Best Shave Ice Maui: Discover the Ultimate Frosty Paradise!

Welcome fellow food fanatics!

As a self-proclaimed shave ice aficionado, I’ve spent countless hours and dimes on my quest for the perfect frosty treat. My boyfriend knows all too well about my icy obsession – he’s been there every step of the way as we’ve tracked down Maui’s finest confections to satisfy our cravings.

I’m here now with the results of this extensive taste-testing mission to share only the best of what Maui has to offer in chill sweetness. You’ll notice that our prime contenders stand out for generous serving sizes, reasonable prices, diverse flavors, and delectable textures.

Grasp your spoons firmly because you won’t be able to resist digging into these tasty treats once you know where they are! Having tried out more than enough shave ice options around town (some so underwhelming it would give those pre-packaged freezer popsicles a run for their money), I can now confidently claim that I’ve curated an ultimate guide just for you, based on heaps of personal experience and expert observations from both me and my ever-patient sweetheart.

Quick warning though: armed with this list, don’t be surprised if friends start inviting themselves along whenever your shaved ice craving kicks in!

To whet your appetite even further – stay tuned until the end when I’ll unveil one additional spot which holds a special place in my frozen-sugar-coated heart. Are you ready? Let’s embark upon this flavor-packed journey together and prepare ourselves for some seriously cool sensations!

Local Boys Shave Ice – Best Shave Ice in Kihei, Maui

Rare are those occasions when a casual chat leads you to a hidden gem, and this is precisely what happened with Local Boys Shave Ice. Our friendly local hosts recommended it as the perfect spot for authentic shave ice without overwhelming artificial flavors.

Curiosity piqued, my boyfriend and I visited after spending an afternoon lounging at Kamaole Beach Park. The moment we stepped inside this quaint establishment, we were greeted by cheerful staff and seemingly endless flavor options.

Making up our minds was no easy task; each combination seemed more enticing than the last! Thanks to helpful advice from the personable servers, decision-making became less daunting. Before we knew it, icy treats laden with fabulous fruity goodness were in our hands!

But what made Local Boys truly memorable was their serve-in-bowl policy—an ingenious way to savor every spoonful without any hassle or mess.

A few reasons why Local Boys stole our hearts:

  • An impressive assortment of natural-tasting flavors
  • Helpful and welcoming staff that guides your choice
  • A fun atmosphere that adds extra sweetness
  • Conveniently served in bowls for a cleaner dessert experience

Beach Street Maui Shave Ice – A Refreshing Stop in Kihei

On a scorching day in Kihei, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon Beach Street Maui Shave Ice. Our intuition told us it was just the cooling escape we needed, and it proved to be exactly that.

Though they offer an array of delightful drinks and ice creams—including shakes and coffee—we were dedicated to trying their shave ice. And we weren’t disappointed! The smoothness of the shaved ice merged with delectable fruity flavors created pure magic.

The best part? Despite the high-quality taste experience, everything was reasonably priced, which made our indulgence even sweeter. Another bonus: ample outdoor seating allowed us to bask in the warm sun while enjoying each refreshing bite.

If you’re considering takeout or prefer sitting inside, there’s plenty of parking available for your convenience. We can’t recommend Beach Street enough!

Key factors that make Beach Street a must-visit spot:

  • High-quality shaved ice combined with mouthwatering syrups
  • Spacious parking availability for customers
  • Impressive value-for-money options

Surfing Monkey Hawaiian Shave Ice – A Flavor Adventure in Kihei

Are you searching for an authentic Hawaiian shave ice experience? Look no further than Surfing Monkey! Their extensive menu invites visitors to mix and match flavors, creating a unique tropical treat.

Following a fulfilling day of shopping at the Food Land Shopping Center, my boyfriend and I decided to take a break at Surfing Monkey. Eager for some tropical goodness, I ordered their special Pina Colada shave ice with a snowcap of cream —an insanely delicious combination!

Opting for something healthier, my boyfriend picked the vegan organic Kona coffee flavor. We enjoyed our treats so much that we returned during our stay in Maui. The generous portions also satisfied our hunger until later in the evening when we shared some fries from a food truck (talk about date-night goals).

Why Surfing Monkey is worth your visit:

  • Satisfyingly large portion sizes
  • Expansive list of flavors to suit every taste bud
  • Friendly staff ready to recommend ideal combinations

Haukohi Shave Ice – A Guilt-free Indulgence in Kihei

Sometimes the best discoveries are accidental but unforgettable—just like Haukohi Shave Ice! This treasure emerged after a morning run when the beaming sun called for something refreshing.

The shave ice here was so delectable that I couldn’t help bragging about it once I returned to our Airbnb. And, as luck would have it, my boyfriend and I soon found ourselves back at Haukohi for round two later that same day!

Did we feel guilty? Not one bit! Surprisingly, Haukohi serves sugar-free shave ice without sacrificing taste. Their delightful blend of flavors and impeccable texture remained unblemished by this healthier choice.

What makes Haukohi a noteworthy place:

  • Exquisite mango and pineapple flavors
  • Quaint seating area with an inviting ambiance
  • Freshly shaved ice that maintains its quality

Hitting up Haukohi twice in one day might not be “normal,” but their deliciously healthy treats make each visit completely worth it.

Breakwall Shave Ice Co. – A Hidden Oasis in Lahaina, Maui

Tucked away in the charming town of Lahaina, Breakwall Shave Ice Co. has what it takes to satisfy your shave ice cravings. From generous portions to a vast array of flavors, they truly have it all.

We couldn’t resist ordering pineapple shave ice with coconut ice cream—a heavenly combination that heightened our taste experience tenfold! And for those seeking an adult twist on this classic dessert, Breakwall offers alcoholic liquor flavors too—an absolute must-try during a hot summer’s day!

The exceptional staff at Breakwall goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction; you can even taste-test flavors before making a decision. Alongside their scrumptious treats and friendly atmosphere, this place is nothing short of refreshing.

What makes visiting Breakwall worthwhile:

  • Inviting ambiance elevates the whole experience
  • Premium-quality shave ice justifies slightly higher prices
  • Accommodating staff ready to help with your choices
  • No long lines mean quicker service

It’s safe to say that once you visit Breakwall Shave Ice Co., it’ll earn itself a permanent spot on your go-to list for Hawaiian treats!

Gus’ Hawaiian Shave Ice – A Hidden Treasure in Kihei and Maui

Sometimes, the most unpretentious places offer the best culinary experiences—just like Gus’ Hawaiian Shave Ice. This humble gem tucked beside the Kinaole food truck serves top-notch shave ice that rivals its more expensive counterparts.

My boyfriend and I decided to treat ourselves after lunch, each ordering a small cup ($5) brimming with frosty goodness. As we savored our choices, we were thrilled to discover flavor throughout from top to bottom—no bland endings here!

The friendly staff at Gus’ added extra warmth to their already delectable icy offerings. Our server epitomized politeness and welcomed us with a genuine smile.

I chose coconut milk shave ice—an unforgettable taste sensation. My boyfriend opted for butterbeer; it was so delightful that he insisted on returning before leaving Maui! We wholeheartedly endorse this charming spot.

Reasons why Gus’ deserves your attention:

  • Convenient location in both Kihei and Maui
  • Exceptionally kind staff eager to serve you
  • Unique range of flavors available
  • Reasonably priced treats for all budgets

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice – A Must-Try Experience in Maui

During our visit to Maui, we couldn’t miss out on Ululani’s; the countless online reviews made our choice inevitable. Initially, I feared it might be overrated and overcrowded. However, my worries vanished as soon as we tasted their divine shave ice.

Packed with natural fruit syrups and an airy texture, every scoop of our order—Sunset Beach and coconut—enticed us further. The generous servings ensured that no morsel was left flavorless by the end.

And though the line might seem overwhelming at first glance, Ululani’s quick service ensures you don’t wait long! Their diligence kept things running smoothly during our visit.

Conveniently situated next to an ABC store and a gift shop for souvenirs, you can easily continue your vacation while devouring this frosty delight!

What sets Ululani’s apart:

  • Authentic flavors crafted from fresh Hawaiian fruits
  • Stellar customer service that leaves you feeling welcome
  • An extensive menu of tempting shave ice options

If there were any doubts before about trying Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice when in Maui, let them disappear now—it is absolutely worth it!

Honorary Mention: Lorraine’s Shave Ice – An Unforgettable Experience in Wailuku

Lorraine’s Shave Ice holds a special place in my heart, and sharing it feels akin to revealing a hidden treasure. Its uniqueness is beyond compare, and there are countless reasons why I consider it the best shave ice shop in Hawaii.

The first aspect that took our breath away was the otherworldly view—a perfect backdrop for indulging in icy treats. The second reason? None other than Lorraine herself—an exceptionally delightful host whose warmth draws you back time after time.

From fresh banana bread with divine cinnamon notes to the perfectly crafted shave ice, every item on their menu becomes an instant favorite as soon as you take your first bite.

But what truly makes Lorraine’s stand out from any other venue is how she creates a welcoming haven for visitors. Each encounter leaves you feeling like cherished family rather than just another customer.

Secrets worth cherishing about Lorraine’s Shave Ice:

  • A gracious owner who will make you feel right at home
  • Freshly baked banana bread that’s simply irresistible
  • Brilliantly flavored shave ice complemented by an awe-inspiring view

Prepare yourself to fall head over heels for this gem; one visit to Lorraine’s Shave Ice might be all it takes!


Maui truly holds the crown when it comes to shave ice offerings among Hawaiian islands. The charming locations, uniquely delightful flavors, and welcoming atmosphere all come together in these irresistible icy treats.

Throughout our travels, my boyfriend and I discovered an array of fantastic shave ice spots that we wholeheartedly recommend. With syrups crafted from fresh fruits and each venue boasting its own character, you can’t help but embrace the Aloha spirit they exude.

So go ahead and indulge in your Maui vacation —treat yourself to a taste of island paradise at one (or several) of the eight amazing shave ice places listed above. Happy travels! And may your taste buds be enchanted by Hawaii’s finest icy creations!


What sets the best shave ice on Maui apart from regular shave ice?

The best shave ice on Maui stands out due to its use of all-natural flavors, organic cane sugar, and refreshing taste. Places like Ululani’s Shave Ice and Surfing Monkey Shave Ice are known for their delicious Hawaiian shaved ice with syrups crafted from fresh fruit, offering a unique and authentic experience.

How does adding Roselani ice cream or dairy-free alternatives enhance a shave ice treat?

Adding Roselani ice cream or dairy-free options like vanilla ice cream can elevate the texture and flavor of your typical shave ice creation by providing richness and creaminess. This combination not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also makes your shave ice more indulgent.

What adult-friendly innovations can be found in popular Hawaiian shave ice stands?

Adult-shave-ice offerings at Hawaiian shaved-ice shops like Breakwall Shave Ice Co. include liquor-infused frozen treats such as root beer floats with alcohol-based chocolate syrup or cotton candy-flavored concoctions that cater to grown-up tastes while still delivering a refreshing experience.

Are there any unique flavors worth trying at favorite shave-ice places, including Lorraine’s Shave Ice and Tobi’s Shaved Ice?

Yes, favorite-shave-ice spots offer diverse selections ranging from traditional natural flavors to unconventional picks like pickled mango or wedding cake. For instance, at Lorraine’s you can indulge in homemade banana-bread flavored frosty delights topped with fresh fruit while enjoying exceptional service and jaw-dropping views—making it an unforgettable experience!

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