Best Restaurants in Waimea: Top 6 Insider Picks for Foodies

Welcome fellow food lovers and Waimea adventurers!

My boyfriend and I have a special place in our hearts for the beautiful town of Waimea on the Big Island. It’s been our go-to getaway many times, and one of the main reasons is its amazing food scene! For the last two weeks, we’ve been happily skipping from one eatery to another, trying out new dishes and reminiscing about old favorites.

The fact is, I’ve tried countless meals all over this town, some hidden gems that only locals know about, or even buzzy destinations popular with tourists. And let me tell you – each bite has brought me tremendous joy every time! So as an enthusiast who cherishes quality bites and satisfying experiences in charming tropical surroundings like Waimea, I feel it’s my duty to guide you through these finger-licking culinary journeys.

In this article, I will share my absolute favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner around Waimea. To make it more accessible for everyone (and every pocket), I have also sorted them according to price – budget-friendly delights to gourmet splurges – so you’ll always find something delicious whatever your mealtime cravings or budget may be.

Warning: This guide might stir up an insatiable appetite for more delightful getaways exploring the rich flavors of Waimea!

So sit back, relax, and let me take your taste buds on an exciting adventure that’ll not only satisfy your hunger but also leave lasting memories during your stay at captivating Waimea!

Hawaiian Style Cafe – Best Budget-Friendly Restaurant in Waimea with an EXTENSIVE Menu

For the ultimate casual dining experience in Waimea, nothing tops Hawaiian Style Cafe. Known for its delectable breakfast and lunch options, this cafe offers a vast menu of both American and Hawaiian classics.

On our visit, we were amazed by the seemingly endless choices available at breakfast, featuring mouthwatering dishes like eggs and omelets, French toast, pancakes, and several takes on locals’ favorite: loco moco. I personally enjoyed their banana pancakes and Kailua hash browns every morning we dined there.

The enormous size of their fluffy pancakes meant sharing one serving between us was more than enough. Their Kailua hash browns were equally delicious.

Don’t miss out on this gem during your stay! Reasons to visit include:

  • Generous servings that fill you up – arrive hungry or plan for a late lunch
  • A wide array of breakfast and lunch options – can’t go wrong with whatever you choose
  • Fast service paired with accommodating staff catering to special requests
  • Reasonably priced dishes

Insider tip: As it’s quite popular among diners, make sure to put your name on the waitlist as soon as you arrive; otherwise, expect to wait 30-45 minutes. Also note that they only accept cash payments.

Overall, Hawaiian Style Cafe should be at the top of any traveler’s list when looking for great food experiences in Waimea!

Waimea Coffee Company – The Best Breakfast Restaurant in Waimea

Kickstart your day in paradise with a magnificent cup of coffee and scrumptious breakfast at the Waimea Coffee Company. This elegant venue offers trendy smoothies, acai bowls, deli sandwiches, and more.

As you sip the “Best Cup of Coffee” (as voted by North Hawaii News readers) while dining on their award-winning sandwich offerings, feel free to relax and savor the stylish atmosphere that highlights this eco-friendly establishment.

You can place online orders or pick up delightful goodies to enjoy later or share as souvenirs. From locally harvested honey to freshly roasted coffee beans, you’ll find everything essential for an exceptional cafe experience.

Lunch is served until 2 pm with a slightly limited yet tasty menu offering sandwiches, wraps, and soups.

Here’s why I believe Waimea Coffee Company merits a visit:

  • A diverse selection of coffee available throughout the day
  • Friendly staff who provide expert knowledge about their offerings
  • Unique souvenir options including local products
  • Tasting samples help you decide which coffee best suits your taste

The only downside is its upscale location; prices reflect clientele expectations. However, its smooth coffee makes it worth every penny – so don’t hesitate to drop by!

Merriman’s Big Island – Best Restaurant in Waimea for a Fine Dining Lunch Experience

At Merriman’s, you’ll be immediately struck by the long list of accolades that have made it a coveted dining destination among locals and tourists alike. With over 20 years of history, this fine-dining restaurant is renowned for its “Best Places to Treat Yourself” status featuring local produce and fresh seafood served from an elegant mountainside location.

Open for lunch and dinner, my boyfriend and I particularly enjoy visiting Merriman’s during lunchtime as we can take in the stunning views of lush green mountains surrounding the establishment.

Their mouthwatering menu offers dishes like Yokoyama Farm Beet & Fennel Salad and Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi. For dessert, dark chocolate lovers must try their exquisite Waialua Chocolate Purse.

Merriman’s exceeded our high expectations with:

  • Impeccable service complemented by friendly staff
  • An enchanting ambiance within a breathtaking location
  • A farm-to-table concept resulting in fantastic flavor combinations
  • House-made bread & butter ensuring absolute freshness

Please note that reservations are required because it is a fine dining restaurant after all – keep in mind that prices reflect the level of quality provided at Merriman’s Big Island.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable meal encompassing top-quality ingredients and mesmerizing scenery, plan your visit to Merriman’s today!

L & L Hawaiian BBQ – Best Restaurant in Waimea for a Quick and Cheap Hawaiian Plate Lunch

When you crave authentic yet budget-friendly Hawaiian food, look no further than L&L Hawaiian BBQ. As a fast-food chain specializing in traditional plate lunches, it offers tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Although it may not appear as an exclusive find at first glance, their menu reveals an array of delectable dishes beyond what’s expected from a typical fast-food joint. For example, our local guide recommended trying the Lau Lau (taro leaf-wrapped pork steamed inside a tea leaf), which quickly became one of my favorite Hawaiian delicacies.

Some reasons why you’ll love visiting L&L Hawaiian BBQ:

  • Generous portions of mac salad and rice accompanying every plate – sharing is encouraged!
  • An extensive menu with diverse choices to satisfy different tastes
  • Affordable pricing that won’t break the bank compared to other tourist-oriented eateries on the island

Next time you’re in Waimea and need satisfying traditional-style meals without burdening your wallet, make sure to pay a visit to L&L Hawaiian BBQ!

Jade Palace Waimea – Best Budget-Friendly Chinese Restaurant in Waimea for Dinner

Located in the heart of Waimea, Jade Palace is a popular destination for tasty and budget-friendly Chinese cuisine. With a modern twist applied to classic favorites, this eatery pleases both locals and visitors alike.

While the ambiance may be simple, the focus here lies on excellent food quality and efficient service. The venue attracts numerous residents, particularly during their buffet service – a testament to their delicious offerings. Alternatively, ordering from the menu remains an option as well.

Jade Palace earns my recommendation as a go-to choice for affordable dining in Waimea due to:

  • Utilizing only the freshest ingredients
  • Preparing dishes that aren’t excessively oily
  • Friendly staff members who provide outstanding service
  • Reasonable pricing compared to other island establishments
  • Generous portion sizes served piping hot and promptly

Whether you’re looking for lunch or dinner options in Waimea without breaking your budget, consider Jade Palace as your next must-visit local joint!

The Fish and The Hog – Best BBQ Restaurant in Waimea for Dinner, Featuring All-American Classics and Hawaiian-Style Seafood

When visiting the Big Island, don’t miss out on The Fish and The Hog, a highly recommended spot known for its exceptional slow-cooked BBQ meals. Embrace the comfortable atmosphere of their rustic-style building as you enjoy delicious all-American classics alongside Hawaiian seafood options.

With an extensive menu designed to please every palate, you can be confident that anything you order will taste amazing. My personal favorites include their pulled pork, brisket, and cornbread. For dessert, I wholeheartedly recommend their delectable banana cream pie.

Having visited Waimea together multiple times over the years, my boyfriend and I trust that any choice from The Fish and The Hog’s menu will dazzle our taste buds.

The restaurant shines not only with its flavor-packed dishes but also with:

  • Efficient service supported by warm staff members
  • Minimal waiting time upon arrival
  • Generous portion sizes perfect for sharing

You simply can’t go wrong at this gem – savor tasty savory items such as fish tacos or onion rings along with indulgent desserts like their popular banana cream pie or moist three-layer chocolate cake. Head to The Fish and The Hog for an unforgettable dining experience!

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