Best New Restaurants in Honolulu – Top 3 New Dining Spots!

Aloha fellow food lovers!

Honolulu has always been a paradise for foodies like you and me, and it seems that every time I visit this beautiful city, there’s something new to sink my teeth into. Well, guess what? My boyfriend and I just got back from another epic culinary adventure in Honolulu, and we can’t wait to share our latest discoveries with you!

You see, over the years of exploring the best eats around the world, we’ve developed quite a refined palate – we know what’s good and have an uncanny knack for stumbling upon hidden gems. So when we arrived in Honolulu this time around, we knew exactly how to scope out the finest new restaurants serving everything from tantalizing Japanese cuisine to succulent seafood dishes.

But hold on: our escapades didn’t stop at fancy dining establishments. We also ventured into the vibrant world of food trucks and casual eateries where the atmosphere is as lively as the people who serve up these delectable delights. Oh boy, did we indulge!

Warning: Reading about our adventures might leave your taste buds begging for more – but don’t worry; that’s where our list comes in handy!

So join me on this mouth-watering journey as I unveil my top new picks for must-visit eateries in Honolulu guaranteed to satiate your cravings while giving you unforgettable memories – one dish at a time!

#1 Sabrozon Mexican Food – The Best Mexican food on the island (Food Truck)

Sabrozon Mexican Food – The Best Mexican food on the island (Food Truck)

Address: 325 Seaside Ave Honolulu, HI 96815

If you are craving some traditional, hardy, and well-seasoned Mexican food this is the spot. Sabrozon Mexican Food is new and unique in that it has a made-from-scratch and homemade feel and taste to its food. They use fresh ingredients, and traditional seasoning and make the food taste really well (even if it adds a few more calories!)

The food truck is located right on Waikiki beach making it super convenient for lunch or a picnic dinner while enjoying the sunset. If you wish, they even have a few tables available by the truck (and they keep them nice and clean – always!)

The menu is simple. Tacos, burritos, chimichangas and burrito bowls. There are a couple of variations of each and you can choose a protein like chicken, fish, shrimp, or pork. My favorite is the Baja tacos with beer-battered cod and Baja ranch.

The sauces are delicious, and I always take at least too on the side. They have sour cream, guacamole, salsa verde, and several different hot sauces. (I love spicy food, and they have the perfect sauce with a kick!) Service is friendly and quick. And they greeted us with a smile.

Sabrozon Mexican Food is my favorite new spot because:

  • The food is delightful, freshly made, and perfectly seasoned.
  • The portions are filling, the price is cheap and they have great dipping sauces with their food.
  • The food truck is near Waikiki beach and makes it easy to pick up food while swimming or waiting for a sunset.
  • They also have clean and covered outside seating by the food truck.

#2 Omakase By Aung – The Best Omakase meal on the island

Omakase By Aung – The Best Omakase meal on the island

Address: 567 Kapahulu Ave Ste 3a Honolulu, HI 96815

This is a must-stop for sushi lovers and my second favorite meal on the list. Omakase By Aung serves an omakase consisting of 15 courses at about $130 per person, which is less than most omakase services of the same quality.

The space is modern, elegant, and intimate. Chef Aung is fun, energetic, and entertaining. So you have a lot of contact with the chef. We have done both the lunch and dinner omakase meals, and they each take a little less than 2 hours. The meal is fresh, tasty, and very filling.

Some of my favorites are the Ora King Salmon with a plentiful slice of black truffle, the yellow tail, Hokkaido uni, and the lemon soy marinated ikura. The food has some fun and dramatic presentation including smoke. There is even ice cream for the end. For now, you get to bring your own drinks, which is kind of a plus for me.

If parking is an issue for you there are several options. There is paid parking at a lot across the street or some street parking in front of the restaurant.

Don’t miss out on this great restaurant because:

  • The food is fresh, buttery, generous, and creatively served.
  • The chef is welcoming entertaining and gives his guests personal attention.
  • The space is elegant, clean, and perfect for a dinner with friends or as a couple.
  • For now, it brings your own drinks place, so no overpricing.

#3 Kapiolani Seafood Restaurant – Modern, fresh, and top service

Kapiolani Seafood Restaurant – Modern, fresh, and top service

Address: 1538 Kapiolani Blvd Honolulu, HI 96814

Kapiolani Seafood Restaurant is a Chinese Seafood Restaurant with high-quality food and a great space. They serve an amazing Dim Sum lunch and Cantonese style Dinner. And also offer private dining rooms for groups. For me, it’s a great place to have a nice and quiet lunch or dinner as a couple. The restaurant is airy and gets plenty of natural light.

The inside of the restaurant is simple and elegant with well-spaced out round tables and simple decoration. The menu is huge with options from traditional Chinese meals to modern preparation of crab, clams, and fish. My absolute favorites were the Mongolian beef (super soft and smothered in sauce), Jellyfish and bbq pork and roast duck mix plate, and Shrimp dumplings. For those wanting something different, they have Roast Salt and Pepper Pigeon.

Service is very good here. The servers are attentive and ready to help. They understand their menu and food. Overall, this is a truly authentic Chinese restaurant in Hawaii and the best.

Check this restaurant out because:

  • The food is fresh, made from scratch, and prepared in the most authentic and traditional ways.
  • The menu is large and offers something for everyone including fresh fish, seafood, pork, beef, chicken, duck, and pigeon (I probably missed something).
  • The space is elegant, clean, and spacious and there are separate rooms for large parties or families.
  • Service is kind and friendly.

Conclusion on the best new restaurants in Honolulu

Honolulu restaurants have truly evolved, offering a delectable journey for any food lover. Downtown Honolulu showcases some of the best new eateries Honolulu has introduced lately.

From fine dining to traditional Hawaiian food, the Honolulu culinary scene is brimming with options. If Italian food or Hawaiian food tickles your fancy, or perhaps an izakaya-style small plate, the latest Honolulu restaurant openings have got you covered. Dive deep into the Honolulu top dining spots recommended by Honolulu food critics.

At the Bar Leather Apron, you can experience a fusion of regional cuisines while ala carte menu options let you indulge in fried chicken or sushi bar delights. Don’t miss the must-visit restaurants in Honolulu, like Pig and the Lady at Ala Moana Center, known for its local fish dishes with coconut milk and the iconic Portuguese sausage.

If you’re looking for Honolulu foodie recommendations, remember to try the sticky rice Parisian flan or the famed triple-smoked king salmon. Whether it’s Koko Head Cafe for breakfast or Mud Hen Water for dinner service, each visit promises a memorable meal. Dive into the gourmet spots in Honolulu and get a taste of paradise!


What can you tell me about MW Restaurant’s menu, known as a James Beard award winner and a local favorite in Honolulu?

In my experience, MW Restaurant truly embodies the essence of the regional cuisine of Hawaii with its outstanding blend of different flavors. Their à la carte menu offers a variety of delectable dishes made from fresh local ingredients, such as their exceptional sushi rice-based plates that beautifully encapsulates Honolulu’s compelling food scene. The tasting menu is special, too – every dish oozes uniqueness, but one that stands out for me is the spring rolls served with barbecue sauce. Noteworthy is their dedication to exceptional service, which contributes largely to them being favorited by locals and visitors alike.

Where can I find some great Izakaya-style small plates or traditional comfort food like Saimin noodle soup in San Francisco?

If you’re seeking authentic Izakaya-style small plates or comfort food like Saimin noodle soup, there are numerous options available in “The Golden City”, San Francisco. Our go-to recommendation would be any nearest outlet from the local chain of ‘Izakayas’. These sake breweries function on the ground floor, typically within strip malls in notable areas, including Chinatown locations. Their eggs benedict boasts topping choices ranging from cold smoked tomatoes to house pickles, and more than often, they pair it up with crisp-edged pancakes – they seriously have all the fixings!

What outdoor dining experiences include fresh Ahi, curated menus consisting of various dishes topped off with Black Sesame infused dessert at Honolulu?

For an amazing outdoor dining experience that involves serving fresh Ahi paired with black sesame-infused desserts, among other delicacies, head down to Kaimana Beach Hotel, where Tom Park leads kitchen operations. The constant new flavors delivered by their culinary team keep you astounded round after round while savoring mouthfuls under an open sky setting! Most regulars share two things- firstly, enjoying scrumptious meals best complimented by Islander Sake’s assortment, and secondly saving room for mochi shop housed locally to wrap up this delightful eating frenzy.

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