The Best Luau in Maui

Aloha, fellow Hawaiian adventurers! I’m here to share my passion for something that’s brought me and my boyfriend countless memorable nights during our trips to the beautiful island of Maui – luaus! Trust me, if you’re visiting Hawaii, experiencing the best luaus in Maui is an absolute must. These dazzling events filled with music, dance, and mouth-watering food are truly unforgettable.

You see, finding the perfect luau can be quite overwhelming. There are just so many options out there, it’s easy to feel lost or even worry about making a wrong choice. That’s where I come in! Having attended my fair share of luaus over the years and done extensive research on this captivating tradition, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on what makes a fantastic luau experience.

Now let me paint you a picture: Imagine yourself as someone craving an authentic taste of Hawaiian culture paired with a night you’ll never forget. If that sounds like you (and I have a feeling it does), then this article is precisely what you need.

Warning: Once you attend your first amazing luau in Maui, there’s no turning back – prepare for some serious hula dancing addiction!

Alrighty then, let’s dive right into the enchanting world of Luaus and discover which ones deserve your precious evenings on this magical island called Maui!

Myths of Maui Luau at The Royal Lahaina Resort 

Those searching for a family-friendly luau ideal for all ages shouldn’t miss the Myths of Maui luau at the Royal Lahaina Resort. With live music, immersive storytelling, fun dance performances, an all-you-can-eat buffet, and a separate menu for kids, this luau ticks all the boxes for a night of fun on the island. 

On arrival, you’ll be welcomed by the friendly staff with shell leis and get seated with views of the Ka’anapali shoreline. Then, as the show begins, enjoy an enchanting display of traditional dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, and New Zealand, followed by great stories of Polynesia and fire-knife performances. 

As the show concludes near sunset, take in gorgeous views of the island sun fading on the West Maui shore, and eat your way through a terrific buffet featuring Hawaiian classics like Kalua pig and tropical cocktails. At the same time, the children have a feast of their own from the Keiki (kids) buffet.

My boyfriend and I always bring our friends and family to the Royal Lahaina luau, as we consider it the best luau in Maui for families. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • There are free photo ops with the dancers after the show.
  • Kids and adults will love the imu ceremony as the roast pig gets unearthed.
  • There’s an amazing full-cast fire finale to end the luau. 

Te Au Moana Luau at The Marriott Wailea

If you’re in South Maui, head to the Marriott hotel in Wailea, which hosts one of the most loved luaus on the island. The Te Au Moana luau, translating to ‘the ocean tide’, pays tribute to the Polynesian cultures connected through the waters of Oceania through its terrific performances.

The luau lasts 3-4 hours, and guests are welcomed with flower or kukui nut leis and carved wooden necklaces on arrival. Before the main event, you’ll enjoy pre-show entertainment of Polynesian rituals such as making tapas (creating fabric from tree bark), coconut husking, and flower crafting. 

In addition, guests will love the imu ceremony, where the Kalua pig is removed from the ground and carved for dinner. For the buffet, enjoy a feast of local flavors like teriyaki steak, seafood pasta, pineapple slaw, and Molokai sweet potatoes, with stunning views of the glimmering Pacific waters from the Marriott’s gorgeous lawn overlooking the ocean.

My boyfriend and I love Te Au Moana for its terrific main event and family-friendly entertainment. Here’s why you’ll agree the Marriott has the best luau in Maui:

  • The talented dancers portray stories of fishing, gathering, and voyaging of ancient Polynesia in Te Au Moana. 
  • There’s a jaw-dropping fire knife performance in the main show. 
  • The luau displays stunning Polynesian weapons used by the old Hawaiians.

Maui Nui Luau at The Sheraton 

For this next luau, get to Ka’anapali Beach in West Maui for a night of storytelling, thrilling performances, and an incredible feast at sunset. So don’t miss the Maui Nui luau, which is set on a stunning oceanfront lawn facing Ka’anapali beach, and guests can even walk straight into the waters from their seats. 

You’ll be immersed from the luau’s start as terrific performances portray legends of the demigod Maui, who the island is named after, plus chants, dances, and songs, which take you on a journey across the Pacific from Hawaii to Fiji and Samoa. 

The event also includes moments of dramatic flair as a cliff diver jumps from Black Rock at sunset into the Ka’anapali beach waters below. Enjoy the blazing sun setting on the shore while you indulge in a mouthwatering all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner and tropical cocktails. 

We were in awe of the Maui Nui luau at the Sheraton and consider it one of the best luaus in Maui. Here’s why you will too:

  • The luau presents authentic dances from all across Polynesia.
  • The location is a stunning photo op, and the staff takes great pictures of you.
  • There’s an exciting Samoan fire knife show in the luau.

Feast at Mokapu by The Andaz Maui Resort

Enjoy a Maui luau steeped in luxury at the Andaz Maui Resort, which looks directly onto Mokapu Beach and offers breathtaking views from its oceanfront seating area. The Feast at Mokapu is widely rated as the best luau in Maui for a terrific dinner prepared by a local professional chef and featuring island-favorite items.

Guests get treated to rounds of handcrafted cocktails served tableside during the luau as the host tells a spellbinding story of the arrival of the Polynesians in Maui. The artful performances allow guests to learn about Hawaiian values and feature an excellent mix of hula and fire dancing. 

To make this terrific luau even better, you’ll be served a family-style dinner to your tables, with the best rib-eye steak and local dishes prepared farm-to-table. In addition, guests can upgrade to Premium for front-row seats and the best views of the luau. 

My boyfriend and I can never get enough of this new luau at the Andaz and rate it as the best luau in Maui for an incredible meal. Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Guests can get drinks customized to their liking, such as Mai Tais. 
  • Dinner gets served during the show, so guests can enjoy it while watching.
  • The luau has terrific pre-show activities.

The Old Lahaina Luau

Book your tickets for the most sought-out luau in Maui months in advance, and we guarantee this pre-booking will be worth it. The Old Lahaina luau is widely considered the best on the island, as it presents all the culturally relevant aspects of luaus practiced by native Hawaiians, such as sitting on mats to eat, no fire-knife show, and authentic storytelling. 

Like most luaus, you’ll be greeted with leis and tropical drinks, but that’s where the similarity ends, as the Old Lahaina Luau’s performances focus solely on Hawaii and its traditions through passionate storytelling. For dinner, guests gather around the imu to watch a massive pig unearthed, followed by a terrific meal consisting of Hawaiian classics like Lau Lau, Maui-style Mahi Mahi, Lomi Lomi salmon, Pulehu steak, haupia, and much more. 

As the sunset approaches, experience the incredible live performances, hear tales of European arrival and the development of hula, and enjoy a romantic couples dance as you sway to music below the stars.

We’ve been attending the Old Lahaina luau for years, and it never disappoints, which is why we consider it the best luau in Maui. Here’s why you will too:

  • You can spot Hawaiian green sea turtles from a sea wall near the luau grounds. 
  • There’s a sweet potato beer brewed specially for the event by Maui Brewing Co.
  • You’ll enjoy oceanside seating and a view of the sun setting into the West Maui mountains. 

The Feast at Lele Luau

Head to Lahaina’s lively Front Street for this next luau, which sits steps away from a gorgeous white sand beach. The Feast at Lele luau takes you on a journey of flavors with its exceptional five-course sit-down dinner, followed by incredible performances from around Polynesia. 

On arrival, enjoy getting beautiful leis and tropical Mai Tais, followed by a meal of succulent Polynesian flavors, such as imu-roasted kalua pig, chicken in taro leaves and coconut milk, among other great dishes. Then, as the sun sets, the traditional dance performances from Samoa, Tahiti, and Hawaii begin. Next, you’ll experience a jaw-dropping moment from watching the fearsome haka, a war dance performed by tattooed Maori that comes from Aotearoa – the Polynesian name for New Zealand.

This night of exotic displays gets even better with the sensual hip-swaying of Tahitian dancing and the Samoan fire and knife show, a definite highlight to the luau. 

We loved attending the Feast at Lele for its incredible flavors and dances; definitely one of the best luaus in Maui. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • There’s an open bar on the grounds available all night for guests. 
  • The location gives unmatched views of the Pacific Ocean. 
  • The terrific dinner is served farm-to-table, made from the best local ingredients.

Huaka’i Journey Through Polynesia Luau 

If you’re looking for a family-friendly luau that’s entertaining for everyone, head to Wailuku in South Maui, where the Huaka’i luau takes place. Located on the Maui Ocean Center, this luau is held in a semi-open space with a covered roof, providing wheelchair and stroller accessibility while overlooking stunning views of the Maalaea Harbor. 

Run by a family of locals to Hawaii, this luau promises captivating storytelling about ancient Polynesians and their history as the family narrates their tales, followed by exciting music and dance performances that are bound to make you join in with the local dancers. 

For dinner, guests can enjoy a luau-style buffet meal with drinks, plus great vegetarian options, whereas kids will get a special buffet menu of their own. 

My boyfriend and I loved this event’s great performances and friendly atmosphere, and it’s definitely one of the best luaus in Maui for families. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • You can upgrade your ticket to include leis, hotel discounts, and admission to the Maui Ocean Center.
  • The luau shifts to their indoor ballroom in case of rain, so you don’t miss the show.
  • Their buffet menu has delicious dishes which are mostly gluten-free for those with dietary restrictions.

The Grand Wailea Luau 

Located on one of West Maui’s best resorts, the Grand Wailea offers an incredible luau that journeys into Hawaiian history like no other and features a fusion menu of traditional and modern island favorites. The Grand Wailea luau also gives unmatched views of Wailea Beach from its oceanfront location, which guests can enjoy from their private party tables. 

This 4-hour luau is jam-packed with entertainment, starting with pre-show activities like learning the hula from local dancers, ukulele lessons, and Hawaiian lawn games. The main event is not to be missed either, as it presents the tale of the Tahitian voyagers who discovered Hawaii, named Laʻamaikahiki and Moikeha, forming the Polynesian society and culture as we know it. 

For dinner, feast on their mouthwatering menu featuring the classic Kalua pig from an imu, plus fresh island catch of Macadamia nut-encrusted Mahi Mahi, Asian favorites like char siu and chow fun, and a fresh Maui pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. 

My boyfriend and I love the fascinating storytelling and impeccable service at the Grand Wailea, as they undoubtedly have the best luau in Maui. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • The dinner is an all-you-can-eat buffet, which servers bring to your private tables. 
  • This luau is great for families as it includes a separate menu for kids.
  • The gorgeous location makes for the best photo op.

Drums of the Pacific Luau at The Hyatt Regency 

Don’t end your trip to Maui without stopping by the Hyatt Regency hotel, home to the longest standing luau in Maui that’s held regularly at Ka’anapali Beach. Drums of the Pacific is the most enthralling luau you’ll attend, featuring dances from all over Polynesia, dramatic quirks throughout the show, and a delicious three-course meal. 

The luau begins with a conch shell’s blow, followed by the sound of beating drums, Hawaiian chants, and tiki torches lighting up the beachfront location. This is the only luau with performances from all around Polynesia, such as Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Tonga, and Tuamotus, which take you on a ride through their beautiful cultures. 

In addition, the luau has a display of Samoan fire dancing, and flame eating performed perfectly, which will have you on the edge of your seats. Finally, enjoy a feast for dinner with island favorites like Lomi Lomi salmon and Huli Huli chicken, an open bar throughout the event, and a special buffet for kids. 

My boyfriend and I never had a dull moment at the Drums of the Pacific luau, which makes it the best luau in Maui. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • Guests receive fresh flower leis and tropical cocktails on arrival. 
  • There’s fun pre-show entertainment like hula lessons for kids and adults.
  • The dancers invite audience members on stage to participate in the fast-paced dances.


What is the most authentic luau in Maui?

The Old Lahaina luau in West Maui is widely considered the most authentic display of this traditional celebration in Maui. Because the luau stays culturally relevant to Hawaii by seating guests on floor mats, displaying performances and stories relating solely to Hawaii, the absence of a fire show (a newer addition to luaus), and other small details, it is the most authentic luau in Maui. 

What is the best luau to go to in Maui?

Maui has tons of terrific luaus, and you’ll be spoiled to pick a favorite, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of the best choices in this article. So head to the Huaka’i and Myths of Maui luau for family-friendly fun, the Feast at Lele and Feast at Mokapu for the best food, and the Old Lahaina luau for the most authentic luau experience, as they’re all considered the best. 

What is the most authentic luau in Hawaii?

Hawaii has great luaus on its islands, with many staying original to the age-old luaus. You can find the most authentic luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center, called the Ali’i luau on North shore Oahu, the Old Lahaina luau in Maui, and the Paradise Cove luau in Oahu, which present the most precise depiction of luaus. 

Are Maui luaus worth it?

The luaus in Maui are some of the best in Hawaii, and the hours spent singing, dancing, feasting on Hawaiian food, and watching captivating performances will become the highlight of your trip to the island. 

Winding Up The Best Luau in Maui

A trip to Maui is incomplete without trying its luaus, jam-packed with activities and entertainment steeped in culture. So if you’re visiting the island, try a new luau every night, as they’re the best in Hawaii. 

Since most luaus are held in resorts, you can expect world-class amenities, unique live performances, and delicious feasts. 

Looking for the best family-friendly luau in Maui? Head to the Myths of Maui luau at the Royal Lahaina Resort and the Huaka’i luau in South Maui.

Need to try luaus with the best food? Try the Feast at Mokapu luau by the Andaz Maui Resort and the Feast at Lele luau in Lahaina. 

Looking for a luxury luau experience? Don’t miss the Grand Wailea luau and the Feast at Lele luau in West Maui.

Want to experience the most authentic luau in Maui? Head to the Old Lahaina luau. 

Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular in Maui, don’t sleep on the luaus, as they’re unmissable!

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