Best Restaurants in Molokai: Discover Unforgettable Flavors!

Welcome fellow food lovers!

The serene island of Molokai enchanted my boyfriend and me as we ventured out in search of scrumptious culinary delights. With a local friend’s advice, we explored its diverse eateries – from cozy little shacks to ambient al fresco establishments.

Allow me to share the story of our gastronomical journey that led us to establish a list detailing the crème de la crème that Molokai has to offer. Being quite the food enthusiast myself, I’ve spent years honing my taste buds and researching exotic cuisines. Today, you get to bask in this wisdom and make informed choices on your next tantalizing adventure in Molokai.

Picture yourself as someone eager for a memorable dining experience amidst Molokai’s breathtaking landscapes – that’s precisely who this article caters to! I understand how crucial it is for you to savor every moment without falling prey to mediocre dishes or subpar setups. Worry not; these places will tick all the right boxes–taste, ambience, service, and accessibility.

Warning: Be prepared for an eruption of flavors so intense you’ll find yourself reminiscing long after leaving these shores.

So fellow explorers with cravings aplenty, let us embark upon an irresistible expedition through some of the most unique restaurants in charming Molokai!

Paddler’s Restaurant and Bar – A Rustic, Flavorful Gem in Molokai

As one of the most renowned and favored tourist spots on the island, Paddler’s Restaurant and Bar never fails to impress visitors with its diverse menu and relaxed atmosphere. We encountered numerous recommendations for this unique eatery before giving it a go ourselves.

Upon entering Paddler’s, we appreciated the rustic charm of both its interior design and exterior setting—a true reflection of its authentic Hawaiian spirit. The mouthwatering dishes delivered what was promised: sophisticated flavors bursting forth in every bite. From savoring our poke bowl to indulging in a succulent mushroom burger, their culinary appeal became apparent.

Despite sometimes experiencing wait times due to popularity, this casual yet delightful spot is worth every minute spent anticipating your order. As an added bonus, Paddler’s doubles as a bar where you can enjoy refreshing beverages along with your meal.

Here are some standout points about Paddler’s:

  • Casual and fun atmosphere that welcomes diners
  • Offers both indoor and outdoor seating options
  • Limited parking available but within close proximity to other attractions
  • Diverse menu including delicious local favorites
  • An enticing destination for tourists visiting Maui

With fantastic food offerings combined with a relaxing ambience at reasonable prices on the island we wholeheartedly suggest giving Paddlers’ Restaurant & Bar consideration when exploring dining options during your next visit!

Kanemitsu’s Bakery – Best Restaurant in Molokai for Dinner

Nestled amongst an array of savory diners, Kanemitsu’s Bakery emerges as a delightful oasis for those seeking classic sweet desserts and scrumptious baked goods. The bakery embraces a simple and clean architectural style, featuring inviting display cases filled with tempting treats.

Stepping into Kanemitsu’s is like taking a trip down memory lane to the good old days, thanks to their fluffy-textured pastries and rich flavors. We indulged in their breakfast offerings on our visit without having to dodge larger crowds.

Their “hot” bread surpassed all expectations with its exquisite freshness, leaving us eager for more. We also feasted on one of their signature breakfast specials: sweet French toast sprinkled with cinnamon, perfectly cooked eggs alongside meat and fresh papaya slices—all rounded off with a steaming cup of coffee.

Here are some highlights you can look forward to at Kanemitsu’s Bakery:

  • Attractive breakfast specials that provide great taste at affordable prices
  • Freshly baked loaves of “hot” bread that are popular among locals and tourists alike
  • A wide selection of pastries perfect for an indulgent snack or take away treat
  • An atmosphere evoking nostalgia while providing exceptional food quality

For visitors looking to satisfy their sugar cravings during a stay in Maui, consider stopping by Kanemitsu’s Bakery—you’re sure to delight your taste buds!

Hiro’s Ohana Grill – Romantic Oceanfront Dining with a Culinary Twist

Located in an idyllic oceanfront setting, Hiro’s Ohana Grill offers a fabulous atmosphere for date nights and memorable occasions. Named after its head chef Woody Hiro, the restaurant balances tasteful decoration with cozy seating areas designed to create comfort and relaxation.

Blending traditional local cuisine with modern techniques and flavors, Hiro’s is renowned for offering mouthwatering dishes that please even the most discerning palates. Not wanting to risk missing out, we made reservations ahead of time—a must for this popular destination.

The helpful staff recommended their favorite creations from the menu, providing spot-on suggestions that ensured our time at Hiro’s was unforgettable. We ordered mahimahi, Saimin, and a delectable ribeye steak—all prepared to perfection. Their Saimin bowl emerged as my personal winner due to its warm soup and perfectly chewy noodles.

To round off our meal on a sweet note, we indulged in Banana Lumpia—much to our delight; it struck just the right balance between sweetness without being overpowering.

Why you’ll want to give Hiro’s Ohana Grill a visit:

  • Breathtaking ocean views perfect for natural Instagram-worthy photos
  • Live music showcasing talented local artists
  • A romantic atmosphere ideal for casual yet intimate dates
  • Memorable dining experiences featuring fusion twists on Hawaiian classics

For anyone seeking a fantastic culinary adventure during their visit to Molokai—accompanied by stunning scenery—Hiro’s Ohana Grill should be high on your list!

Sundown Deli – Best Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Paradise in Molokai for Lunch

With a reputation for satisfying both vegans and vegetarians alike, Sundown Deli has been an integral part of the local food scene on Molokai island for more than two decades. This family-owned establishment is well-known among residents as the perfect place to grab delicious sandwiches when you’re short on time.

We decided to pay it a visit just before leaving the island—our only regret being that we didn’t discover it sooner! The service exceeded our expectations, with friendly staff providing quick assistance so we could enjoy our meal without delay.

I ordered their vegetable sandwich, made fresh by the deli using locally-sourced ingredients: crisp vegetables nestled between soft-yet-chewy bread slices. My boyfriend opted for a succulent club sandwich, immediately charmed by its generous portion size and mouthwatering flavor profile.

Here’s why you should consider dropping by Sundown Deli:

  • Offers gluten-free options on their menu
  • Allows customers to customize their sandwiches according to personal preferences
  • Serves some of the most popular sandwiches in Molokai
  • Provides a cozy environment ideal for quick visits

For anyone seeking tantalizing vegetarian or vegan-friendly fare during their trip to Molokai Island, don’t miss out on this charming gem—Sundown Deli awaits your arrival!

Final Thoughts: Wrapping up Best restaurants in Molokai

While Maui and Waikiki are the mainstream tourist hotspots, the small island of Molokai is a hidden gem for people who want a less crowded and more intimate experience. Don’t be deceived by its size – the town of Kaunakakai, Hawaii itself boasts some of the best restaurants on the island.

Molokai’s food should not be underestimated. Despite its small size and population, Molokai carries many delicious food places that offer beautiful views, excellent service, and delicious, unforgettable food. From bustling food trucks to fine dining experiences, you’ll find the variety to cater to every palate.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time exploring all these unique food places. We had exceptional dinners at Paddlers Restaurant and Bar, with unforgettable dishes like Molokai Burger topped with spicy mayo and paired with white rice. The coconut infused delicacies were another delightful surprise.

This is why I prepared this list so you, too, can experience the ball of tastiness that is Molokai’s dining experience. From the restaurants in Molokai with their local favorites to fast food joints offering quick bites, there’s something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your reservations now!


What are some of the best restaurants in Molokai, Hawaii for enjoying the local cuisine?

In Kaunakakai, Hawaii, there are several remarkable dining options for experiencing authentic flavors. Top choices include Paddler’s Restaurant and Bar, an establishment renowned for its diverse menu featuring fresh herbs and local dishes like molokai burger with macaroni salad; Hiro’s Ohana Grill (also referred to as Nohana Grill), which offers fine dining along with spectacular views of the Hawaiian Islands; and Sundown Deli on Ala Malama Ave., known as a family affair providing impressive vegan- and vegetarian-friendly fare.

For visitors staying at Hotel Molokai, which nearby restaurant is highly recommended?

Paddlers Restaurant and Bar is a popular choice among locals and visitors alike. Conveniently located near Hotel Molokai, this relaxing spot offers delectable dishes such as garlic bread made from scratch and an array of other dishes such as their signature loco moco. With nightly live music enhancing its casual atmosphere—as well as draft wine to pair with your meal—this place should not be skipped when visiting this captivating island.

Can you suggest any must-try specialties while exploring hiking trails around Molokai Island?

After a stimulating day trekking through various hiking trails surrounding beautiful Maui or other parts of the island chain, food trucks offering traditional favorites can be enticing. One must-try dish is Korean chicken katsu served alongside creamy mac salad—a delicious combination that captures the essence of genuine Hawaiian cooking experience.

Are there any unique food options available at Dave’s Hawaiian Ice Cream Spot or other notable establishments on Molokai Island?

Dave’s Hawaiian Ice Cream offers a wide range of mouthwatering desserts complemented by cool sensations from their ice cream selection—perfect following savory meals enjoyed elsewhere on the island. Additionally, if you crave something extraordinary beyond conventional fast-food options, be sure to visit Paddler’s Restaurant and Bar for their roasted pork or angus beef steak creations seasoned with Molokai’s staple cream cheese. Prime rib and fried chicken are likewise sought after by countless patrons exploring the unforgettable flavors that this Hawaiian Island has to offer.

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