Best Shrimp Trucks in Maui: A Foodie’s Tropical Paradise!

Welcome, fellow shrimp lovers!

As a food enthusiast and fortunate enough to travel far and wide with my boyfriend in search of the perfect plate, we’ve indulged in our fair share of seafood servings. Remembering how daunting it had been finding that one primo spot for fresh shrimps, I can understand your dilemma. It’s like standing before an all-you-can-eat buffet – where do you start?

When we ventured into the heartlands of Maui, a haven known for its rich oceanic harvests, every other place claimed to serve the best shrimps on this side of Hawaii. Well, as much as they were not wrong – owing to the abundant marine life here – sifting through heaps wasn’t easy.

After considerable taste-testing (somebody had to do it!), we bring you “The Top 4 Shrimp Trucks in Maui” based on flavor profile infusion, uniqueness, ambiance—and yes—the magical freshness that wins over its city contenders hands down!

Warning: As with most delicious finds, there is always risk involved…the risk being your friends annoying you endlessly asking for “your secret” ever since we’re home!

So buckle-up folks—for scrumptiousness awaits ahead… shall we dive right into the world of heavenly platefuls?

Geste Shrimp – The Go-To Spot for Top-Tier Shrimp

Craving something delicious yet straightforward? Look no further than Geste’s Shrimp. This hidden gem focuses on one thing and does it exceptionally well: shrimp!

Renowned for their variety of flavorful dishes, every option at Geste is a win-win choice. Trust me on this; we tried them all during our visit, and not a single one faltered in delighting us. My personal favorite was the spicy pineapple shrimp—a mouthwatering blend of sweet tanginess against succulent shrimps! As for my boyfriend, he couldn’t resist indulging in more rounds of the traditional Hawaiian Scampi.

For those keeping an eye on calories even while vacationing (though I might say, what’s life without living a little?), there’s also a carb-free menu item served with extra salad instead of rice.

One protip from my somewhat amusing experience here: Geste is closed on Mondays (something my dear better half missed despite being the trip researcher). So make sure you adjust your food itinerary accordingly to save yourself any disappointment!

Our top reasons why saving room for Geste’s Shrimp should feature in your plans:

  • You get to savor unique and authentically crafted shrimp flavors.
  • Every dish features perfectly cooked fresh shrimp guaranteed to impress.
  • They offer a guiltless low-carb option known as their Pupu Platter within the same budget range. So go ahead and indulge without remorse!

The Original Hawaiian Shrimp Truck For An Unique Take On Scrumptious Shrimp

The Original Hawaiian Shrimp Truck majorly deals in shrimp — and they nail it every time!

Featuring an intriguing difference from the typical shrimp trucks found on our journey around Hawaii, I adored the uniqueness of this truck. Rather than rice, succulent shrimp is served atop pasta here, a refreshing and delicious change! The bright flavor kick of their signature garlic shrimp kept my hand reaching for more even after feeling stuffed.

Another appealing variation is that their prawns aren’t just tossed in sauce; instead, these are coated in bread crumbs before frying to perfection. As a result, each bite comes with crispy deliciousness unmatched by typical versions.

Their unique Papa Baire scampi is something you’ll pine for long after your trip has ended. Trust me when I say it’s worth trying at least once (or twice!) during your visit.

One thing to remember is that they take Sundays off — so plan accordingly to ensure you don’t miss out on this taste adventure!

In summary, reasons why The Original Hawaiian Shrimp Truck stands out as a must-visit spot:

  • Their distinctive take on classic Hawaiian shrimp dishes makes for an unforgettable dining experience.
  • You will likely find yourself hooked on their signature garlic shrimp – prepare to dream about them!
  • Don’t miss out on savoring their exquisite Papa Baire scampi— its unique flavors make it undeniably irresistible.

Kinaole Grill – Stunning Views and Unforgettable Shrimp

Could there be anything better than indulging in divine shrimp with an unbeatable view? Kinaole Grill makes that dream a reality!

Positioned near the breathtaking Kamaole Beach 1, this food stop quickly became our favorite for savory fresh shrimp, paired beautifully with panoramic views of Kam 1. Imagine biting into flavorful pieces while admiring superb Hawaiian landscapes—pure bliss!

It was here we discovered somewhat surprising but sumptuous delight—their fried coconut shrimp. A tad hesitant at first to venture into something unfamiliar, one taste confirmed it was indeed exceptional chef’s kiss.

Didn’t make up your mind yet? Don’t sweat it! Besides their must-have coconut-fried offering, they also serve delectable garlic shrimps and hot-and-spicy ones. Simply grab your plateful of oceanic goodness, find a perfect spot along the beachside (this won’t be hard!) and relish these delights against Hawaii’s stunning backdrop as many times as you desire—we did!

Looking beyond the world of shrimps for even more variety? Consider trying fresh fish plates or pulled pork options available on their menu.

The reasons compelling you to add Kinaole Grill to your must-visit list are pretty clear:

  • Their irresistible take on always delightful classic-coconut fried shrimp alone makes a visit worthwhile.
  • The prime location throws open fantastic visuals of Kam 1 that add great value to an already memorable meal!
  • No seafood fan would want to miss out on exploring other tantalizing dishes offered by them!

808 Plates Maui – Authentic Hawaiian Shrimp Delights

808 Plates Maui, food lovers’ paradise, is known to serve the most mouthwatering shrimp in town! They stick to simplicity and perfection by offering only two varieties of shrimp—garlic and coconut.

Having already fulfilled my newfound fascination for coconut shrimp at a prior spot (unforgettable!), it was time now to give the OG garlic shrimp its fair share of attention. Spoiler alert: It did not disappoint!

Their offerings aren’t limited just to seafood; other dishes shine too through their exquisite taste-profiles. The hamburger steak all smothered in gravy is especially noteworthy—it tantalized our taste buds while filling us up comfortably.

You can find this celebratory cuisine spot conveniently located in Lowe’s parking lot at Kahului; accessibility certainly amplifies the experience!

Ending your Hawaii trip without dropping by 808 Plates would be incomplete for these reasons:

  • Embrace an authentic Hawaiian culinary journey by relishing their classic island-staple: coconut shrimp.
  • Trying out garlic shrimp—an original favorite among locals—is destined to lock you into a love affair with this delicacy!
  • Enjoy easy access—a key feature that caters more effortlessly towards your cravings!

Wrap Up: Best Shrimp Trucks In Maui 

Unquestionably, Maui is a dream come true for all the food lovers out there! It’s a true foodie paradise, overflowing with fresh, local ingredients that will make your mouth water. My favorite part? Discovering and devouring the most scrumptious shrimp ever!
If you’re on a fun food hunt and want to enjoy munching on something fresh and healthy, then here’s an idea – why not dive into these tasty treasure trails of shrimp trucks on Maui?
We really hope you enjoyed hearing about our flavorful finds, because we sure loved savoring each bite! Whatever you choose from this list, rest assured, it’ll add a sprinkle of unforgettable taste to your trip!
Travel safe and don’t forget – we’d be over the moon to hear about your food adventures!


How does Geste’s Shrimp Truck stand out among other food trucks?

Geste’s Shrimp Truck, located a hop away from the bustling Kahului Beach Road, is truly a gem. The truck specializes in an array of innovative shrimp dishes, like spicy pineapple shrimp and Hawaiian Scampi that are exceptionally flavorful. Among their offerings, my personal favorite has to be the spicy pineapple shrimp – a perfect balance of heat and tropical sweetness which I found absolutely delightful!

Can you share your food experience at South Maui Fish Company?

Absolutely! On one sunny afternoon at South Maui Fish Company – arguably offering some of the best street food on the island – we decided to try their seared Ahi and fish taco dish. With limited picnic tables setup for patrons amidst beautiful south maui gardens, this place serves arguably good quality fish meals which left a lasting impression.

What was unique about eating at different Food Trucks parked near Island Grocery Depot?

The diverse range of culinary options presented by various food trucks around Island Grocery Depot offered an exhilarating gastronomic journey! One spot that distinctly stood out was undoubtedly Geste Shrimp Truck known for its garlicky delights like garlic shrimp plate lunch served over plentiful rice and macaroni salad. There were few other remarkable stops too; but nothing came close to rekindling our taste buds as Mexican-themed truck right next to it delighting us with hot and spicy shrimps wrapped up in fish tacos.

Could you describe any memorable experience trying out street foods in Maui?

There is something intimate about sitting at one of those scramble-for-your-seat picnic tables watching people line up waiting eagerly before assortment of mouthwatering choices served across each food-truck platform lined down every corner. A notable encounter was sampling Lemon Pepper Hot Dog during our detour towards long stretch craving break following hustle-bustle shopping session causing quite allure amongst several tourists similarly exploring some nearby attractions.

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