Best Lau Lau in Maui: Top 4 Spots You Can’t Miss Out On!

Welcome fellow lau lau enthusiasts!

You know, finding the perfect restaurant for a delightful and authentic lau lau dish in Maui can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But, lucky for you, I’ve taken on the challenge and done all the heavy lifting!

During our trip to Maui, my boyfriend and I were determined to dive deep into Polynesian cuisine and indulge ourselves with some lip-smacking laulau. Between juggling beach trips and sunsets together, we managed to visit various spots on our quest to find those perfect heavenly bites.

I am thrilled to tell you that we discovered four outstanding restaurants offering the most mouth-watering lau lau dishes you could ever dream of! These places excel in authenticity, fresh flavors, generous serving sizes, and top-notch service. As a self-proclaimed foodie who has dined at countless eateries around the world, trust me when I say these are must-try spots during your time on this beautiful island.

Don’t be surprised if you end up uncovering well-known local favorites as well as those hidden gems that only few are privy to! You’ll leave each restaurant with a full belly and an even fuller heart, all thanks to the scrumptious lau laus they lovingly serve up.

WARNING: Before we dive into this list of unbeatable restaurants for laulau in Maui, keep in mind that my words will hardly do justice to describe their heavenly goodness – but that won’t stop me from trying!

Ka’aloa’s Super J’s – Discover Authentic Laulau on the Big Island

Ka'aloa's Super J's - Discover Authentic Laulau on the Big Island

If you’re craving an authentic laulau experience while visiting Maui, look no further than Ka’aloa’s Super J’s! This gem of a spot features a delightful Hawaiian ambiance infused with exquisite Polynesian flavors.

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this restaurant during our second day in Maui, based on a friend’s recommendation. We had no idea what to expect from the food, but we were eager to try something new.

As soon as we mentioned our lack of familiarity with the menu, the friendly staff enthusiastically explained each dish and shared their personal favorites. Consequently, I ordered laulau pork while my boyfriend chose chicken laulau. Both dishes were mouthwateringly tender and bursting with flavor – even the side dishes impressed us!

The owner went above and beyond in providing outstanding service throughout our meal. With its warm atmosphere and welcoming vibe, Ka’aloa’s Super J’s is now etched into both our memories as an essential part of every visit to Maui.

Here is why I highly recommend this lovely establishment:

  • The lively ambiance encapsulates true Hawaii
  • Offers a wide range of dishes catering to all palates
  • Includes vegan and gluten-free options for various dietary preferences
  • Budget-friendly pricing for generous portions

Waikapu On 30 – Savor Mouthwatering Laulau in a Charming Maui Setting

Waikapu On 30 - Savor Mouthwatering Laulau in a Charming Maui Setting

If you’re hankering for another fantastic laulau destination in Maui, don’t miss out on Waikapu On 30. Renowned for their sizable portions and lovely atmosphere, this eatery guarantees that you’ll leave with full stomachs and uplifted spirits!

One of the first things you’ll notice at Waikapu On 30 is how large each laulau plate truly is. In fact, they’re substantial enough to comfortably satisfy two hungry folks! I happily devoured my share of pork laulau while basking in the glorious warmth of Maui’s sun.

Open daily from 7 am to 2 pm, Waikapu On 30 offers incredible value with affordable prices and scrumptious food. Accompanied by rice, mac salad, Lomi salmon, and a slice of sweet potato—all flawlessly cooked—a cold beverage perfectly balances out these diverse flavors.

Here’s what makes this delightful spot worth visiting:

  • Generous servings highlight the delectable laulau plates
  • Friendly staff create an enjoyable dining environment
  • Wallet-friendly prices keep your budget intact
  • Adorable picnic tables enhance your overall experience

Ko Restaurant – Indulge in Exquisite Laulau Dishes with Breathtaking Views in Wailea

Ko Restaurant - Indulge in Exquisite Laulau Dishes with Breathtaking Views in Wailea

Nestled within the luxurious surroundings of Wailea, Ko Restaurant is among the most elegant dining experiences in Maui. With scrumptious cuisine complemented by entrancing views and a perfectly curated ambiance, it’s no wonder that we’re drawn to this place during each visit.

As soon as you arrive at Ko, expect exceptional management that ensures there’s no wait or hassle—simply walk up at your reservation time and be escorted to your table. Their friendly and attentive staff are an added attraction to their already alluring menu.

Speaking of which, let’s dig into those laulaus! Each dish arrives impeccably plated and served without delay. My seafood laulau was divine; likewise, my boyfriend relished their special Hawaiian laulau. The generous portions had both of us packing leftovers since neither could bear leaving even a morsel untouched.

Some highlights from our delightful experience at Ko Restaurant include:

  • An extensive variety of delicious laulau dishes
  • A restaurant setting offering pleasant serenity
  • Top-notch service ensuring guests feel pampered

Ultimately, any visit to this sophisticated Maui eatery promises an unforgettable culinary adventure amidst unparalleled elegance.

Alchemy Maui – A Taste of Heaven for Laulau Lovers

Alchemy Maui - A Taste of Heaven for Laulau Lovers

Last but certainly not least, Alchemy Maui is a must-visit spot that shouldn’t be missed! If you want to make your final meal in Maui truly unforgettable, indulge in their heavenly laulau offerings.

When I started my journey on this island paradise, I knew little about laulau. However, after exploring various remarkable establishments, Alchemy Maui’s unique take on the dish stood out the most. It felt as if each bite transported me straight to Polynesia.

Mouthwatering bites of their tender meats infused with delectable spices and a special sauce kept us coming back for more. Don’t miss their signature dish—laulau tacos—which feature an exquisite combination of pork and veggies cradled in gorgeous taco shells.

The freshness at Alchemy Maui is unparalleled; everything is prepared right then and there. The soothing ambiance adds to its charm, while the Kombucha bar solidifies this hidden gem as one deserving of recognition.

Here’s what makes Alchemy Maui so extraordinary:

  • Richly flavored laulaus that perfectly balance Polynesian tastes
  • Satisfying vegan options readily available
  • A calming atmosphere exemplifying relaxation
  • Being unexpected nestled away from crowds

Final Thoughts on Best Maui Lau Lau

I do love a tasty meal while exploring different parts of the Hawaiian Islands. Because a vacation to Hawaii is incomplete if you don’t enjoy the rich Polynesian flavors in a tasty laulau dish, Maui, one of the breathtaking Hawaiian Islands, is the right place for that.

You can find this traditional Hawaiian food in many spots, but my favorites lie in the heart of South Maui. Not far from the luxurious Wailea Beach Marriott Resort, there’s a hidden culinary gem serving this dish with authenticity.

These four restaurants in Maui have not only the finest laulau but also have superior services and very accommodating staff. You can also find mouthwatering Kalua pork and Molokai sweet potatoes simmered in coconut milk, indicative of the genuine Hawaiian cuisine they serve.

If you’re interested in experiencing an authentic Maui luau, I’d recommend the Grand Wailea Luau or the Old Lahaina Luau in West Maui. From the moment you receive your fresh flower lei greeting, followed by a fresh orchid lei, you’ll be immersed in a cultural journey you won’t forget. Savoring the traditional luau feast accompanied by tropical cocktails, you are bound to have an unforgettable night.

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