Best Pho in Maui: Top 4 Places You Can’t Miss Out On!

Welcome to the world of mouthwatering pho, fellow food enthusiasts!

As someone who has sampled various foods across different cities, there’s nothing I love more than discovering new flavors. Recently, my taste buds brought me to Maui on an unforgettable culinary journey with my boyfriend.

Now listen up:

During this trip, not only did we feast on diverse and scrumptious meals but also encountered a delightful treasure – pho that tasted like heaven in a bowl. Being an experienced foodie, rest assured that I’ve spent considerable time researching and indulging in numerous bowls of pho to bring you nothing short of excellence.

So folks, brace yourselves as I unveil the four best places for authentic pho in Maui. These restaurants have been chosen based on their rich flavors, exquisite service and inviting ambiance – everything your heart (and tummy) desires!

Warning: Once you try these amazing spots for yourself, do expect some serious cravings for another visit!

Now let’s dig into these marvelous dishes already!

Lahaina Sports Bar – Your Go-to Place for Delicious Pho in Maui

Lahaina Sports Bar - Your Go-to Place for Delicious Pho in Maui

Lahaina Sports Bar may be known as a local hangout, but it shines when it comes to serving up some of the best pho in Maui. Nestled on the charming island, this cozy spot quickly turned into our go-to destination for warm bowls of pho during chilly weekend nights.

During our time in Maui, we visited Lahaina Sports Bar three times and even had takeout twice. A friend highly recommended making a reservation to secure seats, and we’re grateful for that advice since this popular place was bustling with patrons.

As soon as you step inside, the welcoming atmosphere immediately makes an impression. The staff is friendly and attentive, offering drinks while you wait for your meal—a testament to their great service. However, it’s time to direct the spotlight toward their star dish: the pho.

Both my boyfriend and I relished every spoonful of their flavorful chicken pho with added jalapeño slices—the perfect fusion of spice and warmth in one wholesome meal. We also sampled their mixed rare meat pho which exceeded expectations too! Generous portions boasting authentic Vietnamese flavors ensured every bowl left us craving more.

Here’s what stood out about Lahaina Sports Bar’s fantastic pho:

  • Rich flavors made even better by fresh vegetables and choice cuts
  • Hearty servings that leave no room for hunger
  • Perfectly hot dishes served straight from the stove

Discovering this hidden gem reminded us that top-notch delights can often be found in unexpected places!

Noodle Bar – The Perfect Spot for Comforting Pho in Maui

Noodle Bar - The Perfect Spot for Comforting Pho in Maui

Though it may not be the place to host grand events or candlelit evenings, Noodle Bar excels when you’re craving a bowl of soothing pho. It’s one of those special locales that keep you returning time and again—in this case, for their incomparable taste.

A friendly Uber driver introduced us to Noodle Bar, and we couldn’t have been happier with his suggestion! We indulged in their delectable shrimp and oxtail pho—the meat cooked just right while fresh add-ons masterfully balanced the flavors.

To enhance our dining experience further, the staff was exceptionally warm and welcoming. After our first visit left us wanting more, we made a second outing with friends—a memory I truly cherish. The tender meat melted like butter on my tongue while soft noodles kept their consistency without becoming gooey or sticky.

Noodle Bar’s pho has several highlights that make it unforgettable:

  • A wide array of scrumptious options
  • Flavorful broth harmoniously complemented by noodles and vegetables
  • Reasonable prices for such mouthwatering dishes

For those seeking pure comfort through food in Maui, look no further than Noodle Bar—an unpretentious hideaway serving up deliciously soul-satisfying bowls of pho.

A Saigon Café – Exceptional Pho and More in a Serene Setting

A Saigon Café - Exceptional Pho and More in a Serene Setting

For those seeking delicious dining options with stellar service, A Saigon Café should be at the top of your list. With an extensive menu featuring delightful Vietnamese flavors, this spot has become one of Maui’s go-to eateries.

The pho truly stands out, offering something new and tantalizing with every bite. We indulged in their traditional beef pho accompanied by crispy spring rolls—simply heaven in each mouthful! The piping hot bowls, sided with fresh vegetables and perfectly seasoned meat slices, warmed our hearts as much as it did our bellies.

Tucked away in a less crowded area of Maui, A Saigon Café offers solace from the bustling island life. The humble interior sets a calming mood while soft lighting creates an inviting ambiance for guests. Right from the entrance to our farewell, we experienced warm hospitality—the staff was genial and accommodating even when catering to our party of six!

A few aspects that make A Saigon Café’s pho shine are:

  • Authentic Vietnamese flavors
  • Generous portions served at fair prices
  • Expertly seasoned meat

If you’re craving phenomenal food paired with gracious service amidst understated charm on your journey through Maui, look no further than A Saigon Café—a true gem showcasing exquisite tastes within a tranquil haven.

Ba-le Vietnamese Food – Experience Genuine Pho Bliss in Maui

Ba-le Vietnamese Food - Experience Genuine Pho Bliss in Maui

There’s something extraordinary about savoring pho from an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, and Ba-le Vietnamese Food delivers that unparalleled experience. As soon as you enter this delightful spot in Maui, you’re enveloped by a heavenly atmosphere filled with tantalizing aromas.

We heard fantastic things about Ba-le before leaving the island and simply couldn’t resist dropping by to see what all the buzz was about. Safe to say, it lived up to—and exceeded—our expectations! Easily located and brimming with mouthwatering dishes, no wonder it’s a local favorite.

We opted for their renowned seafood pho and shared it as a generous meal for two. The broth itself was magnificent—bursting with flavors artfully harmonized through fresh herbs and veggies. To elevate our dining pleasure further, we paired the delectable feast with some refreshing bubble tea.

In addition to great food, we appreciated how well-maintained the venue was—including their ample parking area—and how they prioritized hygiene above all else.

The highlights of Ba-le’s unforgettable pho were:

  • Flavorful broth true to its Vietnamese roots
  • Generous serving sizes
  • Unwavering commitment to using fresh ingredients

For anyone seeking traditional Vietnamese cuisine packed full of flavor during their time in Maui, look no further than Ba-le Vietnamese Food—a must-visit culinary delight on your radar!


One thing I’ve learned on my trip is to always listen to the locals. They know their Vietnamese food, so whatever Vietnamese restaurant they tell you to try, you MUST!

During my stay in Maui, the 4 best pho I tried were from the places I enlisted above. To my surprise, all these Vietnamese restaurants, some even being traditional Vietnamese restaurants, were suggested to me by either my local friends or someone I came across randomly. Including a delightful food truck offering traditionally made Vietnamese cuisine.

Here, at these Vietnamese eateries like the famous Lahaina Ba Le, you not only find da best pho but also a warm and comforting environment filled with true and natural flavors. There’s quick service and many even offer vegetarian options. You won’t be disappointed if you try these, trust me!

These locations are more than just a restaurant, they offer some of the best Vietnamese food and a delicious immersion into the local culture. For more information visit their respective websites or check their ratings online.


What can you expect from a Vietnamese restaurant like Saigon Cafe?

At the Saigon Cafe, you can expect to enjoy a wide range of traditionally made Vietnamese cuisine, including their delectable rare steak pho. The warm and welcoming ambiance of this renowned Vietnamese restaurant provides an exceptional dining experience for those seeking the best Vietnamese food in town.

How does Da Best Pho differ from other vietnamese restaurants?

Da Best Pho is known for its best-in-class selection of scrumptious Vietnamese dishes that perfectly capture the essence of authentic vietnamese food. They go above and beyond to ensure every bowl offers rich flavors and skillfully prepared ingredients, resulting in unparalleled culinary satisfaction for anyone who appreciates great pho.

Can I find more than just soup at a coffeehouse offering Vietnamse cuisine?

Absolutely! While soup may be one of your first thoughts when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, a coffeehouse offering such fare will typically have an extensive menu featuring rice dishes, deliciously marinated steak options, along with their popular traditional beverages like robust Thai coffee or refreshing iced teas.

Are there any standout items on a menu featuring the best pho available?

Yes! A meticulously crafted menu representing the finest aspects of traditional Vietnamese food often includes mouthwatering dishes such as succulent rare steak pho served with fragrant herbs and zesty spices or delicate rice paper rolls overflowing with fresh vegetables accompanied by tangy dipping sauces. These are just some examples among many that showcase how diverse yet harmonious genuine vietnamese cuisine can be.

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