Best Pho in Honolulu: Top 5 Places for Vietnamese Food!

Welcome fellow food lovers!

During our special trip to Honolulu for our 3rd anniversary, my boyfriend and I found ourselves craving a comforting bowl of pho – you know, those delightful soft noodles immersed in flavorful broth with tender bites of meat. Having dined at a variety of restaurants during our stay in this island paradise, we were fortunate enough to discover some local gems thanks to the amazing people we met.

With that said, let me share with you the result of tireless research (and taste tests!) that led me to four outstanding restaurants serving the best pho in town. Each one offers unique features such as generous portions, diverse menu options, or impressive ambiance.

In order not to leave you empty handed after reading all about these mouthwatering eateries, here’s an amusing warning: once you’ve savored their divine pho dishes at these establishments on your visit to Honolulu – it might be hard for any other pho experience back home to measure up! So grab your chopsticks and get ready for a roller-coaster ride through flavors like never before!

Happy slurping!

Pho Bistro II – Honolulu’s Hidden Gem for Delightful Pho

Pho Bistro II, tucked away in a small and inconspicuous location in Honolulu, offers some of the finest pho on the island. Recommended by a local friend, we were initially skeptical due to its size, but it quickly became clear why this hidden gem is so loved.

Upon entering, we appreciated the intimate ambiance that felt warm and welcoming. The sights and smells from simmering broth filled our senses as we placed our orders. My boyfriend opted for steak pho accompanied by spring rolls while I chose their house special pho.

When our bowls arrived at the table, brimming with generous portions of flavorful ingredients, any lingering doubt vanished – proof that exceptional food can exist outside fine dining establishments. We found great value in each dish despite initial concerns about pricing.

In conclusion, Pho Bistro II left us captivated by its unpretentious setting and scrumptious cuisine. Our favorite aspects include:

  • Generous portions providing a satisfying meal
  • A diverse menu worth exploring beyond just traditional pho
  • Warm and inviting atmosphere

We highly recommend giving Pho Bistro II a try whenever you find yourself craving delicious Vietnamese flavors during your visit to Honolulu!

Ha Long Pho Noodle House – A Bustling Gem Serving Exquisite Pho in Honolulu

When it comes to finding a gem in Honolulu for delectable pho, Ha Long Pho Noodle House fits the bill perfectly. This bustling spot boasts not only an incredible atmosphere but also dishes that are truly worth waiting for.

As you approach the restaurant, the first thing you’ll notice is the crowd spilling out onto the street – a telltale sign of amazing food. While some may shy away from crowded places, trust us when we say that their mouthwatering pho makes it worthwhile.

Whether dining in or grabbing takeout to enjoy within your own cozy space, Ha Long’s pho will win your heart with its comforting warmth and rich Vietnamese flavors. Generous portions of noodles and broth accompanied by summer rolls and their famous peanut sauce create an unforgettable culinary experience.

Beautifully arranged meat slices on top of fresh vegetables and steaming noodles evoke feelings similar to a “chef’s kiss.” Amidst all of this, the staff skillfully manages customer flow with efficiency and grace.

Three things that make Ha Long Pho Noodle House stand out:

  • Ample parking facilities for convenient visits
  • Impressive restaurant management despite large crowds
  • Exceptional flavors found in every dish

Next time you’re craving outstanding Vietnamese cuisine while visiting Honolulu, look no further than Ha Long Phở Noodle House!

Pho to Chau Restaurant – Authentic and Affordable Vietnamese Experience in Honolulu

When you’re seeking a warm bowl of authentic Vietnamese pho at an outstanding price, Pho to Chau has captured our hearts. The owner-operated establishment is a testament to the menu’s authenticity and offers diners an enjoyable experience immersed in traditional flavors.

The pho itself showcases perfectly cooked noodles and slices of meat simmered to perfection, with options for the type of protein you prefer. As soon as your taste buds make contact with the comforting broth, it feels as if all your worries are momentarily washed away.

Not only are the dishes flavorful, but what sets this place apart is its friendly staff who take time to demonstrate how to wrap spring rolls and properly enjoy them within their customizable sauce. Fresh vegetables accompanying each serving harmoniously complement this delightful meal.

Although Pho to Chau may not boast extravagant décor, it provides guests with a clean and tidy setting where they can truly savor some of the best phỏ available in Honolulu.

We found these aspects particularly appealing:

  • Truly authentic Vietnamese flavors
  • Friendly staff well-acquainted with their cuisine
  • Fair prices coupled with satisfying portion sizes

Don’t miss out on experiencing this gem when visiting Honolulu – give Phở tới lầu Restaurant a try!

Piggy Smalls – A Casual and Cozy Restaurant for Comfort Food Lovers

For those seeking a casual spot to enjoy brunch, a laid-back evening, or even a hearty bowl of pho – Piggy Smalls is the place to be. We discovered this inviting eatery after spending an enjoyable day at Ala Moana Regional Park with friends and their children.

Exploring numerous positive reviews enticed us to visit, and we were not disappointed. While our friends opted for dumplings and wings, I couldn’t resist trying their delightful pho. The soup practically burst with flavors; tender noodles held their consistency without turning mushy while perfectly cooked pork ribs added another layer to this sumptuous dish.

The menu offers plenty of choices that cater to diverse palates but still maintains its sense of simplicity. With free parking available, you can focus on savoring each bite instead of stressing over logistics.

We appreciated the following qualities:

  • Hassle-free parking
  • Enjoyable flavors that exude comfort within every meal
  • A relaxed atmosphere suitable for both families and couples

If you’re looking for an unassuming yet delicious dining experience while in Honolulu, be sure not to miss out on Piggy Smalls!


Hawaii is a rich diverse island where people from all around the globe come and share their cultures. When talking about Vietnamese culture and its food, one has to mention their exquisite dish – pho. In Honolulu, HI, I came across many pho restaurants that served this amazing pho.

Whether you prefer a small, cozy Vietnamese restaurant or a bustling city eatery, each location provides its own version of this delicious pho. And the variety is astounding, not just among the Vietnamese restaurants, but even within the same menu. You might find yourself torn between a hearty pho broth or a lighter bowl with vermicelli noodles.

The best pho I had was at Mama Pho, a place that caught my attention with their aromatic lemongrass chicken. However, each pho restaurant has its specialty, like rare beef in a rich, steamy broth or a bowl of pho tai, which is a must-try for beef lovers. And let’s not forget the vegan pho, a delicious and hearty option for plant-based eaters.

Aside from pho, other Vietnamese food like banh mi or the various dishes at Pho Saigon can satiate your cravings. Finding the best Vietnamese restaurant may depend on your personal preferences or favorite dishes. In a pho bowl, for example, the thin slices of meat can make a world of difference in terms of taste and texture.

These delicious offerings are scattered all around Honolulu, from King St to Kapiolani Blvd, providing you with plenty of options for your pho quest. Pho places like Pho Time are ready to serve up bowls of pho with rare steak, garlic chicken, or even a regional speciality from the northern city of Hanoi, the Bac Nam.

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