Best Restaurants in Pahoa: Top 6 Eateries for Foodies!

Welcome fellow food adventurers!

Delving into the vibrant and artsy world of Pahoa, Hawaii, with my boyfriend was an incredible experience. We immersed ourselves in its diverse cuisine and delectable fusion foods as if our lives depended on it – because how else do you truly explore a new place?

Throughout this journey, we laughed at silly jokes like trying to pronounce “poke” correctly (hint: it’s not the same as poking someone), stumbled upon mouth-watering dishes that left us craving for more, and discovered some hidden gems that stole our hearts.

Now it’s time for me to share the wisdom from this gastronomic adventure with all of you! I have handpicked the top spots in Pahoa for an unforgettable meal based on factors such as accessibility, price range, staff service, ambiance, but most importantly – taste!

Warning: Reading about these delicious restaurants might just unleash your inner foodie beast who will start packing bags immediately; don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So put on your loosest pair of pants and grab a fork (or chopsticks) as we embark on an epic culinary trip through Pahoa’s finest eateries! Bon appétit!

Paolo’s Bistro – Authentic Italian Cuisine in a Cozy Atmosphere

Looking for the warmth and comfort of classic Italian flavors? Paolo’s Bistro is your go-to spot. This quiet, cozy restaurant serves unforgettable pasta dishes and freshly-prepared iconic pizzas.

My boyfriend and I were impressed by the authenticity of the food and the genuine atmosphere at this charming establishment. The unique ordering process added to our experience: instead of offering a conventional menu, Paolo’s features daily specials based on locally-sourced ingredients.

The staff verbally presents these options, letting you choose whatever catches your fancy. I opted for angel hair pasta with their special lasagna of the day while my boyfriend savored a Mediterranean Salad. We’ve never tasted such luscious vegan and vegetarian fare before!

Every dish offered flawless flavor balance; we could sense the loving care put into their preparation, transforming both taste and presentation into works-of-art.

With its affordable prices for high-quality Italian cuisine paired with delightful service, Paolo’s Bistro stands out as an ideal choice among local diners—for casual dates or intimate gatherings alike.

Reasons to visit Paolo’s Bistro:

  • A casual yet inviting ambiance perfect for relaxed outings
  • Authentic Italian cuisine unmatched in Hawaii
  • Generous portions at reasonable prices accompanied by beverages to suit every taste

Sirius Cafe – A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Pahoa

Take a scenic drive down Keaau-Pahoa Road and treat yourself to Sirius Cafe, nestled in downtown Pahoa. This charming spot offers coffee so exquisite you’ll keep coming back for more.

Though its menu is compact, Sirius Cafe provides diversity and quality in each item. We couldn’t get enough of their cappuccino and cafe mocha! Unexpectedly, we found ourselves smitten with their tuna sandwiches – a perfect pairing with our hot beverages that topped our favorite breakfast list.

Indulge your sweet tooth with their delectable baked goods, freshly prepared each day. Delight in their authentic Italian-style bagels and muffins crafted from local ingredients, creating mouthwatering flavors to satisfy any palate.

What truly sets Sirius Cafe apart? Its warm atmosphere surrounded by paradise-like scenery combined with exceptional customer service from friendly staff who ensure you feel at home as soon as you step through the door.

Discover why this hidden gem should be on everyone’s must-try list:

  • A laid-back atmosphere providing excellent customer service
  • Distinctive location: escape the hustle and bustle of city life
  • Access to WiFi along with computers and printers for convenience

Ning’s Thai Cuisine – A Flavorful Adventure in Pahoa

In the quaint town of Pahoa, we chanced upon Ning’s Thai Cuisine—a charming little restaurant with a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Famous for its mouthwatering Thai dishes, Ning’s also offers a variety of Asian cuisine and fusion options on their diverse menu. We found ourselves returning repeatedly during our stay in Pahoa, always leaving utterly satisfied.

One standout point was their captivating “butterfly tea,” which can be enjoyed with lemon or cream—both visually stunning and refreshingly delicious. Frequently, we opted for traditional Thai noodle soup accompanied by fresh summer rolls that boasted just the right balance of flavors. To quench our thirsts, Pepsi hit the spot every time.

For dessert lovers like us, their Hilo homemade ice cream—in Kona coffee and chocolate flavors—was a memorable treat. Dense yet tantalizingly sweet, it provided an unforgettable sugar rush!

Experience this delightful hidden gem for yourself:

  • Frequented by both locals and tourists; be prepared to wait—but rest assured it’s worth it
  • Capture Instagram-worthy photos with exquisitely presented food and drinks
  • Affordable prices ensure you’ll leave full without emptying your wallet

Don’t miss out on this small but enchanting eatery—you won’t regret indulging at Ning’s Thai Cuisine!

Tin Shack Bakery – Unforgettable Breakfasts in Pahoa

Kicking off our time in Pahoa, we ventured to Tin Shack Bakery—a must-visit destination on our list for delicious morning meals. The welcoming staff attentively shared information about the quality of their food and its fresh, organic ingredients.

Eager to try something new, we ordered the unique Pesto Okinawan dish: a delightful combination of veggie pesto, locally-grown Okinawan sweet potatoes, poached eggs, and English muffins. This vibrant meal invigorated us with energy and had us craving more!

We couldn’t resist returning for their array of baked pastries, and soon discovered their ethereal sourdough pancakes drizzled with glossy maple syrup. To round it all off, we savored strong espressos—the perfect pick-me-up.

Not only did this cozy bakery deliver exceptional flavor but also surprisingly reasonable prices—our hearty breakfast was less than 20 dollars!

Treat yourself at Tin Shack Bakery:

  • A charming spot for relaxed casual dining
  • Indulge your bakery cravings with rich options
  • Experience deliciously affordable organic cuisine

If you’re looking for gourmet food without breaking the bank in Pahoa, add Tin Shack Bakery to your bucket list—you won’t be disappointed!

Boogie Woogie Pizza – Satisfy Your Cravings in Pahoa

When pizza cravings hit—and they inevitably do—make your way to Boogie Woogie Pizza, the ultimate destination for mouthwatering pies that leave you feeling indulgently satisfied.

We ventured there during lunchtime and were pleasantly surprised by the lack of a wait time. The restaurant’s simple architecture creates an unpretentious ambiance—perfectly matching their scrumptious food as the star attraction.

Unable to resist, we ordered their Mexican pizza and Philly steak. Both dishes exceeded our expectations! The pizza boasted crispy crusts topped with generous amounts of delicious ingredients, while the tender steak offered an exquisite melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Not only are Boogie Woogie’s toppings plentiful, but their portions are also impressively large. Their secret recipe results in fresh dough with something extra special that makes it stand out from others. And it gets even better: despite its amazing taste and quality, this pizzeria keeps prices surprisingly affordable!

So why not give this well-loved eatery a try? Here’s what stands out at Boogie Woogie Pizza:

  • Exceptional food quality without breaking the bank
  • A wide range of toppings lets you customize your culinary masterpiece
  • Quench your thirst with various smoothies and beverages

Add Boogie Woogie Pizza to your list of must-visits when exploring Pahoa—you won’t regret indulging in their delectable offerings!

Liquin’s Cantina: A Hidden Gem Serving Authentic Mexican Flavors in Pahoa

Discover the true charm of a trip by venturing beyond typical tourist attractions and seeking out hidden gems that offer unforgettable dining experiences. In Pahoa, Liquin’s Cantina is one such treasure.

Tucked away as an unassuming hole-in-the-wall diner, this quaint eatery serves up some of the most delicious Mexican fare you’ll ever taste—a comforting reminder of its authenticity.

We opted for their steak quesadilla and were delighted with how flavorful it was when paired with their zesty homemade salsa and green sauce. These unexpected touches elevated our meal from good to downright crave-worthy!

In addition to mouthwatering dishes, Liquin’s Cantina also offers a bar for beverage enthusiasts seeking drinks to accompany their meals.

Here’s why Liquin’s Cantina should be on your must-visit list in Pahoa:

  • Sample scrumptious Mexican cuisine right at the heart of town
  • Enjoy attentive service without excessive wait times
  • Take advantage of ample parking so your focus remains on savoring great food

When exploring Pahoa, don’t miss out on visiting Liquin’s Cantina for generous portions, irresistible flavors, and a laid-back atmosphere!


Pahoa, part of the big island, offers a wide variety of cuisine from all over the world. In Hawaii, dishes are not simply copies of other cuisines; local Hawaiian fusion is also infused into the cuisine. All restaurants in Pahoa, conveniently located along Pahoa Village Rd, including famous chains like Pizza Hut and Burger King, conveyed an atmosphere of comfort, a homey vibe, and coziness never experienced before.

Because of the romantic sunset views and the vast skyline, we enjoyed every meal, whether breakfast with eggs benedict at Black Rock Cafe, or dinner, relishing fresh fish at one of Pahoa’s top-rated seafood spots. This is why I made sure to add the highest-rated restaurants in Pahoa, serving the best pizza and Mexican food, to this list.

Pahoa fresh fish and Big Island food are a must-try when you are in the region. You can enjoy the exquisite Thai food and other dishes prepared with fresh ingredients at Kaleo’s Bar, located at 2714 Pahoa Village Rd. The best sushi and poke bowl can be tasted in the quaint corners of the town with outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying the Hawaiian breeze.

Don’t forget to try the chicken pho, a local delicacy, or the chicken curry, simmered in rich coconut milk. The crab cakes, cooked to perfection, or as we love to say, perfectly cooked, are worth every bite. If you’re in the mood for something else, waffle fries or pad thai might just hit the spot.

The array of best restaurants in Pahoa includes not only those that serve savory dishes but also those that delight the sweet tooth. You won’t want to miss the key lime pie or the carrot cake, both are super tasty and made with love. Also, the fresh smoothies, guaranteed to refresh your palate, are not to be overlooked.

So, add these places, noted for their great service and good portions, to your visit list the next time you visit Pahoa, Hawaii.

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