Best Restaurants in Kahului

Kahului’s best restaurants are our topic today!

My boyfriend and I have made it a routine to explore the best restaurants in Kahului every time we visit Maui. From laughter-filled moments over mishaps to romantic dinners under sunset skies, I’m here to share our favorite Kahului eateries.

I’ve curated a list of the best restaurants, promising not just food, but unforgettable experiences. My knack for identifying top-rated restaurants in Kahului comes from weeks of research coupled with firsthand tastings.

If you’re a fellow foodie, this list will save your late-night internet hunts for affordable, yet heavenly menus. Say goodbye to potential kitchen catastrophes or lackluster takeouts! This guide to the best food places Kahului has got you covered.

Heads up: Your comfortable clothes might be your new best friend after this culinary exploration.

Let’s dive into the Kahului restaurant reviews and highlight the best food places now!

Tin Roof Maui – Best Restaurant for Local Food in Kahului

Unassuming yet remarkable, Tin Roof Maui is where you desire to be when your stomach hankers for authentic local Hawaiian comfort food. Despite its humble outlook, this eatery receives lots of love from customers, and for good reasons!

On a dear friend’s urging, my boyfriend and I ventured into Tin Roof one sunny afternoon upon arriving at Kahului airport. “Expect a long line,” our well-meaning friend had warned us – and boy was he right! Turned out we could have saved time by conveniently ordering online.

Although seating was scarce and mostly outdoor, fortune favored us with vacant chairs to unwind comfortably while relishing our lunch. Our meal included the succulent Mochiko Chicken with delightful garlic noodles for him and tasty pork belly plate for me; both surpassed expectations!

If you’re considering giving Tin Roof a visit here are some points that might interest you:

  • Assorted Food Choices: From pescatarian selections to vegan delights along with dairy-free or gluten-friendly items; pick what suits your palate best.
  • Varied Menu: Indulge in an array of meats such as pork belly, chop steak, or set your sight on garlic shrimp pasta & chicken sandwiches. Complement it all beautifully with salads, kimchi or soft noodles.
  • Pocket-friendly Pricing: Expect prices ranging from $15 to $35 per dish; worth every bite!
  • Accessibility: An inclusive space designed thoughtfully adding tracks exclusively catering to wheelchair accessibility.

Operating Time: 10 AM – 8 PM (Tuesday through Saturday)
Location: 360 Papa Pl Suite 116, Kahului HI 96732

One heads-up though! The limited seating capacity may make it slightly challenging for larger groups craving their comfort cuisine under one roof(no pun intended). Note the absence of Wifi connectivity in case you fancy staying connected whilst dining and sadly for canine-lovers no pet policy stands implemented!

We enjoyed our gastronomic exploration & bet you would too at this island gem nestled within local Hawaii!

My Thai Maui – Best Thai Restaurant for Dinners in Kahului

Looking for an intimately elegant location where you can relish impeccably cooked, authentic Thai cuisine? Look no further than My Thai Maui. This delightful diner delivers all the delectable classics with a distinctly modern twist, transporting your taste buds to Northern Thailand.

Venturing into My Thai one starlit evening was indeed one of my boyfriend’s best dinner-date planning decisions! Nestled near a breathtaking national park; the serene view flawlessly supplemented our culinary trip. The interior captured romance in its refined and tranquil layout perfectly augmented by soft background melodies wafting from unseen speakers.

When we delved into our meal— oh heavenly flavor explosion! Whether it was the decadently sweet mango sticky rice melting in every mouthful, the distinctively chewy Pad Thai noodles I couldn’t get enough of or those crispy-skinned chicken wings concealing incredibly moist meat beneath. The spring rolls also added their crisp notes to our flavorful symphony!

One tiny wrinkle impeded perfection — staff interaction seemed significantly sparse which occasionally led to minor delays but hardly overshadowed our overall experience.

If my detail-rich description so far piqued your interest, here are some added tidbits about this locale:

  • Variety Seating: Embrace tranquillity indoors or choose open-air dining under covers making group dinners easy and breezy.
  • Expansive Menu: Featuring eclectic modern takes on traditional dishes like Mango Sticky Rice, Fried Pineapple Rice alongside unbeatable Spring Rolls. Savor exquisite Tofu & Pork Belly Stew too!
  • Affordable Pricing: Delight your palate without lightening your pocket much; their offerings range from $15-$30 each dish.
    -Happy Hour Delights: Their value-for-money happy hour menu at just $6 is an all-day feast—from opening till closing time!

Operating Hours:
11 AM–3:30 PM;
4:30 PM–9 PM (From Wednesday through Monday)
230 Hana Hwy Kahului, HI 96732

Just so you know—they offer complimentary Wi-Fi ensuring uninterrupted connection whilst savoring these culinary delights under their roof(also coexist seamlessly within architectural aesthetics). Accessible for wheelchairs & gender-neutral washrooms amplify inclusiveness at this restaurant

Geste Shrimp Truck – An Unforgettable Seafood Experience in Kahului

Shrimp aficionados, rejoice! When you’re in Kahului, there’s one place that’s an absolute must-visit: Geste Shrimp Truck. Home to the freshest and most flavourful shrimp I’ve had the pleasure of tasting.

Upon landing at the nearby airport, my boyfriend and I made a beeline for this foodie haven. What greeted us was not just any ordinary food truck. It was a culinary shrine dedicated to all things shrimp—an actual prawn paradise!

As massive fans of shrimp ourselves, we were eager to dive into their offerings, especially after hearing about their mouthwatering garlic and pineapple shrimps from a local friend. True enough, each bite contained an explosion of savoury goodness—from the fiery kick in every hot and spicy shrimp serving down to every tangy hint found in their lemon pepper variant.

But here’s where they catch you off guard — they didn’t hold back with portions at all! We walked away feeling surprisingly full (and delighted) by our visit. Ultimately leaving us convinced that when it came to quality and quantity Geste’s managed to top even some high-end restaurants we’ve tried; temptingly affordable too.

Here are other features you’re bound to enjoy:

Outdoor Seating: Offers plenty of outdoor eating spaces ideally suitable for groups or families along with children.
Menu: A feast for seafood lovers! Besides specialty Hawaiian styled shrimps also involves lip-smacking seafood dishes.
Price Range: Expect prices between $10-$20 on average although party platter priced at $70 represents a total steal given its sheer succulence!

Operating Hours:
10:30 AM – 7:30 PM (Monday through Saturday)
10:30 AM – 6:30 PM (Sundays)
591 Haleakala Hwy Kahului HI 96732

Bear in mind though due non-availability internet facilities ordering could slightly take more time plus servers might not assist table-side while making payments only cash gets accepted but hey what’s gourmet without minor adventures!


Kahului restaurants offer great food and delicious meals. If you’re searching for top eateries in Kahului or wondering where to eat in Kahului, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s a romantic evening or a family gathering, local Kahului restaurants won’t disappoint. They serve delicious food that will captivate your taste buds.

From Italian food to fusion food and even Filipino dishes, these spots have it all. Craving fried rice, plate lunches, or perhaps some chicken katsu? They’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re in the mood for thai tea, hot wings, or a dive into an extensive wine list featuring international wines. Look no further. Plus, with reasonable prices and amazing service, it’s totally worth the visit. Don’t miss out on the coffee shop vibes or the aloha spirit that resonates in these establishments, many near the Maui airport.


What are the best restaurants in Kahului that provide takeout?

Some of the most popular restaurants in Kahului providing takeout facilities are:

  • Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice
  • Tin Roof Maui
  • Geste Shrimp

What is the best romantic restaurant in Kahului for date night dinners?

With a five-star rating and hundreds of positive reviews, Tommy Bahama Restaurant in Kahului is the best romantic restaurant. Offering American food as well as seafood, this restaurant is considered ideal for lunch and dinners. 

Where can I find good local food in Kahului?

Definitely, Tin Roof Maui and Geste Shrimp Truck are excellent places to try delicious local food items in Kahului. The former is well-loved for their comfortable meals like Mochiko Chicken and pork belly plate, while the latter is a popular spot for Hawaiian styled shrimp dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.

Do they serve Thai Food in any food court in Kahului?

Yes! My Thai Maui has some of the best Thai food on offer which includes an array of delectable dishes such as Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice served amidst a tranquil atmosphere coupled with great service. They’ve also got varied seating options that make it quite a relaxing experience whether you’re dining indoors or prefer outdoor seating.

What’s unique about airport food in Kahului?

Kahului airport houses many restaurants serving absolutely amazing meals that go beyond your typical airport fare. One such place is Geste Shrimp Truck frequently visited by locals and travelers alike, praised for its generous portions of Hawaiian styled shrimps using only fresh ingredients.

Are there affordable places known for great seafood spots around W Kaahumanu Ave, Kahului?

Absolutely! The Fish Market near W Kaahumanu Ave, serves incredible seafood delighting visitors with recipes cooked entirely from scratch including homemade prepared sauces; proving itself very much reasonably priced considering its uncompromised quality loved by locals and tourists alike adding to its tag as one among popular restaurants over here!

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