Best Restaurants in Poipu

Welcome to the divine realm of Poipu’s best restaurants!

Scouting many corner bistros, upscale culinary palaces and seaside shacks in Poipu has been a laborious but joyous task. From sun-drenched breakfasts to moonlit dinners with my boyfriend on the side (he just couldn’t resist all that food either), it hasn’t been easy making our waistlines this sacrifice. But hey, someone had to do it for the greater foodie cause!

In over fifteen years, I’ve picked apart menus and ambled through aromatic kitchens- right from Nouvelle cuisine heavyweights in Parisian arrondissements to back-alley pizzerias cloaked by Napoli shadows. Poipu though? It certainly holds its own charm that rivals them all. Every painstakingly critiqued morsel here is handpicked based on quality, ambiance, service standards, and perceived value- launching them into a privileged league of ‘Chosen Best’.

Warning: Do remember not everyone appreciates ‘culinary humor’, especially when you tell your date at the next fancy dinner that you’re only there to evaluate onion rings crunchiness.

Next up is an exhaustive list of these gastronomic goldmines, with something delicious about each one explained carefully for good measure so that by the end of it, you’ll have your taste buds tingling with anticipation. Now without further ado, fellow gourmands… let’s unearth Poipu’s best-kept secrets of savory delights!

Brennecke’s Beach Broiler – The Go-To Seafood Haven in Poipu

Seeking an unforgettable seafood dining experience by the beach? Look no further than Brennecke’s Beach Broiler, the crown jewel of Poipu! Perched right beside the magnificent Poipu Beach, you’ll be entranced by this eatery after a fun day of frolicking under the sun.

My boyfriend and I have frequented Brennecke’s on multiple occasions for meetups with friends, and truthfully, we cannot get enough of its sublime seafood dishes nestled into laid-back beachy vibes.

Parking is smooth sailing at any hour as there’s ample room within their lot; honking horns and confusing parking garages are a thing of past here. Advanced reservations consistently assure us our treasured window seats to soak up stunning views.

Every flavorful dish has impressed us thus far but among our favorites reside Blackened Ahi Sandwiches, Wasabi Seared Ahi, alongside your quintessential Classic Burger. My boyfriend often leans towards their divine grilled pineapple sandwich teamed fashionably with coconut shrimp whirlwinds! We warmly invite you to sample their gastronomic delights which are followed by leisurely seaside walks cherishing breathtaking sunsets.

What makes Brennecke’s Beach Broiler a must-visit:

  • Entertainment: Delight in ambient live music or catch up on games via TV screens while relishing delectable food.
  • Varied Cuisine: From Ahi Sashimi to Kauai Pad Thai – they serve an irresistible line-up! Their kid-friendly menu encourages tiny taste buds exploration too!
  • Full Bar: Enjoy a vast range of cocktails and beers complemented by martinis, cup mules, mojitos, and margaritas interspersed with wine options and mocktails.
  • Affordable Pricing: Offering meals between $10-$30 confirms that good taste need not cost heavily.
  • Happy Hours: Every day from 3 PM-5 PM & 8 PM-9 PM — let loose enjoying great food amidst outstanding company!

Hours: Open 11 AM – 9 PM (Monday-Saturday), from 4 PM -9 PM come Sunday
Address: It rests serenely at 2100 Hoone Rd, Koloa, Hawaii

RumFire Poipu Beach – Enchanting Dining by the Shoreline

Craving an intimate dinner with your loved one or a secluded family feast? RumFire Bar, perched near Poipu Beach is your ideal destination. Offering magnificent interiors coupled with delectable cuisine and premium drinks, this enchanting venue is bound to bewitch you!

My boyfriend and I have savored limitless visits to this gem of a dining hub. Let me tell you; if you fail to feast at RumFire during your stay in Poipu, it’ll indeed be quite the culinary oversight!

We stubbornly plant ourselves close to the sunset view paired with sweeping ocean vistas for meals garnished with unmatched panoramas. Marvel at how servers weave magic into each dining set-up perfect for starlit romance as they maintain absolute cleanliness.

Favorites on our list include scrumptious Hawaiian Paella, Poke Flatbread all laced generously with butterfish. My boyfriend swears by their classic Hamakua Mushroom Ravioli crowned elegantly by pineapple sorbet chasers. Dining here undoubtedly warrants being etched onto every Kauai itinerary!

What sets Rumfire apart:

  • Exceptional Service: Experience remarkable hospitality from affable servers, ensuring utmost satisfaction.
  • Versatile Menu: Dive headfirst into rich taste affairs featuring crab-crusted fresh catch, Miso Yaki Butterfish amongst others like their irresistible flourless dark chocolate torte.
  • Expansive Drink Selections: Swill down global beers, wines or local Mai Tais courtesy of their well-stocked bar!
  • Pricing: With full-course meals ranging from $30-$50 per person making every dollar spent worthwhile.
  • Wheelchair Accommodating: Accessible entrances/exits ensure convenience for differently-abled guests.

Important: Due to its popularity, take heed & reserve ahead (at least a week) as slots fill up quickly
Timings: Open 5 PM – 9 PM (Thursday-Sunday)
Address: Located beautifully at 2440 Hoonani Rd,Koloa,Hawaii

The Dolphin Poipu – A Serene Seafood Paradise in Koloa

Yearning to experience the hospitality of good-humored locals, devour fresh seafood and dive into authentic Hawaiian culinary magic? The Dolphin Poipu nestled within the Kukui’ula shops is your food haven, offering world-class cuisine in a vivacious atmosphere!

My boyfriend and I regularly frequent this charming eatery for business meetups owing to its cordial ambiance. Parking is amply provided, making it efficient with complimentary valet service as an added perk. What truly elevates our dining episodes here lies within their sushi lounge where distinguished sushi chefs handcraft exquisite dishes while happily engaging with guests.

Among our cherished indulgences are the divine dolphin sandwiches and tantalizing Hawaiian chicken that magnificently tickle the taste buds! Their unique option of combo-dining allows you to couple two types of seafood creating an extraordinary flavor medley.

Let me assure you; hesitation before ordering fish can be comfortably put aside at The Dolphin Poipu since provisions for serving fresh catch straight from their neighboring fish market exist.

Expect these highlights at The Dolphin:

  • Outdoor Ambiance: Enjoy al fresco seating under covered spaces perfect for viewing captivating sunsets adorned by playful dolphins if luck’s on your side!
  • Diverse Menu: Spoil yourself by choosing between delicious burgers, salads, and spicy Ahi paired with such classics like sashimi or poke bowls.
  • Bar Experiences: Savor top-notch potables stretching beyond crisp beers to include spirited sake cocktails rounded off exquisitely by fine wines.
  • Pocket-friendly Pricing: With meals ranging $20-$50 per person, superior quality comes without compromising value.
  • Daily Happy Hours: Happening every day from 3:30 PM till 5:30 PM. Enjoy meals infused with additional cheerfulness!

Hours: Serving happiness daily between 12 Noon till 8 PM
Address: Perfectly situated at 2829 Ala Kalanikaumaka St,Koloa ,Hawaii


Poipu is a haven for those seeking incredible food. Top eateries in Poipu not only focus on taste but also on sourcing only the freshest products. They prioritize local ingredients and follow only sustainable methods in preparation. If you’re in the mood for a breakfast buffet, Poipu Hawaii restaurants have that covered too.

For a luxurious experience, head to koa kea hotel. Their in-house restaurant, red salt, is renowned for dishes like lobster deviled eggs, which are a hit amongst the locals and tourists alike. Fancy a late-night happy hour? Many Poipu food spots offer this, ensuring you and your entire family have a lovely dinner. If you have specific dietary needs, worry not; many establishments provide gluten free options.

If you’re looking for excellent service, great service, or even just good service, these top-rated restaurants in Poipu will not disappoint. After your meal, if you’re too full, you might want to save room for dessert or perhaps another round at the happy hour.

In conclusion, for those arriving via rental car or any other means, navigating through Poipu food guide can be a delightful journey. With such a vast array of menu items, and environments tailored for any occasion – be it a romantic meal, family outing, or business event – Poipu beach dining and its wide range of recommended restaurants in Poipu guarantee a memorable experience. Dive into Poipu local cuisine today and discover the best food in Poipu!


Which dishes are most liked by people in Poipu?

Poipu offers a variety of different dishes; be it traditional Hawaiian eateries, Japanese food, Jamaican spicy meat, or Chinese meals, you will find everything here in Poipu. Some of the best dishes preferred here in Poipu are:

  • Seafood Sushi
  • Pork Potstickers 
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Crab Cakes

Are there budget-friendly places to dine in Poipu?

Food in Poipu is not expensive at all. You can easily find many restaurants and street food that is very budget-friendly. Be it cakes, rice, pasta, burgers, or traditional Hawaiian meals, you will find every dish to be under $70. Some restaurants that serve good quality food at reasonable prices are:

  • Little Fish Coffee
  • Paco’s Tacos Kauai 
  • Rumfire Poipu 
  • Savage Shrimp

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