Best Restaurants In Hawi

Hawi, is a world in itself, full of distinctive flavors that my boyfriend and I, as hardcore foodies, love to explore. We’ve hit up the best restaurants in Hawi on our numerous trips, experiencing the delightful culinary scene firsthand.

Whether you’re prepping for your next Hawaiian adventure or you’re a local craving fresh culinary delights, if you’ve got a love for top-notch food and a hint of wanderlust, we’re on the same page.

The challenge? Navigating through top eateries in Hawi can feel like a foodie’s dilemma. But fear not! We’ve done the homework and hand-picked the top-rated Hawi restaurants offering quality meals without breaking the bank.

No need to worry about amenities, ambiance, menu choices, or prices — we’ve got you covered in this guide. We’ve even included a few insider stories from our own local Hawi dining experiences.

Fair warning: You might start drooling over our photos of authentic Hawaii food in Hawi. So, grab your forks and join us on this Hawi foodie guide.

Let’s embark on this gastronomic journey together!

Bamboo Restaurant and Gallery – Discovering Culinary Delights at the

Looking for an exotic yet cozy spot to enjoy a relaxing dinner? Say no more! The Bamboo Restaurant and Gallery is your destination. As one of Kauai’s oldest establishments, this award-winner masterfully fuses East and West flavors, crafting unique Hawaiian cuisine.

On a local friend’s recommendation, my boyfriend and I decided to give it a try – best decision ever! From the moment we were seated until we left satiated with beautiful memories, our experience was simply fabulous. Our waitress promptly brought us menus after seating us comfortably and her thoughtful recommendations gave us gastronomic goals.

My boyfriend relished an original Mai Tai drink complemented with a scrumptious fish sandwich while I savored some delectable pork roast with cabbage. But let me tell you something – that Mai Tai was out-of-this-world delicious! Every sip we took burst into an orchestra of tantalizing tropical flavors playing in harmony on our taste buds!

The food portions induced wide-eyed wonder – they were just huge! Yet being ravenously hungry, we gobbled them up graciously leaving behind clean plates. Refreshing sips of select beers (yes!) and luscious smoothies rounded off one memorable feast that night!

What makes the Bamboo Restaurant worth revisiting:

  • Enticing Menu: With lunch and dinner offerings ranging from mouth-watering Teriyaki chicken, traditional Hawaiian barbecue pork sandwich—paired ideally with iconic Mai Tais—it impresses every palate.
  • Affordability: A meal won’t break your bank; prices vary between $8-$35 depending upon what you order!
  • Full Service Bar: Enjoy alcoholic beverages or opt for non-alcoholic ones if you prefer.
  • High Cleanliness Standards: Commendably clean gender-neutral restrooms implying high hygiene standards maintained by the restaurant.

Sunday Happy Hours: 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM bundles great deals that lighten atmosphere even further!

Store Timings: Thursday – Saturday |11:30 AM to 2:30 PM|6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Sunday,Tuesday, Wednesday|11:30 AM till 2:30 PM

ADDRESS: 55-3415 Akoni Pule Hwy,Hawi, HI 96719, United States

Fresh Off The Grid – Unleash Your Sweet Tooth

Searching for an endearing dessert shop to indulge your sweet tooth? Let me steer you towards Fresh Off The Grid. This quaint little treasure on the island, renowned for their divine ice cream and a backdrop of gorgeous green valleys, is our go-to place after strolling around Pololu Valley.

One afternoon, my boyfriend and I finished exploring Hawi’s striking vistas and decided to stop by this delightful spot. Believe me – parking wasn’t a hassle; there were plenty of options! And seating was comfortable too. We received service that was as swift as it was friendly.

As we eagerly waited for our order, we spread out a blanket on the lush expanse nearby and simply relaxed soaking in scenic splendor. It was pure bliss!

We treated ourselves with poke nachos—a flavorful fiesta–, shaved ice—an absolute must-try—alongside cut fresh fruit and revitalizing juices – each item tastier than the last!. Special mention goes to poke nachos – perfectly seasoned boasting aesthetic presentation! Honestly very taste bud burst into applause from first bite onwards!

And guess what added more allure during our culinary adventure? Live local music wafting through pleasant tropical air.

A hot summer day calls for these Fresh off The Grid delicacies:

  • Serenity-filled Surroundings: Enjoy panoramic views of verdant pastures juxtaposed against the Pacific amidst blissful tranquility.
  • Eclectic Menu: Offering shaved ice creams (a hit!), smoothies like pineapple pleasure, mango tango among other lip-smacking treats.
  • Respecting Budget: Scrumptious meals within $10 per head mark maximizing value-dining experience.
  • Pet-friendly: Share precious moments with your furry friends here as you relish sweet delights.

Store Timings: Friday – Tuesday | 11:30 AM till 5:00 PM

ADDRESS: 55-3419 Akoni Pule Hwy, Hawi, HI 96719, United States

Digging into Authentic Mexican Flavors at Mi Ranchito

Craving authentic Mexican delights amidst Hawi’s dazzling beauty? Allow Mi Ranchito to come to your rescue! This well-loved diner, adorned with five-star ratings and waves of positive reviews, promises an exquisite journey through the heart of Mexico’s culinary landscape. Perfectly suited for jovial gatherings of friends or family.

As avowed fans of Mexican cuisine, my boyfriend and I were no strangers to this gem. Despite its humble settings (it’s a place where you order at the counter), we appreciated the casual environment – it made for a cosy retreat from bustling crowds.

A broad selection expands before your eyes upon ordering; but we narrowed down our choices owing to ravenous hunger: Tacos (of course!), burritos and chips stuffed generously!

Our taste buds ventured on an uncharted voyage biting into mouth-watering beef tacos with unmistakably homemade tortillas cradling perfectly shredded beef. The luscious burritos alone are worth multiple visits here. And can I take a moment to rave about those chips dipped in hot salsa? Heavenly! Every morsel intoxicates senses transporting one straight into traditional ‘corazon de Mexico’ – as they put it in their beautiful tongue.

What Makes Mi Ranchito worthy of repeat visits:

  • Outdoor Seating: Well-managed covered space outdoors that ensures leisurely dining without sacrificing comfort.
  • Lip-smacking Menu: Avail true-blue dishes from Mexico like chicken burritos, Carne Asada tacos or even Taco salads: take your pick!
  • Practical Pricing: Expect average expenditure around $20 per person based upon chosen delicacy.
  • Let Television Entertain You: For times when conversation slows down – large TV screens hurled around restaurant promise immersive entertainment.”

Store Timings: Monday – Saturday | 11:30 AM till 4:00 PM |5PM until 8 PM

ADDRESS: 55-3419 Akoni Pule Hwy, Hawi, HI 96719, United States


Now that you know all about the best restaurants in Hawi, you won’t have to go to any other site to find a good place to eat. So, forget all your worries and choose where you want to eat from these restaurants without any hesitation. 

Be it seafood, burgers, or a full-course meal, you will fall in love with every dish served in these restaurants. Go and have a satisfying meal!


What are some popular dishes in Hawi?

Hawi is famous for its wide range of food options, including Hawaiin, Japanese, Chinese and tons of other cuisines. With the unlimited food varieties, it surely can get hard to choose what to eat. Here are some popular dishes you will find in Hawi:

  • Kalua Pua’a
  • Seafood 
  • Loco Moco
  • Poke

Is food expensive in Hawi?

Food in Hawi is not expensive. You can easily eat a full meal in a price range of $5 – $20. Dining in luxurious restaurants is also not too costly in Hawi; the price range there is about $15 – $50 only. 

Are there any best restaurants with outdoor seating on the big island of Hawaii?

Yes, there are numerous great places offering outdoor seating. For instance, the well-regarded Bamboo Restaurant and Gallery along Akoni Pule Hwy in Hawi HI stands out as one of the most popular spots over other nearby cities.

When people search for a hearty lunch spot in Hawi Hi that uses local ingredients, what comes up?

During many personal explorations for a great lunch place using fresh local ingredients around Big Island, Mi Ranchito emerges among top results when people search. Their delectable Hawaiian cuisine featuring authentic Mexican flavor profiles is mouthwatering. You’ll find this gem located at 55-3419 Akoni Pule Hwy.

Is it common to find registered trademarks among restaurants in Hawi, or does it lean towards locally owned business?

While you might occasionally come across registered trademarks within the culinary scene on Hawaii’s Big Island, my experience indicates that these high-quality cuisines often originate from independent businesses brewing rich local flavors instead of franchises.

Besides outstanding restaurants near Waikoloa Beach, do you know a coffee shop where locals gather to enjoy Hawaiin coffee?

Absolutely! If we move beyond traditional lunch offerings and delve into some delightful caffeine indulgence at Fresh Off The Grid – an admired spot related not just to marks but also renowned for serving alluring island coffee alongside shaved ice creams amongst blissful tranquility & wafting local music.

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