Best Shave Ice Oahu: Discover the Tastiest Frozen Treats!

Welcome, fellow Hawaiian shave ice enthusiasts!

I’ve been on a delicious mission lately – seeking out the finest of Hawaiian shave ice to satisfy my cravings and share the best with you. Alongside my oh-so-patient boyfriend, who was fully committed to this sugary endeavor (for better or worse), we left no cone unturned in our quest for shaved paradise!

Embarking upon Oahu’s shores, we sipped and savored a mouthwatering array of flavors from local food trucks and carts. Some were instantly familiar, while others offered an enticing taste of authentic Hawaii that can’t be found anywhere else.

Together, we uncovered hidden gems amidst all those icy contenders. Our favorites stood out not only because of their delightful flavor offerings but also due to clean facilities and easily accessible locations – crucial factors when grabbing a sweet treat on-the-go.

So fear not, fellow island wanderer! Allow me to present the six most excellent spots for satisfying your Hawaiian shave ice desires based on personal experience and plenty of trial-and-error research (yum!).

Warning: Side effects may include intense cravings for more yummy goodness and amateur jokes like calling yourself an “iced-tective” after discovering these heavenly spots!

Let us dive in so you too can indulge in this frosty slice of Hawaii’s flavor adventure!

Matsumoto Shave Ice – Savoring the Best Shave Ice in Oahu

Our quest for the ultimate shave ice on our Hawaiian trip led us to one of Oahu’s oldest and most iconic shops: Matsumoto Shave Ice. My boyfriend couldn’t wait to introduce me to this gem, vouching for its worthiness despite any potential queues.

Upon arriving at the North Shore, we were thrilled that the line was relatively short—only a 15-minute wait! Inside, this unassuming storefront boasted more than 40 delightful syrup flavors and inventive toppings catering to diverse tastes.

We began with classic flavor recommendations—I opted for cherry while my boyfriend tried a lime green tea concoction topped with condensed milk. Delighted by these choices, we eagerly sampled unconventional options like coconut pudding. The rich, creamy sweetness hooked us instantly!

However, it was their Ichiban special—with added ice cream, condensed milk, and mochi—that stole our hearts as an irresistibly delectable mix of two beloved desserts.

Reasons why we fell in love with Matsumoto Shave Ice:

  • An incredible variety of flavors at remarkably affordable prices
  • Every aspect from taste and texture to the perfect level of sweetness makes their shave ice exquisite
  • The ability to combine up to three different flavors in one serving

Address: Located at 66-111 Kamehameha Hwy #605, Haleiwa, HI 96712

Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha – An Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice Gem

While exploring exceptional shave ice spots in Oahu, we couldn’t miss Somebody Feed Phil’s featured Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha. With over 25 years of providing locals and tourists with unparalleled shave ice experiences, this location was a must-see on our list.

The charming storefront is backed by an unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. Best known for its homemade syrups devoid of artificial flavors or colors, everything offered here has an all-natural touch—from original fruit juice to cane sugar.

Locally-sourced fruits and purees further enhance each visitor’s experience at this legendary establishment. The excellent service only adds to the allure; a friendly employee guided us through menu highlights and specialties with enthusiasm.

Tasting the difference fresh fruit toppings made on their shave ice was incredible—a shining testament to Uncle Clay’s strict focus on high-quality offerings. Among all the delights we sampled, their signature Strawberry Dream Shave Ice stood out—tenderly shaved ice accompanied by heart-shaped strawberry pieces, homemade mochi, condensed milk, and Tahitian vanilla ice cream created a scrumptious medley beyond words.

Why you should visit Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha:

  • Reasonable prices for extraordinary taste experiences
  • Exceptional quality rooted in both their shaved ice and toppings
  • Embodies an authentic Aloha feel that will make your Hawaii adventure unforgettable

Address: Located at 820 W Hind Dr #116, Honolulu, HI 96821

Waiola Shave Ice – The Epitome of Authentic Simplicity

For a genuine, no-frills shave ice experience in Hawaii, look no further than Waiola. Renowned for its traditional appeal and straightforward approach to flavor offerings, this cherished spot attracts locals and tourists alike.

Upon arriving at Waiola early in the day, we still encountered a 20-minute wait—my boyfriend explained that lines were typical here. Known as Ex-president Barack Obama’s favorite shave ice location (he’s also a Hawaii native), it boasts an iconic rainbow mural where visitors can’t help but snap photos on their visit.

Although there aren’t many attractions nearby, it might be worth biking there if you’re staying in Waikiki. Despite maintaining simplicity as its key charm factor, Waiola doesn’t disappoint with its extensive array of flavors.

For less than three dollars each, my boyfriend and I indulged ourselves by trying various delicious options: Blue Hawaii, Green Tea, Pineapple for me; while he opted for Creamsicle, POG (passion fruit + orange + guava), and Hershey with tapioca pearls. Each helping was crunchy yet creamy—an explosion of delight on our palates.

We added some savory Crack Seed snacks displayed within the store—it tasted like salty dried fruits which only enhanced our overall experience at this charming eatery!

Reasons why Waiola Shave Ice is worth revisiting:

  • The authentic blend of simplistic experiences fused with enticing flavors
  • Affordably priced delights suitable for every budget
  • A local favorite that consistently draws crowds

Address: Located at 2135 Waiola St., Honolulu, HI 96826

Island Snow – A Unique Blend of Traditional Treats and Modern Shopping

On our Hawaiian shave ice journey, we couldn’t miss Island Snow—a distinctive spot offering up a fusion of traditional frosty indulgence and urban streetwear shopping.

Located right in the heart of Kailua, this popular destination is known for being among Barack Obama’s favorite places. Prepared to encounter lines, we finally entered what felt like retail heaven! With an ice-cold treat in hand while browsing the latest fashion trends, it was an experience that appeal to both foodies and shopaholics alike.

The store offered numerous flavors complete with a scoop of ice cream at the bottom. Venturing here on a local friend’s recommendation ensured a memorable visit—I relished their natural Sour Lemonade flavor complemented by vanilla ice cream below while my boyfriend savored an authentic Heavenly Liliko’i choice which he adored.

Though prices trend higher at such tourist hotspots, the unique pairing of shopping alongside mouthwatering shave ice made it well worth its premium. To top off our visit, I sampled macadamia nut ice cream—its taste conjured dreamlike sensations that enticed us for one last serving during our return trip!

Reasons why you should add Island Snow to your bucket list:

  • Irresistible consistent texture imbued within each delicious shaved ice creation
  • A contemporary spin on iconic Hawaiian sweets combined with trendy shopping opportunities
  • Situated conveniently within Kailua Town Center

Address: Located at 600 Kailua Rd., Kailua, HI 96734

Kaimana Shave Ice – A Rustic Hidden Gem with a Natural Aesthetic

Our enchantment with Kaimana Shave Ice was instantaneous due to its charming natural vibe and inviting seating area situated at the back, offering an incredible view. This small hole-in-the-wall spot had no long waiting lines and served delectable shave ice reminiscent of childhood sweetness.

With a plethora of flavors, friendly staff, and even an encounter with owner Jake Nowicki, we knew that this perfect dessert haven would create stunning Instagram-worthy moments for us.

Kaimana takes pride in crafting all syrups from scratch using locally-sourced ingredients; each serving boasted impossibly fluffy shaved ice. Additionally, they offer mouthwatering acai bowls—an experience that felt like heaven as I savored vanilla ice cream paired with pineapple-flavored snow.

My boyfriend couldn’t resist their homemade macadamia nut ice cream—a combination he sampled along with the pineapple shaved treat we’d enthusiastically fly back to Hawaii just for another taste!

Why you should visit Kaimana Shave Ice:

  • Conveniently close to many beautiful beaches on Oahu and surrounded by food trucks
  • Offers exquisite desserts without breaking the bank
  • No lengthy waits—just walk right in!

Address: Located at 66-519 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712

Shimazu Store – Towering, Flavorful Shave Ice Delights in Oahu

Eager to share his previous experiences with me, my boyfriend couldn’t wait for us to visit Shimazu—a highly-acclaimed treat shop in Oahu, Hawaii. Though lacking parking or seating options, their shaved ice more than compensated.

Notably among the tallest and fluffiest shave ice offerings on Oahu, Shimazu also generously pours syrup over each serving. We sampled their blueberry flavor with nut ice cream; both sizeable and scrumptious!

Every spoonful burst with flavor—the velvety ice melting instantly upon contact with our tongues. When combined with rich ice cream, this dessert was utterly irresistible.

During our adventure here, we met owner Kelvin Shimazu—a cheerful individual who recommended Red Velvet and Café Latte flavors which did not disappoint! It seems that at Shimazu’s Store, you simply can’t go wrong when choosing your shave ice.

Why visiting Shimazu Store is a must:

  • Their massive portion sizes cater well for sharing—even their “small” option feeds two!
  • Offers customers a relatively uncrowded experience compared to famed rivals
  • Unique innovative flavors ensure satisfyingly delectable results

Address: Located at 330 N School Street, Honolulu, HI 96817

Final Thoughts

Shave Ice is a delectable treat for most visitors to Hawaii, so it is imperative to visit a reliable, reputable spot to make your experience pleasant and memorable. Since I’m a foodie, we love Hawaii, and shaving ice is the first thing I love about it.

So, we have had our fair share of this delectable treat. However, the spots in this list are the best of the best and serve the best-shave ice in Hawaii.

So, whenever you are in Hawaii, don’t forget to visit these spots and enjoy the sweetest experience of your life.


What makes Waiola Shave Ice one of the best shave ice shops on Oahu?

Waiola Shave Ice stands out among other shave ice stores on Oahu due to its authentic blend of simplistic experiences fused with enticing flavors and affordably priced delights, making it a favorite spot for both locals and tourists.

How does Matsumoto Shave Ice compare to other shave ice shops in terms of flavor variety?

Matsumoto Shave Ice offers an incredible variety of flavors at remarkably affordable prices. They stand out from other shave ice shops by providing over 40 delightful syrup flavors, allowing customers to combine up to three different flavors in one serving.

Why is finely shaved ice essential for creating delicious snow cones like those found at Aoki’s Shave Ice?

Finely shaved ice ensures that the snow cone formed absorbs syrup evenly, resulting in perfect consistency and taste throughout each bite. At Aoki’s Shave Ice, the use of finely shaved ice contributes to their delectable frozen treats’ overall deliciousness.

Can you find healthy shave ice options featuring homemade ice cream and fresh fruits at the House of Pure Aloha?

Yes! Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha takes pride in serving healthy – yet scrumptious – slurpable icy wonders. Utilizing homemade syrups devoid of artificial flavors/colors, they also incorporate locally-sourced fresh fruits into their menu offerings. Some options include homemade mochi paired with tender heart-shaped strawberry pieces or Tahitian vanilla bean flavored creations topped with coconut cream infused whipped topping! Their pursuit for all-natural quality ingredients brings about unforgettable experiences while satisfying your sweet cravings responsibly.

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