical flowers. 

You can buy statement jewelry pieces with gemstones and pearls from leading jewelers like Maui Divers Jewellery and Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewellery, which have the best designs and precious stones. 

However, Hawaiian jewelry ranges from cheap to expensive, and you can get beautiful pieces at low prices from local markets and stalls at farmers markets. 

I’ve bought incredible jewelry from Heart of Paia, a local store in Paia town, Maui, which sells pieces made by local artists at great prices and of durable quality.

Original Hawaiian Products

‘Made in Hawaii’ on any tag is a selling point for us because it guarantees the highest quality and value. In addition, the islands make a range of unique products found nowhere else in the world, making them all the more cherished for returning home. 

Some products you can find made by local artisans and masters of trade in Hawaii are quilts, Koa wood products, and ukuleles, which truly reflect the art passed through generations in making them. 

So I’ve listed places you can get these products from easily and share them with loved ones for a token of Hawaii’s unmatched crafts.

Hawaiian Quilts

A rich and long-lasting souvenir you have to get from Hawaii are the handmade quilts, which are often woven by locals. These quilts have become a part of Hawaiian tradition due to their great quality and material, and you can find one in every home on the islands. 

The quilts are used to make products such as blankets, bedding, pillowcases, wall hangings, and rugs and are decorated with beautiful tropical designs.

However, Hawaiian quilts are a high-quality product which means they’re also pretty expensive. So it’s best to buy them cheaper from flea markets or get a smaller quilted product like a bag or clothing item. 

The best ones are manufactured by Moana Quilts and Hawaiian Quilt Wholesale, which you can find in Waikiki and Honolulu for the best quality and range of quilted products.  


The most Hawaiian musical instrument has to be a ukulele, and getting one for yourself is a great way to remember the melodious tunes you’ve heard at luaus, in malls, and eateries in Hawaii. 

You can find ukuleles anywhere in Hawaii, such as in local stores, which usually sell toy versions that only play a few tunes. So these make for great decoration pieces or gifts for the family. 

However, serious music enthusiasts can buy high-quality ukuleles from music stores on the islands that manufacture them locally, like Lanikai Ukuleles. 

But remember that a good ukulele is an investment so expect a higher price point than the grocery store ones!

Koa Wood Products

Koa wood is found naturally only in Hawaii and is an excellent quality wood used to make many items for daily use. The items made from Koa wood, such as bowls, tables, chairs, and even utensils, are durable and have a unique pattern owing to the wood’s natural design. 

So you can also get a variety of products custom-made from Koa wood, such as jewelry, keychains, and decorative pieces, which serve as great presents for special occasions like anniversaries. 

My boyfriend and I bought picture frames made from Koa wood, and the wood’s naturally light and dark hues gave them a beautiful look. 

However, bear in mind that Koa wood can be expensive depending on the artist’s skill used in making a specific product.

Some places to get koa wood items prepared by masterful artisans are the Koa Wood Ranch on the Big Island and Martin & MacArthur in Maui. 

Coconut-infused products

If you like the nutty and sweet taste of coconuts, buy them fresh from any ABC store in Hawaii, but for more long-lasting effects, get coconut-infused products made locally on the islands. 

You can find incredible coconut oils, moisturizers, skincare products, and scents in Hawaii made from all-natural ingredients which are terrific for your skin and body. 

Since Hawaiians have used coconuts in every form for their daily usage, they’re a big part of the market today, and you can find rich coconut-infused products from any store in Hawaii. 

My boyfriend and I always get coconut oil for our family and friends back home as it’s one of the purest oils in the world, and they can never get enough!

So if you’re ever in a pickle about what to get someone from Hawaii, pick any coconut product – lotion, shampoo, or soap, and one whiff of it is bound to get them addicted!

Hula Girl 

Is there any souvenir more authentic to Hawaii than the hula girl? I don’t think so!

From car dashboards to nightstands, clocks, and even kitchen timers, the hula girl is a favorite piece to get customized and fit in with your surroundings, as her swaying hips never let you forget Hawaii. 

You can find hula girls from any local supermarket in Hawaii, which also sells a lot of variety to her dress and hair designs. 

So buy a bunch of hula girls and put them in different places as a dancing reminder of why you need to visit Hawaii again! 

Miscellaneous Souvenirs: Totes, Keychains, Licence Plates, Beach Towels

Hawaii caters well to its tourists on a budget by offering cheap yet memorable souvenirs. You can find good-quality Hawaiian memorabilia from any hotel gift shop, flea market, and supermarket at low prices, such as decorated tote bags, keychains, mugs, t-shirts, etc. 

Although they may seem basic, they make for good gifts and for household use, especially colorful beach towels found in any ABC Store, hotel, or spa. 

So don’t worry if you can’t get the bougie stuff like jewelry and Koa wood products because some basic Hawaiian gifts are just as memorable and will surely remind you to revisit the islands. 


What are good gifts to bring back from Hawaii?

Most things with the Made in Hawaii tag are good gifts to bring back home, such as clothing, food items like nuts, snacks, coffee, skin care products, and home decor items inspired by tropical art. 

What is the most popular souvenir in Hawaii?

Hawaii souvenirs have become pretty common with time, but the most popular remain classics like Aloha shirts, the Hula girl, macadamia nuts, and fresh flower leis. You can easily find these products from any ABC store in Hawaii at low prices and of good quality, which makes for long-lasting souvenirs.

What are things you can only get in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a producer of some unique and rare goods found infrequently in the rest of the world, such as Hawaiian honey, Koa wood products, Hawaiian quilts, and fresh local fruit like passion fruit and pineapple. 

What can you bring home from Hawaii?

Aside from items that can go bad during transport, like fresh fruit, you can bring most things from Hawaii with you on a flight back. Just make sure to pack things like leis and decorative items properly, so they don’t get crushed in your suitcases. 

What is a traditional gift in Hawaii?

A traditional gift in Hawaii that is given by locals to outsiders wherever they are on the islands is a lei. These symbolize the welcoming of guests and are usually made with fresh tropical flowers, kukui nuts, shells, and silk. 

Winding Up The Best Souvenirs from Hawaii

You can always preserve your travel memories by taking souvenirs back home, and the ones from Hawaii offer great use in your daily life too. So you can get amazing souvenirs from Hawaii, such as local fruit, jams, spices, clothing items, jewelry and art pieces, which I’ve mentioned in detail in this article.

Looking for the best cheap souvenirs from Hawaii? Get leis, Aloha shirts, embellished keychains and license plates, and bags with tropical art.

Need a quick-fix souvenir from Hawaii? Buy jams, jellies, Hawaiian honey, Hawaiian salt and spices, and macadamia nuts. 

Want the most unique souvenirs from Hawaii? Invest in Hawaiian jewelry pieces, quilts, Koa wood products, and coconut-based skincare products. 

The best souvenirs from Hawaii are a treat for everyone!

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