Best Mexican Restaurants in Honolulu: Spice Up Your Life!

Welcome fellow foodies and travelers!

I’ve spent the last month eating my way through Honolulu’s Mexican cuisine, and boy, did I have a blast! As much fun as it was exploring every nook and cranny of the city with my boyfriend tasting all those delicious dishes, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for others who might be overwhelmed by so many options.

You see, there’s just something about finding that perfect spot to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank. And trust me – after years of trying out countless eateries around the world, I know a thing or two about good food on-the-go.

Now wouldn’t you like to skip past mediocre joints and go straight for the best? Yeah? Well then buckle up your seatbelts, because together we’re going to zoom right into four amazing Mexican restaurants in Honolulu where you’ll get lip-smacking authentic dishes that’ll make your taste buds dance salsa!

One time at a Taco joint in Maui our waitress tripped over while giving us chips n salsa resulting in flying guac – not only have you chosen a fabulous guide (humble brag) but also let’s hope this blog will prevent any future guacamole accidents too.

Warning: Reading further may induce extreme hunger pangs and an unrelenting urge to book the next flight to Hawaii. Exercise caution before proceeding!

Let’s embark on this gastronomic adventure already!

Alejandro’s Mexican Food: The Best-Rated Mexican Dining in Honolulu

While visiting Honolulu with my boyfriend and parents, we decided to dine together at our love for Mexican cuisine. A quick Google search revealed that Alejandro’s was consistently mentioned as one of the best Mexican restaurants on several blog spots.

Boasting a 4.6 Google rating and ranking number 1 out of 206 Mexican establishments in Honolulu, Alejandro’s quickly became our top choice.

This unassuming eatery is nestled in a quiet residential town, offering exceptional food and service. My mom enjoyed their delicious homemade nachos featuring authentic cheddar cheese instead of processed variants, generously loaded with beef, onions, jalapeños, and tomatoes. I indulged in the crispy carnitas tacos accompanied by their house-made hot sauces—truly delightful!

Reasons why dining at Alejandro’s was memorable:

  • The warm atmosphere for relaxing dining experiences
  • Friendly staff who provide prompt service while enhancing the overall enjoyment
  • Affordable prices without compromising food quality
  • Meticulous attention was paid to freshness and ingredients quality
  • Live music enriching an already fantastic meal

One drawback at Alejandro’s is its limited seating due to its small size—it caters more to grab-and-go customers than those seeking long sit-down meals.

Overall, it was an enjoyable family dinner filled with great food!

Surf n Turf Tacos: The Best Mexican Food in Honolulu

Intrigued by its unique name, we decided to give Surf n Turf Tacos a try. This casual eatery combines traditional Mexican-style tacos with Hawaii’s well-known seafood offerings—and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

While they serve classic Mexican cuisine, what stood out was the delightful merger of Hawaiian and Mexican flavors that left us craving more.

As my boyfriend described it, this place is “like Subway but for tacos” where you handpick your sauces and toppings to create personalized meals. Yet, the food far surpasses that of an ordinary fast-food joint.

He devoured a generously-sized steak burrito bursting with flavor while I indulged in beef and shrimp tacos—a surprisingly harmonious pairing of proteins.

Reasons why Surf n Turf Tacos won our hearts:

  • Casual dining ambiance featuring outdoor picnic tables
  • An extensive vegetarian menu catering to diverse preferences
  • Fresh and flavorful food made using high-quality ingredients
  • Situated in the heart of the main tourist district for convenient access
  • Reasonably priced offerings considering both quality and portion sizes
  • Occasional waiting time is required but absolutely worth it

For those exploring downtown Honolulu or seeking unique fusion dishes, look no further than Surf n Turf Tacos!

Tio’s Tamales: The Best Mexican Restaurant in Downtown Honolulu

Mexican cuisine is known for its bold flavors, but what sets Tio’s Tamales apart is their mouthwatering green chile salsa that can elevate any dish.

Offering authentic New Mexico-style food, this cozy eatery should be on your must-visit list if you’re craving genuine Mexican fare with an extra kick.

Although the name suggests tamales (which are equally delicious), it’s their Carne Asada fries that deserve special attention. Imagine crispy, freshly fried potatoes smothered in Monterey Colby cheese and topped with succulent Carne Asada steak—all drizzled generously with their signature green sauce. Talk about the ultimate comfort food!

My boyfriend chose their tantalizing green chile cheeseburger that perfectly balanced juiciness and spiciness.

Reasons why our stop at Tio’s Tamales was unforgettable:

  • Exceptionally authentic taste transporting you to Mexico
  • Super friendly staff willing to guide customers through menu selections
  • Great prices matched by high-quality ingredients
  • Serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch options
  • Popular hole-in-the-wall joint beloved by both locals and tourists

Don’t be dissuaded by its popularity or modest setup—Tio’s Tamales is a must-experience destination for spice lovers visiting Honolulu!

Oahu Mexican Grill: The Best Mexican Restaurant in Waikiki

Looking for budget-friendly yet hip dining with beach views? Oahu Mexican Grill should top your list when visiting Honolulu. This gem not only offers stunning Waikiki beach panoramas but also entertains guests with TVs and live music.

Beloved by locals for its great prices, generous servings, and delicious food options—including vegan and vegetarian choices—the Oahu Mexican Grill has an impressive following.

After a day of sightseeing, we stopped by this casual eatery to satisfy our hunger. With cafeteria-style ordering at the counter, guests can customize their meals according to preference. During our visit, I savored a massive steak burrito while my boyfriend chose an equally sizable chicken variant—both exceptionally fresh!

Why we’d return to Oahu Mexican Grill in a heartbeat:

  • Customizable burritos featuring sauces ranging from mild to fiery hot
  • An eco-friendly approach using sustainable cardboard boxes as plates with aluminum foil lids
  • Swift service complemented by fresh ingredients and gorgeous beach views

For those seeking wallet-friendly eats without compromising flavor or ambiance during their Honolulu getaway, head over to Oahu Mexican Grill!


Honolulu boasts a vibrant Mexican cuisine scene. Top Mexican eateries in Honolulu offer a range of delicious Mexican dishes that leave diners raving. If you’re searching for the best tacos in Honolulu, consider visiting Los Chaparros Mexican Restaurant on Hotel St. Many Mexican food reviews in Honolulu praise it for its authentic Mexican food.

Another favorite is Ono Loco Tacos, known for its mouthwatering tacos de camaron and rib tips chile verde. Mexican food spots in Honolulu also highlight Buho Cocina y Cantina on School St, serving classic Mexican fare like street tacos, breakfast burritos, and Spanish rice.

Avoid the generic Taco Bell and explore the real Mexican food in the area. Honolulu HI isn’t just about beaches; the Mexican dining experience here is top-notch. Dive in, and enjoy some amazing food!


Where can I find good Mexican food in Honolulu, HI?

Having traveled and experienced various cuisines, I found some top-notch Mexican dishes at restaurants in Honolulu. Alejandro’s Mexican Food is one popular eatery that serves incredibly great Mexican food. You might also want to check out Surf n Turf Tacos for their unique fusion of traditional Mexican cuisine with Hawaii’s renowned seafood.

What makes a culinary experience memorable at the best Mexcian cuisine restaurant?

A truly remarkable dining event would be Taco Tuesday at Tio’s Tamales! Surrounded by friendly staff and an authentic atmosphere, savoring delicious tacos amid live brunch music definitely elevates your experience of sampling the best Mexican cuisine. Their green chile cheeseburger complements perfectly with a cool, refreshing serving of traditional Mexican Restaurant beer.

Could you recommend some selections from the diverse menu seen typically in great Mexico Restaurants?

Certainly! For starters, you’d love having fish tacos served hot at any reputable Honolulu restaurant that specializes in absorbing delicious fare, such as Oahu’s Fish Taco Truck or Nalu Health Bar & Café—a must-try given its rave reviews from locals and tourists alike! If you’re up for something heartier, King Mushroom Mole packs a spicy punch heightened by their intricate combination of ingredients infused harmoniously together. To finish off on a light note (yet equally crave-worthy), embark on munching down a customizable taco salad featuring fresh toppings recreating flavorsome profiles unique to both Oahu styles—promisingly nutritious without skimping on taste!

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