The 5 Best Luau in Maui for Families

Aloha, fellow Maui enthusiasts!

I’ve been journeying to this tropical paradise with my boyfriend for years and have become somewhat of a luaus connoisseur. You see, nothing beats the excitement of hula dancing, traditional Hawaiian music, captivating storytelling, and scrumptious feasts that these events offer. And since I know how important it is to make the most out of your family vacation in Maui, I’ve put together a list of our all-time favorite luaus just for you.

Now, don’t worry – I’ve made sure to include luaus that cater to every age group and interest so that everyone in your family will enjoy themselves as much as we did when we took our relatives along on our latest adventure. Trust me; you’ll be creating priceless memories with your loved ones under those magnificent sunsets before you know it!

I must say I have spent quite some time researching and experiencing these exhilarating luaus firsthand. So believe me when I tell you that my recommendations won’t disappoint anyone looking for fun times to share with their family.

Warning: After attending one of these lively Luaus filled with laughter, joyous moments, and delicious food – there’s no going back! You might find yourself planning future trips around the chance to experience even more amazing Hawaiian luaus together.

Ready? Grab your flip-flops and colorful outfits – let’s dive into the world of Maui luaus and get ready for some unforgettable experiences!

Myths of Maui Luau at the Royal Lahaina Resort 

Head to West Maui to attend the Myths of Maui luau at the Royal Lahaina Resort, which is the best family luau to set your mood for some island fun. The Resort holds this event on a beachfront location with stunning views of the West Maui shore at sunset. In addition, the luau has special amenities for children like a separate Keiki (kids) buffet option.  

When you arrive, receive special aloha treatment with Kukui nut leis and fresh flower leis, plus tropical drinks from the staff. The main event and performances at the Myths of Maui luau are great for youngsters as they’ll learn about ancient Hawaiians who inhabited the island, and their culture, through immersive storytelling.

Enjoy dances from Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and New Zealand during the show, plus a stunning fire-knife performance that will have you on the edge of your seats. In addition, dinner is a delicious affair with separate all-you-can-eat buffets for adults and kids featuring island-favorite foods. 

My family loved attending this luau as it never had a dull moment, and we consider it the best Maui luau for families. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • There’s a great imu ceremony where guests can see a cooked pig unearthed.
  • Guests can take free photos with the dancers after the show. 
  • You can get an upgrade for a special buffet and front-row seating. 

Huaka’i Journey Through Polynesia Luau 

Those with younger children should head to the Maui Ocean Center for the Huaka’i luau, which takes place in an indoor-outdoor area with views of the Maalaea Harbor. The luau promises family-friendly fun through exciting dances, a fire show, and a separate buffet for adults and children. 

The Huaka’i luau is run by a family of locals in Maui, who narrate enticing tales of ancient Polynesia that are a great way for children to learn about the indigenous cultures of Hawaii. Then, there’s a terrific hula dance followed by careful fire dances that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

For dinner, feast on the delicious buffet which has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, while kids have one of their own with kalua pork sliders, mac and cheese, and chicken strips. In addition, you can upgrade your ticket to include a tour of the Maui Ocean Center and introduce kids to marine life in Maui.

My boyfriend and I love the Huaka’i luau and often bring our nieces and nephews here, as it’s the best Maui luau for families. Here’s why you have to try it:

  • The luau’s location is wheelchair and stroller accessible.
  • You can upgrade your tickets to include leis and hotel discounts. 
  • There’s indoor seating in case of sudden rain, so you don’t miss the show.

Te Au Moana Luau at The Wailea Beach Marriott

Head to South Maui for the Te Au Moana luau held at the Wailea Marriott, which presents the stories of people from all around Polynesia. As Te Au Moana means ‘the ocean tide’, this luau will take you on a trip through the waters of Oceania through epic dance performances and storytelling. 

Guests get welcomed with leis and carved wooden necklaces to wear during the show and find a place to sit on the gorgeous oceanfront lawn. Families enjoy this luau for the terrific pre-show activities like learning the hula, making tapas (fabric from tree bark), husking coconuts, and flower crafting. Then, for the main event, listen to stories of ancient Hawaiians and their expert skills in fishing, gathering, and voyaging, which show their knowledge and respect for Earth.

Finally, watch the imu ceremony as a huge Kalua pig gets unearthed at dinner, followed by a delicious meal with many options like chicken teriyaki steaks, pasta, fresh seafood, and favorite local fare. 

We love the Te Au Moana luau for its incredible storytelling, and you will too as it’s the best Maui luau for families. 

  • Guests can join in on dancing with the performers on stage.
  • They serve a hearty three-course meal family-style at your table. 
  • Kids will enjoy the incredible fire performance and stunning display of Hawaiian weaponry.  

Old Lahaina Luau

Of the many luaus in Maui, the Old Lahaina luau is the most authentic one, as it perfectly mirrors the practices of old Hawaiians. Families will love this luau for its terrific storytelling about Hawaii and sit on floor mats as a group to watch the exciting performances. However, make sure to book your tickets months in advance as the Old Lahaina luau sells out pretty soon.

The luau welcomes guests with leis and tropical beverages, after which they can explore the vast grounds and even see Hawaiian green sea turtles up close from a sea wall near the lawns. For the main show, you’ll love the detailed storytelling of European arrival, and the development of hula, followed by great music and dancing. 

The buffet dinner at the Old Lahaina luau is another authentic experience. You feast on Hawaiian fares like fresh Lomi Lomi salmon, Mahi Mahi, sides of poi, Molokai potatoes, and haupia (coconut) based desserts. 

So don’t miss the Old Lahaina luau on your next trip to the island, as they’re the best Maui luau for families. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • Guests can dance to upbeat music under the starlit sky after the show. 
  • The luau serves a special sweet potato beer prepared by Maui Brewing Co.
  • You can watch the beautiful sunset from the luau’s oceanfront location.

The Grand Wailea Luau

Another incredible luau for families, which is also regarded as the best luau in Maui, is at the Grand Wailea Resort on the West shore. The Grand Wailea luau at Honua’ula offers stunning views of the Wailea beach from its oceanfront location, fun pre-show activities, and a mouthwatering buffet dinner which both adults and kids will love. 

Before the main event begins, families can learn the hula from local dancers, practice playing the ukulele, and run around on the luau’s huge grounds playing Hawaiian lawn games. In addition, this luau offers mesmerizing storytelling about the first Tahitian voyagers who discovered Hawaii and developed Polynesian society. 

They serve a fusion menu of Hawaiian, Asian and other cuisines for dinner, a separate buffet menu for kids, and delicious pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. Families looking for privacy during the event should visit this luau as each group gets its own separate table, and the waitstaff serves and refills your food. 

My boyfriend and I love the Grand Wailea luau and often bring our families here for an entertaining night, as it’s the best Maui luau for families. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • Kids will learn about the history of Hawaii, that’s told in a fun way. 
  • The stunning location makes for a great photo op for a family picture. 
  • The staff is great with kids and keeps them entertained while adults enjoy the show. 


What is the most authentic luau in Maui?

The Old Lahaina luau is largely considered the most authentic luau in Maui. That’s because it replicates the same practices performed in the original luaus, like sitting on floor mats, authentic storytelling about Hawaii, and refraining from a fire show which is a thing of the present.

Are luaus good for kids?

Luaus are great events for the whole family as they keep you entertained for hours. Kids and adults can engage in fun pre-show activities like learning the hula and the ukulele, enjoy captivating storytelling about old Hawaii, and feast on a delicious buffet meal. 

Which Maui luau has the best food?

The Old Lahaina luau and the Feast at Mokapu luaus have the best food, as they serve Hawaiian classics and course meals prepared by island chefs. Plus, the Myths of Maui, the Huaka’i, and the Grand Wailea luaus have a separate buffet menu for the Keiki (children) consisting of kid-friendly items.

Winding Up The Best Maui Luaus for Families

Maui has the best luaus in Hawaii, perfect for family-friendly fun as they offer hours of entertainment. Guests can take part in dancing and singing with the Hawaiian performers on stage, hear stories of Old Hawaii from terrific storytellers, watch hair-raising fire shows, and have delicious buffet dinners from these luaus. 

Want to enjoy the best pre-show activities on your luau? Head to the Grand Wailea luau and the Te Au Moana luau. 

Looking for a kid-friendly buffet in the luau? Try the Myths of Maui luau, the Huaka’i luau and the Grand Wailea luau.

The luaus in Maui promise great fun for your family!

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