Best Restaurants in Wailea: Top 6 Eateries You Can’t Miss!

Welcome fellow food enthusiasts!

If you’re anything like me, then you know there’s nothing more exciting than exploring the fantastic world of cuisine. My boyfriend and I are always searching for the next delicious meal to satisfy our taste buds on our many adventures. You see, good food isn’t just about satisfying hunger – it’s an experience, a journey through flavors that can transport us to places we’ve never been before.

Just recently, my boyfriend and I embarked on a culinary exploration in Wailea, where we discovered some truly spectacular dining destinations. Every place had its own unique flair and charm that completely won us over. In all honesty, it was nearly impossible to choose our favorites because each dish left a lasting impression!

Now as someone who’s passionate about sharing these remarkable dining experiences with others (yes, that is you!), I made sure to document every delectable detail during our gastronomic getaway in Wailea. And today is your lucky day because I am finally revealing six of the best spots this amazing destination has to offer!

Warning: You might start booking tickets right away after reading about these mouthwatering meals – so proceed with caution (and maybe have a snack)!

Let’s embark on this scrumptious journey together!

Monkeypod Kitchen – Best Wailea Restaurants With Ocean View

Monkeypod Kitchen - Best Wailea Restaurants With Ocean View

Searching for a magical spot to indulge in great food, drinks, and merriment? Look no further than Monkeypod Kitchen, where food enthusiasts, families, and everyone in between unite for fantastic dining experiences.

With three locations across Hawaii and two on Maui alone, the Wailea branch is highly sought-after due to its stunning ocean views, live music performances, and welcoming atmosphere.

What sets Monkeypod Kitchen apart is not just the delicious cuisine but also:

  • The outstanding service provided by friendly staff who greet you with warm smiles.
  • An incredible happy hour featuring up to 50% off selected items.
  • Daily changing live music arrangements that keep things fresh.
  • Breathtaking ocean vistas from both outdoor patio seating or indoors through large glass windows.
    -Seasonally-inspired menus using locally-sourced ingredients like freshly-caught fish guaranteeing top-quality dishes every time.

Additionally, as a family-oriented establishment:

  • They offer a special menu tailored for young children.
  • All baked goods such as buns and bread are prepared fresh in-house daily.

If you have an appetite for expertly-made Hawaiian classics like Kaulua Pork or Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak; look no further! 💡

For exquisite meals within an idyllic setting visit Monkeypod Kitchen during your next Hawaiian adventure.

Morimoto Maui – The Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Wailea

Morimoto Maui - The Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Wailea

Morimoto Maui provides an extraordinary fine dining experience, boasting delectable Japanese cuisine and unparalleled ocean views. Managed by celebrity “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto, the restaurant showcases his distinctive food presentation style that turns each dish into a work of art.

Imagine indulging in divine dishes amidst serene ocean vistas at a luxurious venue; Morimoto Maui checks all the boxes for unforgettable culinary adventures.

As you dine at Morimoto’s, the sights and aromas will transport you to new gastronomic heights. Some standout items worth trying include their unique sushi rolls, tuna poke tacos, and Wagyu beef carpaccio for those seeking extravagance.

What truly sets Morimoto Maui apart:

  • Stunning location with unrivaled views of both ocean and beach
  • Distinctive plating techniques that treat your eyes before satisfying your taste buds
  • Consistent excellence in service and food quality throughout multiple visits

To fully appreciate the Morimoto dining experience, don’t miss out on these top recommendations during your next visit to Wailea.

Whale’s Tale – Best Breakfast Place in Wailea

Whale's Tale - Best Breakfast Place in Wailea

Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste or quality during your vacation meals. Introducing Whale’s Tale, an unassuming gem nestled within the 4-star Wailea Beach Resort by Marriott, Maui. Offering mouthwatering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at wallet-friendly prices.

My go-to choice is their delicious breakfast offerings served in a casual, open-air setting with soothing sounds of the nearby water. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee with vanilla sugar sets the tone for your day ahead.

Here are more reasons why I adore having breakfast at Whale’s Tale:

  • The peaceful atmosphere provided by its prime location near the water
  • A diverse selection of dishes: from scrumptious açaí bowls to irresistibly moist banana bread (that I highly recommend trying warm with butter)
  • Other menu items worth tasting: paninis, smoothies, fresh juices, and cinnamon bread

This cozy venue allows you to kickstart your day amidst stunning scenery and invigorating ocean breezes. 💡

For an exceptional experience at Whale’s Tale, try catching the sunrise from their dining area; it offers breathtaking views that will leave lasting memories.

Maui Tacos – Best Casual Place in Wailea

Maui Tacos - Best Casual Place in Wailea

When it comes to casual, flavorful grab-and-go meals that break away from typical fast food while being budget-friendly, Maui Tacos stands out. Offering a unique Hawaiian twist on traditional Mexican cuisine, this eatery is aptly dubbed “A Vacation You Can Eat.”

Having earned recognition from Nation’s Restaurant News for introducing innovative concepts in the food industry, Maui Tacos is currently a popular dining hotspot.

On their enticing menu, you can expect exotic items like the vibrant Rainbow Mango Salad, which combines colorful mango salsa with black beans, tomatoes, fresh salad greens with tomato vinaigrette, and cotija cheese.

Other fan favorites include:

  • Fresh fish tacos
  • Hawaiian BBQ pork burritos
  • Chicken enchiladas
  • Pineapple salsa
  • The smooth and creamy coconut flan

Here’s why I keep coming back and recommending Maui Tacos:

  • Their creative menu boasts entertaining options such as “Broke da Mouth” (adding guacamole and sour cream) or ordering your meal “WET” (with enchilada sauce and cheese).
  • A separate kids’ menu ensures this restaurant caters to families.
  • Enjoy refreshing tropical drinks as perfect accompaniments to your meal.
  • Expect quick service without compromising quality.
  • Generous serving sizes provide excellent value for money.

As seafood enthusiasts shouldn’t miss out on their tender grilled calamari dishes. Make sure you give Maui Tacos a try during your next visit!

Pita Paradise – Unforgettable Greek/Middle Eastern Family Dining in Wailea

Pita Paradise - Unforgettable Greek/Middle Eastern Family Dining in Wailea

While Hawaii is known for its distinct mix of cultural influences, Pita Paradise brings a delightful taste of Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine to the islands. A truly unique find, this charming bistro offers an enjoyable dining experience perfect for the whole family.

What sets Pita Paradise apart is not only its delicious menu but also the incorporation of fresh-caught local fish (sourced by the owner himself) and produce. This creative fusion results in mouthwatering salads, pitas, kebabs that blend traditional flavors with a Hawaiian twist.

As someone who has lived in the Middle East, Pita Paradise became an instant favorite—now a regular stop whenever my boyfriend and I visit Wailea. Some standout dishes include:

  • Sauteed mushrooms (tip: use your pita to soak up the leftover sauce)
  • Greek platter
  • Ahi tartar

Begin your culinary journey here with a classic hummus appetizer before diving into their tantalizing creations.

In addition to fantastic food options, you’ll enjoy:

  • Exceptional service from their friendly staff
  • Freshly prepared dishes bursting with flavor
  • Well-informed waitstaff offering recommendations if you need assistance navigating the menu

Pita Paradise promises unforgettable family dining that beautifully combines Mediterranean flair with Maui’s vibrant ambiance—a must-add spot on your next island adventure itinerary.

Honolulu Cookie Company – The Ultimate Dessert Destination in Wailea

Honolulu Cookie Company - The Ultimate Dessert Destination in Wailea

No culinary exploration would be complete without a delightful treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. The Honolulu Cookie Company is the answer to all dessert cravings, offering scrumptious pineapple-shaped shortbread cookies crafted with care and perfection since 1998.

With its ever-growing popularity, this cookie haven has expanded across Hawaii and even into Las Vegas. In Wailea, find them at “The Shops at Wailea” located at 3750 Wailea Alanui Drive.

These delectable treats come in an array of innovative flavors:

  • Chocolate-dipped
  • Holiday and seasonal specials including Gold Chocolate Dipped Butter Macadamia (my personal favorite), Gold Chocolate Dipped Kona Coffee, and White Chocolate Pumpkin

Honolulu Cookie Company’s unique appeal stems from:

  • Hand-dipping their cookies in premium chocolate for added decadence
  • Offering Hawaii-inspired flavors like coconut, lilikoi (passion fruit), and macadamia to give you a genuine taste of the Aloha spirit
  • Individually wrapping each cookie to preserve freshness
  • Creating their signature pineapple shape—a Hawaiian symbol of hospitality—making these treats ideal for gifting

Be warned: these irresistible cookies may disappear faster than anticipated. My boyfriend and I couldn’t help but devour most of our haul during our car ride back!

Honolulu Cookie Company offers indulgent desserts that will leave you wanting more; it’s an unmissable gem on any visit to Wailea.

Top Wailea Restaurants on Maui

Restaurant NameType of CuisineSpecial FeaturesTop Dishes/DrinksLocation
Monkeypod KitchenHawaiianOcean view, live music, happy hour, locally-sourced ingredientsKaulua Pork, Grilled Ahi Tuna SteakMultiple across Hawaii, two on Maui
Morimoto MauiJapaneseFine dining, stunning ocean view, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s unique food presentationUnique sushi rolls, tuna poke tacos, Wagyu beef carpaccioWailea, Maui
Whale’s TaleAmericanBreakfast hotspot, budget-friendly, prime location near waterAçaí bowls, banana bread, paninis, smoothies, fresh juices, cinnamon breadWailea Beach Resort by Marriott, Maui
Maui TacosMexican with Hawaiian twistCasual, fast-food style, innovative menu, family-friendlyRainbow Mango Salad, fresh fish tacos, Hawaiian BBQ pork burritos, chicken enchiladas, pineapple salsa, coconut flanMultiple locations across Hawaii
Pita ParadiseGreek/Middle EasternFamily dining, fresh local ingredients, unique fusion of Mediterranean and Hawaiian cuisineSauteed mushrooms, Greek platter, Ahi tartarWailea, Maui
Honolulu Cookie CompanyDessertUnique pineapple-shaped shortbread cookies, innovative flavorsChocolate-dipped, seasonal specials like Gold Chocolate Dipped Butter Macadamia, Gold Chocolate Dipped Kona Coffee, and White Chocolate PumpkinThe Shops at Wailea, 3750 Wailea Alanui Drive

Where to Eat in Wailea


Wailea is a culinary hotspot in Maui. With a host of delicious food spots, choosing where to eat can be tricky. Let my recommendations guide you to the best restaurants in Wailea.

Consider your schedule and try out one, or even all, of these top dining spots.

Enjoy your amazing dining experience!

If you’re a fan of Italian food, don’t miss Italian cuisine at the resort restaurant in Hotel Wailea. Over at Ruth’s Chris Steak House on Wailea Alanui Dr, they serve up a fantastic dinner menu. And the best food doesn’t always come from inside a restaurant, check out the gourmet food truck for some unique eats.

Happy eating!


Which are the best restaurants in Wailea known for Italian food and their diverse menu?

In Wailea, some of the best restaurants that offer delicious Italian cuisine along with a diverse menu include Monkeypod Kitchen and Morimoto Maui. These establishments celebrate gourmet food with an extensive dinner menu composed of local farm produce and fresh catch from the sea. The balanced flavors in these dishes provide an amazing culinary experience.

What can one look forward to during happy hour at some of Wailea’s top resorts on South Maui?

South Maui’s grand wailea resort such as Four Seasons Resort Maui offers amazing service during their happy hours. They often feature fresh sushi delicacies lovingly prepared by expert chefs like Iron Chef Morimoto, alongside delectable Korean fried chicken showcasing Korean and Chinese flavors. Boasting beautiful views overlooking Wailea Beach, it’s a fine dining experience you do not want to miss.

Can you find high-end restaurant experiences that incorporate local Hawaiian foods within Hotel Wailea?

Yes, indeed! Top-rated Hotels like Fairmont Kea Lani have upscale restaurants such as Kō Restaurant which provides luxury dining experiences incorporating farm-to-table concept using ingredients sourced from local farms in South Maui Garden. They offer seasonal dishes presenting great Hawaiian food experience while enjoying captivating views of the Pacific Ocean.

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