Best Seafood Restaurants in Maui: Top 6 Spots You Can’t Miss

Welcome fellow seafood enthusiasts!

Let me tell you, I’ve been a foodie for years and have had my fair share of culinary adventures. But Maui, with its beautiful beaches and vibrant sea life, takes the cake for providing some of the most unforgettable seafood experiences ever.

Now hold your seahorses! My boyfriend and I recently set sail on a quest to discover the best seafood restaurants in Maui. We sampled mouthwatering dishes from elegant fine dining to cozy beach shacks – believe me when I say that we left no shrimp unturned! After all our taste testing (and trust me, there was plenty!), I’m more than excited to share with you our catch of the day – six amazing places where every bite will be like tasting the ocean itself.

What makes these places so fantastic? Well, being an avid food enthusiast myself and having tasted countless restaurants across many cities helped me compile this list based on flavor, ambiance, creativity, and overall satisfaction.

Warning: Grab those napkins because things are about to get messy…and delicious!

Paia Fish Market Front Street – The Best Place to Eat Seafood in Maui

For a delightful, relaxed dining experience featuring an abundance of seafood options, Paia Fish Market Front Street is your go-to destination. Specializing in Hawaiian and American seafood dishes, this restaurant consistently impresses locals and visitors alike with its delectable offerings.

Our hotel staff recommended Paia Fish Market to us but warned about potential long wait times. Despite the heads-up (we waited for 10 minutes), our curiosity led us inside—and we were glad it did! My boyfriend and I savored every bite of our meals: I enjoyed the special Snapper in a Cajun-style sauce while he devoured the Salmon accompanied by fries and Cajun rice. Both dishes showcased fresh, high-quality fish that exceeded our expectations.

As an added bonus, they offer locally-produced Kombucha and ginger beer on their menu.

We loved this restaurant because:

  • Kid-friendly options: If you’re traveling with young children who might not share your love for seafood, they’ll find appealing choices like chicken quesadillas or pasta.
  • Communal seating: Picnic table-style eating encourages conversation among guests.
  • Fresh, local ingredients: The menu focuses primarily on locally-caught seafood.
  • Dietary accommodations: Vegetarian and gluten-free diners will find satisfying meal alternatives.
  • Affordable prices: With most items under $30, you’ll enjoy top-notch food without breaking the bank.

Eskimo Candy – Best Fresh Poke Destination in Maui

Eskimo Candy, hailed as the island’s premier spot for delectable poke and the freshest fish, is truly a gem worth exploring. With its unique name and exceptional reputation, we couldn’t resist giving it a try during our trip to Maui.

What sets this eatery apart is the flexibility in dining options: guests can choose between eating in, taking out or even purchasing seafood to cook at home. Unfortunately, since our hotel room didn’t have a kitchenette, we couldn’t experience their cook-at-home option.

Our order included fried calamari, homemade crab cakes, the captain’s platter, and Ahi poke bowls—all of which proved irresistibly delicious. While we didn’t try their acclaimed fish and chips during our visit, I am confident it must be incredible given the quality of everything else on their menu.

Some noteworthy aspects of Eskimo Candy are:

  • Cozy atmosphere: Enjoy authentic Hawaiian hospitality in an intimate setting.
  • Friendly counter staff: The team provides excellent service with warm smiles.
  • Exemplary seafood dishes: Don’t miss out on trying any of their tantalizing selections.

Mama’s Fish House – The Best Fresh Seafood Experience in Maui

Boasting the freshest seafood in all of Maui, Mama’s Fish House is an unmissable dining destination. Renowned for its high-quality dishes at reasonable prices, this establishment rivals even the finest Michelin-starred restaurants.

What sets Mama’s Fish House apart is their dedication to offering only the best ingredients: they have a private fishing crew and collaborate with local farmers to source organic, in-season produce.

Set against a breathtaking backdrop, this waterfront restaurant enchants you with its vibrant ambiance and mesmerizing ocean views. Keep in mind that securing a reservation might require some planning, as tables are often booked well in advance (sometimes up to a year).

During our visit, we ordered Tristan lobster tail with Bouillabaisse and Macadamia nut crab cakes accompanied by seared and sliced Maui Octopus. Although the pricing leaned towards premium territory, every cent spent here proved entirely worthwhile.

Here are reasons why I adored Mama’s Fish House:

  • Spectacular taste: Every dish was delightfully fresh, flavorful and satisfying.
  • Impeccable presentation: Each plate showcased great attention to detail.
  • Stellar service: The knowledgeable waiting staff provided attentive service and offered valuable recommendations for our meal.

Fleetwood’s on Front St. – Exquisite Seafood and Unforgettable Maui Moments

Fleetwood’s on Front Street is a sophisticated, upscale restaurant in Maui that not only serves exceptional dishes but also provides a truly unforgettable dining experience. Owned by celebrity drummer Mick Fleetwood, this eatery boasts stunning views of both the Pacific Ocean and the mountains bordering western Maui—making it the island’s only rooftop restaurant.

What set our visit apart was their signature “sunset rooftop ceremony.” As evening approached around 6:30 pm, we were entertained with bagpipe tunes, storytelling, and traditional Hawaiian tiki torch lighting before being serenaded by their in-house band—a perfect way to spend an enchanted night!

Based on our waitress’s recommendations, we enjoyed specials like lobster tail, scallops, shrimp, beef wellington, mashed potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. Each dish was deliciously prepared with impeccable attention to detail.

Here’s what makes Fleetwood’s a top choice:

  • Impressive venue: With its scenic location and exclusive rooftop setting.
  • Unique ceremonies: The “sunset rooftop ceremony” promises an extraordinary experience.
  • Succulent seafood: A diverse menu catering to different dietary preferences.
  • Ample portions: Generous servings ensure you won’t leave hungry—and may even have leftovers!
  • Reservations required: Plan ahead for this popular destination.
  • Atmosphere & ambiance: Enjoy an elevated atmosphere that will make your visit memorable.

Nick’s Fishmarket Maui – Exceptional Seafood for Special Occasion Dining in Maui

For an unparalleled fine dining experience on your special occasions, look no further than Nick’s Fishmarket. With a sophisticated menu showcasing local flavors and fresh seafood, this restaurant promises to make your visit one to remember.

Although they offer numerous irresistible seafood options, their filet mignon is not to be missed if you’re craving something different.

We celebrated our 6-month anniversary at Nick’s and felt it was well worth making reservations in advance. We enjoyed the Greek Maui Wowie salad with giant tiger prawns as a starter—perfectly sized for sharing without being overwhelming. For entrees, I savored the pan-seared Ahi atop mouthwatering mushroom risotto while my boyfriend relished grilled spiny lobster tail served alongside bacon mac & cheese – comfort food elevated to new heights!

Each dish we sampled boasted impeccable taste with stunning presentation:

  • Attentive service: Our server was knowledgeable and helpful without being intrusive.
  • Thoughtful touches: To celebrate our anniversary, we were gifted a complimentary cheesecake with raspberry sorbet—an unexpected delight!
  • Elegant ambiance: Nick’s offers a luxurious atmosphere perfect for creating memorable moments.
  • Higher prices—but worth it: While the cost may be steeper than everyday dining options, the quality of the experience justifies splurging on special occasions.

Kimo’s Restaurant – The Best Seafood Restaurant in Lahaina

When you’re in the mood for a casual, family-friendly meal that captures the essence of traditional Lahaina town cuisine, Kimo’s Restaurant is the perfect choice. Established in 1977, Kimo’s has been delighting guests with its culinary offerings and warm atmosphere ever since.

One of their fan-favorite dishes is the original Hula Pie—a scrumptious macadamia nut ice cream dessert nestled on a chocolate cookie crust, lavishly topped with whipped cream, rich chocolate fudge, and extra macadamia nuts.

We met up with friends for dinner at Kimo’s and were instantly captivated by the picturesque sunset views and extensive menu. Among our group, we sampled coconut shrimp, fisherman’s chowder, Ahi sashimi, citrus-infused fish tacos (a unanimous hit), and—of course—their famous Hula Pie. Every dish delighted us with impeccable taste and presentation. The accommodating children’s menu was also greatly appreciated.

Key highlights at Kimo’s include:

  • Family-friendly environment: Perfectly suited for gatherings with loved ones.
  • Ambient setting: Relax in a cozy yet stylish atmosphere without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Authentically Maui: Savor meals prepared using time-honored Lahaina town cooking techniques.
  • Diverse options: Enjoy an array of dishes—from seafood delicacies to non-seafood items suitable for kids.


With an assortment of fresh seafood caught in the Pacific waters surrounding the islands, Hawaii is highly acclaimed for having some of the most delicious seafood dishes in the world

Maui in particular, has a diverse seafood menu to offer. Whether it’s fine dining or more of a family-style restaurant, you can find everything here.

And that’s not it, if you’re looking for flavourful local style cooked seafood or you crave something on par with international menus I guarantee you can find them in Maui.


What seafood is Maui known for?

You can find all kinds of fresh seafood on Maui. From the Hawaiian special Ahi Poke and macadamia nut-crusted fish or calamari to the more fast food-ish favorites like fish n chips or a twist on the Mexican tacos, fish tacos.

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