Best Pizza in Waikiki 2023 [Avoid Tourist Traps]

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I was excited to explore all the different pizza options Waikiki had to offer. My boyfriend and I love exploring and experimenting with different pizza ingredients and crusts. That’s why when we took out annual trip to Hawaii, we skipped the big chains and asked the locals for their favorite spots.

We were not disappointed!

We found some amazing pizza places with thin-styled crusts, classic Italian pizza, brick oven pizzas, New York, and other local surprises.

My favorite picks were based on the crust, fresh ingredients, creativity, and service. You will love all 3 picks!

#1. Appetito Craft Pizza and Wine Bar – The Best Local Pizza in Honolulu

Appetito Craft Pizza and Wine Bar – The Best Local Pizza in Honolulu

This restaurant has a beautiful venue. The menu has some delicious, simple dishes and traditional Italian pizza. There is fun bar seating and booths for larger families. It’s my number one pick because the pizza here is authentic Italian. How I like it.

We made dinner reservations a day before and had a memorable date night. The drink menu was impressive, and the servers were knowledgeable about giving recommendations. We decided on some wheat ale with our pizzas.

We ordered several things off the menu, and the food came out quickly. We shared the Portobello mushroom fries and Tuscan Hummus with pita bread. Everything was very flavorful and fresh. The fries were well done and not greasy, which I loved.

I chose the Quarto Formaggi pizza for the main meal, and my boyfriend had the Shrimp Pesto pizza. My pizza was classic Italian with a delicious thin crust and fresh, well-chosen toppings. All the flavors complimented each other, and it wasn’t greasy or too heavy. They can make all the options with a gluten-free thin cauliflower crust.

There are great Italian chicken and beef options for family members who are not craving pizza. It can get busy, so make reservations.

  • This pizza place is the best because:
  • The pica is masterfully prepared with just the right cheese and toppings.
  • There is a large drink menu and options for those not craving pizzas.
  • There are gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.
  • They have delicious and fun starters to try out.

#2. Slice of Waikiki – Best Hole in the Wall Pizza Waikiki

Slice of Waikiki – Best Hole in the Wall Pizza Waikiki

So, we ate here twice in one day!

Our first visit to the – literal hole in the wall – was to grab some slices of pizza on our way. We tried the Green Monster and Death by Meat (I think the name tells you about the toppings.) They served the pizza with a homemade ranch sauce which I couldn’t stop eating. The slices were smothered with cheese and toppings, and the crust was chewy.

We loved the food so much that we made another order to enjoy our sunset at the beach. Our pizza was super-hot right out of the oven. It was just right for eating when we arrived at the beach. We had the Supreme (pepperoni, sausage, Ham, bell peppers, onions, olives, and mushrooms.) Again the ranch sauce was amazing, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

This option is not super healthy for picky eaters. It is traditional and full of flavor.

It’s only my second choice because there is no actual restaurant. 

It is my number two pick because:

  • The pizza is truly full of flavor and fresh.
  • There are plenty of options on the menu, or you can make your pizza.
  • They offer pizza by the slice or whole pizzas.
  • The homemade ranch sauce alone is worth the trip.

#3. Skybox Taphouse – Best Hawaiian Pizza in Honolulu

Skybox Taphouse – Best Hawaiian Pizza in Honolulu

I was prepared not to like this spot – but they changed my mind! This spacious open-air venue is located in the international marketplace. It has inside and outside seating, with great game views and the beach. Hence my reluctance that the food was going to be commercial!

I was wrong! Not only that, this was my boyfriend’s favorite spot! The menu has delicious salad options, burgers, desserts, and a kid’s section. The pizza choices are many, and they are creative. We ordered the BBQ pork (BBQ sauce, mozzarella, pork, red onion, jalapeno, bacon, pineapple) and the spinach artichoke (feta, chicken, garlic sauce, and more..)

Both pizzas were delightful, and the crust was perfectly done. There are a lot of toppings, and the sauce and cheese are delicious. For drinks, we had some beer, and for dessert, panna cotta with strawberry compote (tasty and refreshing).

The evening we were there they had live music! But they told us there is karaoke on some nights too (hey, you are far away from everyone that knows you)! This is a family-friendly place with families with small children and teenagers.

Don’t miss out on this restaurant because:

  • It offers large portions of pizza with plenty of toppings at a lively sports bar.
  • The food is fresh and well prepared, and you can choose from many options.
  • It is family-friendly, with plenty of space to enjoy the view or watch a game.
  • They have live music and karaoke (for the brave).


Waikiki pizza places surely delight the taste buds. Honolulu, HI boasts some of the best pizza restaurants. Pizza lovers must visit the pizza joint Brick Fire Tavern for their delicious pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. The margherita pizza here stands out, with pizza dough hand-tossed to perfection.

Round Table Pizza and Papa John’s Pizza are top picks for those seeking classic pies like bbq chicken and Italian sausage. For a unique taste, try the guava-infused crust with Chinese sausage or Portuguese sausage. Their pizza place offers gourmet pizzas like the classic margarita with fresh spinach, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce.

Meanwhile, Hilton Hawaiian Village is known for its yummy pizza with gorgonzola cheese. Whether you’re in the mood for New York-style pizza or a whole pizza with black olives and smoked pancetta, Waikiki won’t disappoint. Don’t forget to explore other Waikiki pizzerias and read Waikiki pizza reviews for the best experience.

Top Pizza Places in Waikiki

Restaurant NameHighlightsSpecialtyAdditional Notes
Appetito Craft Pizza and Wine Bar– Authentic Italian pizza
– Fun bar seating & booths
– Large drink menu
Best Local Pizza in Honolulu– Great starters like Portobello mushroom fries and Tuscan Hummus
– Offers gluten-free options
Slice of Waikiki– Pizza full of flavor
– Pizza by the slice or whole
– Homemade ranch sauce
Best Hole in the Wall Pizza– No actual restaurant
– Traditional and full of flavor
Skybox Taphouse– Spacious open-air venue
– Many pizza choices & creative toppings
– Live music & karaoke
Best Hawaiian Pizza in Honolulu– Family-friendly with live music & karaoke
– Offers other dishes like salads, burgers, and desserts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can you eat on the beach in Waikiki?

Yes. Food is allowed on the beach, and many people choose to have a picnic here. A good option is watching the sunset and grabbing dinner for takeout. There are also restaurants overlooking the beach. If you choose to eat at the beach, make sure not to leave trash.

Do they sell pizza in Hawaii?

Yes. Hawaii has a lot of great pizza restaurants and Italian restaurants. There are several national chain pizza restaurants in Hawaii. However, for the highest quality authentic pizza with fresh produce, it is best to visit the local pizza places. Most local shops have in-house dining and pick-up. Some have delivery.

What time is the last call in Hawaii?

Almost all bars and clubs close at 2 a.m. in Hawaii. Only a few have a license to work until 4 a.m. However, if you are looking for a restaurant atmosphere, they typically work until 9 or 10 p.m. Some restaurants only work lunch and dinner hours and can close as early as 7 p.m. Make sure to check out your specific place before you head out.

Where can I find the best pizza in Honolulu, HI?

If you’re looking for some of the top pizza joints in Waikiki where you could relish a crusty creation or a classic Margherita with hand-tossed dough, consider trying out Appetito Craft Pizza and Wine Bar as one of your options. They are known to deliver great pizza made from fresh ingredients.

What’s special about Waikiki’s pizzerias as compared to mainstream chains like Papa Johns’ Pizza?

While Papa John’s serves good pizza, exploring places like Slice of Waikiki or Skybox Taphouse lets you savor authentic pizzas that hold unique local charm – whether it be pizzas topped with Kalua pork Hawaiian style or enjoying sweet Bangkok inspired gourmet pizzas. Moreover, these restaurants also offer an excellent ambiance for customers. For instance, Skybox Taphouse has happy hour deals and live entertainment on some nights.

How is making my own pizza at a Waikiki restaurant different from ordering off-menu?

Making your own pizza offers a creative experience especially if you try it at one of the popular Italian restaurants in Honolulu like Appetito Craft Pizza and Wine Bar. You’ll get to choose from locally sourced ingredients placing everything on their signature thin crust dough according to your taste preferences- definitely worth considering during dining out plans around beach-side eateries in Hawaii.

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