Best Molokai Beaches: Escape to Paradise!

Welcome fellow beach lovers!

You wouldn’t believe what happened when my boyfriend told me we were going to Molokai Beach instead of the usual Hawaiian hotspots. I admit, I was hesitant at first – but boy did it exceed expectations! After countless trips spent experiencing the same crowded beaches and tourist traps in Hawaii, finally discovering a place that felt like paradise just for us was such a relief.

Molokai is this hidden gem where you can escape from city life’s chaos and simply recharge. And guess what? I’ve chosen the best beaches you absolutely must visit while you’re there so you won’t miss out on any breathtaking moments.

During our time there, we basked under dazzling sunsets, swam in refreshing turquoise waters, and snorkeled alongside fascinating marine life. Each beach had its unique charm which made our getaway all the more delightful.

Warning: Prepare yourself for plenty of jealousy-inducing photos that’ll make your friends wish they were vacationing with you!

So buckle up and join me as we explore these slices of serenity in Molokai where memories are just waiting to be made!

West Molokai Beaches

Papohaku Beach Park – The Best White Sand Beach in Molokai

Visiting Papohaku Beach with my boyfriend was one of the most memorable experiences we’ve shared. This beach is unlike any other – pristine white sand stretches as far as the eye can see, and there are no crowds to spoil its natural beauty.

The solitude at Papohaku Beach was breathtaking, especially in the early morning hours. We enjoyed a quiet stroll along the shore and even found a perfect spot to read our favorite books without any distractions. As someone who appreciates privacy when spending time outdoors, I cannot recommend this location enough for those seeking some much-needed tranquility.

As the day went on, we noticed that although it got hotter and windier, making swimming conditions less than ideal due to strong currents, there were still plenty of benefits to visiting Papohaku Beach:

  • The white sand is picture-perfect
  • The beach is clean and well-maintained
  • Picnic tables are available for public use
  • Parking, restrooms, and shower facilities are easily accessible
  • Seashell hunting opportunities abound

However, keep in mind that there aren’t any restaurants nearby so be sure to bring snacks and water when visiting. Overall, I believe that Papohaku Beach stands out as one of the best beaches I have ever visited because of its beautiful scenery combined with its peaceful atmosphere.

Dixie Maru Beach (Kapukahehu) – Best Swimming Beach in Molokai

My boyfriend and I were looking for a quiet, secluded beach to escape the crowds, and we found the perfect spot at Dixie Maru Beach. We decided to spend a day there to enjoy some quality time together as well as take advantage of all the benefits this stunning location has to offer.

Firstly, the surf at Dixie Maru Beach was not as strong as Papohaku Beach, making it an excellent choice for swimming. We noticed families with their kids enjoying themselves in the calm waters too. With such inviting water conditions, my boyfriend and I ventured to try snorkeling. Although we didn’t see much underwater life, we had a fantastic time soaking up the sun and swimming around.

Dixie Maru Beach impressed us for several reasons:

  • The beach is perfectly secluded yet easily accessible
  • The seawater is clear and clean
  • Rudimentary toilet facilities are available with potable running water
  • Picnic tables are provided for visitor
  • Trees around provide some shade from the sun

Ultimately, our day spent at Dixie Maru Beach turned out exactly how we hoped – filled with relaxation, sunbathing, and swimming in calm waters while surrounded by natural beauty! By staying prepared during our trip – wearing appropriate footwear and packing essentials –we truly enjoyed ourselves without any unpleasant surprises.

Kepuhi Beach – The best Beach in Molokai for Sunset Viewing

I remember a time when my boyfriend and I were desperately searching for the perfect beach to unwind, relax, and watch the sunset. After some research, we decided on Kepuhi Beach – and let me tell you, it was an unforgettable experience!

From the moment we arrived at Kepuhi Beach, we could sense that this was going to be a special place. The beach itself is absolutely gorgeous and not overly crowded (which is always a bonus for someone like me who prefers peace and tranquility). We reached just an hour or so before sunset, giving us plenty of time to settle in before the magical display of colors.

As we got out of our car, we were greeted by mesmerizing sights: wind picking up as waves crashed against rocks while not many people around us yet. However, that quickly changed as more people gathered closer to sunset – but it never felt too overwhelming or busy.

There are several reasons why Kepuhi Beach stands out as the best:

  • Perfect evening spot for sunsets: There’s something incredibly enchanting about watching the sky change hues as day turns into night over crashing waves.
  • Wonderful wave-watching opportunities: As mentioned earlier, witnessing those powerful waves crash against jagged rocks can be quite thrilling!
  • Wildlife sightings: If you’re lucky enough like us, you might even catch sight of monk seals sunning themselves onshore or whales swimming nearby.
  • Soft sandy shores: The soft sand beneath your feet only adds to its charm.
  • Nighttime views of Oahu lights: If you stay after dark, gazing at distant city lights from across the water brings another layer of magic.

It’s essential to note that Kepuhi Beach isn’t suitable for swimming due to dangerous currents near jagged rocks. This shouldn’t deter anyone looking for a serene beach experience with breathtaking natural scenery – trust me; it’ll leave lasting memories!

Central Molokai Beaches

Ali’I Beach Park – Best Beach in Molokai To View a Piece of History

I have always been passionate about history, so when I heard about Ali’i Beach in Molokai being a favorite spot of Hawaiian royalty, I knew we had to visit. We were not disappointed! Not only did this beach offer the historical aspect we were craving, but it also provided several benefits that made our day there unforgettable.

The first thing that caught our attention was the locals working on maintaining the walls of the fish pond. It was fascinating to see how they employed an ingenious system to allow small fish to swim out while trapping larger ones inside. This offered a unique insight into local culture and their connection with nature.

But what truly made Ali’i Beach stand out for us was its family-friendly atmosphere. There was something for everyone, from history enthusiasts like my boyfriend to families with young children looking for a fun day out. Here are some of the best features that make Ali’i Beach incomparable:

  • A well-maintained park area along the shallow beach: This space offers parents peace of mind as kids can safely play in the water without venturing too far.
  • Large expansive grass area with a small playground: With plenty of room for picnics or just relaxing under the sun, this is perfect for families who want more than just sand and waves.
  • Large pavilion on the west side: Great for BBQs or gatherings with friends and family while enjoying stunning views over the ocean.
  • Clean restrooms and shower facilities: Having access to clean amenities really makes all difference during long days at the beach!

Kakahai’a Beach Park – Best Beach in Molokai for Bird Watching

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had with my boyfriend was the day we decided to explore Kakahai’a Beach together. From the moment we arrived, I couldn’t help but notice how calming and serene it felt—the wind gently playing with my hair as I stepped out of the car, eager to begin our adventure.

The long stretch of sand spanning 3 miles welcomed us to stroll leisurely along the shore while listening to the soothing sounds of waves crashing nearby. As noon approached and sunlight came pouring in, we unpacked our lunch and enjoyed a delightful picnic on one of the old concrete tables available for visitors.

During our meal, it became apparent that part of Kakahai’a beach is also a bird sanctuary—no wonder there were so many beautiful birds surrounding us! Thanks to friendly locals, we learned that this sanctuary is home to several endangered Hawaiian native birds. This made me appreciate even more what this beach had to offer—an up-close and personal view into nature’s beauty.

Here are some reasons why Kakahai’a beach stands out as one of my favorites:

  • Well-maintained: The overall cleanliness and upkeep ensures a pleasant experience for all visitors.
  • Family-friendly: Playground equipment keeps young ones entertained during their visit.
  • Spacious: Ample open space means you won’t feel crowded during your walks along the shoreline.
  • Birdwatcher’s paradise: As mentioned earlier, this beach offers an exceptional opportunity for observing unique and endangered Hawaiian native birds.

However, keep in mind that swimming at Kakahai’a might not be ideal due to its rocky and shallow ocean bottom. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other activities worth enjoying at this magnificent location!

East Molokai Beaches

Kumimi Beach – Best Snorkeling Beach in Molokai

My boyfriend and I have always been passionate about exploring new places, especially those that offer unique experiences. So when we heard about the east coasts of Molokai and their amazing snorkeling opportunities, we knew we had to check it out!

The benefits of this particular snorkeling spot are numerous. The water clarity during the summer months is unbeatable, making it an ideal time for underwater exploration. We were able to easily spot colorful corals which created a stunning visual experience.

Another great aspect of this beach is its family-friendly nature. Since the water doesn’t get too deep, it’s perfect for families with young kids who want to enjoy some quality time together while also experiencing something new and exciting like snorkeling.

We found this beach to be incredibly comfortable and convenient as there was plenty of shade available along with a gorgeous sandy shore for relaxing in between our snorkeling sessions. The ample parking space made arriving at this destination hassle-free as well.

One cannot ignore the breathtaking view of Maui’s northwest shoreline from this location – adding extra charm to an already fantastic experience!

So here’s why I believe Molokai has the best snorkeling spot:

  • Unmatched water clarity during summers
  • The family-friendly environment due to shallow depths
  • Comfortable surroundings with abundant shade and sandy shores
  • Ample parking space for convenient access
  • Stunning views of Maui’s northwest shoreline

Halawa Beach Park – Best Swimming and Surfing Beach in Molokai

Halawa Beach in Molokai is hailed as a “must-see” and “unmissable” place to visit. Even before we reached the beach, the drive kept enticing us about what to expect. It was a bit of a long drive, but what awaited us at the other end was a sight to behold.

Just like most of the other beaches found on Molokai, Halawa Beach too boasts soft white sand, clear oceans, palm trees, and lots of sea life. The picturesque beauty of this beach provided us with so many Instagram-worthy moments! One of the locals told us that Halawa Beach used to be a favorite surfing spot for the Molokai chiefs. Even today during the winter season, surfers can be seen riding powerful and barreling waves on the largest swells.

While there were no surfers during our summer visit, we discovered that this spot is perfect for swimming during these months. We spent quite a lot of time swimming through gentle waves and soaking up some sun together. Had we known that this beach has BBQ grill options available beforehand; we would’ve brought some food with us to grill—what an incredible way it would have been to end our day!

Halawa Beach is hands-down one of my all-time favorite spots because:

  • It’s usually uncrowded with lots of wide-open spaces – perfect if you want some privacy or looking for serenity.
  • There are great spots for swimming, snorkeling, and fishing when water conditions are calm–adds variety for various interests.
  • Ideal for surfing & bodyboarding enthusiasts in winter months – catering to adrenaline junkies as well.
  • Restrooms, picnic pavilions & bbq grills are available – making it convenient & enjoyable even without prior planning.

All in all, this place is perfect for a beach getaway filled with unforgettable memories!


Does Molokai have nice beaches?

Yes, the beaches are unparalleled in their beauty on Molokai. If you are looking for a place that offers seclusion and tranquility from the throngs of crowds,  then Molokai is your place to be.

Unlike other islands in Hawaii, here you won’t find resort-studded beaches or beach bars and surf schools.

Which side of Molokai has the best beaches?

I would say each side of Molokai has something unique to offer.

The beaches on the central Molokai are great for families especially if your family loves a beach vacation but wants to avoid the crowds. 

While the western side beaches of Molokai are great for adventure seekers and this area is home to some vast and beautiful untouched beaches, some of which are completely deserted.

Is there good snorkeling on Molokai beaches?

Yes, Kumimi Beach, on the Eastern side of Molokai has the best snorkeling on all of the island. Full of different types of coral, and an abundance of reef fish, this is a fantastic place for snorkeling and scuba diving when the waters are calm.

Is there a black sand beach on Molokai?

Awahua Beach in Molokai is a black sand beach. A unique feature of this beach is that, unlike many other black sand beaches of the world, the sand at Awahua gets its black color from a type of dark sandstone rather than volcanic lava rock.

Which places provide the best beaches in Molokai for couples?

These are the best places for couples seeking beaches in Molokai:

  • Papohaku Beach Park
  • Kepuhi Beach
  • Dixie Maru Beach (Kapukahehu)

Can you swim at Molokai?

Yes, the eastern side beaches of Molokai provide a perfect opportunity for swimming.

These beaches are also perfect if you are looking for some seclusion as well as for snorkeling, and picnicking

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