The 4 Best Maui Catamaran Tours

Aloha fellow ocean lovers!

I can’t wait to share with you the incredible experiences my boyfriend and I have had while exploring Maui’s stunning shorelines on catamaran cruises. Trust me, there’s no better way to see the breathtaking beauty of this island paradise than gliding over its crystal-clear waters, surrounded by vibrant marine life.

As someone who has vacationed in Hawaii multiple times, I’ve tried all sorts of tours and activities, but nothing compares to sailing along Maui’s captivating coastlines. Let me help you skip the stress of finding that perfect tour by sharing our favorite catamaran adventures in Maui so far. We’ve laughed, we’ve danced, and we’ve soaked up the sun – all while creating unforgettable memories.

Now let me tell you: after years of research and countless trips around those mesmerizing shores (and after asking my boyfriend for his opinion at least a hundred times), I am confident in presenting our top choices for the most enjoyable catamaran cruises in Maui – complete with delectable meals, refreshing drinks, live music, and awe-inspiring views of neighboring islands.

Warning: Experiencing these amazing cruises might just turn you into a repeat visitor like us! Before you know it, you’ll be coming back for more salty breezes and stunning sunsets.

So grab your sunglasses, and slip on some flip-flops – it’s time to set sail on an exhilarating adventure through Maui’s enchanting waters!

Maui Sunset Luau Dinner Cruise from Maalaea Harbor 

Some of the best cruises in Maui set off from Maalaea, as it looks on to gorgeous views of the South Maui shoreline. That’s where you’ll board the Pride of Maui catamaran, a spacious luxury vessel that sets out for a 2-hour sunset and dinner cruise from the Maalaea Harbor. In addition, this catamaran tour has a traditional luau performance, so guests will enjoy the best time. 

The tour sails to Molokini Crater, a marine life hotspot that offers the best sunset views in Maui. As the ship sails, you’ll be served a delicious buffet dinner with barbecued wings, honey-glazed Shoyu chicken, and fresh vegetable stir-fry, among many other options. Guests can also indulge in drinks from the open bar with their meals. 

As you reach the Molokini Crater, you’ll see marine animals swimming past your ship, such as sea turtles and colorful tropical fish. Then, enjoy the stunning sunset views and the incredible hula show performed by local dancers to some foot-tapping Hawaiian music. 

We loved this all-in-one Maui catamaran tour, and here’s why you should definitely check it out on your next trip. 

  • The crew is terrific and keeps guests entertained throughout the tour. 
  • The food is prepared from fresh island ingredients on the ship.
  • You’ll be introduced to traditional Hawaiian culture and music.

Sunset Dinner Cruise From the Lahaina Harbor

For your next tour, board the Quicksilver catamaran, one of the most prominent cruises on the West Maui shoreline for its impressive size and terrific tours. Guests will enjoy a gourmet-style meal on their tour, followed by live music and gorgeous sunset views while sailing toward Lanai island. 

This 2-hour cruise sets sail from the Lahaina Harbor, as guests are welcomed aboard by the friendly crew. You’ll feast on a delicious three-course meal with roasted prime rib, fresh Mahi Mahi, and tasty pasta with a marinara sauce for a plant-based option. After dinner, guests can sample two alcoholic drinks included in the tour and sway hips to live music being played by a local musician.

As the sunset nears, gather on the spacious deck and watch the sun fading into the West Maui shoreline and Lanai island, which is a breathtaking sight. Then, stay outside for a while longer after the sunset and take in incredible night sky views as it lights up with stars for the perfect end to your tour. 

My boyfriend and I love the Quicksilver and always book it on our trips as it’s one of the best Maui catamaran tours. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • During the winter months, you’ll spot humpback whales on this tour. 
  • The dinner has tasty sides and desserts like a banana cake with lilikoi frosting.
  • Guests can take unlimited nonalcoholic beverages throughout the trip.

Sunset Sail with Live Music from Ka’anapali Beach 

Nothing beats a sunset sail from Kaanapali Beach, a hub for marine life that offers unmatched views of the West Maui shores. So take a tour from here with Sea Maui aboard a spacious catamaran, which offers live music and unlimited drinks. 

You’ll set sail on this 2-hour trip from Kaanapali Beach for beautiful sunset views. On the trip, enjoy live music played by local musicians as you help yourself to drinks from the open bar. 

Settle in on their spacious deck, which offers a scenic lookout of the Pacific Ocean, and sample appetizers with your drinks as the sunset approaches. The fading light, relaxing music, and a great crowd on a comfortable catamaran are bound to become your core memory in Maui.

We enjoyed taking this laid-back cruise and consider it the best Maui catamaran tour. Here’s why you should take it:

  • The staff is friendly and keeps guests entertained throughout.
  • You’ll see humpback whales if your tour falls between December and April. 
  • You can try the local beer from Maui Brewing Co from the bar.

Deluxe Sunset Sail from Lahaina

Your next catamaran tour takes you back to Lahaina on Maui’s western shore, where you’ll enjoy a sunset sail with appetizers and drinks. This catamaran offers multiple ways to enjoy the sunset from comfortable seating options, such as from a trampoline, covered cabins, or from an open deck. 

Guests can enjoy a range of delicious cold appetizers and chilled drinks paired well according to their flavors. Chat up with the friendly crew, munch on snacks, and sit back to watch the stunning sunset as it changes colors over the shore. 

In addition, you’ll spot local wildlife on this tour, such as wide-winged seabirds and tropical and flying fish. 

My boyfriend and I had a great time on this Maui catamaran tour, and we consider it one of the best on the island. Here’s why you will too:

  • The tour includes whale sightings from December to April.
  • You’ll spot the black-finned Maui dolphins breaking the shore from your ship.
  • The tour is ideal for couples or those looking for some privacy.

Winding Up The Best Maui Catamaran Tours

Maui offers luxurious catamaran tours from its gorgeous shores year-round, which are perfect for a quiet time away from the island. These tours are considered pricey, but nothing beats cruising through the Maui shoreline on quiet and spacious cruises, as the crew spoils you with amenities. 

You’ll enjoy gourmet meals cooked fresh on most catamaran tours, accompanied by cocktails prepared from open bars, and live entertainment such as hulas and music. 

My boyfriend and I always book a catamaran tour in Maui to celebrate special occasions, and you should too, as it makes for an incredible memory!

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