Best ATV Tours Maui: Thrilling Rides to Paradise Awaits You

Aloha fellow adventurers!

I’ve embarked on countless off-road escapades with my boyfriend, navigating through the lush landscapes of Maui and uncovering hidden gems nestled along picturesque trails. After thoroughly exploring every nook and cranny of this awe-inspiring island, I’ve finally gathered all my thrilling experiences to share with you the ultimate guide to Maui’s best ATV tours for thrill-seekers like you.

Imagine racing alongside your loved ones through rugged terrains, soaking in breathtaking ocean views, and splashing through riverbeds as Mother Nature shows off her stunning artwork. Trust me; there is nothing quite like immersing yourself in these exhilarating excursions that will leave your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing!

Over the years, my passion for adventure has led me to try out countless ATV tours across Maui – each one offering a unique experience tailored for enthusiastic daredevils. From jungle explorations to adrenaline-packed coastline rides, I’ve handpicked the best options based on trail quality, scenery, guide knowledge, safety measures and more.

Warning: Once you dive into these extraordinary expeditions, be prepared to fill your camera roll with jaw-dropping snapshots and create unforgettable memories that will have you yearning for even more escapades (sorry wallet!).

So gear up and hold onto your helmets – it’s time we tackle those exhilarating terrains together while discovering enchanting waterfalls and pristine coastlines hidden within the paradise of Maui!

#1 ATV Adventure in West Maui Mountains

This is a great activity suitable for everyone, families with older children and couples. We had to book ahead because it is known to be sold out. The tour is offered through Maui Mountain activities and they have a great offer (including horseback riding).

The ATV tour goes out two times a day. We did the 8:15 am tour to get away from the heat (but still wear head protection and lots of sunscreens). Long pants and closed-toe shoes are also required. The ranch itself is beautiful and a shuttle takes you out to the ATVs.

The ride is amazing. There are multiple stunning waterfall views, as well as an oceanfront ride for a large part of the ride. The ride is rugged, and some parts are not reachable by cars at all. But everything is super safe and we had a great time. In some parts, we even went fast, an adrenaline rush for sure!

The guide is super fun and friendly. They will help you with helmets and goggles (provided) and also take pictures for you. I got him to take a lot of amazing couple pictures of us! They also bring juice and water on the trip as complimentary refreshments. He was knowledgeable about the region, culture, and history of the area. We loved hearing about it.

ATV Adventure in West Maui Mountains is my number 1 pick because:

  • The trip is well organized, and safety-focused and they have a professional guide.
  • The views of mountains, waterfalls, and ocean are stunning.
  • The ride is both relaxing and adventurous at times, with periods of having fun speeding up, and some parts of the ride meant to enjoy the view. There are two ride tours each day, and they provide water for everyone.
  • The ranch itself is beautiful (you will take a shuttle to the ATVs) and they also have horseback riding tours of equal quality. 


Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (approx.)

Address: 2644 Kahekili Hwy, Wailuku, HI 96793 (look for the Maui Mountain Activities Parking)

#2 Lahaina ATV Adventure

This is a great tour for those who love the excitement and the challenge. It helps if you have some experience with ATVs (like my boyfriend and I) but it is not needed because the guide is thorough and safety focused.

On the tour, there is a great climb to almost 2,000 feet with spectacular ocean and island views. The terrain is exciting and full of turns and areas where you can get some good speed. The terrain includes switchbacks and a riverbed crossing surrounded by a rainforest setting.

It’s done in vehicles that seat four people and everyone takes turns driving, or you can just enjoy the ride. Since we didn’t drive the whole time I took some amazing pictures and stunning pictures in a one-of-a-kind setting. This is also a great option for families with kids that don’t know how to drive. All the vehicles are top-of-the-line and in great condition.

There are two itineraries available: coastal or wetland (and I highly recommend the wetland) because it offers something different than the traditional beachside drive. The guide is awesome with lots of information about the trip, and he is super friendly. The tour partners with the Pu’u Kukui Watershed Preserve which gives them access to unique terrain and great information to share with us. This is also one of the longer tours and ours lasted a little over two hours.

Lahaina ATV Adventure is my second pick because:

  • You can choose between a coastal or wetland trail, where both offer amazing views and different adventures.
  • It’s a family-friendly tour in vehicles with four seats so children can enjoy the ride.
  • The guide is knowledgeable (provides quality information about the region), friendly, and focused on the comfort and safety of all passengers.
  • You will take some top-of-the-line pictures with unique one-of-a-kind views.


Duration: 2 hours (approx.)

Address: Napilihau St, Lahaina, HI 96761

#3 Private “Rocky Coast Excursion” Jeep Tour on Maui Island

This is a perfect pick for those looking for a rocky adventure, without doing the driving. Rather, taking stunning pictures (like we did)! This is a unique experience where tours don’t usually go. It’s the perfect way to see all the rugged areas safely with a professional driver.

Our trip was from Kula to Kaupo and took about 6 hours with stops, food breaks, and many picture-perfect moments. My favorite part was the panoramic endless view of the valley isle. My boyfriend loved the exciting drive down the coastline, from sea cliffs and some rocky beaches.

Some areas looked so pristine and tourist-free (we loved it!) We even did a pass by the Haleakala Crater and Nuu wildlife refuge (spinner dolphins and humpback whales are a common sight during the winter season). Bring binoculars. 

This is more than an adrenaline drive. It will give you a great appreciation of the island and its culture. Also, the tour is private, so you can make it an intimate day with your partner, or a family outing. It’s perfect even for picky family members because the trip is diverse and air-conditioned.

The Private “Rocky Coast Excursion” Jeep Tour in Maui is a great off-road adventure because:

  • It’s a quality all-day tour that lets you see the alternative side of the island.
  • This tour is an opportunity to get away from tourist-populated areas and learn about the island, see incredible and stunning views and stop at some abandoned rocky beaches.
  • The tour is private, so you can make it a couple’s activity or a family adventure.
  • It’s a safe, well-guided activity with access to beaches, waterfalls, and 4-wheel drive adrenaline rides.


Duration: 5 to 7 hours (approx.)

Address: Maalaea Harbor, Maalaea, HI 96793


Riding ATVs in Maui can be a welcomed and exciting change from regular tourist activities. Luckily the island offers top-of-the-line trails, scenery, and picture-perfect backdrops for family outings and adrenaline-seeking visitors. 

If you are looking for a quality ATV tour with knowledgeable guides that offer ocean and mountain views with some excitement choose the Maui Mountain Activities ATV Adventure in West Maui Mountains.

For a four-person ride, and a family-friendly adventure that still packs a kick with awesome elevation, switchbacks, and jungle terrain check out Lahaina ATV Adventures.

For those looking for a full-day activity with a private jeep tour on Maui’s most authentic path, go with the Private “Rocky Coast Excursion” Jeep Tour on Maui Island.

No matter what off-road activity you are looking for, I have your pick.

So enjoy and take a lot of pictures!


Can you ride ATVs in Maui?

Yes. Multiple tourist agencies and adventure tours in Maui offer ATV options. In fact, the tours are organized in a way that you can see some of the most authentic trails otherwise inaccessible by car. Considering Maui views, the ATV and Jeep adventures offer adrenaline highs with gorgeous backdrops. For a perfect 2-hour tour through a coastal or wetland area choose Lahaina ATV Adventure.

What do you wear to an ATV in Maui?

Most tours have a simple dress code for ATV rides in Maui. And most are common sense. Long pants and closed-toe shoes are a must. I also recommend a hat, bug spray, and sunscreen. Safety helmets and any other gear the tour might require are provided by them. Try the ATV Adventure in West Maui Mountains for a safe, adventure-filled ride.

Do they have ATVs in Hawaii?

Yes. ATV tours and rentals are available on most Hawaiian Islands. Oahu and Maui offer some great options like ATV Adventure in West Maui Mountains from Maui Mountain Activities or Lahaina ATV Adventure. An alternative to an ATV ride is a terrain jeep tour like the Private “Rocky Coast Excursion.” All these options are great for couples and families.

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