Best Lau Lau In Oahu: Taste Paradise in Every Flavorful Bite!

Welcome fellow food adventurers! My boyfriend and I have quite the appetite for trying new cuisines, especially those packed with local flavors. As avid explorers of delectable dishes, we embarked on a quest to find the best Lau Lau in Oahu—with no internet review left unturned. That way, you can skip all that scrolling and enjoy mouth-watering meals.

We believe that indulging in its delicious delights is essential whenever you visit a place like Oahu. We even managed to haul ourselves out of our food comas just long enough to share our top 4 favorite spots—all tried and tested by yours truly. These joints offer everything from traditional taste profiles to innovative variations within generous portions bound to satisfy your inner gastronome!

I’ve handpicked each spot based on its authenticity, quality ingredients, and stellar service. Some are well-known gems while others remain hidden treasures; trust me when I say they’ll give your tastebuds something worth writing home about.

Warning: You may become “that friend” who starts every sentence with “When I was eating Lau Lau in Hawaii…” Thanks to these fabulous locations, memorable mealtime moments are certain!

Now that your stomach is likely rumbling—sorry!—let’s head into this gastronomical Cinderella story where flavor reigns supreme…the magical kingdom of Oahu awaits!

#1. Young’s Fish Market – Discovering the Best Lau lau in Oahu

Young's Fish Market - Discovering the Best Lau lau in Oahu

When a local friend recommended Young’s Fish Market for laulau, we knew it was worth trying. The experience surpassed our expectations and became one of the highlights of our trip.

As soon as we entered this modest establishment, its calming atmosphere soothed us immediately. For those like my boyfriend and I who appreciate simplicity, Young’s felt like a perfect match. Chicken and fish laulau are featured on alternative nights; we tried both!

The chicken laulau exceeded all criteria: moist, tender, and flavorful with an excellent portion size. Though the leaf wrapping seemed somewhat salty, it only enhanced the overall taste experience.

On top of that delicacy, I ordered mac salad as a side dish—it was incredibly fulfilling! My taste buds urged me to keep eating even after feeling full because each mouthful proved irresistible. Our enchantment with this homey eatery grew further when considering its authentic Hawaiian setting.

Top reasons why Young’s Fish Market remains high on our list:

  • Two delicious options for laulau lovers: chicken or fish
  • Tempting and satisfying mac salad sides
  • A serene environment marked by simplicity

Yama’s Fish Market – Laulau Heaven and Delightful Ambiance

Yama's Fish Market - Laulau Heaven and Delightful Ambiance

Even now, I still find myself craving the laulau from Yama’s Fish Market. The delicious food was perfectly complemented by exceptional customer service and a beautiful atmosphere that instantly brightened our spirits.

Located conveniently close to our hotel, my boyfriend and I were fortunate enough to visit several times during our trip. Each visit outdid the last in terms of enjoyment for their amazing chicken laulau offerings as well as Mmm! Don’t forget that they also have a delightful poke bowl.

After indulging in such tasty meals at Yama’s, we even packed some chicken to savor later during dinner. This gem offered an extensive range of Hawaiian dishes besides laulau—we tried a variety on previous trips—and boasted delectable desserts too.

Keep in mind; this establishment is closed on Tuesdays when planning your culinary excursion here.

Here are our top reasons why you must experience Yama’s Fish Market:

  • Their laulau simply couldn’t be more perfect
  • Flavorful and succulent chicken dishes served with love
  • An inviting ambiance coupled with excellent service leaves lasting impressions
  • A great selection of other Hawaiin options along with satisfying poke bowls and mouthwatering desserts

Highway Inn – The Healing Powers of Pork Lau lau

Highway Inn - The Healing Powers of Pork Lau lau

Could a food platter have the power to heal your heart and soul? We discovered this possibility with Highway Inn’s pork laulau, which warmed our spirits from the first bite.

After sampling numerous chicken and fish laulaus throughout our Kauai trip, my boyfriend and I were eager to try pork laulau. Hands down, Highway Inn surpassed all other options! Although their menu features many delicious side dishes, the incredible taste of their laulau could satisfy any palate on its own.

Eager for an adventurous combo, I ordered rice and mac salad as my side—unforgettable! Exploring even further, we appreciated that they also offer combination platters for those looking to sample multiple Hawaiian dishes. Flavorful explosions awaited us at every turn!

An additional bonus: the affordable pricing made Highway Inn even more appealing during our vacation.

Here are some reasons why this spot is a must-try:

  • A satisfying serving size in each mouthwatering platter
  • Exceptional quality in their pork laulau offerings
  • An extensive selection of authentic Hawaiian cuisine provides endless choices

Helena’s Hawaiian Food – A Magical Laulau Discovery in Oahu

Helena's Hawaiian Food - A Magical Laulau Discovery in Oahu

It seemed like the travel gods smiled upon us when we stumbled upon Helena’s Hawaiian Food on our laulau hunt. Tucked away in Oahu, this hidden gem serves some of the most delectable laulau in town.

The chicken laulau at Helena’s captured my heart with its tender meat and well-balanced salty leaves. And having a variety of other options for Hawaiian cuisine made it even better!

The culinary masterpiece that is their laulau was soft, juicy, and cooked to absolute perfection. The unique blend of spices combined with their special sauce left a lasting impression. Each plate came complete with rice, mac salad, Lomi salmon, and a slice of sweet potato—all expertly prepared. To create the ultimate dining experience, we added cold beverages to balance out the flavors even more.

Reasons you can’t miss visiting Helena’s during your trip:

  • Showstopping dishes featuring generously plated mouthwatering laulaus
  • Friendly staff fostering an inviting atmosphere every time
  • Affordable pricing and many delicious traditional Hawaiian food options

Wrap-Up: Best Places For Lau Lau In Oahu

Indulging in diverse flavors and scrumptious meals is a must when exploring new destinations.

A vacation to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without savoring the rich Polynesian tastes of a delicious laulau dish, making Oahu an ideal spot for this culinary journey. These four restaurants not only offer some of the finest laulaus in town but also provide exceptional service and welcoming staff. Rest assured, you won’t need to worry about spending a fortune here since these establishments are known for their generous portions.

We hope your experiences at these eateries will be memorable while devouring each flavor-packed dish. Happy eating, and as they say in Hawaii, Aloha!


What are some must-try authentic Hawaiian food dishes when visiting Hawaii?

When visiting Hawaii, make sure to try a variety of authentic Hawaiian food dishes like laulau plate, kalua pig, lomi salmon, chicken long rice, poi factory creations and squid luau. These traditional dish options beautifully capture the flavors of the islands.

Which savory dishes should I explore at local food spots in Oahu locations?

During your visit to Oahu locations, don’t miss out on exploring local food spots that offer savory dishes such as beef stew cooked in an underground oven, fried chicken served with macaroni salad or rice cooker-prepared meals. Your taste buds will thank you for venturing beyond typical tourist fare.

How is kalua pig prepared and what makes it one of the best Hawaiian foods?

Kalua pig is considered one of the best Hawaiian foods due to its unique preparation method involving an underground oven called an imu. The fatty pork is wrapped in luau leaf and slow-cooked until tender; making it a flavorful and succulent main course that can often be found on a Kalua pig plate alongside sides like lomi salmon or macaroni salad.

Can you suggest a combination of traditional dishes for an unforgettable meal while visiting Hawaii?

For an unforgettable meal experience while visiting Hawaii, combine different traditional dishes such as a laulau plate featuring tender meat inside luau leaves, delicious squid luau complemented by chicken long rice or poi factory offerings followed by mouthwatering side options like lomi salmon and macaroni salad paired with perfectly cooked rice from a rice cooker.

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