Best Mai Tais in Honolulu: Sip Your Way to Tropical Bliss!

Welcome fellow Mai Tai enthusiasts!

On my recent trip to Hawaii with my boyfriend, we decided it would be fun and adventurous to go on a quest for the best Mai Tais on the island. And let me tell you – we’ve tasted both the good and the not-so-good, so you don’t have to!

Through endless sipping and testing (oh, the sacrifices I make), I discovered that there are five must-try Mai Tai spots in Hawaii that simply cannot be ignored. These bars not only serve up incredible cocktails but also offer unique atmospheres, amazing views, and fantastic prices.

You see, when it comes down to finding that ideal flavor balance of tart and strong rum, these establishments have mastered their craft. I remember one specific night where we sat at a beachside tiki bar as the sun dipped below the horizon; it was there that I savored what could quite possibly have been the most perfect Mai Tai I’ve ever had.

But enough reminiscing – let’s dive right into my list of favorite places for enjoying delicious Hawaiian refreshments.

Warning: You might find yourself wanting to book a flight just for another chance at savoring these delightful concoctions!

So here they are – five handpicked bars in Hawaii where your taste buds will experience true bliss with every sip of their exquisite Mai Tais. Prepare for tropical paradise and happy hour heaven!

Deck – Upscale Honolulu Bar with Unbeatable Mai Tais and Breathtaking Views

Indulge in luxury at Deck, an upscale restaurant and bar nestled in the heart of Honolulu. Known for their mouthwatering craft cocktails, this chic destination offers an elegant poolside setting complete with mesmerizing views of Kapiolani Park and Diamond Head mountain.

The star attraction at Deck is undoubtedly their signature Mai Tai ’44 cocktail. Expertly crafted using three distinct sugarcane rums from Kohana distillery, a local favorite, it boasts the perfect balance of sweetness and tangy citrus flavors. It’s no wonder that this drink secured its spot on our list of best bars serving Mai Tais.

During our most recent visit, I delighted in sipping my Mai Tai while my boyfriend explored other options like their delicious Awikiwiki—a tantalizing blend of blackberry and vanilla. Though slightly pricey, each handcrafted drink promises premium quality that justifies the cost.

💡 Insider Tip: Make the most out of your visit by dropping in during happy hour to savor these amazing cocktails at reduced prices.

Highlights we relished at Deck:

  • An elegant poolside environment with stunning views
  • Remarkable craft cocktails made using high-quality ingredients
  • The highly recommended Mai Tai ’44 showcasing unique local rum blends
  • Attentive service complementing classy ambiance

House Without a Key – Waikiki’s Top Spot for Scenic Mai Tais and Unforgettable Ocean Views

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of House Without a Key, where you can savor an unforgettable sunset-in-a-glass experience. Perfectly situated to offer breathtaking ocean views, this popular destination is ideal for both indoor and outdoor dining.

Their extensive menu caters to all preferences, from lunch and dinner options to dessert selections and even choices for kids. However, it’s their exceptional cocktail list that truly steals the spotlight. Boasting Halekulani classics alongside innovative concoctions, there’s no better place in Waikiki to enjoy an amazing Mai Tai.

Indulge in their signature Halekulani Mai Tai—a masterful blend of the original ’44 recipe with a fabulous Hawaiian twist by adding Lemon Hart 151 rum. Served with a charming sugar cane stirrer, this delightful beverage captures the essence of Hawaii.

💡 Insider Tip: Due to its immense popularity, securing reservations at House Without a Key might be challenging. In case you face difficulty booking a table, opt for seating at the pool bar instead.

Highlights we loved at House Without a Key:

  • Stunning oceanic views perfect for capturing sunsets
  • Extensive menu offering choices suitable for every palate
  • A diverse cocktail selection featuring their must-try Halekulani Mai Tai
  • A lively ambiance complete with entertainment

Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian – A True Tiki Experience with Authentic Old-World Mai Tais

Step into the enchanting world of tiki culture at Mai Tai Bar, located in the iconic Royal Hawaiian. This beachfront oasis boasts historical significance as the birthplace where Trader Vic first developed the legendary Mai Tai cocktail.

Treat yourself to an authentic Mai Tai experience featuring well-balanced flavors without overpowering sweetness—savoring this beverage just as it was originally intended. With stunning beach views and a captivating ambiance, Mai Tai Bar quickly becomes an unforgettable stop on your journey.

Though drink prices lean towards the higher end of the spectrum, their uniqueness and exquisite taste are undeniably worth every penny. Friendly service complements your visit, ensuring that you make lasting memories at this charming spot.

💡 Insider Tip: Elevate your experience by asking for off-the-menu Mai Tais—you won’t be disappointed!

Highlights we cherished at Mai Tai Bar:

  • A genuine tiki atmosphere steeped in rich history
  • Authentic old-world Mai Tais staying true to their origins
  • Breathtaking beach views enhancing every sip
  • Exemplary service from the welcoming staff

The Barefoot Beach Bar at Hale Koa Hotel – Casual Mai Tai Haven with Stunning Views

Discover a relaxing oasis at The Barefoot Beach Bar, nestled within the charming Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki. This inviting locale provides the perfect laid-back atmosphere to unwind with a tempting Mai Tai, as you soak in captivating sunset views.

Gather your friends and spend quality time together over an eclectic mix of beverages ranging from cocktails and mocktails to delightful smoothies. Enjoy the delectable snack bar offerings while swaying gently to island tunes—the ideal backdrop for chill moments spent in pure leisure.

Be sure not to miss their alluring drink menu featuring beloved options like Blue Hawaiian, Pina Colada, Mai Tai, and Lava Flow. With each sip carefully crafted for exquisite taste, this casual beachfront hideaway beckons visitors seeking both relaxation and refreshment.

💡 Bonus Tip: Military personnel can take advantage of exclusive discounts on drinks during their visit.

Highlights we appreciate at The Barefoot Beach Bar:

  • A serene escape boasting an easy-going ambiance
  • An exquisite selection of refreshing beverages including fantastic Mai Tais
  • Scenic outlooks offering awe-inspiring sunset panoramas
  • Enticing snack bar selections perfectly complementing your beverage choices

Splash Bar – Honolulu’s Prime Spot for Unbeatable Mai Tai Deals

Experience exceptional value and unforgettable moments at Splash Bar, an unmatched destination in Honolulu for unbeatable drink deals.

Located within the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, this outdoor poolside bar is all set to create lasting memories over a delightful selection of beverages. With an impressive happy hour running from 11 am to 6 pm—one of the longest on the island—expect bargain prices as low as $9 for a Mai Tai.

But that’s not all! Their daily rotating happy hour menu showcases a new tiki-inspired drink each day. Fridays are specially reserved for those irresistible Mai Tais, ensuring there’s always something exciting happening at the Splash Bar.

For those looking to explore different flavors, try out their “Three Way Tai” platter featuring three scrumptious Mai Tai samplers: classic, mango-flavored, and cachaca-spiked—all available at just $21!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity; a visit to Splash Bar is simply unmissable while in Honolulu.

Highlights we love about Splash Bar:

  • Exceptional value with amazing deals on drinks
  • One of the longest-running happy hours in town
  • A refreshing assortment of tiki-inspired cocktails
  • The unique “Three Way Tai” platter for adventurous sippers

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Honolulu has no shortage of cool spots to enjoy your Mai Tais. 

With bars providing multiple options in terms of ambiance and settings, you can enjoy your drinks with either majestic views of the Diamond Head or romantic sunsets, or you could even party the night away to some great music. 

Yes, Honolulu has great and happening nightlife, but who says that’s the only time you can enjoy your Mai Tai? With bars serving great deals for happy hour, you can enjoy a drink or two before the sun goes down.


Are Mai Tais popular in Hawaii?

Yes, Mai Tais are quite the popular drink in Hawaii. You will find them being served in every bar and restaurant. And the best part is that no two Mai Tais are exactly alike. Every bar puts its unique spin on it.

Is Mai Tai a strong drink?

A Mai Tai is a strong drink with a prominent rum flavor.

However, each bartender infuses their creative twist into the drink, from orange and lime flavors to pineapple and lilikoi syrups. You can find plenty of variation in each bar.

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