The 5 Best Restaurants In And Near Kaimuki

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Just a short distance from Waikiki, you’ll find Kaimuki, a neighborhood buzzing with activity and some of the best Kaimuki restaurants. It’s particularly celebrated for its Kaimuki local food scene, packed with charming cafes and divine bakeries.

But, the array of top eateries in Kaimuki can make choosing a dining spot overwhelming. Fear not, because that’s where I step in! My partner and I, seasoned visitors to Oahu, have savored the delicacies of nearly all the popular restaurants in Kaimuki. Here, I’ll be unveiling our favorite spots so you can enjoy the best food in Kaimuki, coupled with a lively atmosphere on your upcoming visit.

Our food journey ranges from the enticing brunch at Koko Head Cafe to the classic breakfasts at Moke’s, and from the mouth-watering desserts at Pipelines Creamery to the authentic dishes in Kaimuki. Let’s bypass those bustling tourist spots and delve into the recommended restaurants Kaimuki has to offer!

Here’s a heads-up: This Kaimuki restaurant guide may leave you craving the scrumptious dishes it features – consider yourself forewarned!

From Kaimuki Hawaii restaurants to Kaimuki dinner spots, you’re in for a gastronomical ride! Enjoy your Kaimuki Hawaii eatery experiences and don’t miss out on the unique food in Kaimuki.

Koko Head Cafe – Best Restaurant in Kaimuki for Breakfast

Koko Head Cafe - Best Restaurant in Kaimuki for Breakfast

Opened by celebrity chef Lee Anne Wong, Koko Head Cafe brings the best Hawaiian and Asian fusion flavors to Kaimuki. Chef Wong’s food is a must-try if you’re in the neighborhood, especially the breakfast and brunch menus at Koko Head. 

You want to try the Chef’s version of Loco Moco from their terrific brunch, served in a skillet with crisped rice, juicy beef patties, and kimchi tempura. Also, try the Korean Breakfast Bibimbap with Portuguese sausage packed with flavor. 

For more traditional breakfast options, go for the light and fluffy pancakes served with applewood smoked bacon and the Cornflake-Crusted French toast topped with black pepper maple syrup. 

We’re fans of the food at Koko Head Cafe and always drop by for a hearty breakfast as they’re the best restaurant for breakfast in Kaimuki. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • Their Kona coffee with Creme Anglaise is the perfect combination with your meal.
  • Their freshly baked goods, like sesame-cinnamon donuts, are great to get on the go.
  • They have attentive and friendly service.

Address: 1145 12th Ave Ste C, Honolulu, Oahu.

Moke’s Bread and Breakfast Kaimuki

Moke's Bread and Breakfast Kaimuki

A local favorite with two branches in Oahu, Moke’s Bread and Breakfast serves the best traditional Hawaiian breakfast to crowds of hungry visitors every day. Their branch in Kaimuki is a well-kept secret, so you’ll only run into locals here, but come early in the morning and enjoy the cozy eatery all to yourself. 

You want to try the light-as-air pancakes, topped with their famous Lilikoi cream sauce that tastes like a burst of heaven in your mouth. Plus, you can get the Lilikoi sauce topped on any sweet dish – bread pudding, French toast, and even on the side. 

Another terrific dish is their Loco Moke, with a thick cut of ribeye steak and rich gravy, or the Chili Loco Moco topped with homemade chili and cheese. Pair your meal with their Hawaiian coffee, and you’ll be full for the whole day.

Don’t miss Moke’s if you’re craving local food, as they’re one of the best restaurants in Kaimuki. 

  • They also make great classic brekkies like eggs with sausages and corned beef hash.
  • They have a laid-back setting and great service. 
  • Their food comes in big portions. 

Address: 1127 11th Ave, Kaimuki, Honolulu, Oahu.

Pipelines Bakeshop and Creamery

Pipelines Bakeshop and Creamery

Leave your cars behind when strolling the streets of Kaimuki, as Waialae Avenue here is lined with great eateries every few stops. That’s where you’ll find Pipelines Bakeshop, a relatively new sweet shop serving the best local desserts and ice creams.

You’ll want to try the Hawaiian malasadas here, deep-fried sweet dough rolled in cinnamon sugar and served piping hot, which is so good you’ll quit regular donuts. Also try their delicious homemade ice creams, especially in the Malafrozada flavor or fruity flavors like lilikoi, haupia or chocolate.

And if you can’t decide between their desserts, get an ice cream-filled malasada to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Make sure to stop by Pipelines Bakeshop & Creamery, as they’re one of the best restaurants in Kaimuki. 

  • Try their delicious ice cream bars made from fresh island fruits. 
  • They sell pints of their ice cream with mix-ins like cookies and toffee. 
  • You can get their malasadas shipped as well.

Address: 3632 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, Oahu, HI.

Asuka Nabe + Shabu Shabu

Asuka Nabe + Shabu Shabu

The best local food comes from hole-in-the-wall eateries like Asuka Nabe, a Japanese restaurant serving the best Shabu Shabu (or hotpot) in Kaimuki. Leave ambiance behind when you come here, as Asuka Nabe is dedicated to serving locals authentic Asian fare without any frills. 

You’ll want to get the Asuka broth with ribeye and kalbi meat, fresh veggies, and dipping sauces like sesame, ginger, and ponzu. If you want something mild, the garlic broth is a great option that each guest cooks from the hot pot on their tables. 

Don’t miss Asuka Nabe for a taste of local Japanese food, as they’re one of the best restaurants in Kaimuki.

  • The service is great here, with a friendly waitstaff.
  • They have excellent vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.
  • They have a BYOB policy which helps save a few bucks. 

Address: 3620 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, Oahu.

Mud Hen Water – Best Restaurant for Lunch in Kaimuki

Try fresh island fare straight from the source at Mud Hen Water, a local-favorite restaurant for their organic ingredients from farmers markets and home gardens. They’re also popular among vegans and vegetarians, so bring your plant-based friends for a terrific lunch here. 

They serve great small plates on their menu, featuring popular local dishes like Lau Lau with venison and pork, Fish Tempura Sandwich, and Sausage and Clams, with a side of thick bread to soak all the meat juices. 

Vegetarians will love the Fern Shoots, Buttered’ Ulu with fermented black beans and oranges, and Szechuan Lotus Roots, made from the freshest vegetables bursting with flavor. 

No one does farm-to-table food better than Mud Hen Water, as they’re the best restaurant for lunch in Kaimuki. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • The Sourdough Banana Pancakes on their brunch menu is incredibly tasty.
  • They have a great bar with the best Mai Tais.
  • The Chef makes flavorful tweaks to unique Hawaiian fare.

Address: 3452 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, Oahu.

Top Things to Eat in Kaimuki

Top Kaimuki Restaurants

Restaurant NameSpecialtyAddress
Koko Head CafeBreakfast & Asian Fusion1145 12th Ave Ste C, Honolulu, Oahu
Moke’s Bread and BreakfastTraditional Hawaiian Breakfast1127 11th Ave, Kaimuki, Honolulu, Oahu
Pipelines Bakeshop and CreameryDesserts & Ice Creams3632 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, Oahu
Asuka Nabe + Shabu ShabuJapanese Hotpot (Shabu Shabu)3620 Waialae Ave, Honolulu
Mud Hen WaterFarm-to-Table Cuisine3452 Waialae Ave., Honolulu

Wrap-Up: The Best Restaurants in Kaimuki

Kaimuki in Honolulu has you sorted for amazing food and a relaxed ambiance from its terrific restaurants. In addition, you can try local, American, and pan-Asian cuisines and delicious desserts from eateries within the neighborhood that are a walking distance from each other. 

Looking for an early breakfast or late brunch in Kaimuki? Head to Koko head Cafe and Moke’s Bread and Breakfast.

Want a flavorful meal from fusion cuisines? Try Mud Hen Water for local food and Asuka Nabe for Japanese food.

And don’t miss Pipelines Bakery for a tasty dessert.

The best restaurants in Kaimuki never disappoint!

After exploring the best that Kaimuki has to offer, you might want to venture back towards the ocean and enjoy some of the best brunch spots in Waikiki.


What are some popular Kaimuki restaurants on Waialae Avenue?

Kaimuki restaurants, especially those located along Waialae Avenue, offer a diverse range of cuisines to choose from. Some noteworthy options include Miro Kaimuki for Italian fusion dishes, The Surfing Pig Hawaii for casual dining, and Angelo Pietro known for its unique blend of Italian and Japanese flavors.

Are there any fast food options or parking lots near Ave Honolulu HI?

Yes, apart from the variety of sit-down restaurants in Honolulu HI’s Kaimuki neighborhood, you can also find fast food outlets for quick bites. Additionally, there are parking lots available nearby to accommodate your visit to these delightful eateries.

Can I find outdoor seating at Kaimuki restaurants?

Many Kaimuki restaurants provide outdoor seating arrangements allowing diners an enjoyable alfresco experience. Be sure to check if your chosen restaurant offers this option before visiting.

Have any new kaimuki restaurants recently moved into the area offering takeout?

In recent times, several Kaimuki eateries have opened their doors or expanded their services to offer takeout options as well. Keep an eye out for new establishments offering convenient takeaway meals in the area.

Is Otto Cake one of the recommended dessert places near Waialae Avenue in Honolulu HI?

Otto Cake is indeed a popular spot when searching for delicious desserts around Waialae Avenue in Honolulu HI. It is well-known for its delectable cheesecakes that come in various flavors.

What does kaimuki superette serve during lunch hours?

Kaimuki Superette focuses on providing delectable sandwiches and fresh salads made with locally sourced ingredients during lunch hours. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a wholesome meal while exploring Kaimuki.

Which Chinese restaurant should I try around in Kaimuki?

Duk Kee is a renowned Chinese restaurant in Kaimuki that serves delicious, authentic Chinese cuisine. Make sure to give it a try when craving some tasty Asian dishes during your visit.

Are there any breakfast and delivery options available at casual dining kaimuki restaurants?

Yes, many casual dining Kaimuki restaurants offer not only hearty breakfast choices but also convenient delivery services for those who prefer enjoying their meal from the comfort of home. Check individual restaurant websites to verify their offerings before making your decision.

What are some popular Kaimuki restaurants that offer outdoor seating?

Kaimuki is home to many great restaurants, but some of the most popular ones with outdoor seating include Aki Japanese Restaurant, which serves delicious sushi and other Japanese dishes, and a fine dining spot called Ave Honolulu HI, where you can enjoy a romantic dinner under the beautiful string lights.

How do I convert metric units to imperial units when cooking Hawaiian food?

When cooking Hawaiian food, it’s important to get your measurements right. To convert metric units to imperial units for ingredients like coconut milk or fried rice, use an online conversion tool or consult a cookbook that provides both types of measurements.

Where can I find good fried chicken in Kaimuki with outdoor dining options?

If you’re looking for tasty fried chicken in Kaimuki with outdoor seating options, check out the sports bar on 10th Avenue. They have a great menu of pub-style fare and plenty of space outside for enjoying your meal.

Is there parking available at fine dining establishments in Kaimuki?

Parking can be tricky in any urban area, but many fine dining establishments in Kaimuki have their own parking lots or nearby street parking available. Be sure to call ahead if you’re unsure about parking options before making reservations.

What is the best lunch spot for trying traditional Hawaiian food near Kaimuki?

For those looking to try traditional Hawaiian cuisine during lunchtime near Kaimuki, there are several excellent restaurants worth checking out. One standout option is located just down the road from Aki Japanese Restaurant – they serve up delicious plates featuring local favorites like kalua pork and poi.

What is your experience with outdoor dining on Waialae Ave in Honolulu?

I have had the pleasure of experiencing outdoor seating at several restaurants along Waialae Ave in Honolulu, including Japanese restaurant Aki.

Can you recommend any Kaimuki restaurants with outdoor seating and a parking lot?

Yes, I highly recommend checking out Kaimuki restaurants such as Aki for their delicious food and convenient parking lots.

What are some benefits of dining outdoors at Japanese restaurant Aki?

Dining outdoors at Japanese restaurant Aki provides a unique ambiance that cannot be replicated indoors. Additionally, the fresh air and natural lighting enhance the overall dining experience.

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