Best Restaurants Makawao: Top 4 Dining Spots

Welcome fellow food enthusiasts!

Take a journey with me as I reminisce about my unforgettable culinary experiences in the charming town of Makawao, Maui. My boyfriend and I went on an exciting adventure there filled with laughter, love, and most importantly – scrumptious food.

I’ve dedicated a significant amount of time researching and trying different eateries to ensure that your taste buds will only encounter the best of the best. Over our magical trip in Makawao, we feasted at numerous places with various outcomes; but fear not! I have carefully chosen four remarkable restaurants that truly stood out above the rest.

As an eager traveler always on the lookout for mouth-watering meals, these gems satisfied our appetites while providing exceptional service and warm environments. Whether you’re visiting or living here, it’s clear that these top picks are must-tries when hunger strikes during your stay!

Warning: Just be cautioned though – after indulging in all this gastronomic goodness, you may find every other meal paling in comparison!

So let us embark upon this delicious adventure together because trust me – your taste buds will thank you later!

Makawao Garden Café – A Wholesome Oasis Amid Maui’s Art Scene

Nestled in the heart of Makawao is a picturesque cafe enveloped by an undoubtedly Hawaiian atmosphere. Boasting verdant surroundings and artistic flair, Makawao Garden Café radiates both vibrancy and wholesomeness simultaneously.

My boyfriend and I had been eagerly anticipating our visit after countless Instagram photos stirred our appetites. Much to our delight, it lived up to the hype. Its uplifting ambiance served as an ideal break from exploring nearby art galleries.

Offering a wealth of fresh fare on their menu, we indulged in their seared Mahi Mahi sandwich and savory bacon-Brie combo served with their special focaccia bread topped with wasabi mayo, tomatoes, mixed greens, and sprouts. We couldn’t resist trying each other’s mouthwatering selections—my favorite being that heavenly bacon-Brie fusion! To complete our meal experience, we paired it all with a refreshing mango smoothie.

Here are some highlights of why we loved visiting Makawao Garden Café:

  • Delicious sandwiches served on homemade flavorsome bread
  • Emphasis on healthy choices featuring numerous vegan options
  • Irresistible smoothies offering revitalizing refreshment
  • The warm hospitality exhibited by their friendly staff

Kama Hele Café – Best Food Truck in Makawao

Ambling through the streets of Makawao, you may happen upon Kama Hele Café, a delightful food truck that melds American cuisine with iconic Hawaiian flavors. Conveniently located near Maka Glass or the pineapple plantation, this mobile eatery is the perfect spot to satiate your hunger during a hot summer day.

My boyfriend and I couldn’t resist their lip-smacking menu offerings on our last visit. We opted for scrumptious burgers and nachos accompanied by refreshing cold lemonade. The burger was packed with flavor, while the nachos were equally tantalizing. Additionally, we’ve heard raving reviews about their sandwiches and renowned Maui chips—definitely on our must-try list next time!

One feature that truly sets Kama Hele Café apart from others is its generous portions in relation to moderate pricing—an excellent value without sacrificing quality.

Here’s why we fell in love with Kama Hele Café and can’t wait to return:

  • A diverse menu showcasing both popular favorites and unique culinary blends
  • Delectable dishes that tantalize taste buds
  • Reasonably-priced meals serving substantial portions
  • Vegetarian-friendly options catering to diverse dietary needs

Polli’s Mexican Restaurant – Mouthwatering Authentic Flavors in Makawao

When you’re in the mood for flavorsome and authentic Mexican cuisine, look no further than Polli’s. Located in Makawao, this gem of a restaurant guarantees an unforgettable dining experience that leaves your taste buds yearning for more.

On one particular evening after a tiring day, my boyfriend and I decided to give Polli’s a whirl—we couldn’t have been happier with our decision! Starting with their house-made chips and salsa brimming with rich flavor set the tone for what was to come.

The magnificent entrees were the real stars of our meal. As if that wasn’t enough, we couldn’t resist returning twice during our stay in Maui—and even once more just before leaving!

To round out our dinner at Polli’s, we indulged ourselves by ordering sumptuous tacos accompanied by a perfectly concocted margarita—for which they deserve high praises!

Here are some highlights of why Polli’s left such an impression on us:

  • Attentive staff offering warm and friendly service
  • Generous portions making each dish feel like endless deliciousness
  • Uncompromising dedication to delivering mouthwatering flavors
  • A must-order: their exquisite margaritas!

The Maui Cookie Lady – Heavenly Confections Await in a Quaint Maui Shop

Allow me to introduce you to The Maui Cookie Lady’s unassuming shop, an essential destination for cookie enthusiasts visiting the island. While supporting a local business, indulge your sweet tooth with their extensive lineup of delectable treats.

Upon entering this charming haven, the irresistible aroma of freshly baked cookies caresses your senses. An experience like no other awaits! Offering classic favorites and innovative creations alike, “Da Half Baked” cookie triumphs as their world-famous masterpiece. Trust me when I say that after tasting its gooey richness packed with chocolate chips, no other cookie will ever compare.

From my visit alone, it was evident that the staff at The Maui Cookie Lady are not only welcoming and friendly but also put extreme care into maintaining hygiene throughout their humble abode—a perfect reflection of the extraordinary sweets housed within!

Here’s why this delightful gem left such an impact:

  • Scrumptious soft-baked cookies that melt in your mouth
  • Moderate pricing given the exceptional quality on offer
  • Attentive and genuinely pleasant staff
  • A clean environment showcasing meticulous attention to detail

Final Thoughts: Best Restaurants in Makawao

While staying in Maui, you must visit the picturesque streets of Makawao. While you’re there, you must embrace the richness of this place by exploring different kinds of foods. In these 4 places, you will find the highest quality food of different origins.

Take a stroll down Baldwin Ave Makawao and you’ll discover the hidden gem of the Maui restaurant scene. Stop at the Makawao Garden Cafe and experience the regional Hawaiian cuisine, offering an excellent meal with very good food. Indulge in their famous chicken bbq or their unique twist on French toast, you won’t regret it!

If you find yourself in upcountry Maui, near the golf course, don’t miss out on the Paia Fish Market. Known for serving the best sandwich around, the fish tacos and shrimp tacos are an absolute delight. Pair them with their selection of local beers for a full-flavored experience. And their mac salad? It’s an unforgettable side that completes any order.

Try All My Toppings for a twist on the traditional, offering an array of choices that makes them one of the best restaurants in town. The combination of delicious food and great service leaves no room for disappointment.

Don’t forget to taste the great food that Makawao offers. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with good food that’s satisfying and gratifying.

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