Best Restaurants in Haleiwa: Top 6 Must-Try Eateries!

Welcome fellow food lovers!

As someone who’s had the pleasure of living near the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, I’ve had my fair share of experiences exploring the local culinary scene. This journey has taken me to some of the best Haleiwa restaurants and even the much-raved food trucks. It’s an absolute delight, but with so many choices in Haleiwa alone, it can be overwhelming to decide where to eat.

My boyfriend and I have made it our mission over the last couple of years to search for mouth-watering dishes and hidden gems like the most delicious vanilla ice cream and the best Thai food so that we could create a list that’ll surely satisfy your taste buds during your visit to Haleiwa. And boy did we find some winners! We saved you hours of indecision by choosing only the best restaurants offering a wide array of flavors – from delicious seafood plates at a standout seafood restaurant to scrumptious desserts at our favorite food truck.

Between both our personal experiences dining here and countless hours researching user reviews online, you can trust our recommendations will leave you full and happy after each meal. Plus, we tailored this list specifically for people like us – adventurous eaters eager for unforgettable meals on vacation.

Now I need to warn you: once you start eating at these places, it may be hard not to become addicted! In fact, my boyfriend now refuses to travel anywhere else without comparing their food standards against those found in Haleiwa (spoiler alert: they never win!).

So buckle up and get ready as we dive into six fantastic restaurants in Haleiwa that stand out among the rest!

Haleiwa Joe’s – The Best Restaurant in Haleiwa

For seafood enthusiasts exploring the flavors of Oahu, Haleiwa Joe’s is a must-visit. Situated along the renowned Kamehameha Highway, this exceptional restaurant offers an array of mouth-watering seafood dishes such as ceviche, fish tacos, and grilled salmon. And to top it off, they have an absolutely incredible lunch menu.

My boyfriend and I dropped by for lunch after a fun-filled day on the North Shore. It was easy to see why locals rave about their delicious menu options including prime rib, vegetarian fare, vegan delights, and gluten-free selections.

We opted to share their famous grilled fish with macadamia nut pesto while also savoring lobster cream sauce accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes. The fish earned top marks from both of us — flawlessly cooked and incredibly moist. As for the lobster cream sauce? Richly divine!

But we couldn’t leave without trying dessert! We ordered creme brulee which proved irresistibly scrumptious; my boyfriend loved it so much he almost didn’t share.

However, please note:

  1. Prices may be higher than average but are reasonable given the unparalleled quality of food and good service.
  2. Haleiwa Joe’s serves lunch, brunch, dinner, and late-night meals.

Here’s why Haleiwa Joe’s is the best:

  • Exquisite grilled fish topped with delightful macadamia nut pesto
  • The luxurious lobster cream sauce paired perfectly with garlic mashed potatoes
  • Attentive waitstaff that made our dining experience even more enjoyable
  • A diverse menu catering to various dietary preferences: vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available

Beet Box Cafe – Best Vegan Restaurant in Haleiwa

Committed to fresh ingredients, and local produce, Beet Box Cafe stands out as a top choice for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free food seekers. But their delectable menu appeals to all tastes — not just those avoiding meat.

My boyfriend and I decided to give this hidden gem a try despite being dedicated carnivores. We were far from disappointed! Their vegetarian burger (made from beets) was delightful, while the acai bowl topped with velvety almond butter exceeded our expectations.

The combination of incredible flavors and wholesome nutrition won us over completely. The friendly staff only enhanced our dining experience.

Why you should visit Beet Box Cafe:

  • Generous portion sizes that satisfy your appetite
  • Attentive employees who provide excellent service
  • A diverse menu packed with wholesome meal options

Don’t miss this exceptional stop on your quest for vegetarian cuisine in Haleiwa – everyone is sure to enjoy their offerings!

Ted’s Bakery – A Sweet Tooth’s Paradise in Haleiwa

For dessert lovers seeking treats in Haleiwa, Ted’s Bakery is an absolute must-visit. They’re famous for a vast array of pie flavors, including the legendary Hawaiian chocolate haupia pie.

Their condensed milk shake is also a hidden gem that’s not to be missed!

But Ted’s Bakery doesn’t stop at pies; they offer pastries and cakes as well as a wide selection of hot savory dishes like breakfast sandwiches, burgers, and Hawaii’s classic plate lunch—a complete meal experience!

Faced with numerous options, it can be challenging to pick your favorites. Our advice? Enjoy a hearty lunch but save room for dessert—it steals the show.

Our top picks included Mahi Mahi plates, mixed plates, and garlic shrimp plates—which we topped off with indulgent servings of Chocolate Haupia Pie and Lilikoi Cheese Pie. Dessert was decadent bliss.

Reasons to visit Ted’s Bakery:

  • Fair pricing ensures you get excellent value
  • Friendly staff committed to exceptional service

Make sure to try their delectable desserts when passing through—your taste buds will thank you!

Banzai Sushi Bar – The Best Japanese Dining in Haleiwa

Embracing the philosophy of “Keeping it real,” Banzai Sushi Bar consistently earns acclaim as one of Oahu’s best dining experiences, according to Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Their success can be attributed to their commitment to using only the finest and freshest ingredients sourced from local farmers and fishermen.

The restaurant particularly shines with its sushi offerings – I was especially impressed by their sashimi, which featured a mouthwatering trio of tuna, yellowfin, and salmon. The atmosphere is also inviting with a choice between traditional floor seating or regular table arrangements.

Though slightly out-of-the-way, this gem is well worth going the extra mile for exceptional sushi in town.

Key highlights at Banzai Sushi Bar:

  • Impeccable ingredient quality
  • Irresistible sashimi selections showcasing three different types of fish
  • Traditional Japanese ambiance

Pro Tip: Aim to arrive early around 7 pm since seats fill up quickly due to its popularity.

Haleiwa Beach House – Scenic Hawaiian Dining with Breathtaking Views

For those seeking delicious Hawaiian delicacies accompanied by mesmerizing vistas, Haleiwa Beach House is the perfect destination. Located along Ali’i Beach, this dining establishment offers great food and stunning sights.

Expect top-notch dishes and fantastic beverages at Haleiwa Beach House – the bartender’s fun attitude adds a touch of charm to the experience. You’ll be amazed at their take on traditional fries too; they’ve truly elevated this snack staple!

The ideal time to dine here is during dinner, but make sure to arrive just before sunset for an unforgettable view from their patio. Due to its popularity, it’s wise to make reservations in advance.

Highlighting standout features:

  • Picturesque location with impressive views
  • Delightful food infused with local flavors
  • Talented bartenders that brighten up the visit

Remember to secure a reservation ahead of time so you can enjoy high-quality cuisine while soaking in the unparalleled beauty of a Hawaiian sunset.

Maya’s Tapas and Wine – Best Restaurant Lunch in Haleiwa

When you’re craving an enjoyable happy hour or a casual yet flavorful lunch or dinner, look no further than Maya’s Tapas. This go-to spot is perfect for anyone seeking tasty Mediterranean cuisine in Oahu.

A favorite of ours during multiple visits, Maya’s consistently impresses with its attentive service, exceptional food quality, and value for money. The tapas dishes paired with refreshing sangrias make for an ideal meal to share among friends.

Planning a romantic date night? Look no further than Maya’s Tapas. Or perhaps you’ve got a friendly get-together – their happy hour is not to be missed.

In summary, the inviting atmosphere and delectable food will leave you coming back for more!

Key features of Maya’s Tapas:

  • Delightful tapas selection perfect for sharing
  • Refreshing sangrias that add zest to your dining experience
  • Ideal location for both date nights and group gatherings

Visit this lovely gem in Haleiwa when you desire fantastic flavors in a warm and welcoming environment.

Top Restaurants in Haleiwa

Haleiwa Joe’sSeafoodDiverse menu, vegetarian & gluten-free options, excellent seafood dishes
Beet Box CafeVeganFresh ingredients/local produce, acai bowls, beet burgers
Ted’s BakeryDesserts/SavoryFamous Hawaiian chocolate haupia pie and diverse savory options
Banzai Sushi BarJapanese/SushiLocally-sourced ingredients, traditional ambiance
Haleiwa Beach HouseHawaiian w/viewsScenic views of the ocean at sunset and great food selections
Maya’s Tapas and WineMediterraneanTapas plates, Perfect for happy hours and date nights paired with sangrias.


You’ll find plenty of restaurants on Haleiwa Rd and surrounding areas, serving everything under the sun. From Sushi to Vegetarian and from yummy desserts to delicious happy hour cocktails, there’s also a hint of Mexican cuisine in the mix. For a healthier option, you can choose from a variety of salads and freshly squeezed juice. Take-out is also a popular option if you prefer a beach picnic. While scrolling through your Instagram, you might come across mouthwatering pictures of the best restaurants in town.

At the end of your day, you can always chill at a beach house watching the sunset over the gorgeous Oahu North Shore. Consider ordering in from the local food trucks, trying the local specialty – the poke bowl. And if you are on the hunt for a great breakfast spot, Haleiwa bowls with their granola-topped acai bowl could be your answer.

Instead of roaming around confused, I hope my blog has been able to lead you in the right direction and narrow down the best choices so you can have a relaxing holiday with good memories. Whether you’re on the windward side or spending a day in Honolulu, Hawaii, the options are diverse and exciting. Don’t forget to try out the famous Banzai bowls that are all the rage on the North Shore.


What are some popular food trucks on Oahu’s North Shore?

During my time exploring Haleiwa Hawaii and the North Shore, also known as the shore Oahu Hawaii, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several delicious food trucks. These range from those serving mouth-watering coconut shrimp to others that offer fresh poke bowls. Some trucks even have outdoor seating with picnic tables for an enjoyable dining experience surrounded by the beautiful Hawaiian scenery.

Where can I enjoy a refreshing acai bowl in Haleiwa?

While exploring Haleiwa restaurants, I found an amazing healthy cafe called “Haleiwa Bowls” that offers the best acai bowls in town! These nutrient-dense treats are made with fresh veggies, fruits like papaya and banana, and other toppings like raw coconut flakes, making it perfect for anyone looking for good food filled with goodness.

Any recommendations for Thai cuisine or dynamite shrimp dishes on Oahu’s North Shore?

On my Hawaii trip through quaint towns like Haleiwa, located on Oahu’s magnificent North Shore region, one particular standout was a Thai restaurant. This place offered mouthwatering options such as dynamite shrimp seasoned to perfection and sizzling mushrooms bursting with flavor. The restaurant, only a walking distance from the beach, also offered good vibes and great service.

Where can we get our shave ice fix during our visit to Oahu?

For some excellent shave ice reminiscing about your time spent in this picturesque part of Hawaii on your next trip back home (or still during!), it is hard to beat Matsumoto’s Shave Ice establishment right there within the lovely downtown area. Don’t forget to try their delicious smoothie or perhaps a refreshing coffee latte. And for those seeking a true Hawaiian experience, do make a stop at Waialua Bakery for a loaf of their irresistible banana bread.

If you ever venture over to Kaneohe, don’t miss out on the chance to experience farm-to-table dining at its best. They serve the best food using ingredients sourced from their own farm, giving you an authentic taste of Hawaii. So, whether you’re a foodie seeking the best Haleiwa restaurants or just someone who never wants a bad meal while on vacation, there’s something for everyone here on the North Shore.

What makes Haleiwa Hawaii a go-to destination for food lovers on the Oahu North Shore?

Haleiwa Hawaii, located on the Oahu North Shore, is a food lover’s paradise due to its abundance of mouth-watering choices such as fresh fish, beach house dining experiences with stunning views like sunset beach, and delectable food trucks. This quaint town also offers unique local dishes including acai bowls, garlic shrimp, poke bowls and banana bread that further elevate the appeal of Oahu restaurants. You can also find specialty items like sourdough pizza and an intriguing variety of soups.

How do family-owned eateries in Haleiwa HI 96712 contribute to memorable culinary experiences?

Family-owned eateries in Haleiwa HI 96712 often serve delicious menu items made from fresh ingredients while offering warm hospitality. Their commitment to quality has earned some establishments high praise for great burgers that tasted great or providing tasty breakfast options. Some even have live music enhancing the overall atmosphere within this charming North Shore environment. If you’re looking for local delights, check out Giovanni’s shrimp truck and the Mai Tai at Cholo’s.

Can you find diverse offerings at different venues along Kamehameha Hwy when exploring various cuisines in Oahu?

Yes! Along Kamehameha Hwy in Oahu, there are many fantastic dining options boasting various cuisines ranging from Mexican food such as salsa (Mexican cuisine) dishes or guacamole to Hawaiian favorites like Kālua pork with pineapple. Additionally, you will encounter other international flavors encompassing Thai curry and spicy grilling methods which add depth to your culinary journey. If you are a beer enthusiast, check out the local beer scene as well.

From Waikiki to Laie, Hawaii, you’ll never run out of delicious options. And don’t forget, Hawaii isn’t just about the food – the weather is perfect for surfing too!

On a different note, for the health-conscious visitors, don’t miss out on the peanut butter-flavored granola or the refreshing apple juice and strawberry smoothies that can be found in various Haleiwa bowls. This town truly has everything to cater to every palate, making it one of the best places to eat on the North Shore.

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