Best Malasadas in Oahu: Experience Heavenly Sweetness Today

Welcome to the world of searching for the best malasadas in Oahu!

You see, I’ve been visiting this beautiful island for a considerable amount of time now. And amidst all the surfing, luau parties, and beachside picnics with my boyfriend, one thing has kept our interest consistently piqued – those heavenly (possibly sent by Lono himself) pieces of fried dough rolled in sugar we call malasadas.

We’re talking early-morning bakery visits and late-night cravings that had us driving across town. The lengths we have traversed to satiate our sweet tooth are comical yet rewarding – because if there’s anything sweeter than an Oahu sunset, it’s debatably these Portuguese treats baked fresh daily!

I’m confident that I’ve tried every deep-fried piece of heaven available across Oahu. My quest was not limited to just Waikiki or North Shore; instead, I undertook a mission to scour even remote bakeries around the island. It feels like ages since I began sampling different varieties, but trust me when I say this – it’s been pure indulgence coupled with research!

Warning: You may find yourself suddenly packing off on a Hawaiian vacation or making arbitrary stops at every donut shop you come across.

Now then, fellow sweet-tooth enthusiast on this delightful adventure called life – let’s delve into the warm sugary center that is finding your heavenly Portuguese desserts!

Leonard’s Bakery – The Best Malasadas in Oahu

Every food enthusiast’s itinerary for Hawaii invariably lists Leonard’s Bakery; and it unquestionably lives up to the hype! Visiting its original location at Kapahulu Ave, I was delighted to discover they’ve been cranking out fresh hot donuts for 71 years – an impressive feat!

Don’t be discouraged by potentially long queues—the line moves quickly. The waiting itself adds to the charm of this place while also ensuring you’re eating heavenly malasadas that have barely left the fryer.

Have a bite of these sugared donuts, and you’ll understand why they are famous. However, trying their filled ones takes your taste experience to an entirely new level—the macadamia nut cream won my heart hands down.

The exterior crunch gives way to airy fluffiness inside—truly delightful sensations! We recommend ordering both original and puff fillings—a couple per person should suffice (unless like me, you cannot resist going back for more!)

They may seem overwhelmingly sweet at first but trust me—it is worth exploring different flavors available. My boyfriend and I particularly enjoyed sampling haupia and cinnamon varieties.

In case parking looks scanty around the bakery or if you wish to enjoy your delicacies with some peace, consider parking near Safeway.

Why did we love Leonard’s Bakery:

  • Their legendary status backed by decades-long business
  • A plethora of choices between sugar-coated or lushly-filled delectable Malasadas
  • Crispy-on-the-outside-yet-fluffy-inside texture tantalizing all senses
  • Quick-serving capacity despite frequent crowd hustle `

Address: 933 Kapahulu Avenue Honolulu, HI 96816

Penny’s Waikiki Malasadas – The Best Malasadas in Waikiki

Being a food enthusiast, I could not resist the local legend: malasadas from Penny’s Waikiki. To my delight, they come out piping hot and pamper your palate with their fluffiness. If you’re like me—and prefer a chewier malasada—you might find them lighter than anticipated. But the fruity guava filling more than made up for any lack—the most robust one I’ve tasted yet, even beating Leonard’s.

Following common courses, we ordered six malasadas—three cream-filled malasadas and three traditional treats. The diverse selection allowed us to relish different flavors—all served yummy fresh.

My opinion may differ when compared to Leonard’s because of texture; still, it seems personal preference plays an essential role here—do have a bite and decide yourself!

Stepping into Penny’s felt incredibly welcoming—they offered high-quality service along with those ethereal donuts. The extensive range available left me spoilt for choice—I’m positively returning soon!

Visiting Waikiki? Find time for this culinary jewel proposing Portuguese doughnuts that are light as cloud nine! With choices ranging from cane sugar-coated classics to coconut-cream indulgences.I assure you—you won’t face disappointment at this unassuming food court stall.

Why did we love Penny’s Malasadas:

  • Freshly baked, astonishingly fluffy donuts
  • Rich guava fillings giving fruit flavors par excellence
  • Wide-ranging selection accommodating individual preferences
  • Guests leave feeling cherished owing to their friendly service

Address: Center 2nd Floor Food Court, 2233 Kalākaua Avenue Royal, Honolulu, HI 96815

Ted’s Bakery – The Best Malasadas on North Shore, Oahu

During our first voyage to Oahu, my boyfriend and I discovered Ted’s Bakery. We savored their malasadas so much that we frequently found ourselves returning for more—excellent pre-flight treats too!

This place reigns supreme for its renowned haupia pie. Unfortunately, they sell out pretty quickly, often by noon. After a rather hefty wait in line one day, we surprisingly ended up settling for their irresistible chocolate haupia cream pie—and boy are we happy we did! That divine pastry lured us back into line again.

Ted’s exudes this honest charm—you queue up; order your preferred items (I urge you to go early before the best pastries disappear); and prepare yourself to indulge right there under the Hawaiian sun! The outdoor seating sprawled across a small parking lot offers delightful spots where you can dig into your meals amidst breezy ambiance.

Despite its bustling nature (implying its popularity among locals as well), the queues clear relatively fast—courtesy of their friendly and quick-serving staff. Their Loco Moco stands out along with the chicken katsu—but it’s those heavenly malasadas that consistently steal our hearts every time!

Why Ted’s remained unforgettable:

  • Mouthwatering Malasadas that kept us coming back
  • Delicious options like Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie
  • Fast service despite often being crowded
  • Convenient grab-and-go setup with beautiful surroundings for instant dining

Address: 59-024 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712

Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery – Premier Choice for Malasadas in Oahu

Pipeline Bakeshop and Creamery bowled us over with their piping hot, freshly made malasadas. Capturing our hearts with its generous coating of sugar, it was fairly challenging to resist this staple—though the menu teased us with more tasty options waiting to be savored.

They do carry a solid repute for being one of the unbeatable versions available on the island. Precautionary measures taken amid ongoing health concerns commendably highlighted their responsible functioning—all visitors lined up outside awaiting orders.

Upon each visit, you’ll discover something equally enticing—if not better—than before; we found that homemade strawberry ice cream competed fiercely with drool-worthy Leonard’s malasada! Tried banana bread loaded with chocolate chips? Savor that warmth accompanied by apt banana essence—it turned out a personal favorite!

A flurry of treats keeps teasing your taste buds—the peanut butter cookie, energy bars reminiscent of rice crispy treat or super moist Cake Bombs subtly pierced by lemony zest!

We appreciated their make-to-order motto despite involving wait times. Fresh-from-the-oven focaccia embellished my memorable dining experiences here—an excellent pairing featuring ripe tomatoes meeting earthy mushrooms!

It really is an attractive little space filled endearingly featuring dog mascots throughout—a hit amongst kids definitely—and the courteous staff treats patrons splendidly!

Craving genuine homemade ice cream served along with custom-made sizzling hot Malasadas? Pipeline remains open for you, ready to amaze at every step!

Why were we hooked onto Pipeline:

  • Delectable hot-off-the-fryer malasadas crafted upon order
  • Ravishing selection beyond Malasadas (hello Homemade Ice-Cream!)
  • Admirable attention to safety precautions amid ongoing crisis
  • Amicable staff ensuring pleasant encounters

Address: 3632 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

Agnes’ Portuguese Bake Shop – Unrivalled Malasadas in Kailua Oahu

Paying a visit to Agnes’ Portuguese Bake Shop while exploring Kailua introduced us to unequivocally the best traditional malasadas on the island, enhancing our sweet palate. Their signature confections are light and fluffy yet still possess quintessential malasada characteristics.

Operating out of a food truck strategically positioned in a small parking lot next to Manuhealii (an adorable clothing store), their convenience is unbeatable—particularly for beachgoers enjoying Hawaii’s sun-kissed weather.

The friendly employee who served us assured that whether ordering one or dozens—they’d freshly make them for you! And was he right? A hot treat melted perfectly into our mouths—a heavenly indulgence we relished by the sandy shorelines.

Having tried several competitors—Leonard’s included—I can vouch: no other bakery holds up against Agnes’ as far as authentic Portugal-style Malasadas go. The crispy exterior complementing soft insides generously coated with sugar—is hard to transcend!

What left an indelible impression from Agnes’:

  • A culinary hotspot presenting fresh-made-to-order offering
  • Conveniently located near desirable destinations like the beach and shopping
  • Extremely friendly staff who offered efficient service
  • Legitimately embodying “traditional” style Malasadas

Address: 5 Ho’olai St, Kailua, HI 96734

Kamehameha Bakery Inc – Unforgettable Poi Donuts in Oahu

Another bakery that added sweetness to our time in Hawaii was Kamehameha Bakery Inc. Their poi donut tempted our tastebuds like no other! It stood second only to Leonard’s custard malasada—for me, at least.

Oh and if you are a fan of haupia stuffed poi donuts—I bet this place would win you over hands down!

This cozy bakery lures you with more than just the legendary poi. We gave their long john—a creamy custard-filled delight—a shot, though Leonard’s edition remained unbeatable for us. Then came the glazed croissant—indulgent and satisfying but heavy on sugar (keep your beverage handy!). And then there was a humble butter roll—an ideal companion for savory dishes.

Imagine having those scrumptious strawberry malasadas or falling head over heels for the dreamy taro ones—they pack enough reasons to earn them 5-star ratings!

The all-round bakery offering everything from ‘run-of-the-mill’ donuts, long johns to amazingly oversized apple fritters—it particularly stands out as an ultimate destination to discover local tastes like poi malasadas.

What witnessed noticeable room for improvement was friendly service. The staff certainly didn’t seem impolite but lacked warmth—you might feel overlooked amidst frequent flurries of customers they serve every day.

So why linger on Kamehameha Bakery:

  • Scrumptious Poi Donut becomes your favorite dessert
  • Wide-ranging options encompassing traditional and unique offerings
  • Early opening hours attracting early-bird customers
  • An exquisite variety catering all sweet tooth cravings

Address: 1284 Kalani St Unit D106, Honolulu, HI 96817

Liliha Bakery – Your Delicious Pastry Haven

One delightful Honolulu bakery visit still vividly teases our memory: Liliha Bakery. Their lilikoi and adzuki malasadas stole the show with liberal amounts of filling that created an unforgettable mouthfeel.

One morning, we found a substantial crowd there as early as 8 am—an undeniable testament to its popularity. My boyfriend found it hard not to love their long john donut, even though it was slightly messy! Meanwhile, my daughter and I luxuriated over apple malasadas and heavenly cream puffs. Yes—the frosting may tip towards the sweeter side—but those delicious fillings balanced everything perfectly.

The most captivating part about this place? It served us arguably the best food in Hawaii—a claim garnering thumbs-up from every corner! Whether you’re looking for grab-and-go comfort food (we saved some treats for satisfying plane snacking) or basking under the diner-era vibes at its quasi-café—Liliha owes us nothing!

Why we loved Liliha bakery:

  • Generously filled luscious Malasadas
  • Hearty breakfast options perfect for early risers
  • Delectable variety including cream puffs and donuts
  • A harmonious blend of modern convenience meets diner nostalgia

Come taste authenticity—one splendid bite at a time, right here at Liliha!

Address: 515 N Kuakini St, Honolulu, HI 96817


What is malasadas in Hawaii?

Malasadas in Hawaii refers to a Portuguese dessert that has become a local delight on the islands. They are essentially deep-fried balls of dough, covered in granulated sugar, and often filled with flavors like custard or coconut cream. Places like Leonard’s Bakery are especially noted for their delicious Malasadas.

What is the difference between malasada and donut?

Though similar in some ways, there are key differences between malasadas and donuts. A traditional donut usually has a hole in its center and may be glazed or filled with jelly or other sweet fillings. On the other hand, malasada is typically round without a hole, rolled in sugar and can also come with various fillings but it isn’t universal.

What is the difference between malasada and beignets?

While both Malasadas and Beignets are types of fried dough desserts covered with powdered sugar at times, they originate from different cultures—malasadas from Portugal (popularized greatly in Hawaii) while Beignets have strong ties to French cuisine specifically associated with New Orleans culture. Differences can pop up around textures too – beignets tend to be denser whereas most might find Malassads as light but chewy.

Where can I find the best malasadas in Honolulu?

You can tantalize your taste buds with delicious malasadas at various bakeries across Honolulu in Hawaii. The bakery that takes center stage for me personally, is Leonard’s Bakery on Kapahulu Avenue. Their fried dough delicacy covered in sugar truly represents what a perfect Malasada should taste like.

Between Liliha Bakery and Kamehameha Bakery, which one has an alluring dessert menu?

While both Liliha and Kamehameha Bakeries offer a variety of bakery items sure to tickle your taste buds, my personal fondness leans towards Liliha Bakery. It’s not just about their scrumptious mochi malasadas but also the rest of their extensive dessert menu including the famous coconut pudding that leaves you craving more.

Is there any other place to eat delicious donuts apart from Leonard’s Malasadas in Hawaii?

Absolutely! If you are someone whose love extends beyond those scrumptious treats at Leonard’s, Duke’s Lane Market & Eatery is worth a visit when roaming around Hawaiian Islands. Known for its impressive array of baked goods it definitely stands out as an entity different than others.

Can I satiate my sweet tooth cravings with unique flavors like horchata ice cream or cinnamon sugar treats on weekends at Pipeline Bakeshop Creamery?

Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery never disappoints when it comes to satisfying your sweet cravings anytime during the week since it remains open Monday through Sunday inclusive. On days special like Fat Tuesday, you’re likely to find some exclusive treats such as Horchata Ice cream along with classic delights seasoned perfectly with Cinnamon Sugar.

How would you compare the malasadas at Leonard’s Bakery and Kamehameha Bakery in Honolulu?

Well, let me start by saying that both Leonard’s and Kamehameha make incredibly delicious malasadas in their own unique way. On one hand, you have Leonard’s bakery, with its longstanding reputation for serving the best malasada coated in sugar on the island of Honolulu. On the other, there is Kamehameha bakery offering naughty bites of deep-fried dough heaven! But to sum up- if I’d to find Malasadas tomorrow, I’d definitely choose either!

Where can someone get a combo treat of Manuela Malasada and Coconut Pudding after visiting Pipeline Bakeshop Creamery?

Once done treating yourself at Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery with Cinnamon Sugar delicacies or Horchata Ice cream maybe; top your food spree off by swinging over to Dukes Lane Market where you can indulge in authentic Manuela’s Malasada along with some lip-smacking coconut pudding which blends nicely as an afters dessert. This sweet detour will lend an exemplary end note to your Hawaiian culinary expedition.

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