Best Poke Places in Oahu: Taste Paradise in a Bowl!

Welcome to my escapades in the quest for ultimate Poke perfection!

You see, my boyfriend and I are absolutely mad about Poke. So much so, that we took it upon ourselves to scour every nook and cranny of Oahu to resolve this age-old question – where do you find the freshest, most delectable Poke on the island? After many delightful (and sometimes not-so-delightful) experiences, late-night cravings, and even a poke-induced food coma – I’m happy to report that our mission was a resounding success!

Now you can confidently explore Oahu like a true local food aficionado. With me as your guide and trusty sidekick on this culinary journey, you’ll soon discover heavenly flavors while avoiding those pesky tourist traps that may cause disappointment or regret.

I’ve been tirelessly researching and sampling Poke bowls all over Oahu for what feels like an eternity – but in reality, it’s only been a few days. The result? A comprehensive list of top-rated places serving up the absolute best. Poke these shores have ever seen!

Warning: By following my recommendations below you might just end up hopelessly smitten with these tantalizing taste sensations—once bitten forever smitten kind of love affair…Proceed at your own risk!

So buckle up dear reader; let’s embark on this gastronomic adventure together! It’s high time we dived into some mouth-watering goodness made from fresh fish caught right here in Hawaii’s bountiful waters. Indulge yourself—you deserve it!

Ono Seafood: Best Poke in Hawaii Honolulu

Ono Seafood isn’t your typical seafood restaurant that serves pre-made meals prepared days in advance. What sets it apart is their guarantee that each poke bowl is made fresh right after you order.

Popular among locals, this eatery offers a relaxed, casual atmosphere perfect for enjoying lunch with friends. Plus, there are no sky-high prices! At Ono Seafood, delicious food doesn’t have to break the bank.

Poke bowls are their signature menu item. With eight different flavors, three types of seafood variations, and two size options available, you’ll be spoiled for choice. My boyfriend went for a large bowl while I chose a regular sized one accompanied by a salad with soy-sesame dressing on the side.

The large bowl includes rice and two choices of poke (he opted for Ahi and salmon)—satisfyingly filling for lunch! We appreciated every dish we ordered because of their freshness and delightful flavors.

Highlights of our experience at Ono Seafood were:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Fresh fish taking center stage in their poke bowls
  • Minimal distractions from toppings to let flavors shine through

Don’t miss out on this fantastic spot during your Oahu visit!

Foodland: Poke Bowl Heaven in Oahu

Foodland, a humble grocery store, holds delightful surprises. Little would you expect that this one-stop-shop offers an incredible selection of fresh poke bowls to satisfy your cravings while visiting Oahu.

From classic favorites like Ahi tuna to daring options such as octopus, Foodland is known for its extensive poke bar featuring 15 delectable flavors.

As a tourist, I found this visit to be surprisingly enjoyable—it’s not often someone raves about a trip to the grocery store! With options for food and drinks readily available, Foodland became our go-to spot for satisfying hunger pangs quickly without compromising on quality or taste.

Their poke bar was nothing short of amazing due to its diverse offerings and affordable prices. What caught my attention was their unique touch of adding spice to the rice—providing just enough kick without overwhelming the palette.

At Foodland, you can buy poke by itself or opt for a complete bowl. My choice? The mouth-watering Ahi limu!

So next time you’re exploring Oahu, give Foodland’s surprising charm a try—you won’t be disappointed!

Tanioka’s Seafood and Catering: The Go-To Spot for Japanese-Hawaiian Fusion Poke in Oahu

A beloved, nostalgic favorite among locals, Tanioka’s Seafood and Catering offers some of the best fresh, local-style food in Oahu.

Established in 1978, this family-run eatery is well-known for its delicious Hawaiian-Japanese fusion dishes. Expect an eclectic mix of flavors like spicy Ahi poke bowls alongside shrimp tempura.

As they serve breakfast and lunch, it’s wise to arrive early to beat the rush—though their efficient service ensures you won’t be waiting too long even if there is a line.

With fantastic options ranging from poke to plate lunches our feast consisted of volcano alae poke, Taki, spicy Ahi served over sushi rice—a must-try fan favorite! The subtle vinegar infusion transformed plain rice into something truly special.

What made our experience at Tanioka’s memorable?

  • Freshly prepared foods with outstanding taste
  • Lines move quickly so you won’t have much time wasted
  • Exceptional customer service creating a welcoming atmosphere

Pro tip: Call ahead for curbside delivery to skip standing in line!

Next time you’re craving Japanese-Hawaiian culinary delights while exploring Oahu, give Tanioka’s Seafood and Catering a try—you won’t regret it!

Alicia’s Market: The Finest Spot for Tako Poke in Oahu

A family-owned general store since the 1940s, Alicia’s Market has been serving mouthwatering poke ever since its inception.

Having heard rave reviews about this longstanding establishment, we were eager to discover what kept it thriving for nearly seven decades.

We recommend visiting earlier in the day to ensure you have plenty of menu options before they run out of their most popular dishes.

At Alicia’s, I savored their spiced Ahi—it’s fascinating how each eatery on the island presents its unique spin on this classic dish. In our thirst for adventure, my boyfriend opted for smoked Tako (octopus). Cooking octopus can be tricky, but when executed well—as at Alicia’s—it becomes an irresistible delight.

Though prices are somewhat higher than those found at other poke spots around Oahu, you’re paying premium quality–especially when it comes to their masterfully prepared Tako.

What stood out during our visit to Alicia’s Market?

  • Complimentary bite-sized samples assist your decision-making
  • Swift service ensures minimal wait time
  • Generous portions that satisfy hunger pangs

Do yourself a favor and try out some of the best Tako poke at Alicia’s Market during your trip to Oahu!

Poke Bar: The Best Place in Waikiki Oahu to Build Your Own Poke Bowl

Serving lunch and dinner daily, Poke Bar brings you a unique experience of crafting personalized poke bowls tailored to your preferences. Delight your taste buds with an incredible fusion of fresh fish, delectable toppings, and diverse mix-ins.

Constructing your custom bowl is as easy as following their six-step process, which streamlines your choices like an assembly line:

  1. Choose your serving size
  2. Select a base from various rice options or mixed greens
  3. Pick out accompanying sides
  4. Add poke—the protein of your choice
  5. Enhance flavors with mix-ins
  6. Finish off by drizzling on a delicious sauce

Highlights of our visit to Poke Bar included:

  • Vibrant sauces that perfectly complement each bowl while delivering excellent customer service throughout the dining experience.
  • Newcomer-friendly step-by-step process making it informative yet not overwhelming for first-timers.
  • Maintaining high-quality standards despite offering various customization options at every step.
  • Limited outdoor seating available, but overall still worthy of being considered Oahu’s ultimate destination for customizable poke bowls!


It would be a shame if you came to Oahu and did not try the food that put Hawaii on the culinary map. 

While everyone has their rendition of Poke and their fan following, the 5 eateries mentioned above are the ones that are most famous with many tourists and locals alike. 

Try all five for various flavors, or choose one that would be the easiest for you to go to, depending on how much time you have to spare, but don’t miss out on a chance to try the delicious and healthy Poke Oahu has to offer.


Why is Poke so popular in Oahu?

While Poke might be a recent entry on the international food scene, Hawaiians have been eating this dish since days of old when fishermen would slice up raw fish and season them with whatever was at hand.

Do you mix Poke bowls before eating?

Our first instinct would be to mix the Poke bowls like a salad before eating, but that’s not how they were meant to be eaten. Each ingredient is designed to add a separate layer of flavor and texture to the bowl.

How do you pronounce Poke in Hawaiian?

It’s pronounced as POH-KAY.

What does a Poke Bowl in Oahu cost?

Prices vary from place to place, depending on where you eat. Typically a Poke bowl would cost you anywhere around $9 – $13

What kind of fish is in Poke?

Traditionally Poke started as small reef fish sliced and served raw with basic condiments like salt, candlenuts, and seaweed. Later Ahi (tuna) became a popular choice for Poke. But now you can find various kinds of seafood, like octopus and salmon, in your Poke.

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